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Developing is essential technique through which an individual enhance their capabilities to work in an organisation. Human resource divide people into team for execution of business operations effectively and accomplishment of objectives. For this, they require to posses capability to direct and coordinate employees(Amiable, 2012) This report is based on Whirlpool which is multinational firm that provides variety of home appliances and electronics. In this assignment knowledge, skills and behaviour required by HR professionals is stated. In addition to this, learning and development affect on driving sustainable business performance is specified. Besides this, high-performance working contribution to employee engagement and competitive advantage is explained. Furthermore performance management, collaborative working and effective communication support high-performance culture and commitment is defined in the report.


P1 Knowledge, skills and behaviour that are required by HR professionals

Human resource responsibility is to manage workers for having sufficient manpower in an organisation. Staffing, training and development are various activities which are conducted by them to recruit new candidates and make staff members competent to perform tasks effectively. For this, HR professional of Whirlpool require to posses appropriate knowledge, skills and behaviour to execute HRM practices which are defined below:

Professional Knowledge: Knowledge refers to information in respect to facts, theories and concepts that HR of Whirlpool require to apply them in practical. These are different knowledge components which are stated below:

  • Personnel and Human resource:It is essential that human resource have knowledge about process and principles for recruitment, selection, training, compensation, labour relations and other HR practices. This help HR professional of Whirlpool to conduct staffing and development activity for having skilled and competent people in firm(Berry, 2011).
  • Government law:HR professional even require to have knowledge about legal codes, court procedures and precedents, political process. It is necessary that designing of system and policies are made in respect to government rules and regulations. Thus, human resource of Whirlpool conduct business and activities legally. This benefits them to position firm superior than other rival brands.

Professional skills: Skill is capability and competency of human resource to perform tasks properly. Thus, these are abilities that HR professional of Whirlpool possess to train and collaborate team members are as follows:

  • Management of personnel resources:Human resource require to have adequate workforce for attainment of business goals and targets(Ford, 2014). HR of Whirlpool require to have competency to motivate, encourage and direct team members to complete tasks within specified time frame. This benefit them to deliver home appliances and electronics to people for sustainability of business performance in market.
  • Time management:HR profession need to have competency to properly utilise their time and perform their work. Schedule and plan is constructed by human resource of Whirlpool which help them to formulate series of action. This help HR manager to specify time limit to employees in order to  perform task  in a systematic and organised manner.
  • Complex problem solving:In a firm, there are diverse people employed by human resource. It is necessary that HR of Whirlpool have ability to identify issues and conflicts faced by team members. This aid them to solve future complexities by examining options and executing appropriate solutions.

Professional behaviour: Behaviour is pattern by which human resource act with others in an organisation(Gibbs, 2013). It is essential that HR of Whirlpool behave properly with team members to make them function effectively. Thus, these are various behaviour aspects which are mentioned below:

  • Integrity:Human resource need to be ethical and honest for conducting their job properly. HR of Whirlpool duty is to coordinate and collaborate employees to work in team for achievement of organisational objectives and goals. This is international firm, so all branches working are connected for utilisation of resources in efficient manner.
  • Flexibility and initiative:HR require to be adaptable to make changes in system and policies in according to market conditions. They need to have willingness to accept challenges for conducting business operations effectively. Whirlpool is multinational firm, so human resource need to be flexible to create innovative and creative ideas. Thus, they are able to compete with competitors and enhance brand image and market position.

P2 Personal skills audit to develop a professional development plan

Person skills audit is an activity through which competencies and capabilities of an individual and group are measured and recorded. It is effective process which help human resource to ascertain knowledge and skills required by an organisation(Goetsch, 2013) and Whirlpool business is globally, so HR professional require to posses traits for directing team work. Thus, these are my strengths and weaknesses which are sta

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