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Small business enterprise is a privately owned small business in small-scale that have a less number of workers or employees (Wawira, 2016, p.13). The aim of this chapter is to make the learner understand the opportunities involved in the processes and changing management that help to review and improve the performance of the small business enterprise. Here, it is also discussing the financial measures and economic impact of chosen business as Razzamataz.

Task 1 (LO1) Profile of selected business.

AC1.1 Overview of chosen business from Dragons Den series

The researcher has chosen Razzamataz from the Dragons Den series which is a theater school that is a platform of opportunities as it offers and provides training in drama, dancing, and singing. The classes of this organisation cover everything that includes traditional west end musicals with a street dance and pop singing and they believe that every student can get an opportunity to become energetic and do lots of fun and gain confidence. It has included some performance of art with a fresh, vibrant and funky environment (, 2017).

In context with the founder or owner, it was founded by the seasoned performer whose managing director name is Denise Hutton-Gosney who use the franchise formula to improve their business and do hard work for that. Before the establishment of Razzamataz in 2000, Denise for over 10 years had been a choreographer, gymnast artist, and professional dancer. According to the owner structure, there are many teams divided for the development of organisation such as the head of the franchise requirement, head office support team, franchise support and development manager, head office accounts, overseas recruitment manager, artistic director, administrator and public relations advisor (Orme, 2014, p.50). All of these group work together for making the high-quality environment and also to reach high and expand by the aware process as volunteering.

As history before 2007, the founder took a brave step and enters BBC's Dragons Den and first troupe singing children from the firm to perform for them and that song was written by one of their student (Mazhindu and Gregory, 2015, p.25). At first, In the Den of Dragon offered to invest all the money without haggling over the equity and Denise accepted this offer of $50,000 for the 25% stake in Razzamataz and fill grateful for that. As a successful businessman, he did not want to lose this opportunity and instantly recognized it and chose to invest for Razzamataz. They started this organisation to give an excellent opportunity to build up the self-esteem and confidence and with their enthusiasm and business sense lead him in a great success and also in the expansion of the business. Razz skills give or keep the youth active, confident, pride and encourage their social skills. And mainly located in the UK and also go through their expansion.

Its strength is to make the society happy and energetic by providing active youth and regular achievement of its goals, aims, and objectives. In a context of its weakness, this diverts student from their study, lack of motivation on an account of their studies also and they only used to make a fun among the student and youngster.     

AC1.2 Compare their performance of such areas as production, HR, market sale and technologies uses

Razzamataz Theatre Schools limited is incorporated on 18 November 2002 which is firstly located in Cumbria and has been running for approx 14 years 2 months. According to annual outcomes, there are one active director and one active secretary currently in working process measured in the last year 2016 (Shupak, 2015, p.19).

In context with latest financial, the company cash deposited in the bank is $94.45k which is increased by 10.4% from the previous years (Elsaesser, 2013, p.2). The current liabilities is decreased by 16.92% and become $-53.02k while in an account of total assets, it is increased by 25.65% and now it is $288.65k. The net worth of this firm increases by 40.01% and now it rises to $200.07k. The average cash in the industrial as in the terms of the liquidity is the as average capital current liabilities there is a decreased by the 2.56%. The working capital ratio reveals that the availability of the current assets and liabilities is very low as in context with the industrial average. Then the profitability ratio refers the profitability of the company to be low which comes around 1.88 whereas the industrial average comes around 2.55. However, the entity is on the right way as there are various options of growth of the company.  There is a lot of growth expansion for the company as the company is free from the debts and excess loans. On seeing the financial representation given by the firm it can easily raise investment which will ultimately lead to capital