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A project is always in temporary nature where its beginning and end time is defined with its resources and scope. This will includes the specific set of operations which are designed in such way which helps in accomplishment of desired goals. Project management plan includes the activities relating to performance of project in more appropriate manner through consideration of the inputs received from project team and  stakeholders. Such plan is a document which which summarises hoe project is completed, controlled and closely monitored (Ashleigh, Ojiako, Chipulu and Wang, 2012).

In the present report explain about, project initiation document, Risk Register, preparation of project plan. Also, importance of quality risk management plans and its potential impact upon project.

Task 1

Project Initiation Document

This document includes the information about starting of project and business activities. It is considered as initial stage where plan are prepared by project manager and start their business operations in appropriate manner. Under this, project manager has the duty is to formulate effective actions and strategies which helps in operation of business functions under decided time period. The different aspects which are included in project initiation document are defined below:

  • Defining about project and its scope
  • Justification about the project activities
  • Secured financing about the project, If necessary
  • Defining of the duties and responsibilities of teams involved project functioning
  • providence of effective information to people which is need to be productive and relevant from the initialisation of project.

The different questions which are in the form of what? Why? Who? How? When? Need to address while formulating effective project initiation document. There are many companies having their own template regarding Project Initiation document. Such organisations are known as project driven companies (Braglia and Frosolini, 2014). All the information which is present in PID is need to be clear, relevant and result driven. Project initiation document has further classified into four parts which are mentio