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The present working scenario has changed and it has become important for enterprise to remain updated with the market. Due to globalisation innovation in the business surroundings are taking place on regular basis which needs to be adopted in same manner so that competitive advantage can be maintained. There are both positive and negative changes that occur in environment and each one of them has their own impacts. It is required that administration understands the modifications on time so that planning for same can be made. It further assists in making the resources available which may be required while implementing the modifications. Hilton is a global chain in hospitality industry which is known for its quality of services and effective marketing strategies (Alkahtani, 2011). There is a close rivalry present in this industry and therefore continuous changes are made in this enterprise so that it can increase its scope and can maintain effective position in the hotel industry. The following report will discuss the different issues that come across while bringing alterations in business and other change related concepts.

Task 1

P1 Compare different organisational examples where there has been an impact of change

Be it any kind of any business none of them can remain unaffected by the alterations that are made in business. There are sometimes big changes made and many times small depending upon the current need of an enterprise. As hospitality sector has various competitors it has to maintain developments on regular basis so that customer interest can be maintained. The manner in which it is implemented varies from business to business as the product and services they deal in vary from one another. Whenever a new way of doing work is implemented in business it affects the existing strategies of an enterprise like they need to be modified or needs to be changed entirely (Anderson and Anderson, 2010). This way it affects the continuity of operations too. In order to understand the impact of change a comparative study of two different sectors is done in which one is Tesco which belongs to a retail sector and other is Hilton which has an entirely different operation as it is a part of hospitality business. The impact of change on both these enterprise is discussed below:





It is a part of hospitality sector whose main product is giving accommodation and entertainment facilities to its customer. Changes are brought to provide more satisfaction to the customers so that they can get higher satisfaction after spending their money.

It is dealing in an entirely different range of products. Domestic products, clothing, and other retail items are found under same roof at competitive prices.


This organisation is known to be relying on cost leadership approaches. The offering of this organisation are provided at competing prices considering prices set by rivals.

Hilton International is known to charge premium pricing for its products and services. The reason being clients are charged with higher prices is that they are perceived of superior quality rather than rivals.


This organisation has marked its presence on the global level but largely present in the United Kingdom itself. The operations are carried out through 6900 stores worldwide.

Hilton hotels and resorts are present on the international level as well. These organisations possess a chain of hotels and are more than 570 hotels.


Tesco have been taking reliance of opting for numerous strategies which highlights lower prices which are being offered by the organisation. There are numerous discounting schemes offered by this organisation to enhance sales.

Hilton organisation is known to undertake variety of promotional tactics so that its business position could be attained. This organisation is known to undertake discounting schemes and membership programmes to retain their customers.


There are lots of changes are happen in technological sector that impacts the operations of organisation. For ex., New application allows the customer to access their room with the help of digital security. It seems to be positive impact upon an organisation.

Changes in retail sector re happen in vast manner. As emergence of online platform has huge impact over the sales of an organisation in the initial manner. Acceptance of this allows them to improve their sales and profitability

M1 Assess the different drivers for change

In an organisation immense changes take place due to the alteration in the external and internal surroundings. They have the capacity to affect the working capacity of an enterprise. It is important that planning is done accordingly in advance so that impact of change can be minimised (Bingham and Main, 2010). Human resource is one of the most important assets of an enterprise and gets maximum affected by the innovation which is made in the daily procedure. When a change is brought in the working style, polices or strategy it is referred as the internal change and is brought to raise the existing efficiency capacity of firm. On the other hand, when a change is made due to alteration in present political, economic, social or technological issue it is considered as an external change. Such are

D1 Draw conclusions and recommendations with valid justifications for planning effectively for change and applying change impact analysis

In order to understand the impact of change a comparative study of two different sectors is done in which one is Tesco which belongs to a retail sector and other is Hilton which has an entirely different operation as it is a part of hospitality business. This type of modification is necessary to be made as it is not a choice but necessary to maintain the position in market. It can be concluded that change is required for gaining higher success and growth for an organisation. Most of the time change is directly impact on employees because they are not adjust in changing situation or environment and does not perform work in good manner.

Task 2

P2 Evaluate ways where internal and external drivers affect leadership, team and individual behaviour

In current time period, every company mainly concentrate on reaching with specific goals and targets for completing the tasks and work in effective manner. There should be better manpower who are doing effective perform and also help in achieving with organisation. Leaders are play an important role within business concern because they are mainly focus on providing accurate direction and path to their employees towards reaching with targets and goals in proper manner. Along with this, leader required to adopt various leadership styles for getting best outcome or results for doing effective working. Company managers and leaders are the main key people of an organisation and they are setting required targets and goals which help in getting appropriate profitability and productivity. In addition to this, leaders also help in motivating and encouraging their staff members so that they are try to doing particular task for getting accurate goals and objectives (Branson, 2010). For doing this, they are getting appropriate success and growth in better manner.  Motivation and encouragement is the effective technique and method which assist in increasing the company profitability and productivity in the large market place.

Hilton is the multinational hotel sector which provides effective services and facilities to their customers in better manner. Also they are providing best services so this will help in attracting large number of guests towards their facilities. They are tried to make and create appropriate workforce and manpower for appointing effective leaders and managers in the firm. Company leaders are also adopting and using best suitable styles which are fit for specific situation and with the help of this people can manage and maintain all function of business in proper manner (Brown, 2012). Managers and leaders have basic role and duty to appoint those people who are capable for achieving desired company goals and objectives with the help of their skills and abilities. Hilton hotel always work for increasing their profitability and productivity for making new ideas and thoughts and also promote their services and facilities among customers. There are different factors which affect on leadership styles such as external and internal drivers that are described as follows:

Internal factors- Internal factors are associated with different environmental factors in the firm that includes company structure, people, rules and regulations, events, systems which can be control and managed by an organisation. Along with this, SWOT analysis help in understanding the major impacts which are as under:



Leaders are adopting and using some leadership by which they can manage and maintain people functions and activities in proper manner. They are motivating and encouraging employees for doing effective working performance within an organisation. Also they can help in achieving desired goals and targets.

In Hilton hotel, the main weak point is this they have poor coordination of work among employees and management teams. this will directly affect on business operations and its functions.



They need to gain opportunities which related to culture and this will assist in achieving potential goals and targets. This will help in creating company structure and maintaining coordination among workers.

The culture firm is very difficult to adopt and used by company employees because this will directly affect on their relation.

External factors -
This will consist with different factors which occur outside of the firm and such can beyond the control by an organisation. It includes customers, rivals, technologies, political, economy which directly affect on firm operations (Carrington, Deppeler and Moss, 2010). There are certain external factors which are as follows:

Political factors- There are various government policies, taxation, rules and regulations which influence the business operations and function in effective manner. There are various modifications while government adopt new changes in the country.

Economical factors- It includes inflation, variation in economy rate, growth rate which change according to the environment so that company can easily developing and making strategies for the nation people.

Social factors- In this, customers taste and preferences are always change so firm have adopt new policies and strategies for fulfilling all needs and demand of their buyers in proper manner.

Technological factors- there are various changes which are associated with technologies so that firm need to adopt latest technique and methods which help them in enhancing their profitability and productivity in better manner.

P3 Evaluate measures which minimise the negative effect of changes

An organisation can try to reaching with best possible results and always get success for determining the effective techniques and methods in better manner. They are mainly concentrate on various measures which main motive is to reducing the negative factor while using changes in the firm (Doppelt, 2017). For measuring in company help in elimination mainly negative factors and also effectively run the business which make appropriate environment. Hilton hotel is the one of the most famous hotel which provides different effective services and facilities to their guests. There are certain measures which are discussed as under:

            Training- it is the major key which help them in increasing their employee's skills and abilities so that they are able to gain desired goals and targets of the organisation. Leaders should manage and maintain their team members for performing well. these are such techniques and methods which can used by firm because this will assist in identify occurring issues and problem in the company.

            Research and development - in an organisation, research and development will play an essential role for analysing and examine external market situation (Fagerström and Salmela, 2010). along with this, Hilton hotel also adopting this research and development method for measuring various factors such as current market trends, customers preferences, competitors planning, etc. this will help in analysing and examining the buyers taste and choice and also define the strong rivals which develop better strategies for attracting their customers.

            Technologies- it is very essential factors which directly affect on measuring the changes as per the environmental situations and condition. An organisation can identifying and find new techniques and methods adopting and using manufacturing services and goods in better manner. Hilton mainly considers the new techniques and creative technologies according to the needs and requirements so that customers can satisfy.

            Managing relationship among staff members- it is best and effective method which helps in making strong relationship with their customers. Company can improve their business operation and functions within an organisation. Company managers of Hilton hotel make sure regarding making strong relationship and create peace system for managing manpower.

Lewin's Change Management Model:

            This model is developed by Psychologist Kurt Lewin in 1950s. According to this model, organisation employees have to accept changes for company betterment. The description of this model is described as under:

            Unfreeze stage – It is the first stage of transition which is one of the most critical stage in whole procedure of change management. In this, staff members will understand and evaluate that firm is going to make proper changes and alterations in working and they have to accept this.

            Change stage – In this, employees are moving from old to new direction for gaining better learning and make improvement themselves. It is very complex for employees is to accept new structure of management but company manager help them in clearing their doubts and provide them right direction to done proper work.

            Refreeze stage – In this last stage, changes has been implemented and staff member should carry out these things. It is required for respective firm is to advise their employees for make proper guidance, arrangement, monitor, evaluation and adjustment. It can be done as per the updated and new technology which assist in gaining appropriate results or outcomes.

M2 Change management model

Hilton hotel are adopting Lewis change management model for using different changes in an organisation which includes unfreeze, change and refreeze. it is first stage which change the manpower and them developing and making required modification. The model help organisation in developing and making employees for accept such changes. With this model, company can make changes and alterations in business structure and operations effectively. Also they are

Task 3

P4 Various barriers for change and how they impact leadership decision making

Changes and alteration should be necessary in each company and it is very essential to determining the various changes factors so that company can survive in the competitive world. Along with this, changes are always carrying out various types of issues and problems within an enterprise (Fullan, 2014). This can be said that changes is something where firm venture which bring out effectiveness and comprehensive environment at work place. its is responsible for making and creating disputes and conflicts while running smooth functioning of the business. Hilton accept changes for determining the motivational methods and techniques so that it is essential for conducting training and development program for increasing their staff members and this will help in enhancing company profitability and productivity in effective manner.

There are certain issues and barriers which directly affect on leadership decision making that are as follows:

            Lack of effective communication- it is the fact that issues and problems are occurs within an organisation so there can be any reason behind it which can directly affect on business operations and functions. It is necessary for communicating to their staff employees and provides effective data and information which make decision. Company manager have develop and make while adopting and using new changes so that it is simple or easy for any kind of situation in an org