How to Write Reflective Essay? A Complete Guide to Follow

26 Mar 2024 2704
How to Write Reflective Essay?

Do you know how to write reflective essay and what makes it good? It is the information you add, along with the structure you follow. A reflective essay is just like other academic essays but follows a slightly different pattern. Students often have trouble with the new writing, and they keep on thinking, Can someone write my essay? However, with the blog, you won't feel the same, as your concepts will become crystal clear.

Also, reflecting on your interests, thoughts, and opinions is what a reflective essay is all about. It allows you to present your ideas and analysis on a particular topic. The best part is that you are free to showcase your opinions, as there are no limitations. So, do you want to know more? Read the blog and learn about this wonderful type of writing.

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What Is a Reflective Essay? Its Key Components

Are you wondering what reflective essay writing is? Do not let the confusion grow more, as the answer you are looking for is right here!

Meaning: It is a type of essay wherein the writer reflects upon his experiences and presents his opinions on a particular topic. It states how it affected his personal life or how the change has occurred. You may call it the biased opinion of the person writing, as it contains his feelings and thoughts on a particular subject.

Purpose: The primary purpose of it is to engage in self-reflection and gain insights from the world around you. Also, its purpose is to grow the thinking capacity and analysis power of students. This is the reason why this type of essay is extensively used as an evaluation criterion for admission in many universities. It allows them to know the viewpoints of students on a specific subject.

Hopefully, you are clear on the meaning and purpose that a reflective essay holds. So, now is the time to move ahead and look at the key components. Whether you want your custom writing as per your preference or are writing a reflective essay, including these components in your task can be of great use to you. So, have a look!

Key Components of Reflective Essay

If you are planning to write a reflective essay example do not forget to check out its components mentioned below:


Reflect on your personal thoughts and feelings, and think about the experience you want to write about. Organize your ideas, like how it made you feel and affected your life.


Introduce your event to set a stage for the readers or audience to understand. It is necessary to move the story forward, giving clear interpretations.


Provide the context of your experience, sharing its background information and evidence. Discuss the relevant events and circumstances that led up to the scenario.

Critical Analysis

Analyze the entire situation critically, examining each event, significance, and implication. You can also include the lessons learned. Express what you think and why you think in that particular way.


Assess the strengths and weaknesses of the experience. Examine the outcome, feelings, and reactions learned. It also includes assessing the impact of experience on personal growth.

Action Plan

Finally, you conclude your essay by discussing the potential plans and actions to take in the future. Outline the insights gained or the lessons learned.

You surely have understood the key components mentioned; do not forget them, as they hold great importance in writing your reflective essay. You will come across them again while writing your body section. Do not stress, as the part below is what is discussed here. So, go and have a look to learn the right outline of a reflective essay.

How to Write Reflective Essay? Follow the Structure

reflective essay outline

Are you struggling with the process and concept? Do not worry! Reflective essay writing becomes more easy when you know the correct structure and outline. So, follow the steps below and draft a perfect text.


Students often wonder how to start a reflective essay. Undoubtedly, it begins with an introductory part, covering a hook, background information, and a thesis statement.

  • Hook: It is a part that you write to grab the attention of people or to make them take an interest in your work. Open with questions or use catchy statements to arouse curiosity and connect the readers.
  • Context: It involves giving contextual details, like the background information of your experience or the topic you will be reflecting upon. Make sure not to reveal too much information in the beginning itself.
  • Thesis Statement: State the main focus of your work. It gives the reader an idea of what they are going to find inside your text. It also helps in settling the direction of your essay


If you are thinking about what this part of the reflective essay structure contains, then have a look below, and do not forget to divide this section into various body paragraphs.

  • Description: The first part is the description of your experience or an event you are reflecting on.
  • Reflection: Reflect on the experiences, and consider the lessons learned. Analyze the event and its significance. Question yourself, like why is it important to you, what you learned, how it benefited you, etc.
  • Evaluation: You must evaluate the strengths and weaknesses. Your body must have a sequential structure in which the events must take place hand-in-hand. As you have already discussed the effects of the events in the above paragraphs, discuss the insights as consequences in the following part.


After wrapping the middle area, students struggle with how to conclude a reflective essay. Well, the main goal of this section is to tie everything together, leaving no loose threads.

  • Summary: You must summarize the main ideas from each paragraph. Make sure not to add anything new here. It is a concluding section, so open it with excellent conclusion starters that make it look professional and appealing. You have to recapitulate all the main points in this part.
  • Reflect: Do not make this essay ordinary, but remember that it is something under which you are reflecting your thoughts. So, reflect on the overall event and present your methods to improve your actions in the future. You can also state what you could have done or will do in the future to not repeat the same.
  • Closing Statement: Here, you can state what conclusion you can draw from the scenario and end it with thought-provoking statements that leave the readers spellbound. It helps leave a lasting impression on them.

Following the reflective essay structure and outline, you can easily frame your ideas and write a perfect essay that expresses your thoughts, opinions, and feelings without any trouble. However, if you still face difficulties, the next section is right here. So, watch out and learn some amazing writing tips that you can use to present your reflective journal or an essay. So, do not wait, but take a glance and polish your skills to fetch good scores.

Tips for Writing a Reflective Essay

Whether you are facing difficulties framing a reflective essay conclusion or are struggling with formatting, these tips will help you write without any trouble. So, make sure to understand them clearly for their effective use.

1. Stay professional- You may be writing your opinions and thoughts, but do not forget that your work is going to be evaluated. So, it is essential to follow a professional tone that suits the academic environment. However, it is not necessary to strictly stay formal as you get the lineage of using a personal tone, but that must not make your essay look unprofessional.

2. Focus on Reflection- The essay you are writing is your reflection on the past event that you are stating in the present. So, never make it descriptive by giving merely a summary or a brief of what happened. Yet, it should focus on reflecting critically on the implications and significance.

3. Support with Examples- This is one of the best tips that you can use to keep your readers or audience engaged. Make a habit of always supporting your reflection with the help of anecdotes, examples, or evidence based on your experience. It eliminates the monotony of the work.

4. Stay Authentic and on Point- You generally reflect on a particular event, so to not make the audience divert, it is best to stay direct and to the point. Use clear and concise language, and share your genuine opinion. Even if they are uncomfortable to say, you can write them in your reflective essays, as it permits you to do so without any barrier.

5. Double-check and Edit- Before pressing the final button, double-check the draft and edit it wherever necessary. Also, proofread the work and look for the grammatical and spelling mistakes. It helps in eliminating the errors that were missed before. It is your last step, but holds great importance in transforming your essay from raw to final.

By following the above tips, writing essays won't be that difficult. However, there are many types of writing where students struggle. Some face hardship in writing finance essays, while others find writing law essays complex.

So, to resolve the challenges, you can seek finance essay help from our professional writers. Not only this, but they can assist in nearly all types of academic writing. So, explore the section coming next and get knowledge of such fantastic news.

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