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I have been working in a Qubic hotel as a Human resource assistant for 5 years. I have learned many things while doing my job.  I have improved my knowledge and experience. The present report will emphasize my learning and Kolb's learning cycle.


My goal is to join the Hilton Hotel as an HR manager. My objective is to enhance my knowledge about the latest technologies and current market requirements so that I can contribute well to the growth of the organization. I want to increase my communication and critical thinking skills so that I can be in the top position. There are many theories such as Kolb learning, Gibbs reflection etc which can help me in sharing my experience.

Kolb's learning theory is an effective concept and it has four elements; Concrete experience (CE), Reflective observation (RO), Abstract conceptualization (AC) and Active Experimentation (AE) (Jensen, 2015).

Concrete experience: It is the phase in which people prefer the watch the situation rather than perform it (Groves and, 2013). They feel the situation and act accordingly. While working as an HR assistant at Qubic Hotel, I have to deal with many people. I have to coordinate with employees as well as higher authorities. I felt that people look at different tasks from different perspectives. Some staff members first watch the activity and collect all related information about the task then they perform it. Being a HR assistant I had to make people understand their responsibilities so that they could perform better. I have to prepare a presentation about their job duty so that they can understand it properly.

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Sometimes I realized that candidates who are good watchers perform better in the workplace because gathering information is their hobby and they first collect required data and then carry out the task. While coordinating with such types of employees, I can also enhance my knowledge about brainstorming. It is the great concept of Kolb's learning style (Chatzara, Karagiannidis and Stamatis, 2016). Earlier, I was unable to understand the duties effectively and when multiple responsibilities were given by my managers then I got confused because I did not have poor knowledge. But working as HR at Qubic Hotel I learned that if we are good listeners then we can easily perform multitasking without any confusion. Brainstorming gives us good knowledge and innovative ideas which helps us to look the situations from different aspects. In my organization, I had to give presentations in front of staff members but I felt very nervous which is why my seniors did not give me the opportunity to presentive myself many times. However as my goal is to be in the position of HR manager in the global brand Hilton hotel, it can not be achieved until I have good confidence in myself. If I develop confidence then I will be able to give presentations in front of many people.

 In Hilton Hotel I will have to give presentations at the corporate level so it is important for me to develop confidence and develop confidence in me. Kolb's learning has given me knowledge that life is full of learning and gaining different experiences (Perkins, 2016). Further, by knowing about the situation completely and gaining knowledge about it, I will be able to present myself in front of many people.

Observation and reflection: It is the style in which the learner has to analyze what an individual has done and what experience the person has gained (Jayatilleke and Mackie, 2013). While working at Qubic Hotel as an HR assistant, I realized that some people are very good at it. I am a good observer, I examine things effectively. I train other candidates in the organization and review my experience. Earlier, my communication skills were very poor and I was unable to take the initial interview. I started feeling depressed but my senior has given me suggestions that observation is a great tool through this we can analyze our problems and can overcome them. I started observing my activities and it has improved my observation skills now I can easily judge people who come to the workplace to give interviews.  I improved my analytical skills with the help of watching and thinking style.  Group discussion has helped me in improving my logical thinking skills.

Now, I am able to manage people well and make them understand effectively. It is not easy to give an explanation for each task but a logical approach can be worth it in this place. With my logical answers, I can satisfy candidates and make them understand their job responsibilities. Kolb learning explains that observation helps to forecast the situations thus, problems can be minimized easily (Kolb learning style, 2017).

I can now easily judge situations by looking at the environment, observation skills can be beneficial for me in achieving my objective of being an HR manager at Hilton Hotel. An assimilating learning style can be an effective tool for me and can help in my career growth. People do not have good senses and observation skills. So this experience can help me in gaining success in my personal and professional life. I always watched that my peer group are very confident and they have the courage to present themselves in front of many people. But slowly I also developed confidence in myself. I became a good listener and I listen carefully, observe the environment then present myself. Group activities and active participation have helped me improve my logical power.

Converging: It is another learning style of Kolb that explains that people who adopt this style can resolve issues immediately, they have good problem-solving skills (Green and Erdem, 2016). In my job starting phase I was highly concerned with the interpersonal aspects. But gradually I realized that people who prefer technical tasks can easily resolve any issue in the workplace. They look at the situation with practical aspects rather than interpersonal.  I learned that practical experience is the only tool to resolve any issue. If I have to be in the Hilton then I will have to develop problem-solving skills which is very poor now. I started reading business case studies and I always join professional conferences that have developed in me this skill. Now I critically evaluate the situations then I make my decisions. My seniors have praised me for this, and they have given me a reward for this to.

Doing and thinking is the best activity which helped me in making suitable decisions in critical situations. I like to take challenges and I always prefer to experiment with things. This practical application assists me in improving my knowledge and experience. I improved my analytical skills with the help of this style. When we gain entire knowledge about critical thinking then we enter into the phase of conceptualization. In this, we have to give meaning to our whole experience. I learned that there are many reasons for conflicts in the organization and resolving grievances is the duty of the HR manager. I have good problem-solving skills, I judge the situation first, think about it then act. I can understand the rationale for these conflicts this will help me to give such suggestions that can be a win-win situation for both parties. Such types of problems I can easily resolve. I develop innovative ideas in my mind and discuss them with my seniors. That has given me huge success in the Qubic hotel. I always prefer to collect all relevant practical data which can be beneficial for the organization and for employees then I think upon it. After a deep research, I make final decisions that can be worthwhile for both of them.

Active experimentation: It is the fourth learning style of Kolb's cycle, In this individual has to test the hypotheses that the person has adopted (Lerant and, 2015). It may be possible that these hypotheses can work or may not work. I learned that learning is not enough until it has been experimented. I learned that practical and experimental approaches can be worthwhile in the workplace. I enhanced my knowledge about team working. If I have to work in as managerial post then it is very important for me to develop a team sprite in me. Then I would be able to motivate my team members to work as a team. Teamwork helps us in completing tasks immediately and it assists in building strong relationships with all workers. I learned that if people have good bonding then there would not be any communication gap thus, they will be able to perform their jobs effectively. It helps to reduce conflict situations in the workplace.

While working in the Qubic hotel I have to develop my leadership and managerial skills. I can motivate team members and encourage them to perform better. Leadership is the tool which can support leading a team well. I have improved my leadership skills, I can lead a team of 15 people easily. I know why people feel demotivated and what things can boost them. While working at Qubic Hotel, I lost my calmness many times due to the heavy workload and lack of reward distribution. I learned that if we give rewards to employees or give them recognition as per their needs then we can encourage them to perform better. Apart from this reward system can help in making people satisfied towards the firms. In this way, job turnover can be minimized easily.  

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In my initial stage, I had poor communication skills, analytical skills, and problem-solving skills. Apart from this, I did not have confidence in me. But Kolb learning has helped me in knowing that by feeling the situations, watching it properly and thinking about it we can gain good knowledge bout the circumstances. I have developed my problems solving skills in the hotel, I had to face many times, may crucial situation and many times I got demotivated but I learned that when we look upon the practical aspects rather than the interpersonal aspects we can resolve any issue immediately. Logical analyses have improved my problem-solving skills. I was a good observer but while working in the cited firm I have enhanced this skill to a great extent. Now I am able to forecast the situations that helped in allocating human resources in each department well. This skill can help me in gaining my career objective of being an HR manager in a global brand. While doing the job at Qubic hotel I had to coordinate with many people, they all belonged to different cultures so language was the main issue here. However, my experience and research have helped in interact with them effectively. I coordinate with the use of sign language which reduces misunderstanding in the workplace. As I have good communication skills I have a good bonding with my staff members. I have developed leadership skills and I gained knowledge that people have different needs if employers fulfil those requirements then they can be motivated. This knowledge can help me in leading a team well, I can be a role model for them if I motivate them well.

I learned that motivation is the most important thing, it helps to make people loyal towards the brand. I wasn't knowing the opinion of my peer group about me but I learned that a feedback system can help me know their point of view. This strategy can also be beneficial in identifying the needs of individuals. By this, people will be able to tell me about their feelings and I will be able to fulfill those needs. It will motivate them and they will perform better. I learned that teamwork is a great tool that can reduce conflicts and help to complete the task within a given time period. I can work in a team and can lead team members well. While working in the Qubic Hotel I have enhanced my experience and have improved my knowledge about the current market situation. This knowledge can help me in improving my work-based performance. In this way, I would be able to perform my duties effectively. These skills can help me in achieving my goal significantly.


From the above report, it can be concluded that problem-solving and effective communication can be effective skills and can help to gain success in the career. I learned about managerial skills and the importance of teamwork. It can be said that with the help of team, I can develop good bonding with employees.

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