The Developing Manager of Hilton

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Question :

The director of the organization wants to hire the best candidates for the position of trainee manager. Thus, it is required for all the candidates to carry out a self-assessment to analyze their potential skills and capabilities. Kindly do answer all the learning outcomes mentioned below: -

  • Analyze different practices of management behavior and its principle.
  • Determine and evaluate own potential skills and capabilities for the position of trainee manager.
  • Evaluate requirement of specific managerial skills within Hilton for the position of trainee manager.
  • Analyze how to create a career development plan for a trainee manager by the Hilton.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Hilton


Developing manager plays a very important role in companies activities as they are effectively taking place or not. Their are various management functions which are managed by manager includes planning, organising, staffing, directing and controlling (Arnold and Boggs, 2015). They bring out the talent of their workers and analyse their knowledge and skills within the working environment. Manager also organise the session of training and development for developing workers abilities among employees. It will aid in accomplishing their work within the limited time period. In this assignment, it involve the comparison within Hilton and J.W. Marriott management styles. In this, also understand the characteristics of leadership within the workplace along with that also analyse my own personal SWOT for knowing my own strength and weaknesses for developing my potential and prepared a career development plan.


1.1 Compare different styles of management


It defines as an managing of all the functions of enterprise like as planning, organising, staffing, directing and controlling in an effective way for accomplishing goals and objectives of business (Baharorn, Deraman and Hamdan, 2016).

Autocratic style is used by J.W. Marriott within their workplace. In this, managers do not involve their employees at the time of taking decisions as they do not involve them in taking ideas and suggestions as well. In this management style, superiors are having all the control as well as authority of taking decisions.

Hilton hotel is adopting a democratic style of management within their working environment. In this, managers collect the feedbacks of their workers. They believes in delegating their authorities to them. It makes a effective communication within management and workers. Superior always listen to their workers before taking any management decision.


J.W. Marriott (Autocratic style)

Hilton (Democratic style)


This management style help company in taking a fast decisions, as it is very easy to learn, control an making work process more efficient

it aid in achieving higher level of employees satisfaction and enhance the morale and motivation of employees. it help in solving complex problem easily and so on.


It increase the staff turnover rate, it makes the employees dependent on their leaders and work burden is shifted on higher authorities.

This management style is very much time consuming. it also increase uncertainties and less & shower consistent of towards decision making


In this, higher authorities of the hotel are main contributor.

In this, managers and employees both are having a main contributor within the workplace of Hilton.

1.2 Characteristics of leadership manager within Hilton


Superior with better quality of leader will aid in effective management of employees. It consists emotional stability, self-assurance and enthusiasm. According to Hilton, managers have to maintain stability within their emotions as they cannot show frustration and stress. They have to show self-assurance as they should not over react by mistakes and failures (Billings and Halstead, 2015). Some of better leadership quality are given below:

  • Problem-solving: Superior have to identify all the issues within workplace as well as resolve them effectively which take place in Hilton. It is the duty of leader to take a ethical method for resolving issues.
  • Communication: It is very essential for every leaders to have a good skills of communication within themselves. Superior have to communicate the duties of employees in an effective manner along with this they also have to listen their workers properly within the company. Leaders should be aware of all the communication process like as non-verbal, oral and so on.
  • Motivation and performance: Leader should have the ability of motivating their employees for giving their best within workplace. They have to inspire their workers for enhancing the level of productivity. It will aid in increase the performance of each employees by encouraging them to give their best in their work.

Styles of leadership

  • Autocratic style: In this, managers to not involve their employees at the time of making decisions. Along with this they do not take their workers views as well as ideas. It will help in taking a quick decisions but it also demotivate to their employees.
  • Democratic style: In this leadership style, they involve employees before taking a final decisions. It help in making relations with their team members in an effective way. It is very much time consuming.

1.3 Process of communication


It is the process of understanding as well as conveying of information from one people to others within Hilton Hotel. It is the way where message are getting exchange among each other by using gestures, symbols and behaviour (De Massis and Kotlar, 2014).

Process of communication

Hilton is adopting the process of communication which is explained below with the help of given diagram:

(Source: Process of communication)

In this communication process, it starts with the source of sending a message within the Hilton Hotel by using telephone. Then it encode the message in an effective manner so that other person can able to understand in an same manner. After this, it transmit through the channel that information reach to the person. Then, the message is decode by the receiver and understand sender message. At last, they analyse whole communication process in which they conforms the result of communication.

Types of communication

Their are several kinds of communication which are as follows:

Verbal communication: In this, communication is taking place within the business by using smartphones and many others. This has been sub categorised into three forms which are as follows:

  • Oral: It is the communication which take place by using mobile phones which is mainly used by each companies. It can be accomplished through conference call and so on (Fulford and Standing, 2014).
  • Visual: In this, it is the form of communication by using videos or pictures. As they exchange their views and ideas by using power point presentation within the organisation. e.g. images, videos etc.
  • Written: In this, it is the way of communicating in a written form. By using e-mails and many other sources. In this, they write a information and sent it to other people.

(Source: Types of communication, 2017)

Non-verbal communication: It is a very effective way of communicating. It involves appearance of tone voice, body language, gestures, facial expression and many more.

Barriers of communication

Their are various kinds of barriers take place at the time of communicating information within workplace (Hunt and Weintraub, 2016). Their are various types of barriers which are listening, physical, cultural, organisational, channel, barriers at the time of speaking and many others which take place while communicating but Hilton is using a effective communication for removing all these barriers.

Hilton Hotel is using a non-verbal and verbal both forms of communication to influence their peoples. It will aid in removing the barriers of communication at the time of exchanging information with each other. They are also using effective process of communication within the working environment.

1.4 Organisational change and culture

Organisation structure

It defines that how function of companies like as supervision, coordination and task allocation are directed for meeting the purpose of company. Some of different companies structure which are as follows:

Line organisation: It is the oldest and simplest form of company structure. In this, authority flows vertically as well as directly from the higher level of managerial hierarchy (La Porta and Shleifer, 2014). They clearly find out authority, accountability and responsibility at every level.

  • Advantages: It is very easy to understand, it makes the communication easy and fast, there are fixed responsibilities at every level and many more.
  • Disadvantages: This structure is inflexible and rigid, it is likely to motivate nepotism, they do not give rewards to their good employees etc.

Functional organisation: It is refers to the company which divide their activities in different departments like as sales, finance, production and many more and each function is perform by experts.

  • Advantages: Specialisation have to lead for standardisation and mass manufacturing, having enough time for planning, innovative thinking and many more.
  • Disadvantages: In this, there are no manager to control their employees, coordinate is very hard to meet, discipline is also hard to maintain etc.

Hilton hotel is adopting the functional structure within their organisation as they make divisions of all the department for accomplishing all the activities properly within the workplace.

Organisation culture

It is the values and behaviour which contributes to different social as well as psychological environment of an organisation (Loufrani-Fedida and Missonier, 2015). It involve philosophy which hold together, expectations, experiences and values.

Factors that impact on change within organisational culture

Their are various factors that gave effect on companies culture are nature of enterprise, principles of top leadership, organisation work ambiance, policies and values, recruitment and selection, external parties and so on.

For overcoming with all these impact of these factors Hilton hotel has implemented the Handy’s four cultural types which are:

  • Power: In this, it control radiates from centre as well as focus on few powers. Power is having little bureaucracy long with few rules. Along with this swift decisions are possible.

(Source: Handy’s four types of culture)

  • Role: In this culture, persons are clearly delegating the authorities which defines the structure, power derives the position of people and little scope exists for experts power.
  • Task: In this, groups are made for solving specific issues, power derives from experts for long time according to their needs, there is n single source of power. In this, team develop their own objectives (.Scerri and Holden, 2014).
  • Person: In people culture, it believes on themselves to manage their business which is common in company of professionals like as lawyers and accountants. Power is having in each group of individual.

Organisation change

It is the process of making changes within companies strategies, technologies, culture, processes, procedure and its impact of changes on the companies.

Types of organisation change

In this, there are different kinds of changes which take place within the workplace of Hilton Hotel. Their are various changes drivers like as food, democracy, legislative activities etc. which lead to companies change within the business. It is important to identify these factors for implementing changes as per latest trends for being in market for a long time. So, Hilton hotel consider all this changes for achieving their targets and objectives (Stol and Fitzgerald, 2014).


2.1 My own skills of management


Current Level

Best Current e.g.


Methods to Improve

Communication Skills



Clayton Crown Hotel is a very famous hotel in London. I need to posses proper skills of communication, so, that I can provide services efficiently and effectively.

Conferences as well as seminars by which I can able to improve my skills of communication.

Leadership Skills



Directing as well as guiding to employees by giving proper information and instruction about the targets and goals.

Finding out the points where employees are lacking and give them proper ways.

Planning & Organising



Informing workers about techniques by which I can able to achieve targets within the given period of time.

Through taking different opinion from managers, I can able to conduct the activities of enterprise in an effective way.

Problem Solving



I can easily evaluate the problems which are faced by their employees. So, that I can able to provide proper solutions of the problems.

Through listening to employees issues as well as give them various suggestions, I can improve my problem solving skills.



I am having proper ability to regulate and control the activities of business, as I can take a support of consultancy organisation.

Applying latest tools & techniques. So, that system can function their activities effectively.

Personal development plan




I make my day to day plan. So, that I can achieve my aims as well as targets effectively.

Through making a effective personal development plan. So, that I can meet my targets or goals within a limited time period.

Team work



I am having an ability of working in groups or teams. By coordinating my efforts for accomplishing targets properly.

It can improve it by understanding the advantages of team working as well as connecting with their team members.

Technical Skills



Internet is a source for increasing my abilities and skills. So, that I can easily accomplishing firms activities in an effectively manner.

There are different websites of educational by which I can easily enhance my knowledge.

2.2 Personal SWOT Analysis

It is an effective tools which aid in knowing my own weakness and strength which will gave influence on my performance (Tille, 2015). By finding out my own strengths for using the opportunities for career growth by increasing knowledge and skills. Weakness as well as threats are also identify so that it should not gave impact on their performance. My own SWOT Analysis for proper activities management of Clayton Crown Hotel which is given below:




  • I can able to enhance the morale along with this makes me feel dedicated towards the assigned responsibilities.
  • I can easily able to maintain better relationship within workers as well as communicating proper information to their team members.
  • My leadership skills help me in managing all the activities effectively within teams.



  • If I didn't get the positive workplace then it gave impact on my performance.
  • I cant able to manage lots of work at a same time.
  • It is difficult for me to learn about new technologies fastly. As it gave effect on my work performance.




  • I can easily able to gain and acknowledge experience at the time of dealing with practical situations. .
  • Applying latest techniques within organisation. In order to produce innovative and creative goods.
  • Making relationship as well as communicating with employees which aid me in increasing performance level as well as resolving all problems within a span of time.


  • Career planning is not done effectively which gave impact on companies competitors.
  • It gave impact on my work if there are various issues and disputes within company as well as management is not resolving their issues on time.




2.3 Prioritise and set targets & objectives to develop own potential

Setting targets and aims for the future plan can assist one in developing and managing growth in Clayton Crown Hotel in an significant manner. Time scheduling according to the requirement of skills is essential to attain the objectives according to the requirements of one. As per my SWOT analysis, this is significant for me to determine my future objectives and targets in order t6o achieve them within certain time period. Their are some of my weakness which I want to improve within myself and for that I have to set my targets as well as objectives for enhancing my own potential which are Resistance to change, flexibility and time management skills. For setting my objectives and targets I am using SMART objective which are as follow:

  • For adopting change I will take the sessions of training and development for learning about new technologies and enhance my technical skills within 3 months.
  • I will make my self adjustable with working environment within 2 months.
  • I will improve my time management skills within 30 Days.


3.1 Motivate and lead teams to meet set objectives or targets


In this, more than one person work together within group for meeting specific goals and targets is known as teams (Waterstram-Rich and Gilmore, 2016).

The purpose of making teams within Frankie & Benny's restaurant is to give a proper outline of work for enhancing the skills and abilities of workers to take part in decision making, problem solving and planning to serve their customers effectively.

Roles of Managerial skills within teams for achieving targets and objectives

  • Motivating and leading staff: Frankie & Benny's restaurant lead as well as encourage their team for increasing their productivity in an effective way. Organisation is using Hierarchy of Maslow's needs as it will aid in motivating them for achieving the set goals.
  • Team building: Managers have to make different teams for various work. They have to make relations with their employees for effective accomplishing of team work in an adequate way.
  • Group dynamics: A sound understanding and consideration of group dynamic plays vital role Frankie and Benny's Restaurant by assisting in successful management of communication and team working. An effective good dynamic exists within team to achieve common goals and objectives and to attain standard objectives set through team.
  • Effective or ineffective teams: Groups of Frankie & Benny's restaurant should be very effective that persons will coordinate with one another in an proper manner.

Motivating team members

In order to motivate their team members for meeting objectives are they have to provide rewards like as certificate etc., praise them for doing a good work, managers of company should not punish the failure they can just motivate them for accomplish a better work.

3.2 Managerial decisions support in meeting targets

Frankie & Benny's restaurant should support the decisions of achieving goals and objectives in an effective manners (The Role of the Manager in Performance Management, 2016). Some of responsibilities of managers of the company are as follows:

  • Customer service: Managers should have proper knowledge of their goods and services which are given to their customers. In order to develop the goods and services as per their needs and demands effectively.
  • Decision making: Managers have an responsibilities of taking a effective decisions of operational control, strategies, planning, delegation, empowerment and problem solving. These all the factors are very important within the workplace. So, they have to take effective decisions of all the factors.
  • Effective working relations: Managers of Frankie & Benny's restaurant should have responsibility of maintaining a effective relations with managers, stakeholders, employees, peers and so on.


4.1 My own personal and management skills will support career development

Career development plan

In order to make a career development plan they have to set long as well as short term targets that workers have to achieve in their current as well as future jobs & it is a sequence of informal and formal experiences which help employees in meeting their goals (While and et. al., 2014).

Personal development

It covers the functions that enhance the identification as well as awareness for developing potential and talents, facilitate employability, building human capital, increasing life quality and contribute to realization of motivating and dreams (Yoder-Wise, 2014).

Review of personal and career development needs

It is require for effective management of organisation activities it will aid in developing individual as well as career growth. It will gave advantages in both company and individual person.

My own skills of management and personal for career development

There are two types skills which support in the growth of career development are as follows:

Managerial skills

In this there are various different theories of managerial skills for developing career are:

  • Communication: I can able to make effective way of communication with my employees at the time of providing duties to them. I have to make proper communication for eliminating barriers.
  • Thinking: Before taking any decision I analyse all the situation effectively and then find out solution of every problem.

Personal skills

Some of my own personal skills which are as follows:

  • Attitude: I have an positive attitude towards every situation take place within the company. So that I can easily able to handle the situation effectively.
  • Behaviour: I should not get angry and I have to hide my emotions within the workplace and behave properly with my team members.

4.2 Review of making a career development plan













Communication skills

I am having a better communication skills but it makes me difficult sometimes while interacting with new person.

Target is that I have ti enhance my skills of communication.

If I able to resolve by interacting skills then it will aid in developing an opportunity for me.

Peer, subordinates and family members can judge my success.

2 months


Time management

If I am having lots of work then it makes be difficult to manage all the task within same time.

My targets is to learn how to manage time effectively.

It will able to enhance myself and meet by goals properly.

It can be judge by my family and manager.

15 Days


Skills linked to leadership

I am having very poor skills of leadership.

Targets is to enhance my skills of leadership.

I can get the opportunity of leader if I will learn it effectively.

It can judge by my team.

3 months


As per above report it has been concluded that their should be proper management within each other for enhancing skills and abilities effectively. This will aid in knowing the roles and responsibilities of an team leaders. It is necessary to know their own strength and weaknesses for achieving goals and targets effectively within a short span of time. In this, also prepared a career development plan for enhancing current and future growth as well. Their are various different various to motivate and lead team members properly are motivating, communicating, group dynamics and many more. In this, also analysed own managerial and personal skills for developing within the growth career properly. Also discuss the Handy’s culture which is divided into four parts of culture. Along with this also understand about leadership styles of two different companies.

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