HRM Practices In Order To Achieve Organizational Goals and Objectives.

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Question :

This assessment will cover certain question which are like:

  • Elaborate the appropriate HRM functions and details.
  • Give the benefits and the practises in relation to HRM.
  • What are the effective employee relation.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Inviqa UK Ltd


Human resource management refers to strategic approach to effective management of workers of company so that they assess business to gain the competitive benefits. This report is based on Inviqa UK Ltd which is a private company and provides software solutions. The company actually provides solutions to innovative companies so that they can engage, convert and retain their customers. Report from very starting focuses on HRM, their roles, goals, scope, etc. It then shows functions of HRM which includes recruitment and selection with examples (Alfes et. al., 2013). HRM always seek their employees as important components of their organization which is clearly described in following report, as in employee relations which influences HRM for decision making. There will be discuss about different HRM practices in which various functions and activities are performed in order to achieve organizational goals and objectives.


P1 Description of HRM in Detail

Human resource management is one of the integral part of an organisation as they perform different task just to provide benefits to the company. Main role of HRM is to select suitable candidates for their organisation who are eligible candidates in performing the task in a better manner. Inviqa UK LTD company is one of the software industry, this company provide help in developing of brand and business to engage and retain their customers. So in order to provide help to the company there is a requirement of Human resource management (HRM) in a company. It is a planned approach to the functional management of the company workers in order to gain a competitive advantage for the Inviqa UK LTD . There are some of the purpose and functions of HRM in Inviqa UK LTD, which are as follows:

Goal of Human Resource Management:

HRM department of any organisation works for the success of a company. Thus, their main role is to look after employees relations in context with salaries, wages, recruiting staff etc., Therefore, it is important for company to make policies and strategies because on the basis of this overall goals and objects are depend on this (Alfes and et. al., 2013). Goal of Human resource management is to provide training so that they can perform their task in a better manner without any complications. So, HRM department of Inviqa UK LTD, they are hiring candidates who are best fit for the job and can give effective outcomes and results in return.

Role of Human Resource Management:

In terms of roles of HRM, they do planning within the company after analysing performance of employees so that right task is given to right individual. Other than this, their role is to maintain workplace ethics so that clashes and complications can be avoided in the company. In order to balance this, human resource department set objectives so as to make sure that all the differences are respected and no one is given privileged (Armstrong and et. al., 2014).

Theories of Human Resource Management:

Universalistic is one of the theory which can be used by the HRM department of Inviqa UK LTD, because it is related to best practice and high performance work practice. With the help of this, company try to maintain a better relation with other departments which gradually improves organisational performance. Other than this, the best practice which are accepted universally are applied. Mostly, success of a company is basically measured as per the financial indicators such as profits, market share, sales and productivity etc.,

Role of Line Managers:

A line manager is the one who directly manages entire operations of business along with workers which enable him/her in reporting effective information to a higher ranking managers. Their prime role is to select talented employees in order to full team positions. In addition to this, they provide appropriate trainings so that in contingency employees can be rotated so as to fill coverage gaps.

Role of HR:

Human Resource manager is consider as an important staff member as they provides professional training to new as well as existing employee. Apart form this, after analysing the performance of employees HR manager give appraisal so that employees can be motivated and work to their fullest potential (BosNehles and et. al., 2013).

Functions of HRM:

Recruitment and Selection:

HRM department of Inviqa UK LTD are recruiting candidates as per their capabilities and for this, company is giving advertisements in various platforms such as social media, newspapers, magazines etc.,

Training and Development:

Working in a new company cannot be possible if employees are not provided with effective training and development programmes. In terms of Inviqa UK LTD, after analysing the skills and knowledge company is providing better training to its workers which is assisting them in performing their task in a better manner.

Workforce Planning:

It refers to selecting the right candidate at the right time, for the right job (Bratton and Gold, 2017). Workforce planning has become the key focus for the Human resource management(HRM. In a Inviqa UK LTD company HRM responsibility is to recruit the talented candidate, who would prove better for the organization in future in the form of generating good revenue for the company.

Hard and Soft HRM:

Hard human resource management is that management which just treat there employees in the form of machinery. In order to take proper utilisation of employees skills and resources Hard HRM uses autocratic leadership style and they treat their workers as a resource and try to get maximum benefits from them. Whereas in Soft HRM, leaders treat their employees as an important component and provides all requirement necessities so that they can feel connected with the organisation. They provide rewards, incentives and other important elements so as to sustain their loyalty.

P2 Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment and Selection:

Recruitment is defined as the process through which capable job applicants are attracted for vacant jobs. Basically, recruitment can be defined as process that bridges gap between job and people who seek jobs. This process should be so effective so that potential employees can be recruited in order to meet requirements of staffing schedule and organization itself.

Selection is process that comes after recruitment of potential candidate in an organization. This process is like picking up right candidate from so many alternatives that have applied for jobs. Selection is done on the basis of knowledge and experience of candidate and as per prerequisite of companies (Brewster Hegewisch, 2017).

Approaches of Recruitment and Selection:

Internal Sources:

This can be defined as process to find out best employees within an organization. For example, internal sources for Inviqa UK Ltd includes promotion, transfer, increased pay roll, etc. Employees of company will get motivated to work hard if higher post is given to deserving individuals.

This is the best source for recruiting employees in the organisation because there is not requirement of conducting any process and it will not result in expensive. In this staff members are get transfer or promoted for new job position within the company. Apart from this, it is not beneficial at some level i.e., new ideas and thoughts are not welcome in the business firm. There are several sources of internal recruitment some of them are as follows:-


This process involves sifting of employees to other but similar jobs. It does not lead change to rank and responsibility of persons.

For an example- If a person shift from one department to another then it is a kind of transfer.


This process refers to shifting of employees to better prestige and increased roles & responsibilities with higher pay. For example, this process is conducted in Inviqa UK Ltd itself but this does not lead to increase in number of employees.



When an existing employee is promoted to higher post within an organization, like in Inviqa UK Ltd, it will increase their morale and they will work with greater efforts.

It stops recruitments from outside of Inviqa UK Ltd as it concerns for internal sources.

This process promotes loyalty in employees of Inviqa UK Ltd as they will feel secure about advancements (Jackson and et. al., 2014).

This process can be delayed if candidates are unable to meet requirements of Inviqa UK Ltd.


External Sources:

When internal sources cannot match with requirements, then Inviqa UK Ltd have to look outside for recruitments (Budhwar and, 2013). external source of recruitment help in bringing new ideas and thoughts in the organisation. As well as it is the best source because HR manager can fill vacant job position as per the requirement. There are some sources of external recruitment These are mention below :


By giving advertisements in newspapers and journals, people can be recruited for skilled jobs by Inviqa UK Ltd.

For an example: The company gives advertisement in the newspapers about the vacant job position so that they can be aware.

Campus Recruitment:

Universities, sports fields, colleges, institutes are the better ground for recruiter. Organisations hire the capable employees from prestigious institutes.

For an example: Company hire the candidates from institutes by knowing their skills and capabilities.



Provide chance to fresh talent.

Time consuming process

Generation of the creative ideas.

Invites the unsuitable applicants



P3 Benefits of HRM Practices For Organizations

In Inviqa UK Ltd, Human resource management refers to management of workers who contribute in achieving the goal of the company. There are several human resource practices which help the management to retain and attract the workers, which are as follows:

Training and Development

Benefits for Employee

Benefits of Company

Through training skills of employees will be enhanced.

The cost of company will[ be reduced through leveraging the internal talent.

Employees will be motivated.

Through training, the productivity of company will be increased.

The awareness of staff members will be improved about functions and roles of company.

By provides training to employees, innovation will be increased in products and strategies.

Enhanced the flexibility for the scheduling.

It will helps in minimize the turnover of staff members and it is beneficial for employees (Renwick and et. al., 2013).

Employees will be able to do work in competitive environment after attending training and development program.

Business environment is dynamic in nature for competing to this if company provide training and development to their employees then they are able to grab opportunity for firm as well as minimise negative impact.


Recruitment and Selection


Benefits for Employee

Benefits of Company

Employees will get the opportunity to show their talent and skills at workplace.

Better recruitment and selection by the HRM in Inviqa UK Ltd,will be profitable for company.

Employees will get the opportunity it build up his/her own image.

Organisation will get a talented candidate who will help in achieving the company goal.

Staff members can learn something new and enhance their knowledge.

The competency based selection and recruitment systems are empowering the managers with required information to take smart decisions.

They can think out out the box and perform their tasks in a better manner.

Better recruitment and selection is helpful to company in employee retention.

Employees get opportunity for getting better job position within the existing company they are working.

Through requirement and selection organisation get employees with new ideas and thought.


P4 Effectiveness of HRM Practices in an Organization

Employees are considered as the backbone of a company and success of business is totally relies on them so, it is a prime duty of Human Resource Management to select candidates who are eligible in understanding and performing the task in a better manner (Purce, 2014).

Benefits of Recruitment:

Quality Hiring:

In order to fulfil position of in vacant post recruitment and selection process is very crucial as they assist firm in attaining objectives and targets in a speculated time frame. But is is important that company first do the screening process as it will help company in finding right candidate within time frame.

Competitive Advantage:

Skilled and knowledgeable employees will definitely influence the other workers and it will gradually improves the ability of company's performance. As a result, Inviqa UK Ltd., is sustaining a better position at market area.

Benefits of Training Employees:

Economy in Operations:

If effective training is provided than an individual can make proper use of materials and equipments. Other than this, chances of damage or accident will be reduced and company and this is substantially minimise the production cost.

Greater Productivity:

A well trained candidate always give his/her best and tend to show greater productivity in workplace as compared to other individual who are not trained. Thus, training is very important for employees as it improves the performance of employee (Kim, 2012).

Three suggestions for improving effectiveness of HR department

  • In order to training its new and existing employees HR department can use software that can assist them in accomplishing the task in an effective and systematic manner.
  • Hiring and recruitment process should be in proper manner they should set criteria for different categories.
  • Adequate use of latest and new technologies so that better training can be provided to employees.


P5 Importance of Employee Relations Which Affects Decision Making of Organizations

Trade Union refers to labour union in which employees work come together for attain several common objectives for an instance improving safety standards, attaining better wages, protecting integrity of its trade, benefits etc. In this, union negotiates conditions as well as contracts with the conditions with employers, protecting workers from unsafe working conditions, keeping employee satisfaction etc (Jiang and 2012).

Under this, a company whose membership includes of union leaders and workers, united to promote as well as protect the common interests. The main purposes of labour union are negotiate wages and also working conditions, take the collective actions, regulations among workers etc. In an organisation, trade union has been developed through workers in context to represents their interests and rights to employers for make improvement in wages or the working situations. An association of staff members are formed to make improvement in their working conditions and incomes through the collective bargaining with employer and firms.

Under this, union members get the high pay than the non- members. They like to get the pension benefits, sickness, more paid holiday and also control over working hours. Dues to this, workers joining the trade union to the conditions and negotiate pay rather than leaving them to managers. It is necessary that unions should be take care that workers should be treated with the respect. In context to this, Trade union push the managers of company to make the workplace comprehensive for women so that they can work freely. If there is a strong trade union, then women will face less issues at workplace while pregnant, maternity leave and also then return to work (Chelladurai and et. al., 2017).

P6 Important Elements of Employee Legislation and Their Impacts on HRM Decision Making

Employee legislation refers to law that help in govern the employment at workplace with the every person who works. It exists to regulate relationship among businesses and also their staff members.

UK Employment Legislation And its Impact on HRM Decision Making:

Anti-Discrimination Law, 1991:

UK anti discrimination law deals with three aspects; disability, race and sex respectively: The Race relation act 1976, forbid on colour, race, principles and nationality in the branch of education and presentation of goods and services. Similarly Sex discrimination act 1975, forbid on gender assignments and sex in the ground of education and employment areas. Whereas, The Disability discrimination act 1995,forbids on the matter of disability on education and employment areas. This act deal on HIV and AIDS inequality. It is necessary that HR manager should apply these regulations at workplace so thjat the discrimination from workplace can be reduced (Brewster and Hegewisch, 2017).

Equality Law, 2010:

One of the employments legislation act is equality act 2010. This act mainly deals with protecting people from being kept separated from their workplace. Anti discrimination ACT was replaced by single equality act 2010.


P7 Application of HRM Policies

As a potential candidate, I am applying for HR Executive post.

There are 4 types of recruitment sources that I have used to search for HR Executive post. These are; promotion, outsourcing, advertisements and campus interviews.

Sources of Recruitment



Recruitment outsourcing is a process in which employers transfer a part of recruitment to external provider who manages whole recruiting process.


This term refers to process of shifting of an employee to higher post with more pay.


Generally companies gives advertisements in newspapers, journals regarding their job vacancy.

Walk in Interviews

Under this candidate go to company by seeing the advertisement of vacancy.


My Updated CV For This HR Executive Post.

General Information

Name- Mr. Robin hood

Address- 163, Barnet Gate, London

Contact no.- 7800567808

Email id-

Career objective- I am very focused and committed towards my work who wants to use and develop my skills for managing and executing Human Resources in an organization. I am so goal-oriented towards an organization. I am glad to seek HR Executive post where I can use my interpersonal and interactive skills and want to make continuous improvement in my skills and talents.

Experience level- I have worked as a HR recruiter in Tiger Recruitment firm in London for two years where I was responsible for searching suitable candidates from various job portals and scheduling their interviews.


Educational Qualification




Oxford University


B. Com

Oxford University



Roles and Responsibilities-

  • Screening Resumes of applicants
  • Conducting telephonic interviews of candidates.
  • Co-ordinating interviews with hiring managers

Computer proficiency

  • Ms-word
  • Ms-Excel
  • Fast Typing skills

Personal Details

DOB- 15th of October, 1982


Reading books, journals and travelling.


Cover Letter Highlighting Strengths

13th October, 2011

Mr. Tom Smith

Chief Executive Officer

Bright Movers Company

Dear Hiring Manager:

I have seen your advertisement in the Economic Times newspaper that you have a post vacant for HR Executive in your company and I am interested for this post. Because I am having all skills and knowledge according to your requirements, as you can see this from my CV. I have 2 years experience in HR recruiter area where I learnt key skills of HR. My strengths are:

  • I am good in interacting people, even with strangers.
  • Proficiency in English writing and speaking.
  • Power of influencing people.


Robin Hood


Three Questions Asked in Interview are:

Tell Me Something About Yourself?

I am a confident person and very much focussed and dedicated towards my work. I have done my MBA in HR form Oxford University, London and in terms of computer proficiency I have done Ms-word, Ms-Excel.

What is Your Family Background?

I belong to a small family than residing in country side.

How Was Your Experience and What You Have Learnt From Your Past Job?

In my previous job I was an HR recruiter and from there I have learnt to identify individuals who are capable enough in performing any kind of task.

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From the above discussion, this can be concluded that HRM is crucial department for every organization in order to manage whole organization. HRM is responsible for activities from searching potential candidates till their pro-efficient workings. This research is based on Inviqa UK Ltd which is a software technology company and provides solutions to innovative brands. From the very beginning, report focuses on HRM description, their roles, scope, purpose and functions like recruitment and selection, performance management, career management, etc. Later on this throws light on various sources of recruitment and selection and their benefits for employees and Inviqa UK Ltd, as well. Want more details about online assignment help connect with our experts.

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