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Shrot Essay on Travel Tends In UK

The travel flow and patterns, the travel motivations and determinants, barriers to appeal and travel trends in the UK

According to ABTA Travel Trends Report 2017, this research draws on market information that reflects travel industry of 12 destinations. As per the given information, these places have considered as a must be travel and watch for 2017. These destinations are Andalucía, the Azores, Bermuda, County Kerry, Croatia, Denmark, Sardinia, South Africa, USA- the Southern States, Chile, Kerala and Vietnam. From 2016 market overview, it has found that this year has been an eventful and challenging year for the travel industry (Campbell, 2017).

The research of ABTA shows the growth in the number of Britons taking holidays and in the average number of holidays take by per person. In 2016, many of the people opted for different city breaks and traditional beach holidays. In North America and Europe were the two destinations where numbers of British Visitors were increased in 2016 from 4% to 9% respectively. On the same side, in Tunisia, the numbers of Egypt visitors have decreased because of restrictions on flights to Sharm el Sheikh Airport. Along with this, several high profile accidents in Turkey has downside the number of travellers in that destination. So, it can be said from ABTA report that in 2016, the summer holiday market was increased by 5% year on year. On the other hand, ABTA has forecasted 2017 for the travel industry. As per the collected information, in 2017, summer holiday at various destinations will grow by 11%. In this context, Spain is expected to be the year of top performing destination. Beach holidays and city breaks will be the top holiday choices in 2017where 52% visitors will plan to take city break and 44% will plan to for beach holidays. Currency issue due to Brexit may affect the holiday decisions of the travellers. In this context, key trends in travel tourism 2017 will be the currency conscious holiday, long haul city breaks, mircoadventures, travel technology hit the high street and sustainable tourism (Travel Trends Report 2017, 2017).


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