Managing Human Resources Within Health And Social Care Sector

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Question :

This assessment will cover further questions which are like:

  • Give the appropriate recruitment planning and functions.
  • Give all the relevant staff approaches and the individual working.
  • What are the issues in London Nursing Home.



Answer :
Organization Selected : London Nursing Home


Managing people within organisation, organising their work effectively and leading them all so that individual target of company is achieved in given time frame is very much essential. Human Resource Management is very essential division of organisation that deal with selection, recruitment, planning, training & development and motivating employees towards goal achievement (Snell, Morris and Bohlander, 2015). This current report is based on managing human resources within health and social care sector for which London Nursing Home is taken to study the basics. This is located in Central London and facing some issues related to turnover of employees as they are not satisfied with salary, long working hours, less amount of benefits and poor working conditions as well.

Hence, the report will cover all these issues by factors that are essential for planning the recruitment of individual working within the nursing home. Further, the report will also focus on theories of building effective team for working in health and social care centre with system of promotion and monitoring of individual development. Towards the end, it is will include approaches of managing people working in London Nursing Home by applying theories of leadership.

LO 1

1.1 Explain the factors that need to be considered when planning the recruitment of individuals to work at London Nursing Home

Recruitment planning refers to prearranged plan for hiring individual. This identifies the goals for a certain position. Health Care Institute is an important work sector and its selection process is too long task. The HR department make efforts to recruit qualified individual. LNH's human resources team has to consider below factors before initializing the process of selection

  • Skill

    One of the easiest method to move through applicants is through their skill-set. Skill may be easy to determine on the basis of resume, cover letter and interview (Bell and Harrison, 2018). Human resource's department of the London Nursing Home has to assess the rank, number of hiring i.e. whether part-time or full-time staff is required.
  • Personality

    It is depending on the culture of London Nursing Home as they will be looking for a certain fit. Human resource department will want to make sure that successful individual will fit in an organization. They are searching for leadership quality, so during the interview, HR head should ask questions to learn more about the personality of applicant and check their team working skills. They have to define personal goals and policies of the London Nursing Home so that best matched individuals can be selected.
  • Work experience-

    The HR while recruitment need to look forward for qualification and require to consider number of year work experience the person is having (Busse, Aboneh and Tefera, 2014). This is very essential and important that HR is considering experience of person while recruiting him or her into company. So London Nursing Home should be checking and considering work experience of all candidates who appear for interview or short-listing.
  • Attitude

    If the individual shows an Unfavourable attitude human resource department of London Nursing Home wants to reconsider if they are a right fit but if individual appears with favourable attitude, firm might want to determine if this a result of nerves during the interview and candidate really want to join the London Nursing Home.

The whole expenditure department to be incurred on the selection method as well as financial implications has to be calculated before starting recruitment process.

1.2 Legislative and policy frameworks influence the selection, recruitment and employment of individuals

Selection method of individual has some legal policies. In the United Kingdom, there are few numbers of legislative and policy frameworks which make impact on the selection, recruitment and employment of individual. Indirect discrimination takes place when practices, procedures or policies of London Nursing Home has the effect of disfavouring individual who share certain legal policies to manage them into the organization (Collings, Wood and Szamosi, 2018). The legislation regarding selection and recruitment are below

  • Equality act and protected characteristics -

    The equality act came into force on 1 October 2010 and its objective is to provide a simpler, more consistent and effective legal framework for selection and recruitment. The stated aim of this act is to reform and harmonise discrimination law and the law to support progress on equality. London Nursing Home provides equal work opportunity to their employees. They offer equal pay during selection process to individual, special facility for disable person, employment equality to selected individuals. This act covers the same groups which were protected by existing equality legislation and calls them protected characteristics. London Nursing Home follows few rules like employment and labour law according to individual age, disability, religion or belief, sexual orientation, marriage and civil partnership or pregnancy & maternity etc.
  • Equality & Human rights commission-

    It is introduced on 1 October 2007, EHRC brought together the work of the Equal opportunities commission, the commission for racial equality and disability rights commission (Fee and McGrath-Champ, 2017). London Nursing Home will enforce equality legislation on gender, health, age, transgender status and motivate the Human Rights Act 1998 through selection and recruitment method.
  • Fixed-Term Employment-

    London Nursing Home not treats less favourably than comparable permanent employees on the grounds which they are fixed- term individual, until this is objectively justified with legal framework.

Employment policy and Legislation employment act 2002, both are crucial part for policy making. It covers all the constitutional rights such as dispute rules at London Nursing Home, equal pay rights, leave and employment policies etc. Their aim of selection policy is to ensure that a transparent and unbiased recruitment and selection method in order to increase employee retention within the London Care Home.

1.3 Approaches of the individual selection and recommendations-

London Nursing Home has its own requirements of qualified and talent for the job requirements. HR department takes care of the procedure of vacant posts. Few approaches of individual selection are below-

  • Short listing-London Nursing Home can create short list of those candidates who complete the selection criteria for the position and select who are most likely to be capable of carrying out responsibilities of assigned job (Foster, 2014).
  • Group discussion- To know candidate’s communication skill London Nursing Home arranges group discussion and from this activity, they address applicants leading power. If an individual is able to give their opinion in given situation then management of London Nursing Home easily can judge their team-work skill.
  • Interview- panel- After short listing, London Nursing Home management conduct interview- panel where they check applicant's skills and work quality. They give specific situation and interviewee represents oneself under given condition in order to judge their analytical and situational skill.

Advantages of selection process-

  1. Selection test reduce biases in employees selection procedure.
  2. It helps to minimize the cost and time.
  3. This provides guideline for reference evaluation.
  4. Selection test gives a basis for selecting most able applicants according to requirement of certain jobs.

Disadvantages of selection process-

  • London Nursing Home management spend time using searching and recruitment equipment which don't lead better skilled employees and this is regarded to as waste of time.
  • If London Nursing Home use internal recruitment which restrict potentially better talented employees from outside (Ginter, Duncan and Swayne, 2018).


Interview-panel is the best selection process where London Nursing Home management easily address the qualified candidate and measure their skills during interview. It is the time and cost saving method and reduce man-power for interview.

LO 2

2.1 Theories of individual interact in groups-

Interpersonal communication happens between two persons but group communication involves two or more than people. Groups are the initial context for interaction within London Nursing Home community. The theory is relay on the belief that when individual gets together in a group. Teamwork play important role in the growth of London Nursing Home. Team members go through different stages of growth at workplace. Tuckman introduced a theory for individual interact in group, this known as a Tuckman's Stages of Group development.

Tuckman stages theory-

Bruce Tuckman divided five stages of development. London Nursing Home's individual interacts in group and take participation in organization growth. Rules of behaviour and agreements will then have to be drawn up but these all are not work always (Golembiewski, 2018).

Independent person look team leader as their guide and mentor according to whom instruction they will work (Tuckman stages of group development, 2016). Team members do not know about the objectives of whole team of the London Nursing Home and what is expected of them. Individual feel insecure at workplace. In this matter, team-leader of London Nursing Home trusts individual and discusses with them about expectations. This will be included to as one of the major stage known as forming under which all individual come as group for working.

Forming- A new team of London Nursing Home has to be organized that should be concerned with orientation, what type of individuals are in team and what kind of task they are performing. Some team emerge when they confront others suggestions and views. They feel hesitate to give their ideas for scare of being excluded from the team. Team leader guides all its members in difficult situations. They motivate individuals to speak freely and behave like a part of the team. This kind of strategy encourages individual interaction in the group and develop healthy working environment in the nursing home.

  • Storming- In this stage, team of London Nursing Home is becoming more close-knit and individuals are wining trust of each other’s. Team members arise their opinion as a result of conflicts.
  • Norming- After above two stages, individuals in team start working in team(group) with zeal. Criticism is not taken personally as members starts to resolve their conflicts and complication in regard to achieve set target. They respect the each other's opinion. Their involvement not only increase individual efficiency but also team too. They create own identity among others.
  • Performing- Individual know what is expected from them and they perform together to accomplish organization goals (Guest, 2017). They understand objectives of the team and provide their support them. This kind of individual interaction give contribution in objects achievements.
  • Adjourning- It is the last step of group development and in this stage individual and team of London Nursing Home completes assign task and projects and ready for another assignment.

Through opting this models, London Nursing Home can organise and manage effective team working activities within the organisation that can help in employee retention. Understanding team can enhance their communication and interaction skills as well.

Belbin theory-

This team theory describe team of London Nursing Home as a flock of individual where they have a role which is respected by others team-members. Person stated that followers can seek for certain responsibility in which they can perform effectively. Belbin addressed nine team roles that are namely plant, resources investigator, shaper, coordinator, monitor, team-worker, evaluator, implementer, finisher and specialist. London nursing home individual perform their job in a group because they have such work which depended on personality. This is helpful to retain employees into the company.

2.2 Staff approaches to develop and promote effective team working-

London Nursing Home have staff working issues like high rate of employee turnover, inflexible/ flexible contracts, recruitment based on favouritism, lack of collaborative work etc. In regard to resolve them, this is requisite for organisation to improve their effectiveness of team working i.e. discussed as below:

Rubin, Plovnick and Fry's model-

This model of team model was introduced by Rubin, Plovnick and Fry. It is also known as GRPI which stand for goals, roles, processes and interpersonal relationship. London Nursing Home follows below steps to develop effective team-

  • Goals- London Nursing Home well defined objectives, appropriate results, clearly communicated priorities and expectations. They want to accomplish their pre-defined goals or make efforts to achieve them. Leader clearly announce all objectives which is initial to meet them to create effective team to solve current issues.
  • Roles- To develop effective team, leader of London Nursing Home assigns each and every person roles to accomplish objectives and goals (Harper, 2018). They all make efforts according to their job responsibilities and give the best performance to achieve them. It is compulsory that leader define responsibilities of employees and support them.
  • Processes- Effective team member have clear decision-making processes as well as work procedures. London Nursing Home's leader built such decision which is good for cited firm growth.
  • Interpersonal relationships- Healthy work environment is compulsory to built effective team. London Nursing Home team members have good communication, trust and work flexibility to accomplish goals.

The LaFasto and Larson Model-

Frank and Carl Larson introduced a model in 2001 called five dynamics of team work and collaboration. They create a model consisting of 5 layers or factors which increase the effectiveness of team-

  • Team member- In this, leader of London Nursing Home select the right individual to complete task according to their skills and behaviour. They choose responsible employee to accomplish assignments so that it can be completed before the stipulated time. This step creates effective team which is enough to meet objectives.
  • Team relationship- The right behaviour in an effective team of London Nursing Home builds up healthy working relationships between members (Horton and Farnham, 2015).
  • Team problem solving- Effective team relationship make it possible to work together to solve all issues of London Nursing Home like employee turnover, work collaboration etc.
  • Team leadership- A good leader is the backbone of effective team. Right leadership enhances team success.

LO 3

3.1 Ways in which the performance of individuals working in health and social care can be appraised

Appraisal of employee is a process where management system evaluate entire work of employee and provide them feedback for the same. It motivates employee to work in better way and encourages for learning more so that in future more appraisals can be earned.

In London Nursing home, rate of employees turnover in increasing because workers are not getting enough benefits, inadequate salaries and poor working conditions. So, HR of London Nursing Home should take care of employees satisfaction and should take enough care of their appraisals and review their performance on timely basis. In order to make appraisals of employees working in nursing home, Human resource department will take the following steps:


HR of nursing home should review performance and if employee is working with complete dedication along with positive outcomes (Knies, Gould-Williams and Vandenabeele, 2015). Promotions are given to an employee when they fulfil the criteria required for the position they are being promoted for. So, HR should promote workman who are working with complete dedication.

Training of employees:

n order to appraise, management should check performance of employees to make sure that the employees are performing properly so that weaknesses of workers can be tracked. After reviewing, training must be provided to every employee in the field where they lack. This will result in giving proper feedback to employees so that they can work on their weaknesses.

Increment in salary:

Employees of London Nursing home are leaving during to their continuous inadequate salaries. HR should ensure that increments must be made on timely basis according to the performance of work man (Moxen, and Strachan, 2017). Salary should be provided on time along with yearly increments which will motivate employees. Appraisals in form of increment in salary is one of the best kind of appraisal a company provides.

3.2 Assess how individual training and development needs can be identified at London Nursing Home.

Every employee of any organization needs to be trained whether they are existing employees or new joiner. Existing workers needs to attain training and development programs in order to enhance their skills and knowledge. London Nursing Home can know the requirement of such training session when they are hiring new joiner or by assessing the performance of existing employees (Schaltegger and Wagner, 2017). To organise a training and development program, proper assessment is required to be made by the HR of the establishment.

Current status of organisation should be assessed to determine the needs of the company. Expectations and goals of nursing home will determine that they need to evaluate any training program or not. If company has higher objectives than it should train its employees accordingly so that can contribute for the same.

After that, if existing employees are getting promoted then they also need training for learning new work and more knowledge about the same position on which they are being promoted. Every new employee of London Nursing Home needs regular trainings to improve their skills and capture more knowledge (Nelson and Staggers, 2016). Nobody is perfect and they have some hurt areas. The existing worker also needs training for promotion, change of department. In the next step leader of London Nursing Home address those individual who require support and development. After finalized the list, it is compulsory to identifying the required skills which helpful to develop individual work efficiency. This method can be used by London Nursing Home to recognize the development requirements and individual training of their staff.

3.3 Strategies for promoting the individual development-

The best method to promoting continuous development in London Nursing Home is performance feedback and incentives. Through the feedbacks' evaluation, employee can improve performance because the individual as well as the strengths and weakness of London Nursing Home employees.

  • Employee briefings- London Nursing Home organize regular employee briefings where they discuss about things which are going on in the London Nursing Home. This is helpful for individual to understand their work responsibilities that become part of the long term corporate strategy. It reduces the potential for unfounded talks (Oke, 2016). In the briefing, workers share their issues and leader tries to find out the best solution of all problems.
  • Communication- London Nursing Home use electronic medium for communication like e-mail, text messaging, voice mail etc. which are able to easily connect with each other and share information into the organization. This is helpful to develop individual skills which promote them into the company.
  • Feedback- Feedback is one of the important strategy to promote individuals and develop their skills to increase London Nursing Home growth. It may be positive and negative. Positive feedback motivates them and they are ready to give best to complete objectives and goals. But negative response makes them disappointment and employee likes to take advice to develop their skills.
  • Incentive- Incentive is important part of employee promotion. To earn more incentive, employee willingly gives their best and improves their skills (Riccucci, 2018). Monetary promotion keeps them always intrigued and continuously develops individual skills. There are few workers who well in their field. Incentives, rewards and recognition to those kind employees make them motivate to perform hard.

Feedback is the most important and suitable for referred nursing home because as it will help in motivating all the people who are working there. Negative feedbacks will help the workers in improving their skills to a great extent.

LO 4

4.1 Theories of leadership within London Nursing Home

London Nursing Home is facing certain issues in way of managing and leading their staff as they are not having quality of staff working within their nursing home. Getting complaint from patients and customers are very much common among staff members this shows that there is highly need of stable leadership (Nelson and Staggers, 2016). Leadership is defined to as action of motivating, directing, controlling and managing people who are working within company in way of knowing their ability to do this. Thus, leadership will be very much important for all type of companies including health and social care sector so that they are able to employ quality of service to their customers. Following are some of the essential theories of leadership that are very much required for London Nursing Home to implement within their care home.

Trait leadership theory-

There are many type of qualities and behavioural traits which are required by efficient leader in London Nursing Home (World Health Organization, 2016). This trait leadership theory will be suitable for analysing the physical, mental and emotional strength and weakness within any employee so that management could understand their ability as leader.

Behavioural theory-

This type of theory is more depended upon activity and behaviour of leader rather than focusing on mental or physical strength. For any leader, it is very essential that they are concerned with motivating their followers for praising them to help company in achievement of overall target of organisation (Busse, Aboneh and Tefera, 2014). So this should be into behaviour of leaders that they are able to perform their duty and role with complete responsibility which would help individual, team and company as well.

Contingency Leadership theory-

As with the change of situation and condition of environment or mental state of individual employee way of leading and managing them need to be changed (Top 4 Theories of Leadership, 2018). There is no specified method of motivating and leading each employee within London Nursing Home as they will be coming from different background and having behavioural difference as well. So contingency leadership theory also state that manner in which leader is dealing with subordinate and motivating them keeps on changing.

Transactional theory-

Everything will be depending upon relationship between leader and their followers their mutual understanding and positive attitude is very much required (Knies, Gould-Williams, and Vandenabeele, 2015). Under the theory of transactional it is understood that exchange of idea and feeling among supervisor and subordinate is very much essential for deciding over organisational goals to be accomplished.

Apart from all the theories stated above, London Nursing Home is applying transactional one which allow mutual responsibility of leader and followers. This is very important theory which company is applying into making and allowing them to achieve objectives of London Nursing Home.

4.2 Managing working relationship at London Nursing Home

Working as team and achieving group, individual and organisational goals is very much important for London Nursing Home. As this is the major issue which they are facing lack of satisfaction among employees, workers are not depending upon collaborative team working as well. It is very much vital that London Nursing Home is improving their teamwork so that they are working with each other more and having improve morale within them as well (Horton and Farnham, 2015).

There are many type of relationships which are working within London Nursing Home like that of employee-employer, line manager- worker and lower level-top level management. There are methods and ways which will help in managing the working relationship within employees at London Nursing Home so they need to introduce them.

Developing trust -

This is the most important method or tactic for managing the working relationship within London Nursing Home (Ginter, Duncan and Swayne, 2018). Trust is factor which is built with confidence and privacy among employees not by doing gossips. Keeping up of promise and apologising for mistakes done are some steps towards developing trust. So this will help in forming integrity, relationship and honesty among employees and workers.

Working within team-

Collaborative working, effective listening skill and clear speaking with employees and employers is very much helpful in managing relationships at London Nursing Home. Working as team will help employees to manage their challenges as well so that they are getting chance of knowing each other and inspire each other as well.


As there is complaint within London Nursing Home that they are not able to communicate important messages among the staff members which is another problem that they are facing (Oke, 2016). It is also stated by Care Quality Commission that communication is an essential part of hospitals and care home centres which should be followed by London Nursing Home as well. It is required by employees that they are improving their communication skill with help of listening to others and valuing opinion of each one employee.

Give Proper Respect-

This is also required for the employees who are working that they are respecting values, background, ideas and religion of each other so that they are themselves getting respect. It is required that staff or under team where they are working will also be sharing viewpoints so that professionalism is maintained among them all (Collings, Wood and Szamosi, 2018).

4.3 Reflection on own development influencing approach

London Nursing Home is facing so many problems which are identified by HR Director of nursing home as she told me after my appointment as HR Officer. The problems which is faced by them were as follows like high rate of employee turnover which is mostly due to inadequate salaries, recruitment, low pay, favouritism based recruitment and long working hours (Foster, 2014). There was pressure on director about the increasing staff retention and cost of recruitment and selection as well. London Nursing Home did not follow the relevant legislative and policy framework.

Using management approaches like that of behaviour and specific situation helped me in my own development based on experiences. This will help me to develop in my future development as HR Officer. The use of management approach influenced my experience as working in London Nursing Home as HR Officer. For me, it is very much essential to use and apply various legislation, policies and framework such as Safer Recruitment policy and many more (Legislation, 2018). These policies and legislation will help me to develop culture of using safer practice at workplace so that quality and standard are maintained. According current competencies that I’m having will be very much essential so that my company is utilising my efficacy in working and collaborative team

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