Sources of Managing Communication


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Introduction to Managing Communications

Managing communications is systematic procedure of preparing plans, employing, monitoring and review of all the channels of communication within an business enterprise. It is a procedure through which manager of organization manages communication systems, direct communications, group discussions, team meetings and presentations. The advantage of managing communications is that it assists in accomplishing the desired goal within the provided time frame. Thereafter, it facilitates exchange of information, ideas, knowledge within the organization. In present report, the significance of managing communication within retail industry has been explained. Further, with the help of different case study various aspects of managing communication will be explained. In the present report, sources of information, methods used for collecting, storing and distribution of information will be detailed out.

Task 1

1.1 Range of decisions required to be taken at the start of business

There is range of business decisions that management of political activists is required to take before starting any new business. The explanation of which is as follows...

Source of finance

Starting up new enterprise requires large amount of funds therefore, manager is required to identify the available source s of finance. Thereafter, entrepreneur has to decide which source of finance he want to chose and how much amount he wants to borrow.

Location of business

It is important decision by which entrepreneur have to decide the location of new enterprise. The location will provide a identity to business and will help in expanding business operations.

Type of business

It is a significant decision where owner decide the type of business he wants to start. In this respect, owner can start new business from the beginning, or purchase a existing company and give its own name. Thereafter, owner can opt for franchise. This decision should be taken wisely as wrong selection of type may result into failure of business.

Further, for effective decision making, entrepreneur requires contrasting skills and knowledge. Therefore, owner requires critical thinking ability to evaluate the consequences of different functions. In addition to this, analytical skills are required to solve business problems. Thereafter, decision-making skills are needed to make sound business decisions. The proper knowledge, skills and qualification will lead to the success of new retail organization.

1.2 Different internal and external sources of information

In order to operate business smoothly the management of company needs different external and internal sources of information which is described below:

Internal information

Financial information

It is vital information that defines the financial aspects of organization. It shows the financial performance of business in market. This information involves the cost of product, salary of staff, income and expenditures of company, tax paid to government etc. This information further help the management in making important business decisions. The financial information after auditing is more reliable and suitable as it passes through many scrutiny checks by auditors. However, some data can be manipulated by dishonest employees therefore; financial information before auditing cannot be considered to be much reliable.

Personal and management information

It represents the information of employees which is taken while appointing staff. It involves personal details, career information, qualification, skills and achievements. This information will help in maintaining the employee database within company. Many a times, some personal information is concealed by employees like sickness, crime record, etc. Therefore, personal information provided by employees itself cannot be considered to be much reliable. To avoid this issue, reference check can be conducted before doing final selection of candidate.

External information

Government information

It is crucial information which is furnished to government to ensure the lawful operations of company. This information states that company is operating ethically and legally. This type of information can be obtained from secondary sources like government website, newspapers, etc. The information from such sources are more reliable and have less chances of defects as they go through keen observation before disclosing.

Competitor's information

In order to make competitive market strategies, it is required for business enterprise to keep a track of competitor's plans and strategies. This information further help in future planning and decision-making. Competitor's information can be collected from studying the market, suppliers, observing the rival companies actions, etc. In addition to this, customers of rivals can also provide important information like quality, price and attributes of offerings, etc.

Database and research

The intense market research helps organization in developing innovative products and in increasing the sales of company. It further furnishes the data like needs and preferences of customers; demand of product, etc. which help in production and marketing decisions. This type of information is obtained from own research and evaluation therefore, it is more suitable for company. Database also contains information from blogs, videos and other multimedia. Therefore, information in database can be obtained from both external and internal sources.

1.3 Recommendations for improvement

In order to ensure continuous growth and development in business, it is important for management to make proper changes from time. The consistent improvement will assist company in modifying the operations and result in overall betterment. It has been identified that there are some ambiguities and loopholes in the current methods of information collection which must be removed to ensure the smooth functioning of business. Thereafter, the information must be collected from reliable source. The information must be true and real as well as it should not contain unrealistic data and figures. Thereafter, the evaluation of information should also be in fair manner. The unethical practices like, misinterpretation of data, deliberately changing the information, biased information etc should be strictly avoided. The confidential business information should be kept safe and private. The different methods used to collect information are as follows:


With the help of customer's feedback, company can get the vital information about the needs and preferences of customers. Thereafter, it gives an idea about the expectations of customer and worth of their product in their perception. This information helps in making necessary modifications in product and increase the satisfaction among users.

Complaint procedures

They further help in identifying the grievances and dissatisfaction among customers. With this aspect, company can identify loopholes and take significant measures to reduce dissatisfaction.

Decision support system

This further help in making sound business decisions by facilitating in different business functions like, planning, organizing and operations. The computerized decision support system assists in modifying the methods used for collecting and distributing information.

Task 2

2.1 List of stakeholders involved in decision-making procedures

Stakeholder represents those groups and individuals that have interest in the functioning of company. They can be impacted or impact the companies functioning, policies and performance. Therefore, it is important for political activist to involve stakeholders in business decision making process. Following are the stakeholders that should be included...

External stakeholders

They are indirectly associated with the functioning of company.


To assure the uninterrupted performance of company and avoid the legal actions by government it is significant for organization to involve government bodies in business decision making. The major interest of government is about, taxation, legal policies etc. It is significant for company to follow rules and regulations framed by UK government.


The major concern of customers is regarding the price, quality, consumer care and ethical products and services. They must be involved in decision making as they determine the success and failure of business.

Internal stakeholders

They are directly linked with the operations of company.


The interest of employees is about their pay, safety, growth and respect etc. To assure job satisfaction to staff members organization should provide them training, development and motivation.


They are responsible for managing the functions of company. It is crucial for owner to involve management in decision making. They assist company in attaining overall goal of company so their opinion is very important for successful business decisions.

2.2 Methods used to develop good relationship with stakeholders

The stakeholders can impact the functioning of company therefore, it is important for management to have strong and cordial relationship with stakeholders. Thereafter, different methods adopted by company to develop good terms with stakeholders are explained as follows...


In order to ensure maximum satisfaction to employees, company should provide safe working environment, job security, respect and motivation. With this aspect, business can retain its honest and talented employees. However, management can ask for feedback on management policy, conduct group meetings and involve employees in decision-making process to develop good relationship with employees.


To assure brand loyalty and repetitive purchase from customers, it is important for company to develop good relationship with customers. In this respect, organization should provide ethical products, proper consumer care and after sales services to its customers. Customer's feedback and survey to identify their needs and preferences will help company in making cordial relation with customers.


To maintain better terms with government it is important for company to strictly follow the rules and regulations laid down by UK government. Thereafter, company should run organization ethically, should pay tax on time, fulfil its responsibility towards environment. This will ensure satisfaction to government regarding the functioning of political activist.

2.3 A plan to involve the identified stakeholders in decision-making process

To ensure smooth functioning of business enterprise, it is important for company to include the key stakeholders in business decision-making. This further help in assuring maximum satisfaction to stakeholders and assist in attaining the overall goals of business. Political activist can use stakeholder engagement which means involvement of those individuals that can be impacted by the organizations decision. With the stakeholders engagement organization can arrive at consensus decision. Therefore, active participation of stakeholders must be ensured. The customers should be involved in pricing policies through market survey, direct mail etc. In addition to this, while designing the product customers should be involved so that their needs and desires can be considered while developing the product. Thereafter, while expanding the operations of business in foreign countries, government should be involved. With this aspect, company can decide whether it should expand its operation in target country or not. Likewise, with the help of meetings and group discussions company should ensure active participation of employees. The employees will further help in attaining the overall business goals of organization.

2.4 A strategy for future improvement in business

To attain fruitful results in future, it is important for business organization to make proper changes in its decision-making process. This will further help company in attaining its objective and increase the satisfaction among organizational members. Following are the strategies that will help in improving the performance of company and enhance its productivity and profitability.

  • Management should take proper steps for non repetition of past mistakes. Since its inception that lack of communication is causing low motivation and satisfaction among employees it is required for management to improve its communication channels.
  • It is significant for company to conduct intense market research that will enhance the market knowledge like, customer needs, current trends etc. This information should be further used during product development.
  • To sustain the tough competition, it is important for company to conduct competitors and market analysis. This strategy will help business in getting an edge over its rivals.
  • To retain the brand loyal customers it is crucial for company to resolve their problems and queries on time. The customer should be given proper after sale service and customer care centres should be built to solve the technical issues faced by consumer.
  • To maintain the human assets within the organization, safe work surroundings should be provided to employee. In addition to this, performance should be appraised fairly; training and development opportunities should be given to employee.
  • In order to maintain good relation with suppliers it is important for company to furnish timely payment to suppliers. Addition to this, Supply chain management should be adopted by company.

Task 3

3.1 The existing communication system of small political activist

Communication means flow of information, knowledge and ideas among organizational members. Broadly there are two communication systems which are explained as follows:

Horizontal Communication Process

It involves flow of information, ideas etc between employees, divisions at the equal level of organizational hierarchy. The advantage of using this method of communication within political activist is that it will minimize misunderstanding and conflicts between individuals working at same level. Thereafter, it will increase the abilities and productivity of various employees. However, there are many disadvantage like, it is time consuming process. It further lead to miscommunication and lack of coordination between several level. This also affect the overall efficiency of organization.

Vertical Communication Process

It refers to flow of communication between superiors and subordinate. This process facilitates strong employer employee relationship which results in maintaining healthy working environment. Thereafter, vertical communication will ensure coordination and cooperation among superior and subordinate. Further, the employees at subordinate level can give their ideas, opinions which will also boost their morale.

3.2 Ways to improve present communication system

At present the political activist is using traditional and outdated methods of communication which are not effective. Since, it is inception that present communication is causing serious problems like miscommunication, lack of motivation among employees etc. It is important for political activist to improve the present communication systems. For this aspect company can adopt following methods.

  • Well organized and integrated communication channels should be adopted by political activist to resolve the issue of miscommunication and conflicts between superiors and subordinates.
  • There should be specific span of control which means subordinate should get instructions from one superior only. This will minimize the confusion and uncertainties among members.
  • To ensure smooth flow of communication, management should use modern methods like, online forums where organizational members can express their ideas, opinions and problems related with business operations.
  • To improve communication with customers, company can design e-website where customers can rate the performance of company, provide their reviews on organizations product and services.

However, to ensure overall improvement within political activist training should be provided to managers so they can express their views and motivate employees. Group discussions, brain storming sessions will further improve the communication ability of members.

3.3 Further improvements to ensure data integration

At present the political activist is using horizontal communication system to delegate projects to members. This is further causing delay in completion of project as horizontal communication is time taking process. In horizontal communication information flows between the same managerial level whereas, vertical communication flow o f information is between superiors and subordinate. The degree of informality is more in horizontal communication than in vertical communication. Following are the ways identified for further improvement in data collection

Data centralization

With this aspect, political activist can ensure data integration and management. The company can use data centralization software to store the important financial and customer data. This will ensure the safety of confidential data within the company.

Meetings with stakeholder

To amend the communication with stakeholders, meetings can be conducted where the performance of company, business decisions can be discussed.

Newsletters for employees

Company can use newsletters to give an insight of working of company to shareholders, employees and government. With the assistance of this organization can communicate urgent news and appreciate the performance of key employees.

3.4 Personal plan to improve own communication

Being a volunteer supervisor it has been identified that I should possess good communication skills which will further help me in delegating projects properly, motivating my juniors etc. Following are the methods that can improve my communication ability.

  • I should improve my listening ability which will help me in understanding the problems of customers and my juniors.
  • I should use proper gestures and postures that will help me in expressing what I am speaking. With this aspect, I can connect with my audience.
  • I should possess patience which will help me in understanding the opinions, ideas of members which can be further used in making business decisions.
  • Strong presentation skills are necessary for me to influence people and motivate them to attain organizational goals. For this aspect, I can take part in seminars and conferences which will improve my presentation skills.
  • I should customize my message according to the understanding knowledge of my audience so that they can effectively understand what I want to convey.
  • I should have strong decision-making skills so that I can make proper choice of communication method. For instance, When information is required to be communicated urgently I should use emails, telecommunication rather than going for horizontal communication.

Task 4

4.1 Existing approaches for collection, storage of information

At present, the information is collected, stored and distributed by volunteer supervisor only. Thereafter, the responsibility of communicating and delegating the project is by supervisors. Therefore, the overburden of work is negatively affecting the performance of supervisor. Therefore, the volunteer supervisor is using horizontal communication process which is causing delay in communication. Emails, letters and memos are not used within the company which causes mis-communication and distortion of real information. The supervisor is not taking feedback from member so she is not aware that information is understood by members or not. Also, there is lack of motivation among employees due to lack of communication. Hence, the current approach is highly ineffective.

4.2 Required changes in existing approach

To improve the satisfaction level of employees and timely complete the work targets it is required for volunteer supervisor to make significant changes in the present process of collection, storage and dissemination of information. It is required for supervisor to doe proper division of work and delegates some duties to other members. This will reduce the burden of supervisor and enhance its efficiency. Therefore, to store the data, computerized data base management system, data library should be used. Thereafter, to communicate to employees at different level emails, letters should be used as they are less time consuming. To communicate to customers social media, online forums and instant messengers can be used. This will reduce the dissatisfaction level among employees and customers. Most importantly, feedback should be taken from members after delegating projects to know whether the information is understood by them or not.

4.3 Implementation of strategy to improve information system

In order to improve the access to information and knowledge system it is required for political activist to implement proper strategy. In this respect, supervisor should improve its learning ability through self motivation and learning. Thereafter, company can improve its communication system by using latest technology and gadgets. Information system can be amended by acquiring information from all departments and then discussing on various issues during information exchange. Further, coordinating and managing the operations of different departments company can improve its information system. Using proper channel for feedback and reviews will help company in improving information system. Digital methods should be used to store and retrieve the information. Thereafter, finger print technology should be used to safeguard the confidential data. In order to improve the present information system, following recommendations can be considered within a company.

  • To implement Data base management system (DBMS) which uses computer software for storing, spreading, recovering and upgrading important information and data.
  • To use Customer Relationship management (CRM) techniques to collect and store information about loyal customers, their needs and expectation and common issues faced by them so that company can consider them in future while offering products and services.
  • To use finger print technology that safeguards the confidential data of business, personal details of employees or customers etc. Therefore, only responsible person in organization can access the confidential data by using its thumb impression via finger print technology.
  • To use e-feedback form for getting information about customers, suppliers, etc.
  • To update the system regularly as per the market standards and changes.
  • Appoint technical experts that help in managing information system and prevent breakdown of processes.


From the aforementioned report, it can be concluded that, managing communication plays a vital role in the successful management of company. By improving the communication system, the new retail business can spread awareness among its target customers. Further, significant changes in communication process of political activist can reduce the problem of mis communication. Thereafter, stakeholder engagement help in enhancing the satisfaction level of stakeholders. Personal development plan help is self improvement and increase personal efficiency of volunteer supervisor.


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