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Human resource management consider important role in the business success because it helps to develop systematic plan and activities that carried different activities in the enterprise. In this regard, health and social care businesses able to deliver their systematic work performance that assists to carry recruitment, selection, orientation, training, etc. (Fernando Chang-Muy and Congress, 2015). In this context, present study based on the NHS which is one of the largest business in term of provide health and social care activities. In addition to this, they take proper care of their patient to increase their effectiveness. For gaining insight information of the report, it covers factors that are required operationally and strategically to plan the recruitment of individual in health and social care. Furthermore, it considers key legislation that are required for selecting right individual. In addition to this, theories determines for leadership that applied in health and social care.


1. Factors need to be consider operationally and strategically in order to planning recruitment of an individual for the post in health and social care (1.1)

To the owner

Date: 20th May 2018

Subject: Factors in planning recruitment of individual in health and social care

In respect to create plan for recruiting and selecting candidate in health and social care, there are several factors needed. In this way, proper planning consider in respect to analysis the position and fulfil specification by the individual characteristics. It considers qualification, personality and attributes as well. As results, it will help to recruit right people for the NHS.

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To the owner

Date: 20th May 2018

Subject: Factor in planning individual for residential care

In respect to create plan, there are certain elements consider in recruitment of staff members at residential care. In this regard, personal care services offered to children that are unable to live independently. In respect to the experience of job, applicants play important role. NHS need to investigate experience of person those are apply for job

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Date: 20th May 2018

Subject: Factors in order to plan recruiting individual in domiciliary care

In respect to make cares for domiciliary, there are several factors included which is essential to take account. Domiciliary care offered to the people who live in home and need essential and additional support. They are able to take proper care with the ability of applicant in order to make delivery of personal care needs that are investigate. Their experience and personal characteristics also consider select suitable candidates

Thanks and regard

HR manager


2. Different approaches used to ensure the selection of the best individual in health and social care sector (1.3)

In respect to work in NHS, there are several methods implemented to ensure selection of the best individual. They are as follows:

Team leader in local authority in health and social service department

            In respect to work with different methods, it can be seen that in the NHS selection of candidates will be done as team leader position. In this regard, they need to choose the best person in term of local authority in health and social service department. Techniques must be taken for conduct interview and presenting effective results. In this regard, interview help to consider confidence level towards the applicant and job also handle for situation which determines in the systematic manner. It is most important perspective in respect to make selection of candidates (Fernando Chang-Muy and Congress, 2015). As results, in respect to make selection, the best leader needed in local authority for the social service department. It is very important to make proper selection process. Communication skills of applicant also judge to fulfil NHS requirement in systematic manner.

Care workers for their shift jobs in residential home for elderly people who suffer from dementia

            In respect to consider selection of care workers, there is method such as psychometric testing and personality profiling. In this way, psychometric testing consider ability of personnel in the shift which is known as the effective manner. Their mental stability also provided to users. Techniques of personality profiling effectively in respect to know the behaviours and interest level of applicants regarding the job vacant (Schoorman, Mayer and Davis, 2016).

Foster carers that are employed in the local council

            In respect to make selection for the fosters carers, there are online screening, short-listing, etc. Used with ability and aptitude test conduct. In this aspect, applicant consider investigation which is important for the job position. It assists to focus on the aptitude test with general intelligence, mechanical ability, clerical ability, etc. elements will be judge. This is because, these are important elements that are needed at workplace.

3. Various key legislations and policies for selection of right individual (1.2)

In order to consider different legislations, following elements are included:

            First stage of recruitment: In this regard, Law of Non discrimination and Equal Opportunity consider that create impact on activities of HR manager. In this regulation, employee needs consider with equal opportunity which could be applied for the job. Furthermore, executive within the NHS need to determine recruiting without any discrimination on the basis of age, gender, religion, race, etc.

            Selection: In this way, selection of candidates included who applied for the particular job. In this regard, law are related with the influence of the actions of HR manager. NHS need to concentrate on consider proper information for private person who develop their capabilities to make innovative results in the environment. Electronic Communication Privacy Act helps to consider telephonic conversation for employees as per their manager carrying outcomes. Such, it is complied in respect to maintain smooth results (Ginter, 2018).

            First three months employment: In this step, Minimum Standards of Terms and Conditions consider in Employment which affect to the working of human resource management in NHS, In this aspect of legislation, UK government determines proper implementation of occupational safety and health care act. It will help to protect needs of employees on their medical necessity of family members (Schoorman, Mayer and Davis, 2016).


4. Theories how individual interact in group to focus on teams to work in health and social care and approaches which used in effective team working in health and social care (2.1, 2.2)

In respect to work in the NHS, there are different theories implemented that assists to consider for individual working in the sector in systematic manner:

  • Newly formed multidisciplinary child protection with the team: In this consideration, Tuckman model can be implemented that assists to consider individual implementation in the enterprise. In this regard, there are four elements included such as forming, storming, norming and performing. In the first stage of the development program, development consider with forming team. As per their interest and specification, roles could be determines in successful manner. In the storming, people consider their part in the team (Chelladurai and Kerwin, 2017). In this regard, activities considered implement visitors and policy to work together and began rules and regulations to clarify their roles as well. At last stage, performing consider increasing focus on the tasks which assists to maintain relationship.
  • Local community group to raise short term funding: In this aspect. McLelland theory implemented in which individual specific needs consider. There are three factors exist that assists to develop short term funding such as achievement, affiliation and power. This theory help to consider thematic appreciation test which assists to measure each person needs. Needs are also raised fund to survive long run results (Bowling, 2014).
  • Team of social workers that consider after having together work successful: In this aspect, Belbin theory implemented in NHS. In respect to implement this theory, there are different roles consider in a whole team in which actions oriented roles develop in systematic manner. It assists to determine different roles and vacancy by the social workers so that enterprise hired accordingly. It assists to focus on the team performance to manage significant work in the environment (Fernando Chang-Muy and Congress, 2015).

            Furthermore, there are different kinds of approached explained to increase effective team working. They are as follows:

            Interdisciplinary approach: In this aspect, services deliver that consider interaction among the discipline. It is difficult to manage proper communication so that it is important to determines responsibility to the particular goals and objectives. It is the main duty of team members to put their efforts. This approach help to NHS to take proper working.

            Transdisplinary approach: In this approach, one person carry professional role through professional activities. It assists to take services to the service users under the supervision of person that belong to another discipline (Greene, 2017).

            Coaching approach: In this approach, team offered required training to work in systematic manner. In this regard, skills of the personnel assist to upgrade their tasks in the team.

            Clarifying common goals: In respect to ascertained common goal and purpose, it can be stated that team able to work in systematic manner. In this regard, effectiveness also increasing among group of members to ascertained desired results on the group and focus on the relevant results (Reid, 2017). Hence, NHS need to make their direct efforts with employees in similar situation.

5. Theories of leadership which applied in health and social care (4.1)

There are different kinds of theories implemented for leadership that helps to consider for  NHS in systematic manner. There are following leadership theories consider at workplace:

  • Transactional leadership: In this kind of leadership, there are different concern has been considered to maintain operations systematically. In this regard, leaders ascertain their disciplinary power with incentives to motivate people in respect to work in systematic concern (Reich, Harris and Evans, 2016). They are effectively motivated through exchange reward and performances. In NHS, leadership style used for special unit to render proper care of patients.
  • Transformational leadership: In this aspect, leadership style beyond the management of day to day operations. It helps to develop strategies that are carried operations in systematic manner. Specialized unit consider department and work team to gain successful results (Bloom, Chatterji and Smith, 2015). In this way, team building, motivation, association, etc. elements consider provide proper services to increase workers performances.
  • Emotional intelligence: It considers ability of individual to monitor emotions of different people. It assists to discriminating in emotions and label in systematic manner. Information also used as the guidance which help to direct thinking in creative consideration. It can be used for reduces stress of workers when they are working in the enterprise (Hunter, 2016).

6. How health care working team will be managed (4.2)

There are different ways exist through in NHS working relationship in a team will be manage successfully. They are as follows:

  • Contingency theory: In this consideration, business will be manage their operations and functions to take proper decisions in systematic manner. In this regard, reflect of optimal course of actions depends on the internal and external situation. NHS also involve participation of different people that are working in firm to take effective decisions. As results, it will help to maintain working relationship among staff of health care (Michalos, 2017).
  • Constructive feedback: In respect to work in the systematic manner, feedback play very important role to manage relationship in NHS. In this regard, workers gaining insight needs of suppliers and services users with taking appropriate measurement. Therefore, it will assist to bring improvement in the overall enterprise. It is the best aspect to take decisions to develop positive relationship among health care staff members (Epstein and Buhovac, 2014).
  • Effective communication: This technique consider communication in effective way with working relationship. Therefore, interacting within the different department assists to integrated common goals in systematic manner. It helps to facilitate business through building working relationship among the workers.

7. Own development which influenced by management approaches enforced in own experience (4.3)

In respect to consider work as human resources, it is important to NHS to consider proper obtain information through knowledge that assists to develop career in great aspect. With this regard, approaches has been developed that helps to increase performance and career as well (Valentine, Nembhard and Edmondson, 2015). It assists to develop more systematic results in following consideration:

  • Problem solving attitude: In respect to deal with the different issues, it can be stated that NHS develop ability to solve different issues and problems in significant manner. In this regard, problems could be solved with working in the organisation. There are different skills and competencies included to work in the team (Blais, Hayes and Erb, 2015).
  • Team work: In NHS, cooperative working approach helps to develop ability to manage work. In this regard, it is essential to manage work among team. It assists to facilitate and develop relationship among the members which helps to attain organisational goals (Bratton and Gold, 2017).
  • Personal attribute: In respect to work in NHS, it is greatly influence to the personal attributes. It assists to maintain effective relationship with development of skills as well. It assists to increase overall growth in the enterprise. With changing demand situations, it assists to deal for different situations with proper confidence. As results, systematic results will be maintained at workplace (Nelson and Staggers, 2016).


8. Monitoring strategies adopted for assessment of employees working and different techniques to promote development continuity in health and social care (3.1, 3.3)

            Covered in ppt

9. Methods used to identifying individual training and development in health and social care (3.2)

            Covered in ppt

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From the carry of above report, it can be articulated that in health and social care human resources need to manage properly. This is because, in this aspect, different activities and tasks has been carried to undertake aims and objectives in systematic manner. Report summarised about the factors which create impact on the health and social care in order to plan the recruitment at workplace. Furthermore, it considers focus on the legislation and policy that need to develop more significant advantages in NHS in systematic manner and attain proper functioning as well. It will help to develop more creative results at workplace. In addition to this, it considers conclusion on theories of leadership that helps to attain desired results in respect to work in the health and social care enterprise. It assists to attain systematic work performance in the business environment. At last, relationship among different members has been explained that assists to ascertained more significant results at workplace.


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