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Resort Management

Introduction to Resort Management

Resort management basically a part of hospitality and lodging industry. There are usually many types of managers within a hotel or resort, including the food and beverage, maintenance and activities section. Further, with the emergence of tourism for leisure, hospitality industry have started establishing resorts in order to provide relaxed and lavish holiday fun. For this purpose, resort management has been started and this provides highest employment opportunities in this sector. In order to succeed in this kind of sector, it is required by the resort manager to efficiently carry out their services. Furthermore, the resort management is linked with the tour operator services so that arrival of tourist can be known and also they can perform their functions in accordance with the

This report has been emphasized on the resort management by the Thomson tour operator. Moreover, this report describes the main function and structure of the resort operations which are basically carried out by the tour operators which have established it services overseas. In addition to this discussion has also been made on the role and impact of quality systems and procedures on the services of Thomson. Furthermore, this report also covers the management issues which are related to the incident which include natural, transport, medical and so on.

Task 1

1. Description and analysis of functions of overseas office

This case describes the appointment of a person by the Thomson tour operator who is going to start its operation in the Costa del Sol area of Spain. The new service has been started by them where they are going to provide accommodation to travelers in three resorts of Marbella, Fuengirola and Torremolinos. Further, the report has to be prepared which describes the functions of the Thomson office which have been established in the Spain. Therefore the functions of the Thomson office at Costa del Sol are described as follows:


The first and foremost function of the Thomson office is to coordinate the service with the suppliers who are going to supply the equipment and amenities which the firm is going to provide it to the customers. Along with that provision is also to be made with the suppliers so that company does not have to face difficulty during short supply.

Customer Service

The firm has to provide excellent service to the customer as they are going to provide revenue to the company. It is the main function of the tour operator to provide quality and innovative services to the customers at reasonable price in order to maintain the customer loyalty.

Customer Information

It also one of the function of the Thomson company to have clear and detailed information of all its customers so that in case of any changes in the flight timings, during delay or urgent cases company could contact them. Further, information should also be there so that authenticity of the customer could be checked.

Effective Communication

The Company performs the function of effective communication between head office and branches located in other countries. It should be there so that company can convey all sort of information related to customers arrival, number of customers reaching there, arrival timings, details of the customers, accommodation information, emergency cases, etc. Further, the firm also communicates between different countries in case of visa application and other formalities to be carried out so the customers do not get distracted and they get hassle free trip. Additionally, company properly communicates with resorts offices so as to confirm the accommodation process. Also the communication has been done with the customers in order to provide clear information about the trip and other additional benefits.

Training Personnel

One of the most important functions which are being performed by the overseas office is to train the personnel who are appointed by them. It is done in order to acquaint the personnel about the new policies and work practice which is already adopted by the head office. The new overseas workforce should be made aware about work policy of head office. Further, the company provides training so that effective performance can be carried out by them in order to create competitive edge.

Meeting Local Laws

The overseas offices has to perform this function of following the country's law that is providing healthy and safe environment to the employees, environment protection act, proper tax should be paid, no discrimination. If these legal laws are not followed than company might face legal issues. Thus, in order to work smoothly in the other country than it is to be ensured by the firm that all the laws are properly incorporated.

Budget Setting

The budget should be set and allocated so that over expenditure does not occur. Further, every task should be allocated a separate budget so that proper financial resources can be distributed. This is done by the oversea offices in order to maintain the profit margin and losses does not occur.

Setting and Achieving Target

It is again one of the functions of the overseas office of Thomson. The company has to set the work based target and should aim to achieve those targets. Further, the firm also performs the duty of targeting customers and work efficiently in order to achieve those targets. Moreover, this function is performed in order to achieve the sole purpose of the establishment of the company in Costa del Sol that is to earn maximum profits by acquiring large market share.

2. Analysis of the resort structure of two other tour operators

There are two other tour operators who are carrying out their tourism services in UK and other parts of the world. One is Thomas Cook and other is Cox and Kings. These tour operators provide their services in an excellent manner and prove to be a competitor for the Thomson tourism. Thus, the resort structures of these two firms are as follows...

Points of Differences

There are some of the points discussed below which differentiate between the services of other two tour operator...

  • Thomas Cook has a structure of conducting the programs of summer and winter programs. Thus, this Company takes visitors on the tour during the seasons and attracts the customers during the seasonal occasion. Further, the company provides special offers and discounts during these period of time so that people get attracted towards this company. Moreover, during the summer, accommodation is provided at the beach resorts so that people get the leisure of spending holidays at seaside. On the other hand, company takes the tour during winters at the snow places of so that snowfall can be seen and also to the hot places and accordingly resorting is done. On the other hand, Cox and Kings has a different resort structure where they conduct the programmes of developed and developing countries. They take on the trip to all kinds of countries and make the packages which include the trip to develop as well as developing countries.
  • Secondly, Thomas Cook has a hierarchical structure and they adopt the method of promotion on a seniority basis. However, the organizational structure of Cox and Kings is not hierarchical. They worked in a single line and all the employees are at same level.

Points of Similarities

There are some points which are similar in both the tour operators and they are described as follows...

  • Thomas Cook and Cox & Kings provide the services of Camping and self-catering programmes. Further, both firms carry out these services in order to bring innovation in their tourism services. They have a link with some resorts which are built in the forest and they provide accommodation to the people in those resorts and from there they took on the camping programmes and carry out the self catering services.
  • Another similarity between both the firms is that they have similar job titles and appoint the people of same qualifications.

These were some of the points of distinction and similarities between Thomas Cook and Cox & Kings. However, these two tour operators have to be compared with the resort structure of Thomson. Therefore, the points of similarities and differences are discussed as below...

Points of Differences

  • Thomson conducts the programs such as specialist programmes that is sailing and trekking and also the sports program. They maintain the link between the resorts and provide accommodation to the travelers at those resources who take the visitors for trekking. Further, they also provide facilities to the visitors in link with the resorts so that people does not face any issues while having the leisure trip. On the other hand, Thomas Cook and Cox & Kings do not provide such facilities. They take the trip of summer, winter programmes and developed & developing countries programmes.
  • Secondly, the company has an effective organizational structure where it has proper line of communication which helps the firm in coordinating the activities with the resort manager and with the employees of the organization. However, the other two firms do not have effective line of communication.

Points of Similarities

  • The company Thomson has some of the similarities that all the tourism companies have proper link with the head office and other agencies that are situated or located around the globe.
  • Thomson, Thomas Cook and Cox & Kings conduct the summer and winter programs which are linked with the resorts establish at such places where people travel and wish to spend their holidays during those days.

These were some of the differences and similarities between Thomson, Thomas Cook and Cox & Kings.

Task 2

1). Effective quality systems and procedures affecting legal and conflict situations

Effective quality system is directly related to health and safety of travelers. In this regard, safety is ensured in different areas such as fire safety, swimming pool security and playground safety. Along with that health and hygiene also matters. In this regard, Thomson assesses risk and discovers potential areas of problems. Accordingly, tour operate complete the safety form which depicts that all hotels and selected location in holiday packages are safe for visitors. This form is filled or completed by area managers and representative where they specify aspects regarding any particular danger issue. The safety form also cover details related to action taken to overcome the health issues. For example, playground of hotel must contain harmless equipment and safety to play for children. It facilitates to reduce the chances of head injuries and any other kind of accidents to kids. Here, Thomson is liable for any kind of injuries to visitors whether it occurs due to fault of hotelier, Excursion Company or other related parties.

In case of any fault of tour operator, visitors have right to take legal action. It is because government imposed several laws through which responsibilities of tour operators are mentioned. For example, Health and Safety Act, 1974 which depicts that Thomson must have good management and it needs to take appropriate measure to assess and detect risks. Similarly, Consumer Protection Act 1987 is also there for the protection of visitors who are accessing traveling services. At this juncture, customers should get information related to prices and discount as well as about other offers provided with package. Apart from this, Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations, 1992 is imposed by government in order to protect rights of workforce. It shows that tour operators can carry out risk assessment plan for providing comfortable work environment for employees.

In addition to this, European Union Directive of Package Holidays, 1992 specifies that planof holiday must be clear and concise for securing right users. Similarly, brochure must be accurate so that service users get detail information related to destinations, price and special offer, if any. It shows that Thomson will be liable for overall tour package for which it is providing its services. Not only this, but Insurance policy is also implemented at Company by which full security or safety of visitor is ensured. It proves to be effective in increasing customer base for tour operator. Furthermore, compliance of regulatory framework makes it possible for Thomson to create competitive edge in the marketplace.

Thomson also relies on emergency cases where customer gets hurt in the group of above specified four criteria. At this juncture, it is prime duty of staff or users to call ILG travel duty officer very soon. For such kind of contact number are also provided to all users so that their safety can be ensured effectively. Thomson also prepares representative report for quality control which is sent to area manager. He/ She are responsible for monitoring process and providing feedback regarding quality control. Similarly, customer service is reviewed by taking feedback from visitors. It helps tour operator to bring modifications in current working environment. However, negative feedbacks of visitors are considered as serious issue so that immediate action can be taken for the same. Accordingly, effectual strategies can be formulated to increase level of satisfaction among service users. In addition to this, codes of conduct are followed by corporation so that ethical aspect can be maintained. It leads to deliver good quality of services to large number of buyers.

Furthermore, management of tour operator provides time to time training to its personnel. As per the training program, service providers will come to know about conducting the welcome meeting with visitors. Accordingly, they will provide information to customer related to information placed on notice board. This notice board data display information regarding safety at resort. However, all these data are provided on notice board but still it should be summarized in overseas representative manual. It helps to ensure well being of company as well as service users. Thus, quality system facilitates to ensure compliance of regulatory framework on right manner and accordingly create competitive edge of the same.

2). Analysis of the impact of quality systems and procedures implemented by Thomson

Quality system and procedures which have been discussed in the former question should be implemented by the Thomson tourism in order to run their business in a smooth manner. Thus, the implementation is done in a proper manner so that company may get positive impact. However, this implementation may also have negative impact as well. Positive and negative impact of the implementation of quality system and procedures are as follows...

Positive Impact

The proper implementation of the quality system is done. It means that all the acts are duly followed and also risk assessment is done by the company prior to the trip then it will help in providing quality services to the service users. For instance, if the firm follows the act of Health and Safety Act, 1974 then it can provide proper safety and healthy environment to their customers. This will help in gaining larger market share around the globe as the corporate image will get establish strongly. Further, the risk assessment is done and through this potential danger is also identified. This ensures the company in case of any hazard identified so the trip can be pre-pone or post-pone. This will also build a brand image in the minds of the customers and due to this assessment, loss of money and life will not occur. In addition to this, company can earn maximum profits out of it, customer’s base will get increase and also their loyalty can be amplified. Apart from this, Thomson Company also provides the insurance policy to their customers. If in case, any incident happens then insurance safety is available before them. This also helps the service users to secure their money. If there are any unfortunate events happening during the journey, then customers can use that policy and this will help the company to provide complete security to their passengers. Through this, loss to the property can be recovered.

Negative Impact

The non- incorporation of quality system and procedure imposes negative impact on the company. If the company does not follow the safety regulation and other acts which leads to the provision of quality system then customer may sue the company and this will destroy brand image of the firm in the market. This will also leads to the loss to the company and this is how growth of the firm will start declining. Further, the company also gets impacted in the case of quality services are not provided by the firm to the customers. For instance, if the firms fail to follow the Health and Safety Act, 1974 and they take on the trip of the visitors. The food provided to them is contaminated and due to this visitors will fall ill. For this aspect, tourist or customers may sue the company and this will hamper the business of the firm and also this may lead to the cessation of license of travel and tourism.

Task 3

1). Analysis of the incidents that affects resort operations

There are numerous incidents which occur at some or the other point. Some of the events are controllable and some natural incident which are not controllable in the hands of the management. These occurrences have major impact on the operations of the resorts. However, these events have an adverse affect on the reputations of the resort as well. Some of the incidents which can impact the resort operations are discussed as follows...

Natural Incidents

This includes the natural disaster such as hurricanes, avalanches, floods, etc. These are completely uncontrollable events and they can occur at any time without any indication. Due to these unfortunate events, an operation of the resorts get disturbs. The resorts may not be in a condition to provide proper accommodation when the flood enters the hotel. Further, the company cannot provide food facilities and other transport means at the time of natural disaster. Along with that communication may also get disturbed. This is how the natural incidents impact the resort operations and services.

Transport Incidents

This is another type of incident which impacts the operations of resorts. In this phenomenon, airlines of ships get crashed; hijack of flights by the terrorist, vehicle is unsuitable to the visitors, etc. If these things happen then the arrival cannot be at time and this put an impact on the resort operations. At the time of travel planning, Tourism Company book the resorts and accordingly, duties are allotted to the staff members. In case of such incidents, arrival get disturbed and the resort may get hamper as the booking goes vacant and all the staff members become redundant. The revenue generation goes down and other operations cannot be carried out in an effective manner.

Accommodation Issues

Sometimes, resort may not be able to provide proper accommodation to the visitors and they are prone to the fire incident. This impacts the services of the organization. During fire incident, loss to property and life may occur and this imposes the black dot on the reputation of the company. Due to this, people may not get accommodation at those resorts which does not provide safety to the people.

Political Problems

These incidents may occur at any point of time and due to such issues, cold war between countries get starts sometime. This causes the cessation of entry of those country visitors to the host nation. However, the resort's booking goes in advance and the stoppage of the visitors may result in the disturbance of resort operations. Some of the rooms remain vacant and also the extra appointed staff during the seasons becomes redundant. Due to this, staff gets distracted and effective personnel do not available at the time of need.

These are some of the incidents which cause a greater negative impact on the resort operations.

2). Evaluation of procedure to be implemented in dealing with incidents

In order to deal with the range of incidents in appropriate manner, it is required for business to undertake different procedures with the help of which overall impact of incidents can be reduced to extent by the company. Main incidents which can take place are natural disasters such as flood, hurricanes, fire, transportation incident such as crash, hijack, unsuitable vehicle etc. For dealing with all the range of issues identified, appropriate procedures have to be undertaken. For management of incident, it is the first and foremost duty of top management to issue appropriate guidelines to each and every individual within the workforce. They have to follow it strictly for instance situation such as fire takes place within the workplace and guidelines for the same can be issued regarding how to deal with this issue and what corrective actions can be taken in future so that incident such as fire can be avoided easily. In short, the guidelines issued will provide proper support to individual who are present within the workplace and major incidents can be avoided easily. Further, decision making is also one of the most effective procedure which business can undertaken where management can take appropriate decisions regarding the incidents which can be faced by business. Decisions can be taken in relation with the safety measures so that issues linked with same may not arise in near future and it may not have adverse impact on the overall tour operations.

Apart from this, communication with external parties is also one of the most effective procedures. This can be undertaken by business where by taking support from other parties firm can deal with the major incidents such as fire, safety, transport issue etc. In short, external parties can provide direct support to the organization where it will become easy for organization to prevent major incidents. Internal communication channel is also one of the most effective methods where business can share information and other type of data with different individuals who are present within the workplace. Further, this will assist in avoiding unfavorable situations in the form of incidents. All the employees working in the firm must be well aware about the guidelines along with policies introduced for preventing incidents and corrective measures can be easily taken in the situation when any takes place. On the other hand, technique of contingency planning is also appropriate where business can indulge into proper planning through which large number of issues can be tackled easily. Through planning, it can be known what stages have to be followed in case of occurrence of any natural disaster or incident. Accordingly, planning can be done for providing support. It is further made by following the stages so that it becomes easy and possible to deal with the issue being faced which can directly influence resort operations.

3). Linking procedures with the guidelines issued by different bodies

Procedures are developed by the business and must be linked with the guidelines issued by different bodies which are operating in UK with the motive to protect consumers. In short, bodies such as ABTA, CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) and ATOL (Air Travel Organizer Licensing) provide proper support to customers in the field of tourism and they can be protected from unethical practices (Alexander, 2007). ABTA is one of the largest bodies which is UK’s biggest travel association representing travel agents and tour operators. They sell around £32 billion of holidays. Main stress of ABTA is on providing support, protection and expertise to the consumers. Further, this body provides support to business in resolving queries of customers and they are protected in every possible manner. Proper advice is provided to holidaymakers and body understands all the rights of customers for instance, if flight is canceled or delayed. Therefore, procedures being undertaken by business needs to be linked with the guidelines introduced by ABTA through which customers can be provide proper support. Further, the advice along with other type of recommendations provided by ABTA is also effective that supports tourism business to carry out its operations in appropriate manner as per the expectations of target market.

Apart from this, CAA is also another body which offers its members with wide variety of vacation options to suit taste and overall requirement of customers. This body supports in planning vacations and provides every type of possible support to the target market so that they can plan their vacations in appropriate manner. The ranges of services delivered are CAA vacations, camping cards, international driving permit, disabled travelers etc. Therefore, by following the guidelines introduced by CAA, overall value of procedure developed can be enhanced easily by business. This can support in providing better response to the customers who are planning their holidays. At last, ATOL is also one of the bodies which provide information for consumers. Main focus is on protecting holiday markers and guidelines that have been introduced for every travel company operating in UK which sells air holidays along with flights. All the guidelines introduced by ATOL can be followed by the business while developing the procedure and through this it can be ensured that protection is being provided to the holidaymakers so that they can spend holidays as expected. Main benefit of ATOL is that it stops in losing money and supports in ensuring that holidays are planned as expected. Therefore, in this way, all the three bodies provide proper support to the consumers in every possible manner and they can be protected from unethical practices.


After preparing this report on resort management by Thomson Company, it has been concluded that it is very important for the tour operator to identify their function which they have to perform while establishing or working at overseas offices. Further, there are ranges of functions which the firm is performing. Moreover, the company has adopted the quality system and procedures for conducting its services. Further, the firm has also assessed that if the quality system and procedures does not get implemented then it imposes adverse impact on the enterprise. Furthermore, there are several controllable and uncontrollable incidents which can affect the operations of the resort. Along with that, it has also been concluded that resort management should plan out the procedures which can help in reducing the impact of these incidents on operations of the resorts. These procedures are linked with the regulatory bodies such as ABTA, ATOL and CAA.


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