Purpose and Functions of Human Resource Management

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Question :

This assessment covers following questions:

  • Discuss the reason and scope of Human Resource Management in respect to resourcing an organisation with talent and skills relevant to fulfil business objectives.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the important elements of Human Resource Management in LMA recruitment which is small size company in London.
  • Explain internal and external factors that influence Human Resource Management decision making, including employment legislation.
  • Implement Human Resource Management practices in the context of work in LMA recruitment.
Answer :


Human resource management is an activity of administrating and administrating the assets of the company like workforce, machinery and others which are used by the management in production procedure. It play an important role in the firm because it help in providing skilled employees through recruitment and assortment. It is advantageous for the company because it help in building effective relation among the workforce and organisation so that the business of the company running in effective manner (Buller and McEvoy, 2016). This assignment is based on LMA Recruitment which is a small size company and headquartered in London, England. This assignment will discuss about the motive and functions of HRM, capability and imperfection of various recruitment and selection methods and effectuality of key elements of human resource management. Further, will explain about the grandness of worker relations, primal factors of employment statute law and the postulation of HRM activities in a work affiliated context.


Overview of the company

LMA recruitment is a private company which provide a wide scope of recruitment solution crosswise a broad variety of industries, involving HR, finance, general insurance, risk and IT. This firm was established in 1999 and is headquartered in London, England. The firm operate its business with the help of 56 employees and estimated annual revenue is $1M.

The purpose of the HR functions and the key roles and responsibilities of the HR functions

Purpose of HRM

The major purpose of HRM is to coordinated and managed the workers in the company so that they can execute their duties and responsibilities in efficacious way (Chowhan, 2016). Some purposes of HRM function are mentioned as under:

  • To administrate the workforce of the organisation by creating appropriate regulation and policies.
  • To analyse the execution outcomes and premisses that ideally expedited desirable outcomes.
  • To recruit skilled an qualified workforce for the company which make their contribution in development.
  • To assist in devise effective relation among employees and employers.

Functions of HRM

The HRM has several purposes in company in term of recruitment and assortment, grooming and improvement, payroll management, execution assessment and others (Cook, MacKenzie and Forde, 2016). Some of the functions are defined as below:

Training and development-

It is an essential function of HRM which is used by an organisation because it assist in providing good training and guidance to the workers regarding their job roles so that employees can make betterment and development in their skills and cognition or provide high level of productivity in their work. The management of LMA recruitment also make concretion on this function and they conduct training and learning sessions to their workers so that they gain information about new things and improve their knowledge so that they can use it in their work and provide effective outcomes.

Compensation and benefits-

The LMA Recruitment offer efficacious recompense to its workforce which is advantageous for both. Because it encourage workers to execute well and the recompense can be in the protection advantages, inducement, incentive, astonishing perks, gift vouchers and others.

Evaluation of the Strengths and weakness of recruitment and selection

Recruitment and selection is an activity of choosing, selecting, hiring and recruiting people to fill the vacant positions of the difference department of a company. In LMA Recruitment, the HR function if the company hire employees during the time of requirement.

Recruitment mentions to the activity of screening the source from where expected workforce may be chosen. It can a the procedure of inquiring the potential workers an challenging them to employ for the jobs in an organisation. In LMA Recruitment, the administration of the organisation use both internal and external method of recruitment (Donate, Peña and Sanchez de Pablo, 2016).

For external recruitment, the administrator utilises the several approaches of marketing to provide information about job vacancy like web advertisement, TV, social media, email, campus recruitment, magazines etc.



With the help of external recruitment, the company can get fresh skill input with better competition and well qualified candidates which can help in organisation success. It provide variety of applicants so the company have more opportunities to get a good candidate.

It is time taking activity because the company provide information to the applicants regarding the vacant posts by using different marketing tools. There are high risk in this process and it consume more cost due to usage of different marketing tools (Farouk and et. al., 2016).

For internal recruitment, the management of the company use publicity, transfer, workers referral, internal advertisement, freelance to full-time worker etc.



It is time and cot saving process because the management of the company does not conduct any recruitment process and use marketing tools to provide notification regarding job. It also help in maximise the employee engagement.

It create restitution to enter new talent and the company does not get fresh skills employees. So there are limited skills and approaches which make contribution in business of the company. It also restrict the innovation and creation in the company.

Assessment of the approach to workforce planning and resourcing

Workforce-planing and resourcing

Workforce planning is a procedure of managing resources like workers and employees of the company so that they can perform their duties and responsibilities in efficacious way. It is an ongoing process which is utilised to adjust the necessities and precedence of the company with those of its employees to assure it can follow its legitimate, regulative, service and manufacture needs and impersonal of the firm. There are several approaches of workforce planning which are defined as under:

Performance management-

In it, the management of the company measure the execution of the employees regarding allotted and assigned work, duties and responsibilities. So that it can be analyse that they are performing their work in effective manner or in term of accomplishing the desirable goals and outcomes.

Rewards systems-

It is an activity of motivating workforce so that they can perform their duties and work in more efficacious or appropriate manners (Hassan, 2016). In LMA Recruitment, the administration of the company monitor or analyse employees work performance so that the management can reward according to that. When employees are rewarded, they feel encouraged and they make more focus on their work and execute it adequate way.

Recruitment and selection-

It is an effective approach of workforce planning which play a crucial role in managing the workforce (Kianto, Sáenz, and Aramburu, 2017). In LMA Recruitment, the management of the company hire and recruit skilled and knowledgable workers so that they can assist an organisation in running effectively in agonistic business environment or accomplishing set business objectives.

Benefits of different HRM practices for both employer and employees

In human resource management, there are several practices and activities which are beneficial fro both employees and employers. Some of them are defined as under:

Compensate and benefits-

Respective practice mentions to the recompense and other pecuniary and non pecuniary goodness passed by a firm to their workers. The major benefits of respective practice for employee that it satisfy their needs and provide motivation level to afford one of their best attempt in constructive way. On other hand respective practice proved beneficial for employer to gain productivity from them in order to increase possible outcomes from them.

Training and Development-

It is one of major practice to give potential cognition and competency to their workers to remain competitive in marketplace. By using respective practice employee gain motivation as it contributes towards its career growth in positive manner. On other hand for employer gain highly efficient workforce that helps to vantage agonistic benefit in optimistic way.

Flexible working practise-

Flexible working practices is very crucial and demand of time as it helps them to balance their corporate and household life in order to vantage possible outcomes to remain competitive in marketplace. In context of respective organisation they provide remote working to their employees so that they can work out of the office premises in positive manner and remain optimistic to give one of their best endeavour in organisational development and enhancement in affirmative way. By using the concept of employer of choice which based on providing the fantastic work culture that helps in increasing the creativity by attracting superior employees within the organisation to remain competitive in marketplace (Noe and et. al., 2017). In flexible working arrangement includes the employees to choose the time frame in which they want to work, certain kinds of time limit to start and finish the work. Respective activities within the organisation not only proved beneficial for an employee but also for employer in order to gain potential outcomes. Respective practice proved beneficial for employer to maintain the motivation of employees so that the can maintain their life and give one of their best efforts in achieving organisational goals and objectives. For employee it is significant to give positively for organisational works and activities for gaining growth in career.

Effectiveness of the different HRM practices with referencing to increase profit and productivity

There are several HRM practices and they are beneficial for the companies in different manners (Presbitero, Roxas and Chadee, 2016). Some of HRM practices are defined in context of LMA recruitment as beneath:

Training and development-

It is the major and crucial activity of human resource management. Organisations organise and conduct training and learning sessions and programs so that they can provide information bout new things like technologies etc. It is beneficial to the company as well as employees because with the help of it they can make enhancement and increment in their knowledge and skills. This will help in performing their duties and responsibilities in more improved way and provide outcomes in case of increasing profitability and productiveness.

Performance appraisal-

It is an other essential activity of HRM and within this activity the administration of organisation can organise appraisal activity on annually and half yearly basis to monitor the employees performance. So that firm rewarded them according to it. If is beneficial to the workforce because when the employees are rewarded for their good performance, they feel motivated. For example in LMA Recruitment, when the employees are rewarded for their better execution then they perform their work by utilising their all efforts and effectiveness which assist in maximising the profitability and productivity.

Evaluation of the effectiveness of employee relations and employee engagement

Employees relations refers to the involvement of the workforce in the work and how they are engaged with each other when they are worked regarding the same task in accomplishing common gaols. It can be a process of maintaining the organisations attempt to administrate the relation between the workers and employers. Employees relations are effective to generate a strong influence upon the determination devising because there are various issues in the company where an individual can unable to devise determination for the efficacious moving of the organisation (Psychogios and et. al., 2016). If there are good relation among the employees of the company, then it help in reducing the chances of conflict and issues between the workforce. Effective communication system is play a crucial role to make sure the workers that there is no discrimination within the firm. With the help of it , the workers feel encouraged and execute their work in well defined manner.

Key elements of employment legislation and the impact is has upon HRM decision making

Employment legislation indicate to those rules and legislations which are formed by the national authorities to operate the business of the companies in efficacious way and supply employees rights to them within the company (Vanhala and Ritala, 2016). Some employment law and their influence upon HRM determination devising are explained below in context of LMA Recruitment:

Health and Safety Act, 2005-

This act regulate as workforce responsibility towards health and safety in working environment. Keeping the health and safety in a company, administrators should utilize efficacious evaluation in the firm to prevent risk and failure. In LMA Recruitment, the management of the company of the company can offer different health and safety related perks like life insurance, sick leaves and others. If the management will not properly follow this act then it affect the HRM decision making because employees turn over can be generate due to safety and security reason that negatively influence the company.

Equal pay Act, 2010-

This law was formulated by parliament of UK in 2010 so that the organisations treated their employees and workforce equally and provide similar rights to them. This legislation covers non-discriminatory bonus, execution supported advantages in both monitory and non monitory. If the management will not properly follow this act and not pay similar amount to the employees who are working on same positions (Williams and Lee, 2016). Then it affect the company in negative manner because due to it, the employees relations are not goods and the team work will not perform in adequate manner.


A job specification for a position in the organisation

In LMA Recruitment, the gentleman of the company can utilised diverse documents to the find out skilled and qualified applicants for a particular job position. The documents are mentioned as beneath:

Job details

Post: Human Resource Assistant

Company: LAM Recruitment

Job purpose: The administration of the company find out to utilize an HR assistant who have effective and good management and abstraction skills. The talented candidate will be accountable for offering management help to the division, helping with the recruiting process, scheduling new workers orientation and grooming and entering of a high volume of employment records into the company HR information.

Roles & responsibilities:

  • Enter employment information into computer database.
  • Track and update hourly workers leaves of absence.
  • Help HR supervisors with the recruiting activity, considering submitting job postings online and planning applicants interview
  • To organise interior emplacement, installation, training and learning programmes for newly hired candidates.
  • Assist in devising plans, argumentation and regulation for the welfare of the organisation.


  • Knowledge about HR systems and database.
  • Degree in Human resource or affiliated field.
  • Effective communication and customer service skills
  • Aware with person tracking information systems an asset.

A CV for one of the position 

Personal description

Name: Strewn Martin

Address: Oxford street, London, UK

Contact No: 044-444-4444

Email id:

Career objective: To increase my skill set for my individual development and to verbalise best efforts for the growth and success of the company.


  • Bachelor's of administration in human resource management form a well established university.
  • Master's of administration in human resource management with the specialisation of organisational behaviour.


  • 2 years experience as Human resource executive in a better-known firm of UK.
  • 1 year experience as Human resource manager in a consultancy organisation.

Functions and duties:

  • Offering grooming programs to the workforce to ameliorate and increase their abilities and cognition.
  • Formulating and implementing the plans, policies and regulations.
  • To work by making coordination with HR team to get information about previous process and policies of the organisation.

Knowledgable Areas:

  • Good knowledge about MS Excel and MS word.
  • Appropriator information about Power Point.

Personal Information:

Date of Birth: 13 February 1995

Language: English and French

Hobbies: Reading Novels, Horse ridding and playing Piano


Related Article: Functions of HRM in Contemporary Organisations

Personal description

Name: Alice Anderson

Address: Hertfordshire, London, UK

Contact No:033-333-3333

Email id:

Career objective: To increase my competencies set for my individual development and to present best effectiveness for the growth and success of the company.


  • Bachelor's in Business Administration form a well recognised university.
  • Master's of Business Administration with the specialisation in International Marketing.


  • 2 years experience as Marketing executive in a well known firm of UK.
  • 1 year experience as marketing manager in a consultancy organisation.

Functions and duties:

  • Supporting sales and lead generation efforts.
  • Developing a pricing strategy that increases profitability and market share by considering customer satisfaction.
  • Developing and managing advertising campaigns.

Knowledgable Areas:

  • Good knowledge about MS Excel and MS word.
  • Appropriator information about Power Point.

Personal Information:

Date of Birth: 3 August 1982

Language: English and French

Hobbies: Travelling and reading

Documentation of preparatory notes for interviews

To conduct the interview it is very crucial to prepare notes to coordinate various kinds of works and activities that are Be prepared and it can be possible by accumulate several questions that come into mind and acknowledge about their competency level (Bratton and Gold, 2017). After that take five copies of resume and put one of best formal dress that look sober. With the listen actively and keep eye connected to show level of confidence to interviewer so that desirable results should be incurred in positive manner.

To prepare some general questions that could be asked during the interview process that are:

  • Tell me about yourself?
  • What are the alternate source of hiring?
  • How do you manage conflict between employees?
  • What methods do you us when following instructions?
  • How do you maintain the calenders of the HR management team?

So preparation for interview is very much important for the interviewee in order to gain desirable outcomes from the whole process.

A job offer latter to the chosen candidate

Mr. Joseph Ronaldo

Oxford street, England, UK

Dear Mr. Martin Luther

We are blessed to communicate you that you have been chosen to work for LMA Recruitment within HR function as HR Assistant.

Job Duties and responsibilities:

  • You are accountable for supporting administrative utility of the company.
  • You are answerable for day to day actions and information.
  • You are responsible to conducting and organising grooming and learning programs for newly hired workers.

Reporting: HR Manager

Basic salary:$20,000 per month

Work Hours: Your working hours will be 09:00 Am to 06:00 PM

Vacations: 1 day vacation in a weak.

Compensation and benefits: The complementation accumulation involve health insurance, life and disability insurance, sick leaves and others.

We are delighted to transmit you this offer latter to be authorised from you in order to start job from 1 January 2020.


Joseph Ronaldo

An evaluation of the process and rationale for conducting appropriate HR practices

From the above defined information regarding different application or documents which are used by the management of a company to hire and select a person for a specific job role. For example, to recruit a person, firstly, the administration design a job specification so that they can provide information to the people about the job role which are opened by the company to filing the vacant positions. In LMA Recruitment, the manager of the company conduct recruitment process and provide job specification to the candidates by using different marketing tools (Brewster, 2017). After that they select CV's of different people and organise interview to sort out skilled and knowledgable applicants. After selecting qualified candidates they provide job offer latter to them so that they aware about their joining date, working time, pay and others.


Human resource management is an crucial aspect for company because it help in managing and controlling the human resource of the company so that they can perform their task and work in effective manner. The management of the company hire and recruit skilled and qualified employees so that they can make their contribution in the growth of the company by using their fresh talent. Different HRM activities are good to workers and employers like training and envelopment, compensate and benefits, flexible working option etc. with the help of them they can improve their skills and company get knowledgeable employees for operating business operation. Different employment legislations are effective for the company so that it can operate its business in legal manner and removing discrimination by offering equal rights to the employees.

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