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Marketing is an essential function carried by business organisation in order to promote their products and services into the market place. It involve selling and buying process that take place between consumer and producer in market area. It is a broader concept that involve several types of activities like production, manufacturing, communication and delivering the final product or service to the consumers that results in fulfilling their demands and needs in effective manner. Marketing manger plays a vital role while conducting this process as he have to perform all these action in adequate way so that final results can be accomplished in set period of time. The company selected in this report is CADBURY, a confectioner brand running from 1824. Its chocolates are famous worldwide and is preferred by almost every age group people. The report highlights key roles and responsibilities of all marketing functions, importance of marketing mix concept in business firms and its interrelationship with other functional areas that are present in the organisation. Apart from it, company have to produce marketing plans in order to execute their marketing actions in effective way so that the basic aim and objectives could be achieved in effective and efficient mode.

Task 1

P1 Key roles and responsibilities of marketing functions

Marketing is an important procedure that involve multiple functions that involve satisfying the needs and demands of the consumers by producing products of such kind. It also involve building the conducive relationship with them so that they can be retained for longer period of time. Marketing involve several types of interrelated activities and plan of actions that has to be conducted at the same time, thus it is not an easy process. Marketing manager must have all knowledge that is required in conducting marketing function so that set goals of the company could be accomplished. CADBURY also have to conduct this process in effective way so that all its products could be reached to its final customer at proper time. The roles and responsibilities that are linked with marketing function of CADBURY Company is described below:

Marketing planning function: marketing manager of CADBURY always prepare marketing plans and procedures that define sequence of activities that have to be carried out in effective way. Manager have to make sure that planning must be carried out in favorable way so that ever individuals knows his duty to be performed while carrying out this process. This function is very much necessary when company is about to launch new product or service in the market place. For instance, CADBURY has introduced its new product with the name Nutties hence manager must have draft plans before launching it and after its introduction in the market. If they found any problem related to it then plans must be reviewed proper in order to make any modifications which are required at that point of time (Baker and et. al., 2016).

Promotional function: Every company wants to promote their product or service in the market area in order to create awareness and interests among customers and lead to generation of the demand for that goods or services. Hence, it is consider important marketing function that must be carried out by the marketing manager. There are several methods that are available in order to perform promotional function therefore company have to make choice from number of options and choose the best alternative that will yield them high profits as well as significant sales volume. CADBURY also promote their products by making use of print media, social sites etc.  

Research and development function: It is very important function that has to be performed in today’s business environment as company have to operate in dynamic environment which keep son changing with time. Thus, company have to perform research and development process so that they can examine all the factors that are available and cause number of changes in the system. That is how company could able to perform activities in accordance to the need and demand that is prevailing in the surroundings and respond against it accordingly. CADBURY have well established R&D department that keep check in the environmental changes that are taking place and then take decision accordingly.

Marketing Information System (MIS): it involves keeping check on customer’s behavior and demands that are taking place in the market and then make any decision regarding it. Customers are consider real kings of the market are thus companies have to make plans and procedures in their respect (Bastable, 2016). In order to carry out this process in effective manner business organization can adopt MIS that assist them to gather all relevant and materialistic information regarding the consumer behavior and then make plans accordingly. It is done in sequence of steps that starts from sales man that visit the field area and gather data of their interests while performing surveys on their target audience. After this they report to the marketing manager who examine all these information that is required in making the decision process simple and easy. Marketing manager of CADBURY also follow this function very keenly so that final process must be performed and full filled in achievable manner.

Financing function: Finances are consider most important resource that is required in almost every set of activities that are performed in single business organization system. Therefore, it is necessary that company must have sufficient amount of funds with them so that all functions in the organization must be done effectively. There are number of options available through which they can arrange funds. Cadbury can also adopt best alternative from the number of options that are available in order to fulfill their financial needs that may arise in future times. This is also consider necessary marketing function. 

P2 Roles and responsibilities of marketing relate to wider organizational context

To identify customer needs and wants, marketing activities are performed. Managers who possess proper skills and appropriate knowledge can perform the task of determining overall needs and requirements of the customers. Therefore, marketing managers are appointed by the organizations to take care of all the marketing activities. These marketing managers perform various duties and functions in order to enable smooth working of processes and activities. It will increase the productivity of the firm which will ultimately results in multiple benefits like increase in profits, increase in market share, expansion and growth of the firm etc. It will also create a good image of the firm in market and in the eyes of customers.

In a business organization, there are various departments and each department performs a different function. It is the duty of a marketing manager to evaluate the functioning of each department and then delegate responsibilities to them (Berkowitz, 2016). It will create a good organizational structure in the firm and also improves the performance of all the departments of the firm. Better performance of all the departments will result in achieving the objectives and targets efficiently and effectively and thus increasing the productivity and profits of the company. Some of the duties and responsibilities performed by CADBURY are-

Human resource management and marketing – Human resource department plays an important role in an organization. This department is responsible for recruitment of all the employees. Due to this department, there is effective functioning of an organization. Marketing manager is also appointed by the human resource manager who can evaluate and manage all the functions of marketing and helps in achieving the goals and objectives of the organization. Marketing manager is selected on the basis of knowledge, skill, competence, capability and experience. HR manager evaluates all these skills of the person who is going to be appointed as a marketing manager. He also evaluates the efficiency and effectiveness of a person that he can perform all activities related to marketing effectively. HR department organizes training programs as well to enhance the knowledge and skills of the employees so that they can perform all their activities more efficiently and helps the company to earn more profits.

Finance and marketing – Finance department is the most important department of every organization. It manages the funds of the organization and controls the financial transactions of the business. It is the responsibility of finance department to allocate funds to each department as per their requirement in order to perform the activities and tasks. They also decide the amount of finance required in each activity. Finance manager manages all the money involved in every department and for each event. Budgets for each activity of the organization are formulated by the finance department. They also create budget for various activities of the marketing department. Funds are allocated to each and every activity related to marketing. These activities involve promotional activities, advertisements, product survey, customer satisfaction survey etc. Thus a marketing manager can easily take decision related to expenses involved in marketing activities and can make future plans and policies accordingly. With the help of these budgets, resources of the organization are used efficiently and there will be no wastage of the resources. These budgets also act as a check control on the activities of the various departments. Finance managers can match the actual performance with the budgeted figures in order to check the efficiency of each department.

Research-and-development and Marketing – Research and development is one of the most critical activity involved in every business organization. Business organization either has their own R&D (Research and Development) department or they outsource this work to other specialized organizations. As every company wants to establish their product in the market, it is very necessary to introduce changes in the product with the change in environment and change in customer needs. Proper research is required to be carried out by the company for implementing changes that is required in the product. For this, marketing department takes the help of research and development department. R&D department does all the research activities by analyzing the market and then delivering a product similar to the needs and desires of the customers. They have two options, either to invent a new product or to bring innovations in the existing product. This activity is very important to be in the competition. Research and development department of CADBURY is also a very strong department which knows about the market and their customer needs completely. Every time when they deliver a new product, that product rules the market and this is only because of great knowledge about the likes and dislikes of customers.

Customer Service and Marketing – After sales services are one of the most important factor to decide upon the success of the product in the market. Customer service department handles the activity of after sales services. They conduct the work of handling all issues of the customers once the sale is made. So it is very important for every business organization to maintain an effective customer service department which effectively handles all the customer needs. It helps in maintaining the customer base because customers prefer to buy product from those organizations which facilitate better after sales services. Therefore, it becomes the duty of a marketing department to understand the issues of the customers and tell them to the service department so that they can provide effective solutions to those problems. (Kennedy and Parsons, 2014).

Production and Marketing – Production and marketing department are interconnected with each other very strongly. These two department works in a combined manner. Production department produce those products which are required by the market and marketing department let production department to know about market requirement by conducting various market surveys and studies. Marketing department gathers information regarding the trends going on in the market and then transfer such information to production department. On the basis of this information, production department starts their process of making products which will ultimately be delivered in the market.

Task 2

P3 Comparison between two organization by applying marketing mix for accomplish objectives

Every business organization aims for accomplishing final goals and objectives for which they have been present in the market place. There are several tools and techniques that are available in the business environment which can be adopted by the company in order to carry out their marketing process in effective and efficient manner. Marketing mix is known as developed tool and method through which every company can work in accordance to the factors that are included in this process. It basically involve 7p’s of marketing and each contain features and characteristics that must be adopted by the company.

CADBURY is one of the mostly preferred brand in confectionaries and serve customers that are present in almost everywhere worldwide. One benefit that they enjoy is the number of market share that they contain as compared to their competitors. They have well established share in the current market place and have retained customers for longer period of time by satisfying their needs and demands in adequate manner.

It is very much essential for the companies to create their image in such a way so that customers only prefer products of that brand and do not want to purchase from other companies. Marketing mix is consider one such way in which business organization can make decisions about important seven elements that are present in this process (Brychkov and et. al., 2017). As all these components play a vital role in the business life. Nestle is consider tuff competitor of Cadbury. The comparison between both these companies are illustrated below:

Marketing mix process of Cadbury Company:

Product: the final outcome that is produced by the company and which is served to the final customers in the market place is known as products. It is tangible form and buyers purchase in order to meet their needs and demands by paying some amount of money in return. Therefore, it is mandatory by the Cadbury Company to produce such products that will satisfy the desires of the buyers. Cadbury basically serve different types of chocolates in the market place. Some are perk, dairy milk, temptations etc.

Place: this component of the marketing mix defines the location or target customers that they will concentrate on entire work process. Cadbury always make sure that their products must be available to every store whether it is departmental stores, small general shops or malls etc. therefore, they take care about the availability of their products in the market place.

Price: It involve the amount of money that the final customer will pay to the company in return of purchasing their product or service (Cabrera and Williams, 2014). There are number of factors that affect this concept for example every country have different economic system that define the value of money thus Cadbury have different price for its products according the country in which they are selling. On the other hand company offers affordable prices for their customers so that they can easily purchase that product.

Promotion: This component involve creating awareness in the customer’s minds about the availability of products, its features, uses so that it will lead to generation of demand. On the other hand if the company have already established their strong brand image in the current market place than, it is not at all necessary to conduct promotional activities. This case is with the Cadbury as they already enjoy sustainable amount of share and goodwill there is no need to promote their products in the market place.

People: this component involve the customers of the company as well as the employees that are working in the business organization. Thus, it is the responsibility of Cadbury’s management system to satisfy their employees so that they can contribute to best of their efforts. As they are the important resources that perform all plan of actions to produce final products and services to serve their target people.

Process: this component involve the sequence of activities that has to be followed while producing product. It is wider concept that also involve the distribution channel that must be adopted by the Cadbury in order to supply their ultimate goods to the people present in the market place.

Physical Evidence: this element focuses on having distinctive name, logo, sign and symbol of every company so that customers could able to identify it from number of competitors that are already present ii the market area (Griffitts, 2016). Cadbury have their own symbol that is well known amongst the audience and they could easily identify it from number of options.

Marketing Mix Of Nestle Company:

Product: As nestle is consider strong competitor of Cadbury thus, they also produce chocolates of different kinds namely polo, kit Kat and many others. Their products are of high quality and is preferred by the customers that are present in the market place.

Place: Nestle have well established image and share in the current market place, but there is one drawback s compared to Cadbury is that their products are not always available to every stores hence, this create the lacking point in front of the company.

Price: Nestle’s products are not at all expensive and are easily affordable by the customers. This is due to the reason that there are umber of rivalries that are already present in the market place. Therefore, it become necessary for them to charge fair price for their customers so that they do not lack share from the competitive business world.

Promotion: As similar to Cadbury, they do not promote their products in front of customers as they already enjoy sustainable amount of market share that provide benefit to them about selling their products in the market area.

People: there are number of employees that are working in nestle company therefore, it become necessary for them to satisfy their needs and requirements as they are the one who make selling process of final products possible. On the other hand, customers of company are known as most important resource as it is because of them, the company exist (Hoeffler, Herzenstein and Ginzburg, 2015)

Physical evidence: Nestle have unique way of creating their presence in the market. They usually construct their logos at various places in different coffee corners, thus this innovative concept attract larger number of people.

Process: Creation of Nestle’ products involve large number of manufacturing activities like collection of cocoa seeds, fragmentation, drying, winnowing and last part include grinding which is further been classified into two more process. Thus, Nestle have their own style of processing their products thus, it also create a good image in customer’s minds as they are well awared with the process system that has been carried out.

Task 3

P4 Evaluation of basic marketing plan

Marketing plans is consider most important function in whole marketing process as it formulate the framework on which all steps must be carried out in proper manner. Every business organization that is operating in business corporate world, this become necessary for them to construct the marketing plans in effective way (Hoffman and Turley, 2015). Similarly Cadbury have drafted efficient marketing plans that contains number of aspects of different nature.

Introduction of Cadbury: Cadbury is consider second largest confectionery company amongst every organization that is operating in this field all over the world. It was initially founded by John Cadbury in year 1824. It is completely under the ownership of Mondelez International.

Mission Statement: “Cadbury means a quality; this is our promise. Our reputation is built upon quality; our commitment to continuous improvement will ensure our promise”.

Vision statement of Cadbury Company: “Working together to create brand people love”

Some aims and objectives of the company:

  • To produce different variety of chocolates for the customers.
  • Continue enhancement of the chocolates that are present in the market place.
  • To build larger number of stores in the current market area to increase their share at significant level.

SWOT analysis of Cadbury which is described below:



·       It is a world known confectionary brand which is present in around 200 countries across world.

·       Their quality is very high and have more power as compared to products of other business organization.

·       Their famous products involve Oreo, bourvita which have cover almost market in respect to its demand.

·       There are number of incidents that have been registered as a major weakness in front of the company. It involve cases related to presence of rodents and cockroaches in the chocolates.

·       The quality that must be more superior as compared to the present ones.



·       The main opportunity that lie in front of the company is penetrating into number of areas so that either market share could be enhanced and increased in effective manner.

·       Tastes of the product is another key area that can create huge opportunity for the company as they can able to introduce new flavors in order to come up with something new and different.

·       The major threat faced by the company is the bearing of high cost that is related to fuel transportation   facility. Thus, company have to face high cost.

·       Another threat involve customers are shifting their preference for chocolates to fresh juices that will create lowering down of demand for chocolates.



Target market: Every company operates to serve the specific group of people that are present in market place. As it enable them to make every set of decision in accordance to demands and needs of that particular target customers. Cadbury mainly focuses on children as they love chocolates very much.

Marketing budget:

Marketing budget



1st year

2nd year

3rd year

4th year

5th year

Initial money


















Marketing expenditures












Sales promotion






Direct marketing












Available balance







Evaluation and controlling process: this is consider last step in marketing plan in which management of the company evaluate all the plan of actions that have been formulated in above steps. It is carried out to know the actual performance while making comparison with the set standards so that any deviations can be identified if it is present and adopt some corrective measure so that final aims and objectives of the company can be met out (Karasar and Öztürk, 2014). 


As per the report presented above, it is concluded that marketing plays a vital role in the development and growth of the organization. Marketing department along with other departments of the organization helps an organization to achieve its desired goals and objectives in the most effective and efficient manner. Marketing understand the needs of the customers and thus helps to deliver a product which is highly demanded by the customers in the market. It satisfies the need of all the customers and thus generates more profits. Every company must formulate its plans and policies from the customer point of view by keeping their needs in mind. This report highlights the case of Cadbury Company which is well known confectionary brand in market area. They have formulated marketing mix function to carry out their process in effective manner. On the other hand the have drafted marketing plans that involve several steps that has to be followed in order to come to last phase that is monitoring and controlling.

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