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How to Write Dissertation Conclusion That Is Not a Discussion But Final Word?

04 Jul, 2019 1304

You have spent days and weeks working on your research and dissertation writing task. We understand the frustration and the feeling of saturation that you went through in these days. Yes, the struggles of having an attention-grabbing introduction to keeping your professor engaged and then moving further with the details of the topic were so difficult. The next thing to focus on is the conclusion. Start winding up your work quick. Do not just wind the work, write a dissertation conclusion that is not just the discussion of your work but the final word to your document.
Sorry to disappoint but yes, discussion and conclusion are two different chapters here.

A Quick Look at What Makes Discussions Different from Conclusions

The discussion and the conclusion are the similar chapters in the shorter papers, but in dissertations and other papers that are lengthier, these are two separate chapters.
The discussion deals with individual results in detail and has the basic questions answered for all the big and minor findings of your dissertation.
The conclusion deals with just the basic question of the dissertation and has no space for the rest of the findings. Also, it is more general in nature and talks about the main question only.

End of the Story

Wrapping up things seems a little tough and we understand this. But no worries, just a quick read and you can do it interestingly.

Before you begin working on your dissertation conclusion just be sure of a few points that you need to mention here. It needs to be perfect and clear. There is a purpose of writing a conclusion and the discussion separately in the dissertation. We’ll be talking about the same further. Before that, Dissertation help is available just a click away its a one click solution for all your worries. If you are into a more wholistic approach, here's an in-depth look at how a Dissertation is written.

Let us Know the Purpose of Writing the Dissertation Conclusion

*Reflect the Answer to the Main Question (The Main Question Can’t Be Missed)

Make a final statement of the question that you have chosen to address in the dissertation. There would be a lot more, information and questions that you have answered, but the main question is the one around which you have framed your dissertation. Make sure to not divert from it in the conclusion.

*Summarize the Research Methodology (Not Writing the Complete Story Again)

Do not forget to mention the methodology that you have adopted for the dissertation findings. Not the complete story again just a brief. You’ve already written in detail the methodology of the finding of your dissertation.

*Suggest Recommendations (Yeah, Everyone Is Good at It ;P)

In your dissertation conclusion talk about the final story and also recommend what scope the topic has for further research. It is important that your conclusion clearly states about the work and lets your professor know the areas for further research.

*Express Your Finding (Can't-Miss on This)

Next talk about your key findings. Yeah, all of them. Let your reader know through your conclusion the complete story of the dissertation. It is important to mention the work and findings.

Seems Like Summarizing the Complete Dissertation...???
Almost the same task.

!!! NOTE: The conclusion of your dissertation needs to be 5-7% of the total length of your dissertation. You can not choose to beat around the bush for your work, instead, you need to be sharp with your words and express everything in just a few words.

Now that you know what exactly the dissertation asks and now take this last call to reflect on what you aimed at when you started the research. Write a piece of clear, concise, and crisp information here.

  • Avoid repeating the list of all the results that you already discussed. Formulate it in the final takeaway of the work and let your dissertation conclusion be perfect.
  • Make references for further possible researches. But be very sure you do not understate your efforts here.
  • Discuss the question again here to let your reader be very clear about the topic and how your research process played a significant role in reaching the final findings.
  • Talk about your literature review in a few words and let your reader know what sources and previous researches have helped you shape your dissertation writing task. Also, it is to reflect the loophole that you have used for your work.

!!! NOTE: Wrap up your work by stating why at the first place you took the particular approach

End Is Near...
Now that you have reached the end it is important that your dissertation conclusion has no room for error. A few words that are the window to your dissertation need to be nothing less than perfect. Just take care of a few points and you are good to go.

Have A Look at Conclusion's Checklist

  • Main research question is answered concisely.
  • Argument has been summarized perfectly.
  • No part of the dissertation like the aims, methods and results of the research are excluded.
  • All the major limitations must be answered.
  • The recommendations for future research are mentioned without undermining your work.
  • The loophole in the previous researches has been clearly stated.
  • Nothing new is introduced here.

And Here’s the End...

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