How to Write a Reflective Essay Which Reflects Your Life Experience?

26 Mar 2020 2264
How to write a reflective essay


(On a Sunday Morning)

8 a.m: Ohh!!! I remember the professor gave me a reflective essay to write. Well, it is such an easy thing to do. I think I should sleep back again.

11 a.m: *yawn* Let us freshen-up & watch some Netflix.

12:30 p.m: Mom, is the food ready?

2 p.m: Aah!!! Reflective essay writing is a piece of cake for me, and that does remind me that there is cake in the refrigerator too.

4 p.m: How easy it is to write on a life experience. I don’t know why my friends are going nuts?

6 p.m: How to write a reflective essay? Please, someone answer this question. 

Does the situation sound similar to you? Well, a 'Yes' from your side makes you count among numerous students who consider writing a reflective essay as an easy task earlier and regret later. But, here is good news for you!

This blog contains all the vital elements which are required to prepare a successful academic paper. Grab yourself a cup of coffee and start scrolling the page.

What Makes a Reflective Essay Good? Know from the Online Essay Writers!

A reflective essay is a scholarly paper which revolves around sharing the life experiences of an individual. No matter you a college student or studying in high school, your life must have witnessed many memorable events, and inclusion of such actions make the reflective essay different from the others. Moreover, the evaluation of reflective paper examples will further guide you that a writer has to express his emotions and thoughts for binding the interest of the reader. 

Moving on further, it is high time that student should realize that reflective essay is not just about sharing experience but should also cater the life lessons and changes that he experienced. And, this is what makes them ‘reflective.’ Apart from your life experience, here are some other reflective essay ideas:

  • Writing on an imaginary situation
  • Describing a place or an object
  • Drafting paper on something you have seen, heard, read, or watched

The majority of the students are always in search to find the answer to the question- “What is the format of a reflective essay?" You must be wondering why. Well, the answer lies in the subsequent section.

How to Structure a Reflective Essay? Here’s the Answer!

The format of the reflective essay depends largely on the targeted audience. Yes, you read it right. The structure will be different if you are crafting for your college/school and a 180-degree-turn when it is written for a magazine.

However, one thing to note here is that the central idea behind assigning the writing task in college/high school is same, viz., the professor wants to develop the critical and analytical thinking of the students. And therefore, it becomes important that you stand tall on his expectations.

Below is the reflective essay format, which will help you big times:

  • Description (What happened exactly?)
  • Feeling (What were your thoughts and feelings?)
  • Evaluation (The good and bad things about the event)
  • Analysis (What were the outcomes of the situation?)
  • Conclusion (What else should have been your step?)
  • Action Plan (If it happens again, what would be your reaction?)

This is a general format of the essay. For a better understanding, let us shed light on the three main sections of reflective essay- introduction, body, and conclusion. Keep reading to know more!

How to Prepare an Eye-Catchy Reflective Essay Introduction? Here’s the Answer!

The first impression is the last experience, and if we go by this phrase, then it becomes necessary that you craft a captivating introduction to seek the attention of your professor. The prior statement looks good to hear but can roll down tears from the student’s face. But, the ones searching for the question, “How to write a reflective essay?” need not worry as here are some tips to prepare an attractive introduction of reflective essay.

  • Give an overview of the life experience
  • Begin with your thesis statement with a quote or the on-going thought
  • Avoid giving too much information
  • Mention the things you will be discussing in the essay
  • End the introduction mysteriously

Now, you are ready to design an eye-catchy introduction. Reviewing the reflective essay introduction examples will further help you to grasp the concepts.

Moving forward, let us understand how to write the body of reflective essay.

What Should Be Included in the Body Section of Reflective Essay? Know Here!

The body section is the lengthiest part, and thus, needs to be designed carefully. Here you will elaborate the experience along with making the reader realize that your chosen reflective essay topic is something which is unique and interesting. Also, as said already that the body section is lengthy, and therefore, it should be noted that the writer does not get lost while transiting in between the lines. To help you with the same, the online essay writers have listed down some of the best essay writing tips which are to be included in the 3-paragraph reflective essay.

  • The first body paragraph should contain the first impression created by the event on your mind. Also, do not forget to include the ‘Why.’ Make sure that you introduce your sharp critical and analytical skills in the first paragraph.
  • The second body paragraph should give a detailed explanation of what actually happened. Assure that you use words or phrases, which keeps the professor hooked.
  • The third body paragraph should include the impact of the experience on your life. It should be focused and contains the lessons that you learned from the event.

The time has come to move on to the last section of the reflective essay, viz., the conclusion.

How to Conclude a Reflective Essay the Right Way?

 “It is easier to start a war than to end it.” The quote by Gabriel Garcia Marquez fits rightly here. Students always find difficulty in concluding the important arguments of the essay due to two major reasons- first, writing a lengthy essay exhaust their mind and thinking capacity due to which they can no longer think of something creative, and second, the conclusion is the last section of the essay writing task, and thus, it becomes difficult for them to shortlist all the vital points which they mentioned in the essay.

However, if you are tired of searching, “How to write a reflective essay for university?” then here are some questions that you should ask yourself for preparing an impeccable piece.

  • How the incident changed your attitude & behaviour?
  • What were the advancements in your skills and character after the incident took place?
  • What are the concluding points of your experience?
  • What will be the approach if a similar situation happens in the future?

If your conclusion section answers all the questions, then the chances are high that your professor will surprise you with good grades.

Scrolling so far, you must have known the structure of a reflective essay in detail. Mentioned down below are some of the reflective essay tips, which will further help you in catching your professor's eye.

Reflective Essay Tips from Online Academic Writers You Just Can’t Afford to Miss!

Adding an extra charm in your essay paper will undoubtedly make you eligible for achieving high grades for your professor. And, no student will ever want to leave this opportunity. So, here it is- the best tips for writing an A+ worthy reflective essay. Keep scrolling to know more:

  • Focus on Actions: Your reflective essay should focus on the experiences and events rather than particular individuals. Also, the influence of the action should be reflected in the conclusion section.
  • Use Personal Pronouns: The emotions and thoughts create a great impression on the mind of the readers when used with a personal pronoun. However, do not over-exaggerate the usage.
  • Stay Away from Slangs: Reflective essay undoubtedly contains personal opinions, but, it isn't a place to include slangs. It creates a bad impression on the mindset of the reader (professor), and you might lose your valuable grades.
  • Transitional Phrases, a Big Yes: Providing details is an important aspect of the reflective essay, and thus, you should not miss it. Try using phrases, such as "for example," "as a result of" etc.

This makes you all geared up to prepare a supreme-quality reflective essay. However, if you are also struggling with the same, then below is the solution to your writing worries.

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