Organisational Values and Personnel Importance

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Question :

This assessment covers following questions:

  • Explain the importance of organisational design in order to deliver sustainable performance in Marks and Spencers.
  • Evaluate the requirement to build motivation, knowledgable and experienced individuals and teams.
  • Implement contemporary knowledge and make research to support emerging HR developments.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Marks & Spencer


Organisational values refers as an idea that supports the thinking as well as actions of a business organisation and it represents the foundation on which company is established. The values which a person adds in the organisational activities consider as a contribution or efforts of an individual towards the success of a business (Singh, 2018). The value added actions and contributions results in giving measurable outcomes for a particular organisation and the changes are differ form organisation to organisation as it based on the certain situations. In this report Marks & Spencer is chosen which is a British multinational retailer with headquarters in Westminster, London. The company was founded in 1884 by Michael Marks and Thomas Spencer and it specialise in selling high quality of clothing, food as well as home products. Under this project discuss about the organisational design and its importance, analyse the requirement of developing motivated, knowledgeable and experienced individual and team, apply research or knowledge to support the emerging HR developments as well as study the interrelationship between organisational design and change management.

LO 1

Evaluation of the importance of organisational design.

Organisational design:

It is defined as a step by step methodology that determines the dysfunctional aspects of organisational process, structure, work flow, systems etc. which can be altered as per the requirements of changes. It is mainly emphasised on the development of technical assistance as well as workers of businesses (Waddell, 2019). As M&S is a multinational company which is dealing in many regions of entire world so it is essential for a business organisation to have effective organisational design along with the company's systematic structure and strategies.

Organisational structure:

This is defined as a systematic approach of defining the several activities like allocation, coordination as well as supervision which are directed towards the attainment of goals and objectives (Schulze, 2013). As Marks & Spencer follows a flat organisational structure that is helpful in formulating and implementing business strategies as well as performing business operations in appropriate way.

Importance of organisational design in the context of organisational structure:

  • Organisational design considered as a important factor for influencing the company's leadership styles (Riratanaphong, 2015). Through which a company M&S will be able to create appropriate relationship among workers as it helps in developing positive as well as strong image of the company in the views of workforce as they contribute more with the utilisation of capabilities.
  • This is most useful aspect for the company's growth and development as it will assist in fostering the M&S'S growth plans. This is designed appropriately in order to ensure smooth functioning as well as motivate workers towards the utilisation of their skills and abilities in order to accomplish objectives (Quendler, 2017).
  • Organisational design helps in improving the international competitiveness and take competitive edge over their competitors which will assist in enhancing employees performance. Marks & Spencer will be capable to manage diversity in their workplace and facilitates innovative goods and services.

Contemporary organisational design:

It can be referred as a structure of an organisation that is designed to empower their employees in order to take appropriate decisions as well as provides right to workers towards the implementation of changes without the approvals of supervisors. This helps in giving freedom to employees as they can puts their ideas and make own decisions in a successful manner (Mir, 2014). As it will leads growth and development of a business and assist in conducting activities in a most effective way. Within the context of Marks & Spencer, a company needs to develop systematic structure which will enable in accomplishing the goals and objectives. As organisational of a company includes roles and responsibilities, structure as well as business processes that assists in attaining the organisational objectives in a successful manner.

Impact of external environment on organisational design:

There are several factors that impacts on a business development and design at a great extent so Marks & Spencer needs to analyse them and consider their impacts on organisational design (Lozano, 2016). Some of these are considered as follows:

  • Technological factor: It is related to the innovative and upgraded technologies which will assist in performing the business operations. Marks & Spencer needs to adopts latest technologies in their business procedures to develop attractive and valuable organisational design.
  • Legal and ethics factors: The design of a business organisation is totally based on the legal and ethical aspects as it helps in developing a strong structure of an organisation to operates their functions appropriately. Within the context of Marks & Spencer, company requires to follow legal laws and regulations that are enforced by government for the purpose of smooth functioning (Le Pennec, 2018).

There are various theories and models in which an organisation will able to operates their business activities and encourage workers to attain the desired goals and objectives as these theories are liable for the organisational development and growth. Within the context of M&S McKinsey's model can be discussed below:

Mckinsey's 7s model:

It is considered as a most effective tool which can be utilised by the businesses to design organisational structure (McKinsey 7s Model, 2019). As it includes mainly 7 factors that is distributed into hard and soft aspects that are considered as follows:

Hard factors:
  • Strategy: It is considered as development of a plan that will assist in operating business activities in a proper manner. Strategies are useful for the company to take a competitive edge from their competitors.
  • Structure: It can be associated with a way in which a company requires to develop a communicational flow as it distributed and organised the whole tasks in a systematic manner.
  • System: It is defined as a process in which a company will conduct or operates its daily routine activities and take appropriate decisions which will leads in achieving the objectives effectively and efficiently.
Soft factors:
  • Style: It can be considered as a way through which a company performs their business operations and provide a way in which managerial functions are organised and performed.
  • Staff: It is related to the most important aspects of an organisation that will required to perform the business activities and functions and a company needs to recruit skilled as well as talented candidates for a specific job roles.
  • Skills: These are the requirement of a business that shows the ability of a person to perform tasks and manage their performance which will assist in performing operational activities in an effective and efficient manner.
  • Shared values: It is considered as standards that guide the individual behaviour and actions in an organisation. Shared values will effects the overall employees and the management activities as well.

LO 2

Analysis of the need to develop motivated, knowledgeable and experienced team and individual's.

In a business organisation human resource is essential for attaining the goals of a company as they apply their skills and knowledge in order to used other resources appropriately (Larentis, 2018). As human capital of Marks & Spencer assists in accomplishing the competitive advantages as they aid in customer satisfaction by fulfilling their requirements and making strong and positive relationships. It is essential for the company to employ right workers who have required skills and talent in order to meet the organisational requirements. There are various approaches and methods that can be discussed below:

Within the context of M&S there are some approaches that are used for attracting, maintaing, developing and rewarding a right candidates. These are as follows:

  • Internal recruitment: In this, a company seeks to fill up the vacant job positions from within the existing workers as it helps in saving time, cost and efforts as well as increase the employees morale and productivity (Kempster, 2014). M&S used this method when it has a vacant job position of senior manager which requires high skilled and experienced workers who can assist in managing operations in order to accomplish objectives on time.
  • Aptitude test: It helps in analysing the candidates abilities to perform a task and compared all candidates capabilities in order to select best one which will enable in completing the tasks in an appropriate manner.
  • Interviews: This defined as a organized conversation in which the applicants are asked questions that assists the interviewer to measure their capability and skills so that their suitability for a vacant job can be analysed (Iriarte, 2017). This also aids in analysing if the candidate can assist the company to accomplish its goals as well as objectives by exercising their skills, academic background, intelligence etc. Marks & Spencer use this method when highly skilled as well as efficient employees is needed by the company.

In the context of M&S there are various methods which are exercised for attracting, maintaing, developing and rewarding a right candidates. These are as follows:

  • Employee engagement: It is defined as a process of involving workers in decision-making procedures of business organisation as it helps in improving the confidence that firm values their opinions and thoughts. As it will assist them in being enthusiastic towards the work efficiently for accomplishing the objectives and goals.
  • Develop skills and potential: It is essential to trained as well as develop the workers in order to develop their skills which can be required by the M&S for performing their tasks appropriately. As this helps to acquire certain knowledge and skills in order to better their performance level and increase employees potentiality as well as performance (Hayes, 2018).
  • Facilitates positive workplace: It is essential to maintain strong as well as positive workplace in a company so that workers can remain motivated that will assist in using their skills and capabilities properly to perform their roles and responsibilities. Marks & Spencer maintains and develop a friendly working environment that assists in better coordination with increasing employees morale.

Critical analysis of approaches and techniques to motivation, human capital and knowledge management

Several approaches as well as techniques which are implemented in Marks & Spencer can assist an organisation in retaining their workers along with rising their morale that can aid in encouraging them so that the objectives and goals of company are accomplished within time frame (Haffar, 2013). These approaches are essential to be utilized so that the company can attain a competitive advantage in the marketplace by applying the complete potential of their workforce. However, these methods must be properly exercised so that conflicts among staff and managers biasses towards some workers can be removed.

Recommendations with justifications to improve delivery of sustainable performance:

In Marks & Spencer the performance of workers can be increased by using several methods that are considered as follows:

  • Measure rude behaviour: The company's manager requires to measures or analyse the hostile behaviour of employees as well as themselves towards the each other so that the company able to create a friendly environmental workplace (Gu, 2018).
  • Information sharing: It is associated with the employees awareness towards the organisational objectives which will assist in accomplishing the targets on time. It will help in performing tasks effectively and efficiently in order to increase company's performance.
  • Offering feedbacks: It will assist in giving their actual reviews towards their performance in order to become more efficient (COZZARIN, 2019).
  • Delegate decision-making authority: As it is defined as a method of improving employees performance as workers must be participated in decision-making procedures that will assist in developing their morale and utilise their analytical thinking skills in order to get best solutions.

LO 3

Apply contemporary knowledge and research to support emerging HR developments.

Human resources practices are crucial for the organisation which helps them to manage the employees effectively. The Marks and Spencer has to adopt the various emerging developments in human resources. It can be done by conducting research for various factors in the market. Various such developments in HR that are to be considered by the Marks and Spencer are:

  • Reviewing culture and giving continuous feedbacks: It is the emerging trend in the HR which helps them to take feedbacks from the employees and to review the culture of the organisation. With the help of such review the HR manages the performance of the employees by providing the a better workplace. The feedbacks facilitates in decision making as the mangers get to know about the opinions of the employees. Also this make them understand the area where improvement is required (Collings, 2018).
  • Employee experience: The organisation nowadays make changes in the human resource department so frequently with the aim to increase the focus on the strategic human resource. This will help the companies to provide more attention to the employees and their performance. It will make the analysis of the talent and the performance easier for the human resource managers that improves the satisfaction level of the employees.
  • Fitness Apps to increase employee engagement: The people are becoming more health conscious which is why the HR provides various services to bring work-life balance. Such trend is expected by all the employees in their organisation. To develop a sustainable workforce the employees productivity need to be improved which can be done by bringing the balance. HR conducts various Yoga sessions, dietary counselling etc. to increase employee engagement (Cavalcante, 2014).&&&
  • Use of Online Skill assessment: This is an emerging trend in the HR as they assessment of the performance of the employees are conducted through various online platforms instead of traditional methods such as guidelines provided by the organisation. It includes various surveys, quizzes etc. which even attract employees and develop a spirit of competitive among each other to perform better than others.
  • Learning management system: The HR need to create various skill development programs which helps them to move upwards in their career. The managers in Human resource arranges various innovative programs such as rotation of employees etc. It helps them to learn various tasks of other department that increase their skills and capabilities.&&

Such trends in the organisation has impact on the role of HR as on the basis of these trends the Marks and Spencer also have to introduce some in their organisation. The affect of such trends on the role are:

  • Investing in the talent: To make the employees competent the HR has to organise various development and training sessions which are innovative. So this increases the responsibility of the company to conduct research for such various programs which can increase the satisfaction level of the employees (Cabrera, 2018).
  • Remote Staff: It is related to the work from home facility for workers that has become easier. A survey was conducted which shown that approx 70% employees requires to work in remotely mode at least once in a week. In order to that people are concerning on using international network talented freelancers rather than hiring full time business and develop a short term relations.
  • Use of online skill assessment: It have introduce as a most appropriate technique for talent management as it can be in various forms such as surveys, quiz, tests etc. that can be exercised in order to minimise the risk of self assessment.

On the basis of such research and evaluation, judgements are made for Marks and Spencer that can support them in implementing the developments in HR are:

From the above study and evaluation it has been seen that there is the demand of work life balance is continuously increased which will assist in facilitating high job satisfaction to the employees as well as increase the potentiality and performance also (Brewster, 2018). As work life balance defined as a employees ability to manage their personal and professional life together. So a company should require to manage work life balance at their workplace in order to get better results.

LO 4

Covered in PPT Poster.


It has been concluded from the above report that company adds value to their business activities so that they can able to accomplish organisational objectives. It is essential for a business to develop a strong and effective organisational design that is most suited for strategies as well as structural development. The company adopts many approaches and methods in order to develop skilled and knowledgeable workers which will lead in increasing the performance and profitability as well. Also, it is required for the company that they are prepared for the emerging HR development so that they can perform business operations in a successful manner. In addition, a company requires to design their organisational structure for adopting the changes successfully that is most important for a company to manage changes effectively in order to conduct their operational activities in an appropriate manner.

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