Different Approaches To Performance Management


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Today in rapid changing world, it becomes necessary for every individual to develop skills and knowledge. It will aid in developing a career in particular field and gaining high opportunities for future growth. In context with HR managers of a company, main responsibility of them is to collaborate and coordinate team members to function with each other. Present report is based on Whirlpool which is a multinational production and marketer firm of electronic home appliance (Goetsch and Davis, 2014). In assignment knowledge, skills and behaviour that HR professional need to posses to manage workforce is stated. Learning and development, continuous learning and professional development are factors which are analysed by HR for sustainable business performance. Contribution of HPW system in employee engagement and competitive advantage also highlighted in present report. Besides this, performance management approaches are used by HR to support high performance culture and commitment i.e. also described in report.


P1 Knowledge, skills and behaviours that are required by HR professionals

HR professional role in organisation is to develop system for achievement of business objectives and goals. Their responsibility is to utilise subordinates properly by talent management practise which help them to retain skilled and competent people for longer time. In context with Whirlpool, which serve its products worldwide. So, it is essential for this company to conduct business activities in collaborative manner with other outlets. Thus, this is description of knowledge, skills and behaviour that HR professional require are mentioned below:

HR professional knowledge: HR professional require to have knowledge to design system and conduct business activities in order to achieve business objectives and goals. Thus, these are knowledge that HR of Whirlpool should have stated below:

  • Administration and management: HR professional need to have knowledge about principles about business to make strategic plan for firm. Along this, they even require to use rules while allocation of resources, production methods, human resource modelling and for coordination of people (Hawkins, 2017). In Whirlpool, HR considers management principles while formulating policies and for utilising resources efficiently. This help them to provide quality home appliances to buyers to enhance firm's image and reputation in market.
  • Government law: HR require to have knowledge about legal code, rules and regulations of government to formulate appropriate strategies for company. It is necessary that organisation activities are conducted in legal manner (Hoda and Murugesan, 2016). For this, HR professional of Whirlpool consider authorities laws and codes while framing of policies. Thus, team members get appropriate working environment and facilities which make them dedicated towards company.

HR professional skills: It is necessary that HR have capability to manage and direct subordinates to perform tasks effectively. Henceforth, these are skills that HR professional of Whirlpool should have, described beneath:

  • Communication:HR professional require to have effective interaction ability which help them to function as link between manager and staff members. For this, they need to have good written and oral skills to inform and direct subordinates to perform tasks effectively.  
  • Multi- tasking:HR is area which includes different responsibilities that are to manage manpower for executing business activities in efficient manner. Recruitment, selection, training, development, performance assessment are various tasks which are conducted by HR professional of Whirlpool. This help them to have skilled and competent team members to deliver quality home appliances to buyers (Lowik, Kraaijenbrink, and Groen, 2016).
  • Conflict management and problem solving: In organisation, HR professional require to make subordinates to work in team for enhancing productivity. Whirlpool is multinational firm so it is HR's responsibility to maintain relations with staff members. This help them to timely ascertain issues and difficulties faced by workers, thereby provide them appropriate solutions.

HR professional behaviour: HR professional require to behave friendly with team members to make them dedicated and motivated towards duties. These are various traits which HR professional of Whirlpool require are stated below:

  • Collaborative:Whirlpool is multinational firm which have outlets in different nation. In this, HR responsibility is to make staff members perform tasks in team for completion of business objectives.
  • Decisive thinker: HR need to have capability to quickly understand and analyse business information to make appropriate judgements which are beneficial for company. HR professional of Whirlpool require to have deep and complete knowledge about functioning of system (Heled, Somech and Waters, 2016). Along this, they even need to make recommendations about ways that individuals are made to work in team.

P2 Personal skills audit to develop professional development plan

Personal skills audit refers to activity which is conducted by HR professional to have information about their capabilities. This process helps an individual to have information about skills and knowledge to work in an organisation. Whirlpool is an electronic firm which provide appliances globally so HR need to have ability to manage and collaborate team members work with other outlets. This help HR professional to ascertain their strengths and weaknesses to improve capabilities in order to execute business operations effectively.

  • Strengths: I have good communication skills which help me to direct and make staff members to work in team. This help me to achieve business objectives by providing clarity to subordinates about targets and duties (Rowthorn and Olsen, 2014).
  • Weaknesses: Team includes people which differs with each other in respect to education, background, religion and caste. This affect their behaviour and performance so there are more chances of conflict between staff members. In this, my weakness is related management of team members conflicts to work in coordination.

Professional development plan: It is also referred to as an individual or employee development plan. This is document which is prepared by HR professional with aid of personal skills audit to state business goals and strategy (Baron and Parent, 2015). HR of Whirlpool assess benefits of training and development programs to enhance capabilities. Thus, this is professional development plan which is formulated by HR professional of Whirlpool described below:



Time scale




Team management skill

2 Months

In order to manage and conduct all business activities in given time, I can work under seniors and observe them how they perform their duties. It will aid to reduce my weakness and grow time management skill.  

This help me to maintain interaction with team members to make them perform tasks effectively.   


Multi- tasking

1 Month

For this, I will work under supervision of my seniors and head authorities which provide me guidance to arrange tasks properly.

Plan is prepared by me to carry out activities in systematic order.


Conflict management and problem solving

1 ½ Month

Management books are studies by me to gain information about different concepts and theories.


This help me to have knowledge about requirements of team members to reduce possibilities of conflict.



P3 Difference between organisation and individual learning, training and development

Individual and organisation learning are process which state enhancement of skills and knowledge of a person to work in company. Whirlpool require to have competent and skilled people for execution of business activities and accomplishment of business objectives. For this, HR professional conduct training and development programs to enhance capabilities of staff members to perform tasks effectively.

Individual learning: This concept refers to capability of a person to enhance knowledge and skills to work in company.  For this, reflection in respect to external sources and colleagues with whom they are working in team is best tool for learning and developing capabilities. Thus, an individual gain opportunity to grow in career by utilising business opportunities (Loughry Ohland and Woehr, 2014).

Organisation learning: It is tactic which includes activities that are creation and transfer of knowledge within firm. HR professional require to have sufficient manpower for conduction of business activities and attainment of objectives. This gives opportunity to individuals to get job in respect to their capabilities to utilise theoretical knowledge practically.

Difference between individual and organisation learning:

Individual learning

Organisation learning

In firm, HR conduct learning of new skills, values and norms to enhance abilities of themselves and low perform individual.

HR increase skills and capabilities of people by making them work in team. This help staff members to learn things from their colleagues.  

It is long term tactic in which an individual's capabilities enhance with goal of growing in career (Kiratli and et. al., 2016).

This is a short term process in which skills and knowledge of subordinates are improved to make them perform tasks effectively.


Difference between training and development



It is learning activity which is conducted by HR to enhance skills of new joiners to make them capable to work in organisation. Staff members require to have competency and knowledge to handle and carry out tasks in effective manner.

This is process which HR execute to improve capabilities of subordinate for directing them to create innovative and creative business ideas for growth of business.

HR professional of Whirlpool execute training sessions to make employees familiar with business operations.

This company also provide development classes in order to increase skills of employees so that they can learn how to face future problems.

Training and development are practices which are executed by HR professional of Whirlpool to enhance skills and knowledge of staff members and promote learning of organisation. Sessions and seminars are conducted to improve capabilities of subordinates. Along this, new joiners are familiarise with business so that they carry out tasks in effective manner (Cummings and Worley, 2014).

P4 Need for continuous learning and professional development to drive sustainable business

Continuous learning: It is a learning process which includes improvement and development of skills and knowledge of an individual to adapt changes in organisation. HR professional require to have talented people for execution of business operations effectively. It is necessary for them to have information about capabilities of staff members. This help them to distribute tasks and duties to employees in according to their skills. Thus, continuous learning have required in leading performance and behaviour of an individual, team and organisation is stated below:

  • Boost productivity of employees: HR professional of Whirlpool conduct training and development programs to enhance skills and knowledge of staff members. This help them to have skilled team members which manufacture and provide quality home appliances to buyers. This helps HR to enhance organisation functionality by making employees carry out activities in effective manner (Pangil and Moi Chan, 2014).
  • Prepare subordinates to face future challenges:In Whirlpool, HR professional maintain connection with team members to make them competent to handle complexities. Along this, employees are capable to face difficulties and problems that might occur in future time. Thus, business performance is executed in according to market conditions.
  • Help employees to generate innovative ideas:Development is conducted by HR professional of Whirlpool to increase their ability and skill. This helps them to make subordinates capable to construct creative and unique business ideas for enhancing image and reputation of company. This aid HR to make business performance sustainable by enhancing system.

Professional development plan helps HR to have information about their skills to take development classes to enhance capabilities. Along this, team members abilities are also acknowledge by HR professional of Whirlpool. This helps HR and subordinates to conduct training and development sessions for enhancing organisation functionality. Thus, company have skilled and competent members who conduct business activities in according to conditions of market.


P5 HPW contribution to employee engagement and competitive advantage

High performance work system is modern practices which is executed by HR to have talented staff members (Srivastava and Singh, 2015). Employee training, self-directed team, high pay level and group- based performance pay are activities which help them to retain skilled people for longer time. This helps HR professional to enhance performance of organisation. These are various activities which aid HR professional of Whirlpool to establish competitive advantage are stated beneath:

Training and development: This is effective activity which is conducted by HR to enhance skills and capabilities of staff members to make them perform tasks in creative manner. This help HR professional of Whirlpool to construct competitive advantage by making employees talented and skilled.  

Employee involvement: HR of Whirlpool motivate subordinates by engaging them in decision making process. This help them to make team members dedicated by giving value to their opinions and suggestions. Thus, HR is able to retain skilled and competent people for longer time. This helps them in construction of competitive advantage in respect to rival firms by providing quality home appliances to buyers  (Baron and Parent, 2015).

Team Building: In Whirlpool, HR professional distribute staff members in team for utilisation of resources. It is multinational firm in which employees are made to work in team for delivery of quality products and services to buyers.

Thus, these are practices which help HR of Whirlpool to have competent and talented staff members who can provide quality electronic appliances and services to buyers (Thornton,  2016). This aid them to position firm higher than rival firms by enhancing brand image and market reputation. Team building helps HR to utilise manpower and accomplish business objectives. Along this, superior and subordinates are involved in decision making process to make them dedicated towards job.

Benefits of HPW system on organisation performance are as follows:

  • Increase productivity of workers: Training and development sessions are conducted by HR professional  to enhance capabilities of subordinates. This help them to have skilled and competent people which perform tasks effectively. This help them to make members to conduct activities in team for production of quality home appliances (Hoda and Murugesan, 2016).
  • Enhance goodwill of firm: Whirlpool has good brand image and reputation in market which is due to delivery of quality electronic appliances to people. This is possible as HR involve team members in decision-making process. This help them to make changes in system and conduct business activities in respect to rival firms.

P6 Evaluate different approaches to performance management

Performance management is an activity which is carried out by HR to improve and promote effectiveness of staff members (Goetsch and Davis, 2014). The main purpose behind implementation of performance management technique in workplace of Whirlpool is to compare actual results with standard to gain information about need of improvement in abilities of subordinates. Besides this, HR also take feedback from employees to have information about their opinions and suggestions in respect to effectiveness of their performance. This help them to have talented staff which are committed to perform tasks effectively. Hence, this is performance management approaches which is stated below:

Collaborative working: In organisation, people are made to work in team for proper utilisation of resources and timely accomplishment of business objectives. HR professional responsibility is to coordinate subordinates to work with each other in order to deliver quality products and services to people. Whirlpool is multinational firm, so HR duty is to  collaborate working of all branches for proper utilisation of resources.

Different performance measurement approaches:

  • Comparative approach:This tactic is used by HR professional to compare performance of an individual with other team members.  Ranking, forced distribution and paired comparison are different methods which help HR to evaluate working of employees. For this, high and low performers are ascertained for enhancing business productivity by training staff members (Hawkins, 2017).  
  • Attribute approach: It is another concept which help HR professional to focus on traits and characteristics of subordinates to direct them to execute activities for success of firm. All individuals require to have motivation and dedication to perform tasks for timely completions of targets. In this, HR duty is to provide guidance and lead team members to work in coordination.  
  • Behavioural approach:It is technique which is used by HR to rank subordinate in respect to their performance. For this, behaviourally anchored rating scale (BARS) tool is used which includes five to ten vertical scales. Thus, HR professional gain information about subordinates behaviour influence on their work in team and organisation.
  • Result approach:This is tactic in which HR rate employees in respect to their outcomes and performance. Balance scorecard is technique which help them to assess results of members on criteria that are financial, customer, internal & operations and learning & growth.
  • Quality approach: It is concept which comprises HR focus on making improvement in system for reduction of errors, thereby satisfy customers. For this, feedback from manager, subordinates and buyers help them to get information about quality of system and products. Thus, Kaizen is process which is adopted to make changes for improvement of business processes (Hoda and Murugesan, 2016).

HR professional of Whirlpool uses comparative approach to motivate employees by giving recognition to high performers. Besides this, result tactic is used to have knowledge about outcomes of subordinates to conduct training programmes for development of their skills and knowledge. Thus, company have talented team members which perform tasks effectively and help HR in attainment of business objectives.


As per above report, it can be concluded that HR professional should have good communication skills which help them to manage manpower. Besides this, government laws and management principles knowledge aid them to execute business activities effectively. Collaborative behaviour which aid HR to make members to work in team. Personal skills audit is uses to formulate professional development plan about skills. Individual learning is process in which person develop capabilities, while organisation learning benefits subordinates to work in team. Training is process which help in enhancement of competencies and development in growth of theoretical abilities. Continuous learning, professional development, HPW system helps in sustainable business performance. Comparative and result approach of performance measurement are used by HR professional to measure performance of each employee. It also helps in evaluating contribution of workers in achievement of business objectives.

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