How to Write a Dissertation Conclusion to Make a Perfect Ending?

04 Jul 2019 4347
How to Write a Dissertation Conclusion?

Nowadays, many students struggle with academic tasks as there are many writings following different structures and guidelines. One of them is a lengthy dissertation having chapters that make the students crazy as they have different rules and requirements. 

Today, in this blog, we will elaborate on the dissertation conclusion. It is the last and final section of the paper. It includes the conducted research and summarizing the key outcomes of a discussion section. Here you will know how to write a dissertation conclusion blended with experts’ writing tips. 

Many students ask why to worry about it? Why is it essential to write? Let’s find out why it is crucial to include it in your paper.

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Why Is It Important to Write a Good Dissertation Conclusion?

It is necessary to maintain a better flow in your writing and a conclusion helps to do the same. It makes writing acknowledgeable and helps the readers to know the main point discussed in the entire document. 

  1. The dissertation requires both a summary and a conclusion in it. A conclusion is the summary of the important points and argumentsthat answers the question raised in the documentbriefly. 
  1. In conclusion, you emphasizethat you have thoroughly researched and answered the main idea question and explained it. 
  1. It helps to highlight the key findings of your dissertation and their implications applied to practice. 
  1. With the dissertation conclusion writing, you can get a chance to answer the question ‘so what?’related to the topic-explaining its importance and knowledge contribution to the study field. 
  1. In the conclusion section, highlight the study limitation by providing proper references for more research.

This is why the conclusion is an essential part of the dissertation. Many students think that discussion & conclusion are the same, but that’s not true. So, let’s move to find their differences in the next section. 

How Is a Dissertation Conclusion Different from Discussion?

There are various aspects by which you can differentiate between the conclusion and discussion. Here are some differences that may help you to understand the value of both in a dissertation. 

a) In shorter papers & articles, sometimes both the conclusion and discussion sections are writtencombinedas they contain similar elements. 

b) In a dissertation, you must include a final chapter that wraps up your work and gives the reader the last impression of your research.

c) The conclusion chapter should be shorter and more general than the discussion section. It requires broad statements, which can be summarized.

d) In conclusion, you don't need to discuss any specific results or interpret the data in detail; that is for the discussion section. You can make broad statements here that sum up the most critical insights of the research.

e) The conclusion doesnot introduce any new data, interpretations, or arguments related to the topic, but the discussion can.

 These are the differences that every student should know about the discussion and conclusion section of the dissertation.

Many students may wonder how long should a dissertation conclusion be. In the next section, we will discuss this topic. So, let's move on to it. 

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How Lengthy Should a Conclusion Section be?

The conclusion section generally is 6-7% of the overall word count. It also depends on the type of dissertation. 

For instance, an experimental or observational scientific paper will often have a short conclusion, which will state the main findings and recommendations concisely. Moreover, a humanities paper will require more words for the conclusion to analyze and tie up all the sections together in an overall argument.

To add a conclusion to your paper, you are required to maintain a perfect format for the section. You should keep every pieces of information in a sequence so that your readers can understand every point clearly. 

Let's introduce you to the perfect dissertation conclusion structure that will help you maintain the same in your paper. 

Understanding the Structure of the Dissertation Conclusion

When you are creating every section of the dissertation, it is essential to maintain a valid format also for the conclusion. The dissertation conclusion structure that you should prepare while drafting one for your paper are as follows:

  1. Start with restating the theorem or question of your dissertation analysis.
  2. Then, start writing a short summary that includes the principal findings related to your dissertation research topic.
  3. Next step is to provide evidence of the findings and observations on the research. 
  4. In a few lines, discuss the limitations founded in the research.
  5. Write the significance of your dissertation conclusions.
  6. At last, refer to the specific points helpful for future research and practical applications.

How to Write a Dissertation Conclusion?

Here are the steps that can help you to create a top-notch dissertation conclusion for your paper.

1. State the Answer to the Main Topic
Make the last statement of the paper that you have chosen to address in your dissertation. You may find a lot more data and questions to answer, but the main idea is the one around which you have framed your dissertation. Make sure that you do not divert from your aim in conclusion. The main question cannot be missed in any way.

2. Research Methodology Summary
You should not forget to insert a little about the methodology adopted for the dissertation findings. Do not write the entire story; just give a little brief. The detailing is only for the methodology section of your dissertation.

3. Recommendations Suggestion
In your dissertation conclusion, while talking about the final line, you can also recommend the scopes that the topic has for further research. You should make the working crystal clear in conclusion to let your professor know the areas for further research.

4. Insert Your Findings
Next, you can talk about the key findings of your research. You can include all of them in conclusion. Convey the complete story of the dissertation through your conclusion. It will help the readers to know the work and findings more briefly.

5. Finish Your Dissertation
Once you complete your conclusion with the above steps, write the appendix and other pending sections. Do remember to edit and proofread your document thoroughly. You can ask for the experts’ help if you require. 

The writers of Assignment Desk always think of the convenience of the students. That’s why they have provided some tips that may help you to come up with a perfect dissertation conclusion. 

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7 Tips for Writing a Dissertation Conclusion 

It is extensive to take some supervision when it comes to writing. So, the experts of the Assignment Desk are here with some excellent tips for the students. 

  1. It is the last part of the dissertation, which readers may remember the most. So, make it crystal clear andavoid confusing the readers. 
  1. Do notintroducenew ideas or arguments in the conclusion paragraph as it will generate unanswered questions.
  1. Do not include the data information or statistics in conclusion, as this information belongs to the body section.
  1. Do not use the thesis statement in your conclusion paragraph as its correct place is in the introduction section.  
  1. Follow the perfect tone and theme of the conclusion while drafting one for your dissertation. 
  1. Evoke every information mentioned in the body paragraphs to summarize in the conclusion section.
  1. Your conclusion should be in a flow and bring the piece of writing to a close, smooth, and conciseend.

After taking such tremendous suggestions from the experts, below is the checklist provided by them. It will help you to include all the essential points of the conclusion in the section. So, let's take a look. 

Dissertation Conclusion Checklist for Students 

Once you complete your writing part, check whether you have met all the requirements or not. The following checklist will help you with the same.

1) Answered the main research question clearly and concisely.

2) Summarized the overall argument and key takeaways.

3) Mentioned several limitations of the research that you find valuable.

4) Given relevant recommendations.

5) Explained what the research has contributed to knowledge clearly.

6) Not introduced any new data or arguments.

Maintain your writing according to this checklist and get a perfect conclusion as a result. You can also take help by going through some dissertation conclusion example online or offline.

example of dissertation conclusion

If you are still confused and don’t want your dissertation to face rejection, then you can come to dissertation help without delay. We have great professional writers who are waiting to take your order. 

Where Can I Get an Amazingly Written Dissertation Conclusion?

Concluding a lengthy dissertation can be a tricky part, but it is the most crucial work as it helps to maintain the high quality of the dissertation. The best place to find the dissertation conclusion help is Assignment Desk. We have the best experts who can provide you with the best quality writings for your various academic tasks. 

The ways by which our experts provide help for your dissertation conclusion are as follows:

a) The professional writers conduct in-depth research and collect the relevant data from reliable sources. They will help you to prepare your entire dissertation. 

b) We always provide an on-point conclusion to specify every finding and research broadly. Our writers never miss any point from dissertation writing. 

c) Our experts make sure that your conclusion is free fromall kindsof errors related to grammar and literature. They believe in presenting an error-free conclusion for the dissertation of students.

d) Our professional writers include all the accurate details so that your task is up to the mark. They perform extensive editing to make the paper efficiently perfect.

These are the benefits that you will get if you hire our experts to write your dissertation conclusion.

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