Scope Of HRM In Relevance To Resourcing For Fulfilling Business Objectives


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Question :

This assessment will cover the following questions:

  • What are the purpose and functions of HRM?
  • Evaluate the approaches for recruitment and selection in Peter Philips.
  • What are the ways for organizational productivity and functions?
Answer :
Organization Selected : Airdri Group


Human resource management is said to the part of management procedures that makes people specialised for working activities within organisation. In other words, it is said to practices as well as policies that are required to cover aspects of human management. It involves various roles as well as purposes that helps an entity to build better relationships with all the staff members so to obtain maximum productivity and revenues within predetermined duration. To gain understanding about human resource management, Airdri Group is selected. The organisation is a popular hand dryer manufacturer that was established in 1974 by Peter Philips as well as Peter Allen. The report explains purpose along with scope of HRM in relevance to resourcing with talent and skills for fulfilling business objectives. Further, the report includes HRM practices and benefits of them to employer and employee. It also analyses importance of employee relations along with key elements of employment legislations and there impact on decision making by human resource managers. At last, the report applies practices of HRM in work related context.


P1. Purpose and Functions of HRM.

Overview of Organisation:

Airdri Group is hand dryer manufacturer having headquarters situated at Oxfordshire, UK. It was founded by Peter Allen together with Peter Philips. The company is popular for manufacturing diverse as well as innovate hand dryers with unique size, shapes and techniques. At present, it has employed around 180 employees so to execute the operative activities to enjoy competitive advantages. It is one of independent business whose estimated revenues are $ 19.9 million. The firm manufactures around 35000 hand dryers in a year.

Human Resource Management:

It is the concept that describes formal systems which are framed for managing people at workplace. It includes policies as well as practices that are needed to cover human aspects at organisation. It defines the ways business hires new manpower as well as train them. In context to Airdri Group, Human resource management is important for dealing with issues, managing performance, providing safety, wellness and training to employees. It plays strategic duty of managing workplace culture, environment and manpower at organisation.

Purpose of HRM:

  • HRM serves the purpose of designing practices and programmes for candidate selection and developing them through effective training methods. For this, human resource managers of Airdri Group plans requirements of workforce by analysing job statements which takes the entity to attract and hire competent manpower.
  • Primary purpose that is connected with HRM at institutions is to aid managers to accomplish targets by pursuing policies addition to legislations so to run the entity effectively. At Airdri Group, human resource management serves the purpose of planning targets and implementing strategies accordingly.
  • Another HRM purpose is concerned to deploy resources with effective planning in order to upgrade skills of employee and assigning them different projects to perform operations according to framed criteria.
  • Staffing needs This is an important part of the organisation and human resource department. The main objective of HR department is to hire and recruit employees who are talented and who can work under pressure (John, and Taylor, 2016). There is huge importance of the company to manage all demands and needs of employees to increase the satisfaction level of employees.
  • Compensation- It is important for the company to provide compensation to employees when they are working in the company. Different compensation includes providing flexible working hours, work from home facility, health benefits, etc. If an employee is working for the company with full dedication, it is necessary that it should think about welfare of employees (Kavanagh, and Johnson, eds., 2017). This helps in building good relation between employees and management. 

Functions of HRM With Purpose as Well as Role and Responsibility

Employee Relations:

Human resource management has key function of attracting, screening addition to hiring workforce that is competent for vacant position. It is concerned with bringing pool of individuals at workplace so that selection of capable person is done effectively. The purpose of employee relation function at Airdri Group is for maintaining healthy relations, morale and measuring employee satisfaction in order to complete activities in systematic and unified ways despite of hurdles or obstacles. The role as well as responsibility of human resource function for managing relations are to enhance communication among all personnels through organising events that encourages them to perform activities by coordinated with each and timely.

Recruitment and Selection:

This type of function is associated with sourcing, attracting, screening as well as selecting workforce for vacant job place. It ensures fair hiring procedure as well as transparent activities which assist human resource professionals to source employee as per merit criteria and job relevance. The purpose of recruitment and selection at selected entity is to source and select capable workforce having potentiality to achieve desired targets effectively (Morgeson, Brannick, and Levine, 2019). The responsibility together with role of such function at Airdri Group is to eliminate the costs by rejecting as well as firing incompetent and unproductive workforce.

M1. Assessment Showing The Ways Functions of HRM Can Provide Talent and Skills to Fulfil Business Objectives.

Human resource management is connected with various functions such as employee relations and recruitment with selection that assists in fulfilling business objectives. At Airdri Group, the function of employee relations establishes as well as maintains relationships with superiors and subordinates. It identifies the needed of improving skills like problem solving and decision making among the available talent so that they can harmoniously work fro generating maximum productivity that will help the organisation to achieve its objectives. Similarly, the function of recruitment and selection assists company to obtain appropriate number as well as type of workforce who can fulfil operational goal along with strategic objectives of business.

P2. Approaches of Recruitment and Selection.


Recruitment is a process through which job vacancy is identified along with notified to potential employees. The nature associated with recruitment process is generally regulated as well as subjected with laws of employment (Reiche, and Et. Al, 2016). Entities have recruitment team that discovers various sources to search potential workforce.

Approaches to Recruitment:

Internal Recruitment Approaches:

One of the approach through which job candidates are identifies and attracted from within workplace. For example, when company wants to fill vacant position, they attracts people residing within the organisation. Recruiting team of Airdri Group uses many approaches so to attract available workforce for the empty position. Few methods of internal sourcing or recruitment are:

Internal Advertisements:

To fill positions that are vacant, recruitments are done through advertising internally. For such purpose, managers of Airdri Group hangs notices containing detailed information about vacant position on notice boards, outside break rooms and even send mails to existing manpower.

Merits: Internal advertisements are economic in nature that saves time and cost of the institution to recruit people. In context to Airdri Group, when company uses the approach they attains benefits of spending less on additional activities for attracting people in limited time.

Demerits: Through this approach, company only attracts smaller people and even miss outs best candidate for the job.

Employee Referrals:

Existing employees can build best prospects for their friends as well as family by familiarize them with benefits of job at the institution, furnishing them as well as motivating them to apply. For this, Airdri Group managers contact with the candidate who was refereed by other employees in order to attract them for position.

Merits: Employee referrals is one of effective approach of internal recruitment as various qualified candidates can be attracted at low cost to selected institution.

Demerits: With employee referrals approach, risks are associated such as getting estranged from other humans and even situations of discrimination can also occur which can hamper other practices to recruit.

External Recruitment Approaches:

These approaches are said to attracting people that lie outside as well as exist external to company. These sources include encouraging skilled addition to efficient person who is external to business so that they apply for unoccupied place in the firm. The recruitment team of Airdri Group uses external recruitment approaches while they think that the internal staff members are non suitable of incompetent for the job role. Some external recruitment approaches are:

Job Portals:

As the technology is developing and more internet is used, job portals helps entities to search people for right jobs. With the help of the portals, Airdri Limited managers can inform external people with updated information about job position.

Merits: This approach benefit the entity in sourcing outsiders at limited cost and can access 2487 in order to search suitable person. They reduces efforts of selected entity to find prospective person and grab attention of huge candidates.

Demerits: There are many times when company by using such approach receives unwanted application that waste their time and efforts to focus on other things.

Campus Recruitment:

In this approach, company conducts program within various educational institutions to provide jobs to huge students that are pursing or are on the stage to complete their studies. For example, when Airdri Limited has to recruit various people at one time, they uses this approach so to attract fresh blood towards the company.

Merit: This approach provide merits of saving times as well as human resource professionals efforts for attracting people. It provides huge choices to the company to source potential people from one place for various job positions.

Demerit: Campus recruitment adds huge costs to entity's bottom line. In addition, company has to incur expenses associated with boarding and travelling so to conduct recruitment practices at various campuses.


Selection is the process to access people as well as choosing right candidate for unoccupied position. The selection procedure varies entity to entity. In simple words, selection is said to screening and selecting competing people at workplace (Storey, 2014). It comprises aspects of interviews along with evaluating qualities and skills that are essential for unoccupied job addition to suits the position.  

M2. Evaluation of Strength and Weakness of Recruitment and Selection Approaches.

The recruitment and selection process is the only way by which employees are hired for working in the company. There are advantages and disadvantages of each and every approach of selection process. The best recruitment method for Airdri is external recruitment approach (Sparrow, P., Brewster, C. and Chung, C., 2016). In this, job portal is the best way to hire applicants for the company as it opens up pool for wide range of applicants who can apply for jobs.

D1. Critical Evaluation of Strength and Weaknesses of Recruitment and Selection Approaches.

External recruitment approach is known as the best way for hiring talented employees. On the other hand, the negative aspect of this approach is it decreases the employee satisfaction level. As existing employees are not promoted and new employees are hired, this creates problem in satisfying the existing employees of the company.


P3. HRM Practices

Recruitment and Selection –

The process of recruitment and selection is one of the most important thing that has to be taken care while managing personnel activities. The recruitment process adopted by Airdri is external recruitment method. This helps in attracting new talents outside the organisation to work in the company effectively. The managers of HR recruits best candidate who is innovative in designing and marketing skills so that he can work effectively within Airdri company.

Training and Development Programs –

There are different trainings provided to employees and subordinates for making them skilled such as apprenticeship training, health and safety trainings, mentoring and coaching, employee orientation program, etc. It is very important for HR department to analyse the need of improving employee's performance. On the basis of this result, employees are provided training to improve the way they are working. Also when there is launch of new technique in the company, HR department has to ensure that all employees are given training to improve their skills.


P4. Effectiveness of HRM Practices to Raise Organisational Productivity As Well As Profit.

In context of of organizations, there are various effective HRM practices which help the business to maximise their productivity as well as profitability. Managers or leaders of the company adopted in order to improve the individual as well as whole organizational performances. Some of the HRM discussed below:

Training and Development:

It is one of the most important practice of HRM which organization used to enhance the individual skills. management have to provide training & development in order to increase the efficiency as well as effectiveness which make them capable to improve their productivity as well as profitability. Individual performance helps the organization to maximise production or profit margin as well. For example: In context of Airdri, managers provide the training to their employees where they lack and in result, it will increase employees efficiency of work which make them more productive for the business.

Performance Base Compensation:

Under this HRM practices, management have to ensure that every individual get the faire compensation which make them satisfy from their jobs. Foe example: Managers of Airdri company have to give rewards and other benefits on the basis of employees performance (Budhwar, and Debrah, eds.). If employees feel that managers are not making fair decisions regarding rewards and other compensation they will dissatisfied with their work or in the future they leave the organization.

Security Regarding Health:

In the organizations where employees have to perform between the huge machineries, so they have to provide security and safe working environment. For example: Airdri company provide safety to their employees regarding any kind on accidents in the working area or unfair dismissal. It is the commitment which given by the organization to their workers which create loyalty. It further provide the confidence to the workers to perform well without any fear which increase the productivity as well as profitability of the company.

Above mention HRM practices help the Airdri company to maximise productivity as well as profitability because above mention practices increase the effectiveness of employees which is beneficial for them to achieve business goals & objectives.


P5. Importance of Employee Relations.

Employee relation is defined as the connection or relation that is present between the workforce of the organisation. The coordination and collaboration among employees is helpful for working in the company effectively and a good employee relation helps in managing business activities effectively (Alfes and et. al., 2013). When this approach is used in the organisation, it creates positive environment at workplace. Thus, employees feel more engaged within the company and they do their jobs in more enthusiastic manner. Airdri follow this kind of approach for engaging employees and getting new and innovative ideas from them. The HRM decision of the company is affected by employee relation in the following ways-

  • When managers and employees share a good relation, it is easy to manage conflicts and fights that occur at workplace. In this way, it is easy to have positive environment at workplace.
  • The HR department of Airdri company makes sure that all employees are given equal opportunities and benefits. This helps in increasing employee satisfaction.
  • A collaborative work place environment is necessary for managing different business situations effectively.

P6. Elements of Employee Legislations

  • Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1970: As per this law, it is important that all employees are provided health facilities within the company. They are given good treatment and all necessary equipments that affects health of the person at workplace. Also it is taken care that all employees are working appropriately. For instance, employees who are working in workplace where there is requirement of noise prevention tool, then employees are provided that equipment.
  • Fair Labor Standards Act, 1938: This law and regulation states that all labour rules and regulations given by government are followed by the company. They are provided flexible working hours and a positive environment to work. No employee should be discriminated and also they must be provided all opportunities to work effectively.
  • The Equal Pay Act, 1970: This rule states that all employees are provided equal pay. All managers and employees are given a minimum amount that is fixed by government of the country. In context of M&S, all employees are given equal pay as this helps in increasing their satisfaction level.


P7. Application of HRM Practices

Application of HRM Practices in Airdri

The human resource management of a company helps in managing its employee in a manner so that they like working in the company. The managers of human resource management of air dri company manages on its workforce. There are different effective HR practices that are adopted by this company in order to improve performance of workforce. In context of air dri company, objectives, Vision and Mission of the company are aligned with these strategies of Human Resource Management show that efficiency of the organization and employee performance increases. Employees are given coaching, mentoring, training, motivational sessions so that there is effective functioning of business activities.

Job Description 

Job Details

Post : HR Manager

Company : Airdri

Job Purpose

Talented and skilled candidates are required to apply for the post of human resource manager. The person must have effective communication skills and good interpersonal skills. The individual should know how to minimise conflicts and maximise the involvement of employees towards working for the company.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • The individual must know how to frame policies and strategies that are needed for managing and controlling employees
  • Providing training and development sessions for employees so that they can develop skills and abilities.
  • To organise sessions that will motivate employees for achieving the goals and objectives of the company within given time frame.


Person Specification

  • Post: HR Manager
  • Department: HR department
  • Key: These are needed as the evidence -

(A): Application form, (I): Interview, (R): Role




  • Qualification & Experience
  • Post graduation in human resource management
  • Diploma in management (HR)



Good experience of working in HR field within a good and reputed organisation.


  • Skills or knowledge

Good interpersonal skills and effective communication skills


Ability to develop strategies and plans for managing individuals working in the company effectively and motivating them to work effectively.


Creating structured interview: Airdri company engagement team invited various applications by posting job advertisements of distinct recruitment portal, social networking sites addition to newspaper. HR professionals of such institution conducts interview practices so to hire effective applicant. With the following questions, interview will be taken:

  • Describe key roles that HR Manager performs to develop the entity?
  • What are the ways in which training can impact manpower efficiency?
  • Will provide me your strength considering which our bank hire you?

Job Offer Letter

Mr./Ms,Last-Name Address
City, State Zip Code

Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name,

Airdri company is grateful to tell you that you are selected for the position of human resource manager. According to the company's policy, you have to join within one week from the date of issuing of this letter. The salary offered to you is $50,000 per year. There are other benefits required to you such as medical insurance, conveyance money, accommodation, etc.

If you accept this offer, kindly let our organisation know.

After your acknowledgement, we will work on further paper work and formalities.

If you have any doubts or query then please let us know if we help you any case.

  1. You can contact us on the company website or call on us at 8273637697




I hereby accept the HR Manager, HR department position



M5. Rationale for Application of Specific HRM Practices

The job specification helps in telling applicants of job more about the roles and responsibilities they have to play if they want to do job within the company. It is very important that they know what are the major skills and abilities which this company wants in an applicant who can apply for the job.

D3. Critical Evaluation of Employee Relations and Application of HRM Practices.

An effective employee relation is must within the company as this helps in managing and controlling business activities effectively. When employees do not fight with each other and they do not face conflicts, their performance level increases. On the other hand, a weak employee relation management is not effective for the company as this creates negative working environment for the employees. A job specification, CV or resume helps in knowing the main skills required for working in the organisation in effective manner.

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It is concluded form the above discussion that human resource management plays an important role within the company. It is very essential that this department takes care of all personnel working in the company. Also, there are some legislations and rules that are made for employees working in the company. This helps in providing equal opportunities to employees to have some rights and work effectively within the company. Also it is necessary to provide various benefits to company including equal pay, health benefits, medical facilities, etc. in this way, employee satisfaction is increased. Get more details about assignment help UK from our experts.


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