Impact of Recent Changes on Health And Social Care Services

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Question :

This assessment will cover certain question which are like:

  • Elaborate the key challenges and factors with the drivers in health and social care and management.
  • Evaluate the strategy which are required for changes managed in health and service sectors.
  • Give the analysis and the key principles for the Beacon edge care Home.
Answer :


Changes is the procedure of transforming organisation from current stated to the desired one. For any association such as health and social care, changes is regarded as one of the major essential factor of their success and growth. For change the community, firstly the organisation required to facilitates them and inform what is going to be happened and how it is going. The alteration in society, there is required to change individual, procedure and the technology. Facilitates changes has the possible impact of the proposed alteration for facility users and the service providers. The report is highlighting the CQC report for Beacon Edge Care Home (BECH) which shows the necessary changes in the Hospital (Ginter, Duncan and Swayne, 2018). Along with this, the main purpose of this assignment is to analyse the key factors which drive changes in health and social care. Also evaluate the challenges that major key aspects change to carry out towards health and social care facilities. In this, measure the impact of recent changes on health and social care services against set criteria and evaluate whole effect of current alteration in HSC.


1.1 Explain the key factors that drive change in health and social care services

As per the inspection of Beacon Edge Care Home, the services was compliant with the regulations in force during the time. Therefore, it can be analysed that hospital required to make proper improvement in relation to personnel levels and safety of management of medicines. There are major key factors which facilitates the changes in the existing organisational structure which are described as under:

Demographical Factors –

It is the factor which are mainly required for change in the present organisation structure of Beacon Edge Care Home. The ageing population is enhancing in the United kingdom and at the same time, people are getting more aware regarding Medicare facilities (Andersen, Davidson and Baumeister, 2014). Therefore, the major issue which occurs in the hospital is that poor management structure where information does not flow properly from one person to another.

Technological Factors –

The another factor of facilitating changes for the Beacon Edge Care Home is the technological factor. In the current time period, there are various technological advancement which has been taken place and engaged with such changes. The people who live at the Beacon Edge Care Home were placed at risk of inappropriate restraints and poor treatment and care services. For improving this factor, they require to adopt latest technology and methods which help them in providing accurate treatment. They have no electronic records of patients of personal details which can be used for identifying their identity. The hospital has lack of online communication technology which make issue for them. They required to upgrade themselves towards the technological development which major motive is to provides quality medical services to the people. Therefore, the management staff is performing their work in poor way that is the reason because of which improvement in performance of company facilities so they can offer good technological services.

Legal Factors –

As per the report, the changes in the rues and regulations are the another major factor which drives the change structure of Beacon Edge Care Home. The competition in the National Health Services has introduced some aspects because of which competition policy has been changed. Thus, the services should have registered but after inspection it can analysed that services did not have registered yet (Kotronoulas and et. al., 2014). According to the Health and Social Care Act 2008, the hospital required to provide quality based care services to the patients but in this they are required to fulfil the requirement of particular Act. When country's government change so they are made different policies which is directly impact on organisation operations. The whole management procedure get investigated by the competition Commission in depth which make sure that the healthily consumption among firm for the benefits of customers, firm and economy.

Political factor –

It is that factor which directly influence the change of the health and social care organisation because it concerns about rules and regulations of the nation, government policies, ethics, economic policy of the authority and religion of an organisation. All the organisation required to follow rules and norms which are made by government agencies because this will directly impact on company operations and its functions.

Economical factor –

It is the change factor which is related with the economy such as spending capacity of the organisation, staff number, salary of employees which are provided by company. The economic condition is related to level of needs and demand of services, employees cost, investment power and so on. If Beacon Edge Care Home services and facilities rate is enhancing then it decreases the demand and requirement of patients.

SWOT Analysis:


  • Highly qualified and skilled staff members
  • History of successful open day events
  • Local donation and charities willing to participate
  • Around 500 clinics expand across the United kingdom which shows its presence


  • It mainly concentrate on only limited area of United kingdom.
  • The care home services is too stretched for additional activities or facilities.
  • Constrictive focusing on open events not with the partnership activity


  • Increasing their volunteers members for proper care of their providers.
  • They are hire active volunteers who are willing to arrange and organise the events.
  • With the enhancing in the focus of healthcare, care homes have huge possibility to expand their geographic area.


  • Risk of patients details and information
  • Sometime they are able to maintain confidentiality
  • Sometime patients coerced to do things which they wish to do



1.2 Assess the challenges that key factors of change brings to health and social care services

In order to facilitate the change and modifications, it has been identified that Beacon Edge Care Home is facing various issues and challenges in the term of rules and regulations which are imposed by regulatory government on the poor management. This ill-famed the reputation of organisation and affect their staff member's personality. In the case scenario, regulations and rules should not be properly followed by the hospital which directly impact on their business operations and services that are delivered to their patients. In this hospital, there was always enough staff available which help in meeting all the needs and requirements of people who can used this facilities and services in proper manner. It assist in be analysing that good interactions and friendly relation between staff, visitors and people who are using such services (Robinson And et. al., 2014). As per the above description, political factors are directly affects on company legislation and regulations in effective manner. This can be analysed that the regulatory bodies have prioritise the competition rather than focusing on the interest of patients and their care, safety and welfare. Thus, such restrictions and challenges are developed by regulatory government authority in the way of poor management within Beacon Edge Care Home. The public awareness is the important element which can drive to stop changes and alterations. On the other hand, people awareness towards medical services create needs and demand of quality care facilities that would enable hospitals to display changes in the existing company structure. Technological factor are the major aspects which impact on methods and techniques which is used in the organisation. As per this report, it can be analysed that they are using obsolete and poor equipment while treating their patient so this will create major issue on the health of service user as this can jeopardise their condition. There are various challenges which BECH faces that are described as follows:

Recruiting New Staff Members –

it is the main issues and problems which occurs at the time of selecting or recruiting new employee in the BECH. They required to appoint those volunteers who have required skill and knowledge about caring and they need to reduce some barriers which occurs within the care home patients.

Arranging training for staff –

This is the another main issue which also arise in the BECH. This is required for company manager is to provide accurate training session in this they need to give then information about how to treat patient in better manner.

Purchasing new machinery and equipments –

It is required for an organisation is to purchase those techniques and machinery which are best suitable for the firm. Also this will fulfil all the demand and needs of an individual within an organisation.

Implementing new legislation –

This is necessary for firm is to develop and formulate new rules and regulations which are best appropriate to the patients and also refer those services which help them in making health improvement effectively. As per the requirement, the company manager make new policies which are useful for the patients.

The Care Act 2014 is intended to change the exercises from treating illness which protect people and also it will reduces the burden of medical treatment in better manner. Through thus, there are various assertive technology are available i.e. used by the people to get appropriate care at their homes (Friedman and Kern, 2014). For instance, patients can use environmental managed and controlled device which can be installed at the home and assist the patients with disability to perform their regular obligations without taking help of others. Along with this, it will reduces the cost of healthcare services and make the sick person independent to live the life. Furthermore, government conduct proper awareness campaign to create awareness among nation about some common tips to get protected from diseases and it assist them in stay healthy.


2.1 Devise a strategy and criteria for measuring recent changes in health and social care

In the Beacon Edge Care Home, all the services and facilities are required to change in proper manner because such are not satisfactory. It includes safety, effectiveness, caring and responsive need to make improvement in effectively. There are certain strategies through which performance of organisation can get evaluated and monitored (Taylor and et. al., 2015).

Organisation systems of quality assurance –

With the help of quality assurance, Beacon Edge Care Home analyse the quality of their services which are given to their patients. They are mainly focused on consistently reaching with customers needs and increasing their satisfaction level in proper manner. This will aligned with an organisation purpose and strategic direction. In this, organisation system of quality assurance helps in measuring the performance of their service providers and match it to the quality standard. At last, the health care provider provide guidance that can assist in improving their performance in order to provide facilities.

Feedback and comments from users of health and social care –

It is required for Beacon hospital is to take reviews and feedback of their service users regarding facilities, safety, care provided. As per the report of BECH, they required to make proper improvement in most of facilities which are delivered by them. During the inspection, it can be analysed that hospital required to make improvement in relation of personnel levels and the state administration of medication. This is necessary for an organisation is to taken feedback and reviews of their service user for analysing their requirements regarding health treatment.

Customer satisfaction –

It is the another tool through which performance of the hospital can get measured and evaluated. If Beacon Edge Care home is providing quality and innovative facilities so that they can satisfying their customer. For the hospital, it is required to identify the level of satisfaction of the service users that can be good way for evaluating or measuring the correctness of statement (Noordegraaf, 2015). Along with this, there are different ways to evaluate the customers satisfaction that includes conducting surveys, taking feedbacks, etc. such methods and tools can given a clear opinion about the performance of company at the time when patients do not fill the feedback form because purpose of recognise customers satisfaction can not be completed. It is the responsibility of hospital manager is to make improvement in their caring services which is inadequate in each manner.

2.2. Measure the impact of recent changes on health and social care services against set criteria

As per the indication of Beacon Edge Care Home report, they are promised to deliver best caring services and facilities to the patients. They also render better quality of medical facilities to the service user which help them in fast recovery. It is important for a medical care organisation to stay updated with the market trends and fulfil the requirements that are arising in the company in order to create a good impact on the society and patients perspective and earn more revenue share (National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, 2010). Thus, after making several changes on health and social care services of Beacon Edge Care home, the impact has created a positive and long lasting imagine on patients and society.

Better Medication-

There are various new medicines in the market which have better and fast recovery results. Additionally, various vaccinations are available for recent medical issues which needs to be considered in the services of Beacon Edge Care home. Hence, the quality of medicines have been improved which has helped in improving services that are provided to the patient. Upgraded medicines has improved the health of the patients which leads to satisfaction of using their services.

Registered Manager-

It is important for a medical care company to appoint a registered manager in order to fulfil the legal requirements of a medical care. Also, a registered manager have the authority and knowledge to guide the management and staff members the authentic procedures of conducting the services. The respective organisation has appointed a registered manager which is responsible for managing the services and guiding about regulations in perspective to which the services should run.

Increased number of bedding-

Number of beddings helps determining the number of patients that are taken care by the medical care organisation. More beddings can lead to facilitating more patients and less beddings can create a mismanagement of the operations (Osman, Tischler and Schneider, 2016). This is why, Beacon Edge Care home has increase the number of bedding for the patients. This has lead to expansion of the organisation and the medical care company can take care of and provide services to more patients at a time.

Skilled Employees-

As it is important to stay up to date with the new market trends and techniques to practise these medical services, Beacon Edge Care home has conducted various medical training sessions in order to educate the staff members about the latest techniques and medications that are available in the market in order to achieve successful services. Also, training regarding interaction with patients and handling them while providing food and medications are given to the staff members.

2.3. Evaluate the overall impact of recent changes in health and social care

There has been a huge impact of changes that has been made in social and health care. The services which are provided to the patients are improved and more efficient. The staff is skilled enough to handle complex situations. The behaviour towards patients is more polite and professional. Along with this, the services are well organised. Every staff is clear about their work duties which leads to more smooth running of functions (Angier and et. al., 2015).

The main impact of these changes has occurred in favour of the users. The patients are treated more efficiently with better techniques. The staff is well trained due to which emergency situations are handled effectively. Due to improved medicines, the service user are more satisfied and recovering faster. Additionally, the families of these patients are also relieved as they are sure about the safety of their patient family members. This has created a trust between Beacon Edge Care home and patients and their families.

Apart from the patients, the employees has also benefit from the recent changes. Due to various training sessions, the workers are able to upgrade themselves regarding various disease and their medicine treatments which has helped them to modify their skills and experience. Also,latest medical tools for the treatment has helped the service providers to operate their services more conveniently and reach better results. It has also helped them in engaging more patients at a time.

The government has also benefited from these above changes as better medical services will lead to better health of the citizens of the country. Also, the quality of services helps the country in promoting their medical health care (Frieder and et. al., 2016). Due to unhealthy people in this population they has to pay more than expected amount of money for the treatment but they are not being able to completely pay amount more than 50% for the service. With the help of health mission organised by government lead effective integration and convergence in health services. The seasonal virus affected to peoples need proper care and medicines for recover. This is all provided by government hospitals. By this peoples are getting aware and leading with health insurance plans which is beneficial for government organisation.


2.4 Propose appropriate service responses to recent changes in health and social care services

By introducing changes in the Beacon Edge Care home, the medical organisation will be able to include better medication, skilled employees, better management and advancement of the hospital occupancy. By including better medicines in their practices, the medical healthcare organisation would be able to achieve better results and more advance services could be included in their specialisations. The image of the organisation among society will be more positive and strong. Also, experienced or skilled service providers will help the organisation to improve their overall work quality (Tost, Champagne and Meyer-Lindenberg, 2015). This will lead to better dependency of the patients and their family on Beacon Edge Care home. The occupancy rate or increase in the number of beddings will help the organisation to grow and earn more. Also, more patients can be treated in the organisation at same time.


3.1 Explain the key principles of change management

Beacon Edge Care Home is the hospital where some services are not fulfilled up to the mark however, the service was complaint with the proclamation in force at that time. It has been recommended in the context of improvement in the organization about the the staffing levels and safety management regarding medicines.

When the organization has finally decided to change, they should start planning as per the needs require and should move toward betterment. A good firm never miss even if there is small things were required. Right from the infrastructure which is very important as the company is hospital requires enough counted rooms for the patients and the guests of them as well. Correct amount of of medicines should be available and also the machines as well which were about to use. There should be a proper communications environment for the convenience of patients and their relatives with them. Initially they have to start a good relations with different people who are related with it like the various stalk holders. Those who belongs to the firm even though the patient, it is the responsibility to create a healthy relations either by calling them once or by sending them cards, greetings, notes or even taking feedbacks. Principal of communication can be practised by the management team to control the alteration effectively and efficiently. Establishment of effective control can be adopted for the sake of welfare and to assure success of projected change . This is why a manager of this company should review the the whole process to evaluate that either the goal has been achieved or not. There is an innovation in technology in day to day life. So, the firm has to be updated in all the time in such cases which help them to make their task easy.

In this organization they have to deduct the price of delivery and so increase quality in case they need to concentrate more time on illness prevention. There will be a neat and clean environment in case to make the surrounding healthy (Al Sayah and et. al., 2014). Leader plays a vital role in any organization but it become more responsible job when it's about hospital. There will be a critical environment as the patients came in the hospital were already disturbed mentally as there relatives too. So it is the liability of the leader to maintain a silence surrounding. Not only this the management team also have to give responsibility to each of their staff very smartly, as those who are able and fit for the job will be given that work.

Leavitt’s model of change:

It is the simple procedure which redesign and complete the organisational restructure and it will help company in assessing the effect of proposed changes. There are some steps of Leavitt’s model that are described as under:

People –

The people were the employees of any firm which didn't be considered as their profile such as accountant, receptionist, managers, or may be anything else. They should be known by their different skills, efficiency, knowledge and their productivity. Now , with this view things will be modified by three components-

  • Change in tasks – If something will be changed during a task than it is the liability to educate and make them trained to the employee so to make their task easier and understandable.
  • Change in structure – This is the role which referred as changing the job roles. This is why an employees need to learn the new responsibilities.
  • Change in technology -Moving toward the new technology also give new tasks to handle the new technology (Irving And et, al., 2014).

Tasks –

This is the role which shifted from goals to tasks. It includes two things which is how things can be proceeded and the second would be be how to achieve them. So it focus qualitative prospect of the assignment rather than actual tasks and objective.

Things which is affected by these factors includes-

  • Change in people.
  • Change in structure.
  • Changes in technology


The structure components includes hierarchical structure, relationships, communication patterns and coordination between various management levels, departments, and their workers. This will need to be adjusted by various factors such as -

  • Changes in people
  • Changes in tasks
  • Changes in technology


It is section of a firm which ease the workers while performing their tasks. Some of the technology which were used in organization were LAN lines, barcode readers, software applications etc. There should be need to change while modifications were made to any other element are -

  • Changes in people
  • Change in tasks
  • Changes in structure

3.2 Explain how changes in health and social care are planned

Change management has became very necessary for an organisation which help in improving the performance and reaching its desired goals and targets effectively. There are various methods which describe planned of change in health and social care as under:

Clarify rational for affiliations –

Firstly, organisation has developing goals and objectives which help in managing all business operations and functions (Magnavita, 2014). As per the scenario, Beacon Edge Care Home required to deliver quality and innovative medical services to their patents to create better value for them effectively.

Communication –

The value of communication to the legal authority is named as Office of Fair Trade. It analysed different factors of the communication and relationship with their senior members. Then competition Commission has appointed to ensure the healthy competition for the advantages of society and economy. During the time of inspection, the hospital management has facing issue regarding communication with their staff member as well as patients so this will create major problem. Staff did not properly interact with each other other due to lack of updated technology and methods. Employees did not consistently used this approach and this is mainly notice when they giving support to the people with eating and drinking where people had limited verbal communication skills and ability.

Create value –

After that Healthcare reform has emphasised on receiving the quality results and providing facilities at the reasonable cost. It is required for hospital is to offer quality based services and deliver proper treatment to the patient which build trust among service users. For analysing values and ethics of their patients, the hospital adopt changes which are best suitable for their organisation in proper manner (Magnavita, 2014). Before implementing such changes, they need to examine their staff members as well as service users views or response regarding specific alteration.

Management style –

In an organisation, there are various administration styles which can be used for improving business operations and its functions effectively. It will help in managing and making decision in order to reach with desired goals and targets in better manner. If Beacon Edge Care Home implementing effective management style so this will maintaining all functions and operations of hospitals. Also they required to adopt such management style which are best appropriate for their staff members and patients.

3.3 Assess how to monitor recent changes in health and social care services

There are various ways through which Beacon Edge Care Home monitor and evaluate the changes in the health and social care services that are described as follows:

Evaluate research surveys –

This is the appropriate method through which hospital can easily monitor their recent changes in the workplace. Before implementation of any strategy and policy, firstly they require to conduct survey on their patients and employees for analysing their views regarding such modifications.

Measurement of cost and resource efficiency –

It is the way through which organisation can measure or evaluate its cost and resources efficiency in better manner (Magnavita, 2014). Due to technological advancement cost of services get reduced and resources will became more efficient. The positive changes in the cost and resources will indicate the favourable alterations or modifications in the hospital services. With the help of evaluating cost, the company can update their old technology which assist them in providing good treatment to their patients in order to make improvement in health.

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From the above mentioned report, it can be analysed that Facilitates changes has the possible impact of the proposed alteration for facility users and the service providers. For any association such as health and social care, changes is regarded as one of the major essential factor of their success and growth. In order to facilitate the change and modifications, Beacon Edge Care Home has facing various issues and challenges in the term of rules and regulations which are imposed by regulatory government on the poor management. In the Beacon Edge Care Home, all the services and facilities are required to change in proper manner because such are not satisfactory. Change management has became very necessary for an organisation which help in improving the performance and reaching its desired goals and targets effectively. Get more details about assignment writing services online from our expert.

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