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In the modern era, marketing has become very essential for the overall growth and success of an organization. Furthermore, it can be defined as the process in which different techniques and tools are being used by companies with an objective to attract people in the market (Cravens and Piercy, 2008). The present research report is based on Hilfiger which is one of the most renowned clothing retailer in the world. This study highlights the changing approaches to marketing planning using the case study of Hilfiger.

Task 1


In the present scenario, the competition among businesses in clothing retail sector has become so intense that it is no longer easy for companies such as Hilfiger to attract new customers and retain its old ones (Passiante, 2006). Furthermore, people in the market are now available with wide range of options and alternatives to choose from and this has created several kinds of obstacles in overall success of brands such as Hilfiger. As per the provided case study, the brand was established by two men who were Mohan Murjani and Tommy Hilfiger. During its earlier stage, the selected brand has faced issues in terms of increasing sales and attracting desired customers. In addition to this, in traditional time Hilfiger has adopted traditional tools of marketing and promotion.

This mainly includes carrying out advertisement with the help of strategies such as celebrity endorsement. The selected business enterprise has carried out marketing of its jeans and other related products with the help of celebrities such as Sheryl Crow and Jewel, Beyoncé. Other than this, Hilfiger has also carried out marketing of its products and services offered with the help of placing ads in newspaper and television. The main objective behind this was to create more and more awareness among people in the market and attract them to buy the products which have been offered by Hilfiger (McGuinness and Morgan, 2005). However, it can be critically argued that along with the passage of time, there have been certain changes in the concept of marketing and this has resulted in enhancing the overall sales and profits of brands such as Hilfiger. According to the modern approach of marketing, sources such as internet, social media and email has been used by the company.

According to the provided case scenario, Hilfiger also relied traditionally upon processes such as whole selling in order to sale it and profits. Along with the modernization, the brand has started laying emphasis on sources such as internet. At present, Hilfiger has developed its official page on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. In addition to this, it has also established its online store from where it is marketing and selling wide range of products. It can be stated that as compared to traditional form of marketing, the modern approach is more efficient. The rationale behind this is that the modern marketing approach is cost effective and it also provides results in very short span of time. On the other side of this, brands such as Hilfiger also get opportunity to interact with its customers and understand their changing demand by using modern approach of marketing. The use of information collected from customer review, feedback and interaction results in development of new products and services. The changes in approach have forced the selected business enterprise to make some modifications in the way it is carrying out all its marketing activities (Kwan, Fong and Wong, 2005). Furthermore, it can be also reviewed that the changes in marketing planning approach has also resulted in lowering down the cost of operations.


In terms of organizational capabilities, it can be stated that the selected business enterprise is capable in terms of human, physical and financial resources. This can be justified by the example that at present it is having a team of effective and efficient workers who are capable enough to understand changing customer demand and then deliver services according to the same. On the other hand, over the past few years, the sales and profits of Hilfiger tends to keep on increasing and this means that the selected business enterprise is having adequate financial resources to carry out marketing of its products and services (Hittle and Leonard, 2011). Apart from this, adequate physical resources are also avalaiable with the firm and because of this it has become very convenient for the selected business enterprise to implement the marketing strategies developed.


The external and internal analysis of factors affecting marketing planning of Hilfiger is provided below as:

SWOT Analysis

One of the key strength of Hilfiger is its brand image all across the globe

Strong and effective distribution network is another key strength of the selected business enterprise


High cost of brand promotion

Low market share in developing nations or economies of the world


Can carry out innovations in clothing to attract more customer

Hilfiger can also go for expansion in its line of products to enhance market share in developing economies


Increasing competition in global markets is the biggest threat for Hilfiger

Changes in fashion trends and demand of customer is another major threat faced by Hilfiger

External analysis using Porter Five force model

Threat of competition

The threat of competition is very high for brand like Hilfiger as there are many small and big brands operating in the market. This indicates that the selected business needs to

Threat of substitute

Low threat of substitute as the brand is dealing in premium clothing. Thus, the sales, operations and marketing plan is not affected by substitute products.

Threat of new entry

Very low because huge resources are required to enter the industry. Therefore, the marketing planning of Hilfiger is not affected by any new entry.

Customer power

It can be stated that because of wide range of alternatives avalaiable, customer power is very high. This affects marketing plan because the brand needs to carry out modification in its marketing plan on the basis of changing customer trends and needs.

Supplier power

The power of supplier is moderate in context of Hilfiger as there are wide ranges of supplier’s avalaiable.


Executive Summary

Marketing strategies used by Hilfiger to achieve its objectives are Differentiation strategy achieve goals directly by creating high quality products that leads to create image in the minds of its clients. Techniques for New Product Development are Experimentation Design and Test marketing and effective marketing mix used in the marketing plan are that is unique design available and various price( RICHA, 2014). Premium pricing strategies communication mix to advertise it fashion product by using TV, internet , mobile , social media that cover domestic as well international market in market segmentation.

Role of Marketing Plan in Corporate Strategy:

Difference between marketing strategy and corporate strategy

Marketing Strategy- Marketing strategy includes basic, short-term and long term activities. It deals with situation by analysis the situation of company and formulate , evaluate them to achieve organization goals and marketing objectives( Concept Of Pricing Decision And Objectives Of Pricing Policy. 2012). The strategy begins by scanning both internal and external of business environment. It also include how marketing mix , market segmentation and market research adjust by marketers.

Corporate Strategy- Corporate strategy is an effective for the organization it identified valuable resources which a business unit create by their own. It includes Craft the business portfolio, design the organization structure and its system as well as function. It is also used in the management to share activities and transfer of various skills across business.

Tommy Hilfiger goal is that to become one of the leading sustainable designer life style brands by create high quality product , manage operations and meet the objectives of stakeholders. Tommy Hilfiger adopt Differentiation Strategy it is one of the strategy who create products and services unique that emphasis on brand image , special feature , superior service and proprietary technology(Ashe-Edmunds, S., 2016). Strong market abilities , creative personnel, effective product engineering, ability to perform basic research are exist to support a differentiation strategy. Differentiation strategy achieve goals directly by creating high quality products that leads to create image in the minds of its clients. It help to increase Customer satisfaction as well as profit increase that will be distributed among its shareholder equally(Priya, Baisya and Sharma, 2010). This strategy also force the organization to improve its quality of products by provide various benefits to its employees such as salary compensation , flexible working hours , bonus and various incentive plans so this strategy help to meet the objectives of stakeholders.

Techniques for New Product Development

Experimentation Design-It is one of the most significant technique used for new product development. Develop a new product a market research is done by marketers by obtaining data from market about customer expectation and requirements( O'shaughnessy,2014.). Primary experiments done by identified the critical as well non – critical factors that directly affect the performance and after this multi-factorial experiments is done to determine the four critical factors. Optimum design is develop by confirmatory experiment for the best combination of four critical factors and optimum performance index.

Test marketing-Test marketing strategies used by development of new product it is a process in which a marketer placed the product in the market for sale in one or more segmented areas such as demographic and geographic area and observe them and find out the deviation between actual performance and proposed marketing plan( Sadjadi, Yazdian and Shahanaghi,2012). It is used to evaluate various factors such as performance of product, customer satisfaction , response of product, material and distribution require for a full launch etc.

Product Description

Tommy hilfiger is one the world's leading designer fashion brands it various size available to all type of customer for men , women and kids etc that is unique design available and various price . Fashion products include watch, denims, footwear, western and tradition dress etc. They deliver various products in occasion every year they provide unique and attractive design products and service that create image in the minds of customers and solve the problem of customer by delivery high quality products.

Pricing Strategy and Distribution Strategy

Tommy Hilfiger use premium pricing strategies because the company offer high quality products to it customer it set cost higher than its competitor( Wrenn, B. and Mansfield, 2014). It is more effective for the company to sell it unique fashion product. Along with this owners should ensure product's packaging, stores décor and create high quality products to support the premium price. Intensive distribution strategies used to provide saturation coverage of the market by using all possible outlets. It is usually used when customer require brand products .Premium pricing strategies and Intensive distribution strategies used by company to meet the marketing objectives and satisfy customer by provide them high quality of products.

Communication Strategy

Tommy Hilfiger use communication mix to advertise it fashion product by using TV, internet , mobile , social media that cover domestic as well international market in market segmentation. Marketing objectives are successful achieved by providing wide range of products at high quality at high price as well as fulfil customer satisfaction and these is a positive deviation between actual and proposed outcomes in the marketing plan.



Ethical issues that focus on honesty, fairness and responsibility relating to pricing ,advertising and government standards and regulation that influence marketing planning are discussed below-

Honesty– Advertising should be transparent while doing marketing about possible side effects that ensure that product satisfy customer needs and provide a standard of living( Yu, W. and Ramanathan,2012).

Ethical pricing- The price should be based on target market information relating to overhead cost and supply and demand of its product. Unethical market practices are considered when price they create is fake shortage and bad mouth in the market.


Hilfiger company make marketing plan by considered various ethical issue by marketing its fashionable brand product in the market segmentation. They ensure and satisfy customer needs and desire by offer the high quality fashion's brands and provide a standard of living that is mention in advertising so the customer come to respect the honesty of Hilfger 's advertising( Mish and Scammon, 2010.). Price of fashion product are considered to be ethical they offer fashion's products in various price by analyse the target market. Marketing manager of Hilfiger keeps its customer information secure with them when they obtain from customer while make marketing plan that create enough trust in customer's mind.


In order to make good marketing plan , Hilfiger should first considered the customer's right in its plan if there is immoral in fashion brand products sales and its purchase that may give or cause bad impression in the minds of customer( Huang, R. and Sarigöllü, 2012). For example If any customer a men or women purchase denim or footwear which is against the law or illegal that directly affect the overall market itself and organization not stop the customer's right to complain and take a legal action against product I will be spread all around in the marketplace.


In the project report we conclude that Hilfiger face various barriers may overcome from these barriers adopt customer-focused strategic and integrated communication tactics,PESTLE Analysis etc. Goals are to achieved by using differentiation strategies , price premium strategies and intensive distribution strategies used in marketing plan. Various techniques used in new product development are Experimentation Design and Test marketing and effective marketing mix used in the marketing plan are that is unique design available and various price. Premium pricing strategies communication mix to advertise it fashion product by using TV, internet , mobile , social media that cover domestic as well international market in market segmentation by considering various ethical issue are considered in marketing plan and positive deviations find out.

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