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Leadership & People Performance Sample

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Leadership & Employees Performance

The case has covered a brief description of all the strategies that are useful to retain the employees in an organization and to increase the performance level if the employees. Retaining the employees in an organization is as essential as to maintain the financial terms and conditions. Various approaches of leadership have been used in the case to increase the effectiveness of the performance level of the employees. To achieve the targets of the organization, it is require for the organization to manage all the activities in a sequencing manner. It is so required so that to get to the desired outcomes.

A competitive advantage is something doing better than the competitors to satisfy the needs and to maintain high degree of relationships. The employees are the only resources that can create value to the organization. The environment of the organization should be maintained in such a way that it can help the organization to achieve more competency. Effective performance of the employees helps the organization to achieve the goals of the organization and this thereby ensures to achieve competitive advantage for the organization (Lindsey, 2000). Retaining the talented employees in an organization is necessary so that to make the organization more competent. In order to increase the performance level of the employees, organization is required to provide monetary as well as non monetary benefits to their employees. In addition to this, the strategic objectives of the organization should be achieved well on time so that to create an edge over the competitors. Better coordination helps to maintain relationships with the employees so that to make the delegation of authorities more efficient (Prince, 2008).

Different strategies can be used so that to retain the best talent in the organization. It is the duty of the employer to frame such effective strategies for retaining as this works as a basis to generate more revenues. Here is the description of different type of strategies that an employer can frame in order to retain the employees (Bargley. 2008).

  • Working environment - Environment plays a vital role which affects the performance of the employees. The code of conduct should be in ethical manner so that to avoid the ethical issues and challenges. Working environment basically is related to the physical environment of the organization where the people come in contact with each other and work together to achieve the common goal of the organization. It clarifies the mission, and objectives that cultivate a feeling of togetherness and it also promote integrity (KANDULA, 2006).
  • Employee relationship strategies - The higher authorities of an organization are required to maintain equity in all levels so that perfect coordination can be maintained. In order to retain the employees, it is required for the organization to manage effective training sessions so that it can help to improve the performance level. Proper coordination should be there in all the departments so that to achieve long term relations. The employees should feel free when giving advices and opinions at the time of decision making process. In addition to this, it is highly required for the organization to know their area of interest so that proper training can be provided to them. 
  • Employee support strategies - While doing the job, proper tools and equipments must be handed over to all the employees so that they can use it according to the needs. All the strategies must outline the essential requirements that are necessary to maintain effective communication, innovation and that clearly defines roles and responsibilities. Employee support strategies support the employee in different situations (Mccooey, 2009).

Committing the employees towards the work is the most crucial and important task for the management. To engage the employees in the organizational workforce, it necessary to have proper command and controlling on the operations. To retain the employees, the organization is required to have efficient reward system this is a motivational tool for them. It is basically concerned with the goals of the organizations. The employee will only put more efforts to increase the performance only by getting proper rewards for their performances. Managers can held this process twice in a year and it can be given for various purposes. Proper training opportunities, promotional opportunities and advancement encourage commitment. The organization that does not have proper opportunities for advancement and promotional activities mat tend to high turnover and less satisfied employees (London and Smither, 2009).

There are various factors that positively impact the performance level and some are discussed below:

Leadership is required at all levels of every department. Leadership is necessary so that to make the separation of all the duties and tasks. There are many theories and concepts that can prove that leadership is important for the management which ensures the organization to achieve the goals and maximize the efficiency. A leader is much different from managers. A leader is a follower that influences other employees to work according to the directions framed by the leader (Lawler and Ford, 2007). Different types of approaches have been included in the study so that to increase the effectiveness in the performance level. Here is the list of various approaches to leadership Transformational, Charismatic, Authentic, Servant, Dynamical, Adaptive and Strategic (Pulakos, 2009).

All these approaches help in positive outcomes. A transformational leader is the one who brings positive impact in the followers as its most important component is intellectual simulation. This approach helps in inspirational motivation and this thereby generate more opportunities for the leader to install high level of reasonable challenges for their employees. Whereas, charismatic leadership pays attention towards the wide range of methods, tools and techniques to manage the image and practically to develop the skills. Authentic leadership is that concept that provides consistency in leader’s personality and that can make the leader ethical, honest and practical. Servant leadership approach is based on the concept of fulfilling needs of the followers as the name itself explains its meaning.

  • Qualities: All the approaches of leadership help the leader to improve the overall qualities of the employees. Number of qualities is required in each employee so that to be efficient in all the workforces. Maintenance of quality is required so that to make the organization more competent. It makes the employees to develop such effective qualities in them so that they can take proper measures to improve the performance (Malley, 2000).
  • Inspiration: This is another factor that is based on leadership concept. Leadership is required so that to inspire the employees to work towards the commands given by the leader. The leader is so required to maintain the personality in such a way that it attracts the other employees to follow him. Inspiration makes the employee to work effectively like a leader so as to get the position of leadership (Harper, 2008).
  • Personal growth: Leadership has the ability to generate more opportunities for growth aspects. All the approaches described above can help the leader as well as the follower to develop the personality in terms of doing more efficient work. An employee can develop his abilities and capacities when working more efficiently in all the tasks. When employee is getting opportunities for growth it makes them to become the productive element for the organization  (Carsen, 2005).
  • Become more authentic: Authentic leadership style works better when working in different circumstances and situations. It is required to develop the leadership qualities in the employees so that they can effectively contribute in achieving the targets of the organization and this makes the performance level more efficient (Baron and Armstrong, 2005).

Contribution of leadership and managerial capabilities in achieving organizational goals

Change means transformation which is a constant factor. Change occurs within our world that is in the national and international events, in the organizations, in the physical, political and socioeconomic environment. Change occurs frequently and randomly. In an organization, change occurs when there is alteration in any of the business strategies or major sections of the organizations. Organizational change affects the performance of the staff and it includes changes in the structure of an organization, changes in the working hours, organizational operation and size of the workforce. There are some concepts tools and theories that contribute to organization change. Lewin developed a theory of organizational change which he called it as force – field theory. In this theory he described that a wide variety of forces develops and arises from the way an organization is structured, it operates, its control systems and culture which make it resistant to change. And then at the same time a wide variety of forces develops from the environment and changing tasks which push the organizations towards change. Both these sets of changes are in opposition to each other in the organization. For an organization to adapt a successful change it needs to limit the resistance towards change and increase the forces for change  (Broner, 2009).

The purposes of the organization have to be achieved either by applying various theories or by adopting the policy of change management in the organization. Applying leadership styles and contribution of various people of the organization helps to get to the desired outcomes. People resources can create the development opportunities for the organization as they have the caliber to perform and to manage the workforce of the organization.

All the approaches, styles and qualities of leadership contribute a lot in achieving goals of the organization. Participative leadership styles help the organization as well as the employee to take corrective decisions at the time of decision making process. This makes the employee to perform more efficiently. The strategic objectives of the organization help in reducing cost which is incurred on extra labor factor. Effective strategy can be adopted for effective change as it undertakes the integration of various processes. Change management helps the employees to work in different environment and thus increases the potential of the employees (Mostovicz, Kakabadse and Kakabadse, 2009).


Summing up the whole case, it can be concluded that all the functions of human resource department helps the organization to achieve the targets as well as it can also enhance the performance level of the employees. Leadership qualities and managerial qualities are helpful in retaining the employees and this can also makes the employees to become more committed towards the work. The above description is based the strategic aspects of management.


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