Impact Of Unfavorable Labor Practices


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Strategic development of an organization is the important task which assists corporation to integrate all business activities and support corporation to increase overall rate of return in the marketplace. Present report is based on Roman originals which provides ladies clothing in High Street of UK. Basically the firm aims to design products in accordance with requirement of customers. It uses highest quality fabrics and ensure to acquire god quality of raw material for addresses expectations of buyers. Furthermore, study covers research proposal and innovative approach through which strategic direction can be given to business. It proves to be effective to cope with changing scenario so as to create competitive edge of the business in the marketplace.

Task 1


To assess impact unfavorable labor practices on performance of Roman Originals

1. Outlining the impact of unfavorable labor practices on performance of Roman Originals

The ethical conduct of business is the most important task which determines its long run success with increased rate of return. Current investigation will be based on work related ethical issue of Roman Originals under which business is suffering from unethical practices will be taken into account. It is because corporation face issue related to blue and black color dress which was manufactured with inclusion of labour child (McElroy, 2014). It is considered as the unethical practices which affected performance of corporation to a great extent (Leonidou and et. al., 2013). However, appropriate implementation of social media marketing strategy made it possible to increase sales turnover and improve performance of business in the marketplace. However, public were unaware of the same fact that child labour were included in the manufacturing of dresses. For this purpose, purpose, it can be said that child labour is the most important aspect through which it becomes necessary to focus upon perfection so as to deliver good quality of services to large number of buyers (Müller and et. al., 2016). Apart from this, such kind of unethical practices affect productivity as well as performance of corporation to a great extent. Owing to this, it is necessary to implement ethical practices at workplace so as to ensure well being of firm for longer time span.

2. Evaluating the methods of research and tools

Research methodology is the most important aspect through which researcher collect data and analyze the same for producing valid outcome. The current study on assessing impact of unfavorable labour practices, qualitative type of investigation will be applied under which researcher relies upon secondary data basically (Goetsch and Davis, 2014). Here, articles and news published on the business will be accessed so as to gather proper evidence and propose the effective solution for firm (Bryman, 2015). Owing to this, only secondary will be collected and qualitative tuype of investigation will be used for analysis of collected information. Apart from this, other studies done on the same topic can be referred for developing deep understanding (Fening, Appiah and Frempong, 2015).

3. Discussing ethical consideration of research

Ethic is the most important aspect considered in the research and any other related activity. Here, researcher must focus on ethical standard of doing researcher so as to present the outcome which can be used by beneficial party. In the current research on impact of unfavorable labor practices, scholar consider previous studies to collect necessary information and cite for the same in an effectual manner (Ritchie and et. al., 2013). Similarly, some studies might not provided access for the same. Apart from this, in case of participants of human being, researcher will ensure to record information with confidentiality and not any personal information will be included. It would be effective to ensure ethical conduct of entire research proposal and meet the research objectives in a more effective manner. In addition to this, outcome of the present research will be same as the previous studies as it will not slightly different. In this manner, outcome will be same as other studies and bring froth valid suggestions for issues which are being faced by Roman Originals (Harriss and Atkinson, 2015).

4. Outlining clear research objectives, using SMART targets

The research objectives for current study are stated in a clear manner which assists researcher to gather necessary information effectively and product valid outcome by using the same. These research objectives will be stated as follows-

  • To understand the concept of labour practices and its link with organizational success
  • To provide evidence about unethical labour practices implemented in Roman Originals
  • To provide suggestions for ethical conduct of business and good performance of Roman Originals.


Identifying, evaluating and justifying using sound arguments a new strategic direction

The strategic direction of firm is determined with active participation of all management working at upper level. They incorporate their ideas and suggestions so that accordingly they can contribute towards success of the business in the marketplace (Hounslea, 2017). However, unethical labour practices affect performance of corporation to a great extent (Weiss, 2014). Owing to this, it becomes important to ensure inclusion of skilled and competent workforce who can contribute towards success of the business in the marketplace. At this juncture, effective labour practices can be implemented under which equality will be considered and all workforce are engaged in the decision making process (Kaptein, 2015).

Similarly, regulations set by government must be considered through which management will not focus upon child labour and others. In this manner, company can evaluate the internal strategy for recruitment and selection as well as training & development of existing workforce. It proves to be effective to accomplish long as well as short term objectives in the marketplace. On the other hand, motivational strategies can be adopted along with appropriate marketing strategies. Here, firm will display information related to ethical conduct and extra reward offered to workforce for putting their efforts (Moore, 2015). Apart from this, short video clip can be used to make people aware related to removal of unethical practices and long run success of business in the marketplace with the increased rate of return. In this manner, new strategic direction related to motivation and development of workforce is applied in Roman Originals.

Critically evaluating strategic solution

The strategic solution proposed for management of Roman Originals is to engage employees in decision making process. It enables stakeholders to involve in the decision making process so that accordingly issues which are being faced by corporation can be managed in a most effective manner. It can be critically evaluated that, employee engagement practices consumed lot of time as well as time money which affect performance of corporation to a great extent (Hoffman, Frederick and Schwartz, 2014). For this purpose, employees can be asked to provide review on current employment practices. Here, critical evaluated can be done effectively through which it becomes easy to reduce cost of production and increase overall rate of return of Roman Originals.

Strategic direction

The strategic solution of business can also be implemented by focusing upon application of suitable model which lay emphasis of suitable course of action. Here, Ansoff matrix can be applied by Roman Originals under which four options are provided which are explained as follows-

Product-Market Ansoff Matrix

(Source: Edraw Ansoff Matrix. 2017)

Here, the first strategy can be related to market penetration wherein management explore existing market along with existing products. For this purpose, marketing strategy can be changed for grabbing attention of more buyers. This proves to be effective to increase sales turnover and delivering good quality of services to large number of buyers. It can be critically evaluated that, customer might shift from one to another brand where it becomes necessary to opt suitable strategy like club card scheme etc. Furthermore, existing marketplace is used with new product which is generally called as strategy of product development. At this juncture, trench coat can be introduced for meeting expectations of buyers. Generally people living in UK follow the same kind of trend, hence it would be convenient for Roman Originals to create competitive edge in the new market. Furthermore, new market can be explored along with existing product., This strategy can be risk but management can easily track over sales turnover.

For this purpose, company can expand in Africa or India or Brazil like emerging countries. This aids to diversify risk of one market to a great extent. It can be critically evaluated that issue may be faced because of existing product as customers of another country might go for different kind of products. In addition to this, diversification strategy is the most effective under which Roman Originals can go for new product with new market. Here, company can specifically focuses upon party wear gown by introducing itself in China or India. At the same time, kids wear can also be introduced by increasing product range through which firm can create competitive edge in the marketplace. In this manner strategic direction can be given by selecting the diversification strategy.

It can be implemented by accessing cost effective source of finance such as bank loan or hiring local labour from India, if business is to be expanded in the same country. This would be effective to cover large market and enhance profitability of firm to a great extent.

Demonstrating the ability to consider enterprise and innovation during learning activities

The enterprise and innovation both aspects are considered by Roman Originals for managing good performance in the corporation. At this juncture, management uses appropriate approach for evaluation of the implemented strategy. For this purpose, trust is developed among managers and colleagues for promoting appropriate work practices (Shanahan and Seele, 2016). It facilitates to support mutual learning so that accordingly competitive edge of the business is created in the marketplace through which it becomes easy to meet expectations of all related stakeholders.

Furthermore, entrepreneurial aspect can be applied in order to assess the effectiveness of implemented strategy in term of rate of return and cost of production as well as customer base. This aids to ensure well being of firm for longer time span and accordingly business can ensure its long run survival with increased rate of return. Apart from this, appropriate evaluation model is applied by Roman Originals to assess the whether company is having ethical aspects or not. It will also be assessed that whether stakeholders of firm are happy after implementation of innovation or not. It would be effective to uncover lacking areas and work upon the same so as to increase overall rate of return and meet the expectations of related parties in an effectual manner (Ceylan, 2013).

Furthermore, management of Roman Originals can apply absorptive capability for distribution of knowledge among internal parties of business and ensure better networking with all its business partners. For example, Roman Originals can easily acquire information related to Brexit by using research and development tools, It would be effective to gather detail related to potential impact of separation of UK from EU (Stock, Totzauer and Zacharias, 2014). This also be beneficial to implement proposed strategy for not affecting rate of return or sales turnover of the business. At this juncture, management can use more effective approach by assigning team of qualified people who share the knowledge continuously with the help of proper monitoring and evaluation.

Apart from this, organization learning can be made possible only with appropriate evaluation and monitoring of different business activities. In this manner, corporation can easily apply its gathered knowledge for ensuring its betterment for longer time span. Apart from this, recent ethical issue related to child labour was also like a learning as it highlighted poor image of the business in the marketplace. Owing to this, it important to follow the most effective aspect for catering requirement of business and contributing towards increasing overall rate of return of the same. Apart from this, Roman Originals would be able to maintain its higher performance along with compliance of ethical principles (Bonache and Trullen, 2015).

Anticipating and responding flexibility and creativity to the changing strategic environment of the organization

The changing strategic environment must be supported by management of Roman Originals so that workforce can be motivated to a great extent. For this purpose, Kotter & Schlesinger mode of change can be applied under which reasons for resisting change and strategies to implement change are implemented. It is the three step procedure under which unfreezing, transforming and refreezing are covered. At the first step consumption is done along with open information and getting people used to the idea (Aagaard and Andersen, 2014). This proves to be effective to take appropriate decision so that accordingly necessary changes in company are implemented. Furthermore, company will make the hr workforce understand related to need of change in the employment practices (The role of HRM in innovation processes, 2013).

However, they will be communicated regarding introduction of new technologies, product and processes as well as other related techniques. It facilitates to determine long run success of corporation in the marketplace. At very first stage management of Roman Originals are communicated regarding need of changes and not involving child labour in manufacturing clothes. At the same time, marketing department will also be informed to update the professional site of the business by adding its ethical practices (McElroy, 2014). A small clip of video can also be uploaded on portal so that accordingly audience can be come to know about updated procedures or practices of business.

In addition to this, new techniques are implemented for clear communication with employees regarding task to be done. It proves to be effective to meet the expectations of buyers and make them aware that company values for their specific needs. It is because when Roman Originals follows the ethical practices then it becomes easy for workforce to get higher level of motivation and sense of satisfaction. It aids to cater need of personnel and support them in achieving long as well as short term objectives on right time.

In this manner, two stages of change model are applied by Roman Originals to bring the necessary changes in HR practices and provide comfortable working condition to them. However, the last stage reflects refreezing under which set pattern is followed for hr department for selection and recruitment of employees. This aids to cater need of different stakeholders and provide them appropriate work environment (Goetsch and Davis, 2014). It can be critically evaluated that, participation, force & support as well as negotiation are some of the strategies which can be implemented by firm in order to accomplish long as well as short term objectives. It can be critically evaluated that force & support strategy might affect performance of business at certain point of time due to lack of motivation among respective department like HR. For this purpose, management of Roman Originals ensure to educate HR department and middle level management who directly deal with personnel.

At this juncture, team work is promoted to a great extent wherein company ensures that all workforce are integrated in order to implement the proposed strategy,. However, the current strategy of Roman Originals is related to bringing innovation in HR practices which is not going to create difficulties. However, still respective departments will have to ensure that changes are implemented effectively for meeting the stated objectives in a most effective manner (Leonidou and et. al., 2013). Furthermore, management of Roman Originals follow the set pattern where climate of change is created and then entire company is engaged along with implementation of sustainable change at workplace. Meanwhile, HR department will be appreciated for its better performance and contribution towards organizational success for longer time span. Here, urgency is created in the firm as due to child labour and selection of right kind of material in producing of clothes.


The aforementioned report concludes that ethical aspect of business plays important task for its long run survival in the marketplace. It assists stakeholders to ensure their participation and cooperation in the decision making process. It can also be said that innovative practices related to management of workforce is also the most important aspect which needed change in HR department as well as middle and lower level management. This aids to ensure competitive edge of the business in the marketplace. Furthermore, implementation of change model make it possible to implement changes in more successful manner.

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