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The most important asset of any organisation is human resource. The individuals that work in an entity play an essential role in ensuring that business grows, succeeds, sustains and accomplishes the targets pre decided by the association. Human resource management is the term used for planning, organising, evaluating, controlling and monitoring the people of an entity in a manner such that their behavioural pattern is aligned towards the realisation of goals. In the fasting changing and evolving world, it is imperative that business focuses upon the “people” aspect of operations. Maintaining the quality of employees in workforce is a key element for the success of any organisation. HRM is that branch of management that deals with recruitment, selection, training and development of personnel of an entity. This phenomenon ensures that any employee who is part of the organisation works in an effective and efficient manner that is directed towards the organisational goal and makes sure that that the task assigned is completed in a timely manner. General Motors is a automotive company that is involved in manufacturing, designing and distribution of cars and trucks all across the globe. Employees play the major role in this company as this organisation highly employs automation, technology and innovation so as to meet the latest needs and requirements of people in present world. HR department of company is responsible for effectively handling the employees of organisation.

The HR department of General Motors manage a number of tasks ranging from employee training and development to rewards and recognition. A human resource manager need to possess a variety of skills to effectively and efficiently run an organisation. It is  required by HR department to possess knowledge about various aspects of employee handling like employment laws, retention, employee development, performance review and succession planning. Considering the first component, employment laws reflects the practices in relation to workplace conduct as well as reward systems. It lays down the rules and regulations about issues faced in employment like discrimination, stereotyping, unfair rewards or behaviour etc. Retention is concerned with holding onto the skilled, knowledgeable and competent employees in organisation by providing them monetary or non-monetary benefits and recognition. Employee development is equipping personnel with the required education and training so that they can effectively carry out the tasks. It can also be referred to as the induction provided to new employees. Performance review is concerned with written evaluation of performance of employees on regular basis so as to gain information about the extent to which employee has succeeded in accomplishing the task. Lastly, succession planning is another means adopted by HR manager to ascertain the strengths and weaknesses of employee. HR department is responsible for taking care of all these aspects so as to ensure that the performance of employees is closely linked to the long term goal of company.

General Motors being an automotive company is highly dependable upon the employees to carry out the tasks related to manufacturing and designing of vehicles and its parts. The HR department of the organisation realises that it is essential to invest a huge amount on conducting training and development of employees so that engineers and developers are equipped with the required skills. Also, training and development programme is carried out so that employees learn the manner to behave in an organisational context. This is done with the aim to communicate to personnel the way of performing in an effective and efficient manner so as to ensure that goals are achieved in the due course of time. But it can also be said that investing a huge amount on induction and development of personnel can, at times, not yield the desired results. This happens in case that employee is not satisfied with the working conditions, co-workers, rewards and recognition offered by management. Also, this can take place if the employee does not have a cordial relationship with the manager. The most important asset of the company to run a business is cash. If funds of an entity are invested upon something that does not yield the desired and timely result, it can hamper the financial planning of entity.

Any entity that wishes to attain a strategic edge in market needs to carry out an in-depth research of the behavioural pattern of employees. This is done with an aim to gain an insight into the behavioural characteristics, skills, competence and knowledge of personnel. Also, HR manager of General Motors is required to ascertain their personal and organisational needs as well as the ways to fulfil the same. By determining the individual needs and requirements of workforce, HR manager can develop ways of influencing employees with the help of monetary and non-monetary rewards. In General Motors, HR department uses Total Reward Model as a strategy to direct the behaviour of employees towards long term business goal. This model consists of six elements to attract, engage, motivate and retain the talented and competent workforce of General Motors. These six components are, namely, compensation, benefit, work-life effectiveness, recognition, performance management and talent development. In relation to compensation, the HR manager ensures that employees get a fair pay for the services rendered to entity in terms of time, skills, competence and efforts. This includes both variable and fixed pay which is closely linked with the performance level of employees. Benefits are basically concerned with the programmes arranged by employer in addition to salary received by employees. These basically include  savings and retirement programmes, health insurance and income protection which renders safety and security to employees and their families.

Work-life effectiveness is concerned with the set of policies  and practices adopted by HR manager of General Motors that emphasize upon providing support to employees so that they can achieve the targets timely. Recognition can be the formal or informal arrangements made by company to give special rewards or acclaim the outstanding performers of entity in front of whole organisation which acts as a motivation tool for them to continue the same performance in future. Directing the individual, team or organisational behaviour and efforts towards the realisation of long term goal of company by setting performance standards, taking regular feedbacks, demonstrating skills and assessing performance of workforce is termed as performance management. Often, HR managers also engage in talent development by providing the opportunities for employees to enhance their skills as well as knowledge for their short term growth and long term career enhancement.

As General Motors selects and hires only skilled and competent candidates to be a part of the engineering and developers team of entity, it is required that HR manager develop strategies so as to handle, train and develop these employees. This is done in such a manner that they possess knowledge about their job role along with the skills and competence required for the same.

Human resource management refers to a process which involves recruitment, hiring, selecting and management of employees of a business concern. Every organisation uses a varied or different process to employ and manage human resource. Flexibility, work life balance maintenance and creation and diversity in working culture are important factors that affect working practices of HRM in General Motors. Flexibility  refers to a practice of making new changes in working conditions of an employee as well as as employee so that they can achieve better results whether it is in individual context or firm's context. It helps both employee and employer to benefit from changes or variations in time, working location and type of conditions in which an employee works. This can be brought into practice only when it is mutually accepted and beneficial to both employee and employer. There are two types of flexibility policies formal and informal. Formal flexibility  refers to policies that are “officially approved human resources policies as well as any official practices that provide discretion and regulations to supervisors for effective functioning. Managers of General motors provide freedom of choosing working hours to its employees as per their convenience , only limitation set is that they have to complete a total of at least 8 hours in week days while for weekends they have a choice to choose between work from home or office premises. It reduces absenteeism and also promotes work culture and timely completion of work. Employees  receive enough time to complete their personal tasks due to which while working their focus does not get diverted and they are able to concentrate on given tasks.

Another important aspect of HRM  is work life balance which is difficult to maintain in today's fast growing environment where due to technology everybody is easily accessible 24*7.  It refers to an idea or  concept where a person is able to devise time and efforts both personal life as well as professional life. There is a very common saying that goes well in this context '' All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy''. Work life can be balanced  by assessing the nature and scale of any task so that a proper evaluation is done on how much time to invest on given task and after this employee also finds time for his own personal life.  For maintaining healthy relationships, it is very essential that balance between personal life and professional life is maintained.  It helps to reduce stress and other health issues, increases productivity, people get more chances to engage in work life and personal life.  Diversity refers to a mix of gender, race, age, culture, lifestyle etc. These are basic building blocks of an organisation. It helps in promoting acceptance , respect and team participation. It helps in increasing creativity and innovation by appointing new staff members who are more aware about recent trends and technology. It also helps in increasing productivity, growth rate and performance of any business concern as it has varied amount of skills and new ideas and enough experienced staff who can work on implementing new techniques and strategies for development. It helps to build a better brand image and helps in growth of a company's reputation in the competitive market. It also reduces language barriers and cultural differences prevailing in an organisation that wishes to expand its working on a multi national level as it has people who are ready to adapt to new environment and new technology. Employees are more motivated and comfortable working in an environment where every employee is treated on an equal basis.

Importance of HR department in the corporation Sample

There are various advantages of developing diversity at workplace such as increased amount of skills and talents are available to General motors as people from different backgrounds join an organisation and they have varied amount of skills and talent from which others can learn. It also helps in bringing new ideas and innovation in a business concern. Fresh talent employees may be good at providing ideas and experienced people have skills to put it into action. Language barriers and cultural differences  are eliminated by bringing about diversity in workforce  by employing employees who are able to communicate in different languages so that business can be expanded globally. It helps in increasing growth of an organisation due to inclusiveness of diversity, candidates get attracted towards working culture of an organisation.  It helps employees to be retained for a longer period of time in an organisation and helps in further promoting equality. It aid GM in promoting employees' performance and improves their quality of work as they are happy and content working in an organisation that promotes the idea of equality in working conditions and employee's status.Get Disseration writing service By experts at affordable prices.


By making this essay on contribution of HRM practices and challenges faced by human resource managers in getting retention of employees and managing workplace. It explores various aspects of business such as importance of diversity and its impact on policies and decision making processes. Furthermore, here factors like role of flexibility, work-life balance  in increasing efficiencies of business also elaborated in deep manner. Before developing this essay, I have made a proper plan to discover key concepts and terminology in human resource management. Furthermore, I also want to identify role of HR managers in managing workplace and dealing with changing nature of workplace. Another purpose of making this report is to analyse the cause of discrimination in employment as well as nature of developing policies and practices related to equal opportunities.  The development of this essay has given me a chance to understand process of organisation behind managing workforce. I have evaluated various concepts about recruitment process. This would help me to become an effective HR manager in an organisation by using effective recruit employees and retain them.

In my limited experience, I have elaborated a range of HRM professionals in organisation where they play an important role in managing and developing a workforce. Through this essay, it has discovered that human resource management includes a function of four variables- ability, role perceptions, motivation and situational contingencies. In this regard, strategic management of workplace refers to a primary goal of any HRM practices. It helps in increasing efficiencies of various HRM practices,  of the organisation to provide a proper output. EU Law is considered to be an integral part of any organisation and I have understood the importance of it in the organisation. EU laws provide security and safety to the employees and employers of every organisation. It helps in maintaining a proper environment in the organization by abiding the laws and legislation. HR Practices is very essential for any organisation as it helps the organisation to develop an employee base of good potentials and skilled labours. This helps the organisation in developing a productive base that improvises on the performance of the company. Human resource practices are important towards the development of organisation in every aspect. Diversity Management is another area that requires immense focus and a strategic approach towards the expansion of business in different departments. However, I have realised that initiating a diversity approach management is not possible for small or medium sized organisation since it requires a stronger base of employees and a good performance level. Talent Management reviews the performance of every employee monthly to ensure that they are maintaining the criteria of their goal. It helps the organisation to maintain their standard and quality. In addition to this,if an employee’s performance is below the average criteria, the employee gets training to improve the performance. Recruitment strategy is essential for the organisation towards developing a proper an employee base. I have identified that through discussion that recruitment follows internal and external process of recruiting candidates based on their educational qualification, skills and experience. It provides ample opportunity for the organisation to identify appropriate candidates for the post that they are hiring based on their profile.

Based on the discussion, I believe that implementing certain strategies can help the human resource management to ease the business operation.Integrating appropriate European Union law has already helped the organisation in developing a niche working environment for the employees by providing them with proper benefits and remuneration. However, there are employees in the organisation that are not able to meet the deadline and hence it affects the overall performance of the organisation. Under such circumstances, the organisation has to bear the cost of providing training to the employee which is performance improvement plan. Thorough this organisation can enhance the credential of the employees and provide them with proper objectives and agenda. On the other hand talent management are there to review the performance of the employees and report them by discussing their flaws. This concept sometimes demotivates the employees and slowly affects the performance level of the respective organisation as well. Based on the conditions, I believe bringing certain changes to the organisation’s human resource management can help the organisation to maintain a smooth process to review their candidates and improve their efficiency to enter diversity management approach to improvise the functions in the organisation. I believe that implementing performance improvement plan for a set of employees who have performed below the average level. This can help the organisation to reduce the cost on initiating the training for a single candidate and focus on a group of candidate and improve their efficiency in the organisation. In addition to this, I believe that external sources of recruitment are considered to be the best because even if it cost too much for the organisation, they are able to recruit many employees at minimal cost.

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