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Tourism industry has become the fastest growing industry. It generates job opportunities in the country and contributes well in improving economic condition of nation. Present study is based on Qatar , it is the place which is famous for its amazing historical background an cultural aspects. Many sport events and business conferences are being organized by Qatar every year (Chaperon and Bramwell, 2013). Government of Qatar believes that tourism is the biggest source of economic development. Statically records show that last year approx. 295134 visitors have come to this destination (Tourism booms as more travellers visit Qatar, 2017).  Current project will discuss benefit of stakeholders from tourism development planning. Furthermore, it will explain advantage and disadvantage of public private partnership. Study will describe features of tourism development planning.


1.1 Stakeholder benefit from planning of tourism development

Stakeholders are the most important person those who have huge interest in the business. Stakeholders of Qatar are as following:

  • Government
  • Tourism industries
  • Employees and tourism consultants
  • Local communities

            All these stakeholders can get benefited from tourism development planning. Government is the main stakeholder of this sector, if more tourists come to the location then they will spend more amount here (Font, 2016). This will help in increasing foreign reserves in the nation, which will improve economic condition of the country.  Government has interest in tourism busineses because this can help them in improving economic condition of nations. With the increasing tourism activities, government will be able to raise employment opportunity which will be beneficial in raising GDP rate.  By this way, government will be able to invest more amounts to develop industries so people get income sources and their life standards can be improved.

Tourism industry is another most important stakeholder of the industry. As much people will come in the location then revenues of tourism sector will get raised (Knollenberg. and, 2014).  Many tourism companies are performing well and earning more profit. If many visitors are coming to location then it will help in raising their revenues. Thus, tourism industry has huge interest in this activity. This will be beneficial for their growth.

Employees and consultants are another stakeholder of this sector. If more people visits Qatar then employees will get more salaries and this will raise their knowledge as well. If business of tourism is raising them this will give more promotional opportunities to employees ad they will be able to get more financial benefits.

Local communities are another stakeholder that will get benefited by tourism activities. As it will raise their living standards and they will be able to live their life smoothly. Their interest is to improve their life and get facilities. If more visitors are coming to Qatar then government will get funds, which will be used, for development of local people such as improving infrastructure so that local population can live easily.

1.2 Advantage and disadvantage of public private partnership

Public and private both organization contribute equally in the development of tourism industry (Nara, Mao. and Yen, 2014). Their contribution supports in increasing tourism activities in the destination.

Advantage for public sector

  • By making this partnership public sector can get developed soon. Government allocates funds to the private firms in order to improve infrastrure facilities in the destination. This helps in raising more facilities in the location so that more visitor will take interest in the location.
  • This partnership will be beneficial in increasing financial resources of the country. This money can be utilized for developing telecommunication, railway lines, other transportation facilities (Page, 2014).
  • This partnership will be beneficial in spreading cultural aspect of the Qatar across the world. Furthermore, it will help in minimizing risk and development cost as well.

Advantage for Private secto

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