Functions of HRM in the Contemporary Organisations

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Question :

This assessment will cover:

  • Evaluate the effective functions of HRM in Microsoft.
  • Critically analyse the recruitment process in the company.
  • Make a person specification in the organisation.
Answer :


Human resource management has evolved as an effective function of achieving business sustainability in the modern era. The theme of the report lies in projecting a distinctive overview on the aspects of human resource management concerning their implementation in the nominated organisations. An assessment of the utilities with a fragmentation of the operational credentials in Microsoft and Say it with chocolate has been considered as an integral aspect of the report. The development of the contemporary functions of operation along with a critical apprehension of the implications on employer and employee has been considered as a tentative bias of regulating the influences of HRM in contemporary business activity.

Task1: LO1

P1:Functions of HRM applicable to workforce planning and resourcing

a)Purpose of HR function, current problems and future plans

Say it with chocolate is said to be immensely enhancing organisation which is located in North Yorkshire. It is mainly deal with chocolate based greeting cards across the united kingdom. They are dealing with chocolate manufacturing team, finance and marketing team and distribution division of the company. For every type of organization, the human resources act as one of the most crucial assets that they contain that help to carry out an effective management. With emphasis laid on the important roles carried out by the HR of a given company, the company is able to meet their long term success. This acts as one of the important initiation methods that lead to carry out an effective degree of coordination thereby collaborating with each department effectively. The HRM carries out various functions that help the organization develop further thereby meeting the main requirements of the employees with focus on carrying out an effective employee satisfaction management. Further focus is laid by them upon maintain a suitable development of the workplace environment thereby fulfilling the needs of the company that would help them to meet their targets duly. Further focus is laid on incorporating the various available human resources that seek to widen the company’s assets further thereby enhancing the organizational entity within the industrial sector (Marchington et al. 2016).

Taking the example of the company named “Say it with Chocolate”, it is evident that they are a rapidly expanding organization placed in North Yorkshire an tends to focus on improving their operational, information technology, finance and marketing team greatly thereby emphasising on an effective packaging and distribution. The organization’s management structure tends to focus on an increasing on their roles thereby empathising on an ever increasing working force. By implementing the assessment test, they have greatly been beneficial to deal with the various issues and operations individually by placing responsibilities for each duly. The main purpose of HRM is to identifying company goals and matches with competencies of workers which are required to reach with desired goals and targets. It will help in developing link between human resource management and whole strategic plan of an organisation.

In current time period, company workforce is expanding and it is complex for company owner is to manage and control the enhancement in the number of workers. In addition to this, customers said that “Say it with chocolate” are complaining about reduction in quality of firm goods and services.

b) Roles and responsibilities of HRO

Various roles are allocated to the HR of the organization thereby seeking to develop an effective management within. They have further emphasis on an effective completion of the job roles thereby carrying out an effective and significant financial success with emphasis on their financial entity. Some of the important job roles that are allocated to the human resource officer of the company include an effective completion of the entire selection and recruitment process followed by deliver y of an effective worker motivation (Banfield et al. 2018). They further seek to adopt various strategic human resource management thereby emphasising on the roles of the human resource officers greatly. They further are responsible to carry out an effective coordination amongst the employees working within thereby developing the communication and cooperation process within, further focus is laid on carrying out an effective management within thereby seeking to widen their magnitude relate to the organizational productivity. With emphasis laid on widening the magnitude of organisational performance, the company tends to fulfil their main aspects that pertain to the development of a suitable commitment within. The HR officers are further responsible to carry out an effective task management capacity within thereby emphasising on development of an effective conflict mitigation which seeks to widen the effectiveness of the roles of the human resource officers further.

In the context of Say it with chocolate , the HR manager officer is conduct training and development programmes in the firm which assist in improving their employees skills and knowledge. Such training sessions will be arranged as per the requirement and need of company customers. The main responsibility of HR officer is to ensure that all the workers are working their own work for gaining desired goals. This is required for human resource manager is to make positive relation with their employees that assist in maintaining trust within an organisation. Along with this, it will help company in retaining their buyers by providing them attractive and unique products with quality based.

P2: Strengths, Weaknesses in different approaches of recruitment

a)Benefits and constraints of current selection measures and other approaches

“Say it with chocolate” has adopted an effective assessment test within the company thereby carrying out an effective interview process and managing the entire recruitment process further. By adapting to various methods, the organization is able to focus on carrying out an effective reviewing of their prevailing financial entity thereby widening their share of strengths and weakness greatly. With emphasis laid on the important features, focus is laid on developing the organizational functioning thereby emphasising on carrying out a greater improvement within their overall company. This has added onto the company’s competency level and increased capacities thereby seeking to improve the sustainability within, in a uniform manner (Nasriyah et al. 2016).

A major disadvantage that has been noted on their selection process includes it is time consuming and expensive in nature. With emphasis on the various aspects relating to their unreliability, focus is laid determining their skills level. The fear of exposure is further prevalent thereby displaying their process, which acts as a major disadvantage for “say it with chocolate’. Various complaints have been faced within the company in terms of their selection methods. The company has greatly been able to widen their reliability, which further adds onto their benefit followed by the assessment tests that they carry out.

Current selection methods




This will help in analysing skills and communication level of the people.

There are certain numerical information and data which are creating complexities while choosing appropriate candidates.

Work sample

It gives unbiased results so worker does not in close observation.

It is mainly interrupted with any specific time without directly effect on possible outcomes.

Structure interview

A respondents example is much required and its results can be used while making statements.

Representatives are mainly focused on selecting best option solution to questioner.

b)Scopes and approaches for improvisation

With emphasis laid on the weakness that the company currently experiences, there has been an improvement in the understanding of the major areas that have entitled them to improve each section thereby adding onto their advantage (Bratton and Gold, 2017). By adapting to an effective and intricate method of interviewing, the company is able to focus on their major developments. With emphasis upon their interview method, which lasts a short duration of around 15 minutes, a questioning method is carried out followed by an informal chat. This has become a disadvantage to their part. “Say it with chocolate” has therefore focused on carrying out a detailed interview thereby focusing on each valuable asset to widen their possible chances of development further. By carrying out an assessment test, they have further put focus on conducing of a fair interview thereby completing the tests suitably thereby choosing the most efficient applicants (Sharma and Goyal, 2015). The incapable applicants get a much low chance in this case, where the selection is solely carried out with the key aim of carrying out a thorough initiation of the details within the interview. With focus laid on a much detailed and open ended interview process The company is able to locate a detailed insight based on the behavioural trends thereby emphasising on the applicants that come for the interview by incorporating all the potential human resources effectively within.

Task2: LO2

P3: Benefits of HRM practices to employee and employers

a)Person Specification for the job role



Desired elements

Professional Skills

  • Effective skills of Communication
  • Effective Skills of hearing
  • Fostering Team development
  • Abilities of lucrative presentation
  • Accountable approach

Knowledge and Learning

  • Financial knowledge
  • Identifying consumer perceptions
  • Framework of benefits
  • Guest identification
  • Nomination of the operational creativity

Work Experience

  • Two years of experience
  • Worked as a trainee in super hotels
  • Identification of core complacencies

Behaviour and Attitude

  • Open mind-set
  • Accumulating perception of team members
  • Recognising contribution of team members
  • Sensitive
  • Quick learner


b)Justifying suitable medium of advertisement

Say it with chocolate is required to identify various types of alternatives for this specific post because they does not determine the right pool of talent without using effective medium o advertisement. It has been indicated that Say it with chocolate has utilised online measures for conducting tests on recruitment. It has comprehensively ignored the utility of social media in business expansion, which can be recognised as a threat to its sustainability. The provision of a comprehensive approach relating to the diversification of business standards and scopes of operation can be recognised as a typical alternative of realistic operation. The company require to appoint liable person for the vacancy who has ability and skill, HR manager of the organisation has post advertisement on newspapers along with social media sites. After that, they are calling for maximum people to the interview.

Social networking and developing websites can be recommended as a cost-effective module of business promotion (Beer et al. 2015). The benefits acquired from the cost curtails in business promotion can be directly distributed among the internal and external stakeholders through remuneration and discounts respectively. The liability of the business functions along with a peculiar acknowledgement of the differential interfaces can be acquired through the consideration of a social media as a tool of business promotion. An expansion of the market and a rapid acknowledgement of the consumers on the brand can be represented as an advantage and rationale for selecting it as a media of advertisement.

P4: Effectiveness of HRM strategies in productivity and profitability

c)Benefits and constraints of previous advertising strategies

The following can be considered as the advantages of the previous module of advertisement as utilised by Say it with chocolate.

  • The usage of direct marketing lies on the consideration as it is tangible reflection on the promotional approaches of the business entity.
  • The identification of the quality based complacence of an operational style is distinguished with the help of temporary mechanisms of the liability annotations (Garavan et. al., 2016).

The following can be considered as the disadvantages of the previous module of advertisement as utilised by Say it with chocolate.

  • Social networking can be considered as a cost-effective module of advertisement and promotion. A defined acceleration of the consumer typologies along with a recognition on the liability interfaces can be considered as a basic ingredient of acknowledging sustainable outcomes. An expansive reach in the market along with a typical derivation of the functional approaches can be entangled through a discrimination of the components, which expands the potentials of a lucrative market research.
  • Social media has evolved as an effective medium of communication, which can be rationalised through the reduced time required. The nomination of the lucrative aspects of operational development may be utilised for projecting a comprehensive clarification of the organisational approaches to its consumers. The feasibility of social media to the end-user accessibility concerning their location has arrived as a boost to the collection of the operational mechanisms.

d)Interview questions for receptionist

The following can be reflected as a question set for an interview under the designation of a receptionist in Say it with chocolate.

  • Tell me about yourself ?
  • What are your previous work experiences as a receptionist?
  • Why do you think the role of a receptionist is important in our company?
  • What are strategies or plans in handling consumers if irritated with our services?
  • How will you distinguish about your contribution to our organisation?
  • How would you like to see your career progress in a span of five years?
  • What are your queries on Say it with chocolate?

Task3: LO3

P5:Importance of employee relations in HRM decision-making

a)Benefits of graduate training schemes to employee and organisation

The differentiation of the business achievement can be reflected as a suitable framework being adapted for the training and performance development mechanisms in Microsoft. The following can be identified as the benefits of the graduate training schemes to organisations and its employees.

  • A selective representation of the performance guidelines for the employees may diminish potential scopes of error (Ehnert et al. 2016). Thus, a reduction in performance errors may optimise the performance projection by the employees.
  • An effective demonstration of the scopes in performance development can be considered as a distinctive utility for the organisation. It may foster employee engagement and relationship, which is desired by Microsoft for the achievement of sustainability in the global market.
  • The graduate training mechanism for the employees may aid in a precise representation of a business simulation and projection of the employees within the same. Thus, it may enhance the decision-making skills of the employees within stipulated period, which is an aspect of effective performance mechanism.
  • An acquisition of market information and competitive approaches of the major players in the software and hardware industry is essential for a young aspirant operating as an internal stakeholder for Microsoft. Thus, the graduate training mechanism may enhance the acquaintance of the employees to the industry, which may reflect potential benefits in longer tenure of operation.

b)Developmental opportunities in a permanent job role

The achievement of a permanent job role within an organisation definitely expands the job security for an employee. A distinctive development of opportunities can be reflected through the following agendas as benefits of a permanent job role in Microsoft. Microsoft is providing more preference to their workers as they one who are doing work to achieving desired goals and objectives of the firm. There are certain practices which are adopted by Microsoft that are described as under:

  • Job security: The reflection of the employee liabilities by an organisation can be considered as typical determinants of a sustainable work approach. Job security can be critical influence to the employees’ intents of escalating regular work performances. A selective approach monitoring comparative outcomes can be defined as a liability of a business entity.
  • Intent of improvising regular contributions: A secured employment contracts improves the intent of the employees in demonstrating effective performance outcomes. As opined by Donate et al. (2016), in a secured domain of operation an employee attempts to explore their innovative and creative approaches within a defined procedure of regular operation. Microsoft has been a consistent supporter of innovative of work approaches.
  • Applicant for effective performance rewards: It can be indicated that a temporary job role often confines the eligibility of the employees to performance rewards and incentive schemes. These are accessible to the permanent employees. Thus, a permanent employment contract with Microsoft aides the employees in acquiring financial benefits for the employees through emphasize on performance mechanisms.
  • Tendency of long-term association: A continuous association between the employees and organisations definitely fosters their coordination. It expands the interpretation of the comprehensive functions, which represents a differential accessibility of resource development.
  • Compensation and benefits – In this, an organisation offer various advantages to their employees by providing them incentives on the basis of performance. Such incentives contributes in satisfying their monetary requirements of employees.
  • Training and development – The company offer various training and development programs to their existing and new employees who are permanent in the company. Such training sessions are categorised such as training for new workers which describes them about organisation culture, customised training to company managers that can increasing their skills, promoting opportunities etc.

P6: Key elements of employee legislation and impact on HRM decisions

c)Benefits of flexible working practices

The following can be projected as benefits of flexible practices.

Increase in employee engagement and morale: The flexible working practices for the employees’ aides in a clarified projection of organisational approaches to their employees. It projects a critical overview on the trust that Microsoft puts on its employees. A comparative reflection on the eruptive approaches can be distinguished as a function of promoting employee morale and enhancing employee engagement.

Increasing abilities of employee recruitments: The preference of the organisation among the employees promotes its scopes of recruitment. The development of a selective approach for managing sustainable outcomes can be differentiated through a critical appreciation of the recruitment procedures.

Diminished employee turnover: Flexible working approaches aides in the development of a consistent bridge of communication among the employees and employer. A selective demonstration of the organisational liabilities in contributing to workforce development can be considered as a critical determinant of sustainable work approaches (Kaufman, 2015). The reduction in the employee turnovers and intent of developing long-term association can be promoted as a lucrative function of employee engagement. The reflection on the comparative aspects of operation can be acknowledged through a distinguished appreciation of the managerial approaches. The diversification of the business approaches has been adapted through a precise demonstration of the lucrative aspects that can be annotated as an adverse of integrating managerial opportunities.

Develops an image of employer choice: Microsoft can be presented as a lucrative scope of employment for the aspirants in the software and hardware industry. The development of a comparative approach of management along with a lucrative association of the business participants distinguishes Microsoft as an employer choice.

Flexible working in Microsoft and its importance-: In today's era the effective working is more important then the amount of time spend on the work. In Microsoft the workers want to work on their condition that they does their work according to the flexibility of time which suited them. Microsoft is providing flexibility of time according to the comfort level of the individual employee. As in the comfort zone the the effectiveness of the performance of the individual is increased at higher level. This helps in keeping mind fresh of worker and they can make innovative and creative ideas with the fresh mind.

d)Workforce motivation through job design and performance rewarding

Motivation system adopted by Microsoft- Microsoft applies different theories to motivate their employees at different. Microsoft mainly gives importance to the process of communication between the employee and the manager at different level ,as in the Mayo's motivation theory is based upon the communication totally. In addition the company has also marked the herzberg's theory in which different benefits are given to the worker regarding the health, safety and security issue. By having benefits of this the individual feels relaxed and the image of trust is build in the mind of the worker and due to which the one will try to put their best efforts in each and every task. It helps in boosting the performance person. For example a talented but lazy person is working in the organisation but due to lack of motivation the performance of the person in not up to the mark so by giving him the motivation through bonus or incentive there are more chances to make that employee work harder without laziness. But for all the employee same technique of motivating does works the same, if the senior employee needs to be motivated then in place of bonus and incentive the promotion would work as the motivation factor. Hence at last motivation is the key factor of the overall organisation which helps it in growing faster and in a effective manner.

The demonstration of the complimentary integrative of a job design can be assigned as a critical assertive of employee engagement. The determination of the complimentary standards of operation along with a peculiar accessibility of the operational standards can be integrated to the functional approaches of performance rewarding mechanisms (Solnet et al. 2015). The differentiation of the complimentary functions of the operation can be adapted through a development of the vacancy nominees and utility of the same in performance engagement. The demonstration of the comprehensive variances in business management can be acquired through a selective as a nominee of performance rewarding mechanisms. The acceptance of the performance rewarding mechanisms can be annotated through a comprehensive projection of the contemporary outcomes. The relatives of an effective job design can be acquired through an assessment of the performance potentials of the employees. The development of a capability-based improvisation of the operational standards can be acknowledged as a functional derivative of resource modification. The liability of the complimentary functions can be asserted through a peculiar assessment of modifying functions can be erupted through a functional acknowledgement of the operational aspects. The nomination of the various credentials can be adapted through a segregation of the various mechanisms as improvised by distinctive measurement of the operational aspects.

Task4: LO4

P7: Application of HRM practices

a)Employee engagement

Employee engagement define the workplace approach that emphasise on giving positive working environment to their workers in order to motivate them for attaining desired goals and targets. The term employee engagement in strategic management has been defined as the creation of a workplace in which the employees may optimise their contribution to organisational development. Microsoft can consider an effective relationship among the career goals of the employees and the objectives of growth for the organisation as a focal point of workforce utilisation. The determination of the sustainable approaches to a work procedure by the employees may foster the aggregate margins of profitability for the company. Employee engagement has been reflected as a workplace approach in which a perfect environment is created among the organisation for promoting the performance magnitudes of the employees of a regular basis. The following can be reflected as some of the postulates of employee engagement as adapted by Microsoft in its course of operations.

  • Fostering relationship among the employees through a development of effective and secured gateway of communication has been considered as a tool of employee engagement in Microsoft. A comprehensive acceptance of the employee requirements for acknowledging the needs of their counterparts has been defined as an integral component of an effective approach in employee engagement (Bryman and Bell, 2015). Trust, integrity, dual communication forum and communication between the organisation and employees have been identified as typical variables of employee engagement.
  • An effective approach of employee engagement has been considered as an influence to the organisational performance. An integrated performance of the team members may provide a positive momentum to organisational sustainability, business growth, productive outcomes and individual performance of the employees.

b)Employee engagement as strategy for employee relations

Employee relations refers to an organisation efforts that are play an enterprise for managing and maintaining the relationship between employees and employers. Employee engagement is directly associated with appropriate employee relation. It can be analysed that if large number of workers are involved in the engagement activities and functions then their personal relation will be improved in better manner. Therefore, there are large number engagement of workers in organisational activity can improves their relation that are helpful for the company in reaching with desired goals and targets. In the modern era of globalised business operations, the consideration of the workforce requirements and a segregation of the abilities and skills have been reflected as a sustainable approach of maintaining effective employee relationship. Remuneration structures, performance appraisal mechanism, guidance in operational procedure and suggestion of remedies on performance loopholes are considered as typical determinants of an effective employee relation. The following can be projected as some of the arguments, which justifies a directly proportionate relationship among employee relationships and workforce engagement in a regular procedure of operation.

Guidance of managers in performance development: The managers in Microsoft posses a liability of acknowledging the performance procedures those are suitable for the employee individually (Baum, 2015). The development of the individual performance outcomes of the employees are considered as typical nominees of a management mechanisms which has been defined as a rationale for performance development in Microsoft.

Achievement of career goals through organisational performances: Simultaneous projection of the trade objectives as a function of career objectives of employees may foster employee relationship. Microsoft has typical focused on deriving and projecting a directly proportionate relationship among the career goals and organisational objectives of sustainability. In this scenario, the employees’ attempts to develop their performance mechanisms as an individualistic function which as a whole promotes a distinctive achievement of the business goals.

Projecting employees as indispensible components of business development: It can be indicated that the organisational goals of profitability are typical derived through the effectiveness in employee performance. An acknowledgement of the business function can be defined through the employees as apex entities of operation (Carayannis and Meissner, 2017). Thus, a defined projection of the employees as indispensible components of sustainable development for the organisation may act as a catalyst in promoting employee relationship subsequently leading to performance development.

c) Key approaches for workforce engagement

An effective engagement of workforce may definitely the organisational production subsequently expanding its scopes of profit and income generation. Microsoft has reflected an assertive approach and focused on workforce engagement as a key to business sustainability. The following has been defined as some of the key approaches of workforce engagement as adapted by Microsoft.

Ensuring provision for regular and positive feedbacks: The provision of the performance feedbacks on a regular basis along with an assertive development of the performance procedures can be considered as a typical act of workforce engagement. A feedback on the performance approaches and procedures may ensure the feeling of notification among the employees concerning the distinctive approaches of their superiors.

Segregation of workforce responsibilities: It is essential to identify the skills and capabilities of the employees in distributing the responsibilities. A relative distribution of the workforce responsibilities concerning their capabilities can be asserted as a sustainable typology of workforce engagement. Microsoft has adapted to effective mechanisms for segregating the responsibilities of the workforce in accordance with their performance abilities.

Prioritising events in performance: Planning and management can be defined as distinctive influences to an active employee engagement in the scopes of operation. Thus, prioritisation of the operational events and scopes of performance can be considered as effective quadrants of a workforce engagement and deriving optimum productive outcomes by Microsoft.

There are some another approach which are related with E-book that comprise with all rules and regulations for work in a team group. It is very important for an organisation so it will help in developing effective teams that provide their team efforts for attaining desired goals and targets. This is also essential in communication as same with rules and regulations which are equally assigning among all workers at equal manner.

Yammer approach – It is the initial approach which was adopted by Microsoft for gaining strengthening for the team and developing work collaboration. With the assistance of this approach, teams are connected from the firm that are provide platform for employees in exchanging thoughts and ideas effectively.

d) Places of employee legislation

The following can be defined as effective influences to employee legislation and decision-making.

Recruitment: A fair recruitment procedure along with a précised identification of the employee credentials for particular job roles can be considered as typical determinants of suitable remuneration mechanism. The differentiation of the employability mechanisms can be contradicted through a relation among the strategic outcomes.

Training and Development: The development of the employee training procedure may be aligned to the adaptive ability of the workforce. An effective training procedure for the employees can be considered through a typical demonstration of integrative operational approaches.

Rewarding and Incentives: The evaluation of the employee performances individually may be reflected through a two-way benefit. The differentiation of the performance outcomes of the employees can be utilised by Microsoft for providing suitable guidance. An effective performance from an employee may be used for developing performance appreciation procedures that can be reflected through suitable rewarding and incentive schemes (Purce, 2014). The development of suitable rewarding mechanisms can be comprehended as contemporary approaches of diversifying appraisal procedures.

Equality act 2010 – This act is legally protected people from any kind of discrimination which occurs within an organisation. The main part of this act is that this will protect an individual in order to unfair treatment and use to support fair and equal community.

General Data Protection Regulation Act 2018 – It is standardised protection legal law that is executed in all over the 28 nations of European Union. In this, strict rules and regulations are develop for controlling and managing PPI (Personality Identifiable Information). Thus, it is directly effect on business operations that help in collecting and gathering required data.

Health and safety act 1974 – It is used for concentrate on employees health related issues and problems which arise within an organisation. There are various accidents which occurred in the premises that can lead towards making huge impact on whole position of an enterprise. Along with this, OSHA is used for providing different rules or norms which assist them in controlling all implications.

As per the above described acts which are directly influences decision making of HR department as it is useful for company in maintaining their legal roles and duties for provide employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction. In the context of Microsoft, the HR manager are adopting equality act at the work place by providing equal weight age to the thoughts of every workers and using their view for taking final decisions. In relation with decision making, HR can providing compensation and medical advantages to their employees as per their issues or problems.


An assessment of the functions of HRM in the contemporary organisations has been attempted in course of the report. A comprehensive representation of the distinctive opportunities and the contributions of effective HRM roles have been depicted through an evaluation of the organisational cases as nominated in the study. The reflection of the operational outcomes has been annotated through a precise assessment of the employee contribution in achieving the organisational objectives of sustainability.

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a)Person Specification for job role


Desired elements

Professional Skills

  • Effective skills of Communication
  • Effective Skills of hearing
  • Fostering Team development
  • Abilities of lucrative presentation
  • Accountable approach

Knowledge and Learning

  • Financial knowledge
  • Identifying consumer perceptions
  • Framework of benefits
  • Guest identification
  • Nomination of the operational creativity

Work Experience

  • Two years of experience
  • Worked as a trainee in super hotels
  • Identification of core complacencies

Behaviour and Attitude

  • Open mind-set
  • Accumulating perception of team members
  • Recognising contribution of team members
  • Sensitive
  • Quick learner


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