Strategic Resourcing and Talent Management


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Question :

Topic- Strategic Resourcing and Talent Management

Word Limit: 2500

Learning Outcomes

  • Examine employment markets, the development of these markets and how this affect organisation
  • Make and assess effectual recruitment, selection and talent management procedure consider management strategies of diversity and job design
  • Determine lawful and ethical components of resourcing and assess how this affect upon design of resourcing techniques
  • Measure plan of action for constructing long-term organisational performance through talent and resource management
  • Analyse applicable data to measure the effective of resourcing plan of action and develop improvements

Task 1:

Present a justified explanation for continuing the call centre in Asia or bringing it back in-house to a particular site in the UK or Continental Europe.

Suggested word count – 400-700 words

Task 2:

Demonstrate a fully justified rationale for the resourcing strategy including first recruitment and selection procedure to assure HRS has the right people at the right time with the accurate skills for the period 2021 to 2026.

Suggested word count – 800-1000 words

Task 3:

devise a talent management strategy which develops and hold a future fit workforce for HRS for the period 2021 to 2026.

Suggested word count – 800-1000 words

Task 4:

Conclusion on the proposal for a future fit workforce for HRS for the period 2021 to 2026.

Suggested word count – 100-200 words


Table of Contents - optional

Introduction - required (Task 1)

Main Body – required (Tasks 2 and 3)

Conclusion – required (Task 4)


Answer :


Present a Fully Justified Rationale for Retaining the Call Centre in Asia or Bringing it Back In-House to a Specific Site in the UK or Continental Europe.

There are various reason occur for retaining call centre in Asia. As this provides benefit to company that are provided from given case. There are many reason occur from which a company want to outsourcing their call centre to other country. Here are some reason occur which are discussed below.

  • The outsourcing call centre allows a company to become flexible according to the needs and requirements of their company. When a company expand their company to other countries then it is difficult to analyse the requirement of employees that are needed for employees. They must expand fixed amount to call centre while they does not attain any amount in their revenue. The company HR solution need to pay for employees who only spend their time on phone (Baporikar, 2017).
  • When a company expand their company then they need to understand the language and culture of the country in which they are expanding. The employees of the company need to learn their language so that they can speak to them properly. This assist them in handling the situation as per the needs of situation.
  • In order to gain success, the company need to have spike in their business so that they can responsive towards heir customers. They need to responsiveness at time of holiday season. The company founds difficulties when demand of services occur higher, it is difficult to hire employees and train them. The HR solution must responsive about their call centre so that risk can be eliminated.
  • The company should provide all time services to their customers so that it can enhance company to make successful outsourcing in other country.
  • The infrastructure of call centre is become outdated which is necessary to maintain. It requires cost and high productivity. As the outdated and unreliable system remove all competitive. The outsource call centre must bring some new technologies from which their expenditure can increase. This help company in developing more productivity of services from which they can attract customers in relation to their services. With the help of this, company can focus on invention with in their services and goods.
  • When the company provides guarantee to their services then there is high rate of increasing continuity from which company can become more confident about their services.


Present a Fully Justified Rationale for the Resourcing Strategy Including Initial Recruitment and Selection Processes to Ensure HRS has the Right People at the Right Time with the Right Skills for the period 2021 to 2026.

HR strategy for an organisation perform various roles and responsibilities that manage, coordinate and organise workforce, employees, personnel and other individuals which are engaged in organisational operations and functions. This also refers that there all task managed and organised to perform its work with recruitment and selection process due to which its task are completed with positive approach. In context of HRS major issue faced by organisation refers to challenges in service sector. Human resource department of an organisation perform crucial role for selecting right job role and delegate it to right employees. The main concern for HR strategy is to complete all task and operations by engaging right employees that enhances skills of workforce through providing right training and development to subordinates and employees (Gibson, 2017).

The term recruitment refers to the process that is used for identifying, recruiting and attracting potential applicants for current vacant job. It also refers to process to select qualified pool of candidates to select right employee and candidates. According to present globalisation and its conditions all task which are performed by business houses are managed and controlled beyond their international boundaries. This refers that by retaining employees for longer period HRS focused to develop an effective recruitment and selection process that ensure HRS to perform all task and objectives for completing work within proper manner through organising long term goals and objectives which is leading company to develop right skills for right job roles with right time period. Some steps that are related with selection and recruitment process that resolve service issue of organisation are mention as follow:

Recruitment planning-

Their are various stages present in organisation that relates with development of plans for recruiting right candidates that leads employees efforts towards objectives and goals. HRS is performing their work with motive of completing all task as per current needs of job. This refers that with specific selection of applicants right and skilled employees to complete all task and objectives which plans to attract potential candidates to recruit and hire new employees. Thus, with potential and new employees right skilled are implemented by management and selected candidates are also motivated to perform their work which is a positive aspect for management. Along with this organisation also plans to attract right applicants which hires most employees to perform work as per qualification that fills right vacancies for recruiting all types of employees technical and supportive staff to improve service quality of HRS (Scott, 2014).

Strategy development-

Strategy play an important role in an organisation which leads employees to perform work and its task with current strategy. In this stage company analysis right number of employees which are required by management to manage and complete its task in the proper manner. It is also determines with right HR strategy improvement in organisation is managed with selection of employees as per buy and sale of business activities. Services issue is one of the complex task for business management that work as a barrier for organisation to complete their work as per international level. It also refers that with various challenges company develop advantage such as to take test and recruit right persons to perform work with help of professional employees. Buying candidates also develop right advantage for employee. Example- service quality of HRS is fluctuating due to changes in salary and wages.

Technological sophistication-

Second decision relates with strategy develop various methods that are used in selection and recruitment to perform all task and operations. This also relates with influenced available technology that employers to perform work as per national and international level. Although most of the current work is managed by to perform work with technology that leads to wider scope that details initial stage and scope to perform work with virtual reality. Service system of HRS is totally based on technology aspects so it is mandatory for organisation to perform work in minimum time period. Along with this technological advancement also leads company to gain more success in market.


With more number of employees company is facing challenges due to more number of applicants towards specific job role. This defines that with implement of right steps organisation such as source activation and selling search right employees to perform all task and objectives as per active issuance of employee requisition. It also defines that with low and no actual recruiting techniques managers face challenges to improve the process of service system. HRS management select right source activation to develop right source and methods for fulfilling job position.

Screening and evaluation-

Screening of application is regarded as the integral part for recruiting right persons with right process that develop better applications for short-listing and investigating employees with valid reasons. HRS manage its services outside the performance that screen right candidates to match skills of an applicants with right job role. After selection of employees HRS consider those techniques which is used to develop those techniques that boost right selection of employees. It refers that it ensure selection of applicants by skill test, employment capabilities and reasoning of employees which work as positive aspect for organisation which improves services of organisation and leading employees to complete task in appropriate manner (Tomany, 2016).

In the last with proper engagement of workforce to complete organisational task with engagement of all employees that leads company to complete their task and operations in proper manner. It also defines that diverstiy workforce create issue in internal premises of organisation. Therefore, by managing all task and operations with development of company goals management easily leads company employees to secure long term position in market with implement right techniques of recruitment and selection. Its results all task of company enhances services quality of employees in order to improve customer satisfaction level for improving profits and productivity of company. Similarly, with proper arrangement of resources financial capabilities and decision making power of company is also improved that leads to gain top position in market.


Aligned to the Resourcing Strategy, Devise a Talent Management Strategy That Builds and Maintains a Future-Fit Workforce for HRS for the Period 2021 to 2026.

Talent management refers to a structured approach from which company can develop potential and can retain talent in the council. From this approach, organisation can develop employees so that the organisation can meet needs of both individual and organisation. This structure act as part of the process. With this strategy, organisation can make goals of their objective according to their strategic plan. The result after applying this strategy can develop variation with in the company. This helps HR solution in developing more productivity and profitability of their company. The talent management helps in identifying various challenges that come up while implementing their company in other country. This helps HR solution in developing and analysing their strategy properly. This management strategy must be implemented by HR in their strategic process. There are some steps occur in talent management strategy which are described below.

  • Identify goals of organisation:- this includes identification of other goals that are necessary to be occur with in company. As it helps in developing more profit of the company. The goals of organisation helps in determining changes that are needed to be occur with in system of company. Each organisation have their own priorities from which they function their services. This help organisation as their employees become satisfied. This enhance them in developing more profit including perspective according to employees. With this, positive goals can be identified which help organisation in developing revenue by providing appropriate services to their customers (Mweru and Maina, 2016).
  • Identify drivers and challenges of organisation:- there are some challenges occur which impact strategy of organisation. In addition to this, there are some drivers occur which influence organisation to achieve in their strategy by applying them with in their organisation. These both impact positively and negatively on goals and objective of organisation. As the challenges can be occur through both internally and externally. As this includes competition, changes and new in laws, new techniques and feedbacks from survey can help in analysing satisfaction of employees. There are drivers present which help in making profit of organisation by influencing organisational activities. The identification of drivers can help in influencing organisation more from which they can deliver services according to perspective of people.
  • Analysis of conducting gap:- in order to make profit, the organisation need to analyse gap that is needed to achieve aim of organisation. While analysing gap, it is responsibilities for HR to identify risk factors along with it. The company need to analyse customer satisfaction in their current state of market. This helps them in identifying factors that are needed to be improved and filled. If this is not occur properly then it leads to low in market share. The gap can be occur by various ways
  • HR priorities and goals:- it is necessary to identify HR goals on the basis of gaps and challenges. This provide support to organisation from which they can achieve their goals of profit. The decision should be SMART that includes specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound. The help in implementing effectiveness from which measure of success occur. The company need to identify priorities of their employees so that the organisation can develop changes with in their strategies. As with this each employee can feel positive about company environment from which they can bring more productivity by working with them properly.
  • Invention of talent management:- the new and changes process can help in developing more productivity of organisation. The company needs to look forward about changes that are needed to be implemented with in organisation. With this, gap can be determined. The needed changes can put plan in the process of organisation which help them to developing more productivity and profitability. The new intervention can help organisation in developing changes with in their process. With this function of organisation can also bring productivity. As the new changes can be occur with in organisation with the help of new intervention.
  • Measuring the result and communicating it:- when the intervention is applied with in organisation, then it is necessary to be measure. With this, the effectiveness of can be measure that help in progressing and success. By identifying it, appropriate and correct action can be taken that assist organisation in developing more revenue. This also helps in identifying desire effect of their intervention that are applied to make more profit. With this, effect of measure can be identified. As this is necessary to be occur in order to make more productivity of their organisation.


Conclusion on the Business Proposal for a Future Fit Workforce for HRS for the period 2021 to 2026.

From the above, it has been concluded that HR solutions can make an effective strategy in implementing services. This can be achieved by analyzing the effectiveness of strategies that are needed to occur. There are various management program that help in developing strategies with effectiveness. The target management strategy help organization in identifying advantages and disadvantage from which they can enhance productivity.

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