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Essay 1

Operation management and its importance

Operation management is considered as concerned area of management which focuses on designing and controlling of diverse activities in context to production. It helps in make sure that organisation is significantly having standardised input as well as output. It allows manager to understand the way goods and services must be produced. It also assist in meeting the customer needs and ensure that satisfaction level is well enhanced.

Development of operation management

Operation management can be advanced by having an improvement in quality management. It can be advanced by using technique like total quality management. It assist in improving the performance and make sure that objectives are being accomplished. Other than this, operation system design also need to be referred properly in order to accomplish objectives. It helps in developing diverse work standards as well.

Responsibilities of operation manager

  • One of key responsibility of operation manager is to have involvement in overseeing the production.
  • Identifying the needs of customer and ensure about standards of production is also a key factor.

Issues in operation management

  • Improper balance in global market which affect supply chain
  • Sustainability of operation management is also a factor which need to be referred.

Case Review (Home Work)

In order to have advancement in production and to deal with issue the Oman management can focus on utilisation of sequential flow so that process can be advanced. Also minimisation of inventory and reduce material movement.

Essay 2

Being a manager of hotel in Muscat, I will focus on creating open environment so that employees can recommend solutions in respect to issues. Implementation of bottleneck management is also significant to meet the objectives.


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