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Operational management refers to a process of planning, organising and supervising functions of a company. It works with a purpose  to make necessary improvement in business operations are carried out so that higher profitability can be attained. It is considered as multidisciplinary functional area within an organisation, which makes sure that resources like materials and labours are perfectly utilised. The present assignment is made to differentiate roles of leaders and functions of managers in a company in different-different situation. For this purpose, M&S is undertaken which is an  multinational company has near about 979 stores which offers its products like branded clothes, households and food items worldwide. This report demonstrated effectiveness of theories of leadership and management. Moreover, some factors of business which put adverse impact on decision-making process and operational activities also highlighted.


P1 Define and compare roles and characteristics of leaders and managers

Marks & Spencer Group Plc is a British multinational company of UK. It is  headquartered in the City of Westminster, London which specialises in offering a wide range of branded products related to clothes, food and households items. It was founded in 1884 by  Michael Marks and Thomas Spencer in UK. Around 979 stores of M&S are running at marketplace of UK and in many countries where 85,000 employees are currently working. These workers give high commitment in order to bring innovation and sustainability of business at marketplace. Since every business runs with a specific purpose therefore, main objective of M&S is 'to gain high profitability and maintain long-term sustainability'. For this purpose, its employers seeks to include a wide range of products in food sector like ready meal or partly pre-prepared items. It will help in gaining attention and retention of loyal customers.   

As organisational structure of a company depends upon size of business therefore,  Marks & Spencer follows a flat mega structure (Strande and Brdjanovic, 2014). It includes a limited level of management between administration staff and front-line employees. Therefore, it aids employees to feel equally and share their ideas in developing and enhancing performance of business.

Managers are those persons in a company who take entire responsibilities to manage functions of a company. It includes planning, organisation, control and coordination. They have authority to hire or fire employees in order to improve performance of an enterprise.In context with leaders, they influence subordinates in order to achieve a specific goal. They shares vision and inspire others to conduct a task in appropriate manner so that higher profitability of business can  be gained. Functions of managers is to prepare plans, policies and strategies by concerning on requirement of business. While role of leaders is to set directions through which such plans can be implemented in proper way and obtain desired outcome.  

Comparison on different roles of Leaders and functions of managers:-

Basis for Comparison

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