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Reflection Essay on Brett Jones in Tanzania

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Reflection Essay

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While working for the podcast related to case study of Brett Jones in Tanzania, a group was formed for producing podcasts and accompanying script. Each member of the group were given separate tasks associated with carrying out activities within the team. Initially, roles were specified and time schedule was formed to appropriately complete the podcast within due period. My role, within the team was to research and gather facts about the resources in a sequential order and to effectively analyse the same.

To accomplish the same, I adopted various strategies such as critical evaluation of facts and studying the case study with attention to even minutest of detail to form a sequential framework. In addition to this, I conducted extensive research to effectively carry out prospects which are associated with ethical working of businesses. For enhancing the effectiveness of my role and for better analysis, various innovative techniques were used by me to evaluate each aspect within the study.

There are various aspects within the team which were quite favourable within the team. For instance, each team member chose the role which they could excel in. Thus, each individual were perfectly able to fulfil their responsibilities. Another effective aspect during the module was that the analysis of certain variables within the case study was achieved effectively. Interpretation of information within the case study was appropriately done and different analysis formed by each team member supported to gather a wider frame to evaluate and identify the most likely factors for the podcast. Whereas integrated communication is concerned, each team member was in constant communication with each other through meetings and social media to connect with each other' s progress and finish the activities on time. In addition, each member was available for the other in terms of problem solving so that no one could deviate themselves from the set plan.

However, along with such favourable things, there were factors that could be improved if in future I get involved in similar project. For instance, there were times were conflicts were created within the team regarding leadership and certain decision-making. Each team member was willing to move in different pathway according to their perception. There was a serious lack of leadership within the group which needs improvement in future. Another aspect of group task which needs improvement in future is time management. It is of utmost importance that every activity of the task is segregated on the basis of priority and chronology. This would set a pace for myself and my team members to finish given activities effectively within due time, providing further scope of appropriate analysis and modifications. For reducing conflict, external support must be acquired to fix a line of hierarchy which would be providing a structure to the team as well as appropriate management of the group. Adopting various strategies and setting up terms before beginning the task would help in enhancing the scope of improvement within the task and better development of podcast and accompanying script.

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