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In the modern era, human resource development is an important aspect to make the organisation successful. It is the major responsibility of human resources that they have to manage all the activities in organisation effectually. The human resource department has to make so many plans for company as well as for employees so that they can achieve success in the long run.

Present report is based on Sainsbury which is the largest supermarket in retail sector of UK that provides various products and services to customers. Further, it also tells about various learning styles and role of learning curve which help employees to do their work properly (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014). Moreover, different training methods have also been discussed in the report which are required at different levels of organisation. Along with this, role of government in training and development programme and lifelong learning has been studied as well.

TASK 1  


There are different methods of learning styles which can be used by the manager of Sainsbury. It helps employees to perform their tasks properly for the achievement of business objectives. The manager can use different learning styles given by Honey and Mumford. These are explained as below:

Activist – In this learning style, people learn by doing the tasks practically in organisation. The employees have this much capability to tackle their problems. The people learn new experience from other which increase their knowledge also. In organisation, the manger provides different activities to people so that they can learn more by doing discussion, competition, solving puzzles, etc. This activist theory provides many activities to people to increase their knowledge (Avey and et. al., 2011). For example, if the leaders are providing the training to new and existing employees in terms of conducting activities then it will also increase the knowledge of staff for performing their work in appropriate manner.

Theorist – In this, people are crucial to understand the theory behind the actions. Generally, people need some models, concepts or facts which help them to get engaged in the learning process. Therefore, many activities are involved in this theory like stories, quotes and models, etc. There are many people who learn the things through the logic. Through this it will easy for them to attain the take in appropriate manner.

Pragmatist – The people are needed that how to put the learning process into practice in real world. The time has been given to people that how to apply the learning in reality. The people try new ideas and theories to see that whether they will work or not.

Reflector – This learning theory is good for those people who are good observer and think what is going to happen . Most of the people prefer experience which is different in the form of perspective and collecting data (Bratton and Gold, 2012).

About my self – From the learning outcomes I have increased my knowledge in different fields. Through this it will develop my individual learning in better manner. There are many learning styles such as reflector, pragmatist which help me to increase my knowledge and skills at work place. My self confidence is also increased and it motivates me to adopt different learning styles to increase my knowledge.


In Sainsbury, members have to perform a number of tasks many a times. Manager of this company increases the level of performance of people because they observe that whether they are doing their work properly or not. Along with this, learning curve can be shown on graph and it is showing the relationship between time spent and level of competence achieved. Learning curve plays a significant role in analysing or evaluating the cost. This curve also help employees that how these curve will be use. This curve basically explains the cost , experience or productive curve in organisation. Through this curve, managers can measure employee’s ability for successfully accomplishing the organisation’s objectives. By understanding different learning styles, employees can plot an effective training programme in company. In order to maximize the profits of company and utilization of resources, it is important to make sure that employees get motivated (Daley, 2012). Managers of Sainsbury can use the learning curve in two ways i.e. where the same task is repeated and where a body of knowledge learned over a period of time.

Transferring of learning curve at workplace is beneficial which helps organisation to hit their targets and to increase the market share to beat the level of competition in market. With the learning curve, there will be increase in employee’s knowledge and skills and thus, their performance gets improved. Through this, company can provide attractive services to employees and therefore, they will become able to deliver the best quality of services to customers. It helps them to retain the customers for a long period of time. The learning curve of employees will increase step by step in which they came to know about how to perform their task. This will give benefit to employees also which will increase their knowledge and skills about their work. For example, in Sainsbury there are many employees and staff whose knowledge are increasing step by step and making contribution in achieving the business objectives.

(Source: The learning Curve, 2017)


There are different learning styles and theories which help the employees of Sainsbury to understand their organisational culture and factors. The objectives of learning at work work place will help the employees to attain the objectives of organisation. There are different factors which are connected with various theories in learning process. Some theories are related to motivate the employees and develop their skills. There are certain theories to use different learning styles that can be used by the managers of enterprises so that they can get the best results of learning process (Gennaioli and et. al., 2013). On the other side, it makes easier for Sainsbury to teach new and existing employees about latest techniques and skills. By using these learning styles, it will improve the productivity and growth at workplace. The manager of this company has to perform proper tasks so that they can allocate the work to employees. Managers have to provide training to employees so that they will be able to understand their roles and duties which are needed to be performed in the organisation. Hence, through learning process, employees will able to perform their tasks properly for the achievement of business objectives.

Learning style help the me as well as employees to develop their human skills and understand the relevance of management factors at work place. The contribution of learning style are as follows.

  • Different learning styles and theories will help the organisation in planning the learning events through which the company can achieve their goals.
  • Learning styles should be designed in such a manner which help the organisation to achieve the learning goals and targets. At the time planning and development it also resolve the conflicts between the employees and customers.
  • Different learning styles should cover all those responsibilities of employers and managers in order to get the best possible of outcomes.



In every organisation, it is important to provide training to all employees at different levels. Manager has to conduct a training session for new and existing employees so that company can achieve its objectives within stipulated time period. In Sainsbury, planning and evaluation is important so that manager can provide training to employees for the attainment of targets In cited company there are three level of organisation and at every level the manger have to provide training for the improvement of employees performance (Glover and et. al., 2011). This help the company to achieve the targets in competitive market also.

For the staff level of management – Managers have to provide off the job training so that staff can properly use equipment for the production of goods and services. Staff of this company need training time to time so that they can guide their employees for the achievement of business objectives. At this level, top management authority is included because they have experience to provide the best training to staff.  There are different types of  training methods like case study, group discussion ,couching, mentoring, lectures so these are the methods which are very helpful in the organization. They are very successive methods for employees to understanding the environment and working criteria of the organization and leaning is done in a better and realistic way. Through this employees as well as me the skills will be improved. While doing the group discussion I can improve my personal and communication skills.

Customer level – The members of Sainsbury have to provide proper training and development programme so that staff can easily interact with the customers. Managers should have this capability to manage and solve their problems and queries (Gruman and Saks,  2011). It provides how to deal with customers and clients and how to satisfy their requirements in preferable time period for that purpose a specially designed line level training is provided  to the employees and teaches them  for  an instance  effective dealing, client handling situations like situational analysis related how to deal with angry customers and how to convince them to overcome the situation. For me it is important to provide proper training to employee in order to provide proper services to customers.

Operational level – In order to manage all business operation activities, company should provide proper training to employees so that there will be improvement in their performance.  Training provide mentoring in order to overcome difficult situations and it also maintains the standards of organization and effectively deals with the employees learning process which influence the organization growth and employees productivity and it visualizes different ideas and concepts that will help the employees and department .

The training needs of different level of staff are essential which has to be properly analysed by the managers. For example, the manager have to identify the training needs that at which level the staff needs that across the organisation. The training needs to be appear at the organisational level. For example, if there is any new arrival of the employee or equipment the proper training implication should be utilised properly for future needs. The manager has also to develop the monitoring techniques in which they can easily provide the training at different level of organisation.  


The different training method is used by the manger of Sainsbury for improvement of the performance of employees and to increase their knowledge towards their work. Mainly two methods are used in organisation i.e. on-the-job and off-the-job training method. There advantage and disadvantage are as follows:

On-the-job training – These training are provided at the work place. These training are given to new and existing employees for the improvement of their performance. These training can be provided through the coaching, mentoring, job instructional techniques and many more (Guest, 2011). The mangers can monitor the employees for the development of their attitudes in organisation.

The advantages are as follows:

  • It is simple way of learning. The employees can simple learn their duties and responsibilities that how to complete the task on time.
  • It is a systematic way of learning is more effective than a random way of learning.
  • The employees can learn quickly whatever the training has been provided to them.


  • For the manger of Sainsbury it is difficult to give training to large number of people at a point of time (Jabbour and et. al., 2013).
  • It can create the doubts confusion among the employees from day one.
  • Sometime the results of this training is very poor due to rush process.
  • It may be expensive for the company because they have to conduct time to time training session for new employees.

As discussed the benefits and harms of training  on above discussion but forgot to say the basic harm is employee's boredom and tiredness the reason is that some of the employees might not interested to take any training sessions due to long duration of training program mes and they feel  like boring and uninterested subject due to heavy discussion. So it is very important for employees to be very active, alert and attentive in training schedules. Training provide knowledge about particular job and also provide responsibility  to the work. It gives the idea about how to deal with difficult situations and how to manage time at workplace and also most importantly how to live in  cooperation with employees, leaders, team members, group and customers. In organisation at I have to properly use the method of training method so that knowledge of employees will be increased. With the help of this employees will make more efforts for achieving the goals of company.Assignment writing service UK


In Sainsbury company training is most effective method so that employees can do their work in systematic manner. The manger have to identify the goals of company that which should be targeted first and according to them provide the training to employees. The systematic approach will be used by the manager in order to conduct proper training session. The following are different approaches of training methods which can be use the mangers:

Identify Training needs – The manger have to identified that what kind of training employees want in organisation so that they can achieve the goals of company. The manger have to make proper planning to provide the proper workshops for training (Jiang and et. al., 2012).

Identify training objectives – In this the manger have to provide training according to the employees capabilities. They can provide education to workers for the better achievement of business objectives.

Selection of training methods – At this business enterprises have to select the method to provide the proper training to employees. While providing the training the employees does not face any problem regarding their work. The selection of training method is important element for the development of training process in organisation.

Conduct training – In this the high authority of Sainsbury organisation have to conduct proper training session for workers for the achievement of business objectives. Along with this the proper planning should be done the human resource manager so that the workers can face any problems (Knowles, Holton III and Swanson, 2014).



When the manger of Sainsbury company are applying the training events then the evaluation is important for the organisation. While doing the evaluation of training that how much work is completed for the achievement of business goals. Moreover the employees and workers can also improve their skills and performance so that company can provide better quality of services to customers. The manger have to monitors all the activities which are performing by employees for the evaluation of training session. There is the huge responsibility of mine is that to see and check whether planning  is done properly or not and to manage the overall status of the organization. Accordingly I have to decides strategic roles, decisional roles, organizational roles to make the organization works properly and enthusiastically. the overall responsibility of the organization is under the manger and the manager controls the lower level members like subordinates , team leaders group of employees to ensure the criteria of doing work .

Evaluation can determine effectiveness of training which are provided by the mangers to employees for the improvement of their skills. It measures that whether the training programme is conducted well for achieving the learning outcomes, customer satisfaction and many more (Luthans and et. al., 2010). The company can take feedback from the employees by circulating the questionnaire. Then the employees have to fill the questionnaire by providing the variable answers if there is any error occurred in training session. If the proper communication has been established then manger can take appropriate decision for targeting the business objectives properly.

The cited company have to identified qualitative and quantitative results to measure the effectiveness of training. If these results are identifies properly then Sainsbury can easily attain the success and can be lead in competitive market. The training method assures about the accountability and they had added more value in the evaluation process.

The evaluation of plan should use the suitable techniques so that the manager can provide training properly. The plan should include; Reaction, learning, behaviour and results. The evaluation process will take place when new employees have join the organisation. The manager can also evaluate different training method with the help of ROI and CIRO.


Evaluation is a decision making tool in organisation. On the other side, the evaluation helps the company to implement the new changes properly for the achievement of business targets. Top management have to conduct proper training session for the employees so that they can give their feedbacks properly. In Sainsbury company who are conducting the training session have to take the feedbacks from the staff on regular basis that what they have learn from the learning process (MacArthur and et. al., 2014). For analysing the training session the members can also do group discussion which will help them to increase their knowledge and effective communication can be maintain. For doing the group discussion the higher authority of Sainsbury organisation have to properly conduct training programmes so that they will able to came to know about the employees knowledge and skills. The manger have to evaluate the whole training session at the last and evaluate the learning possible outcomes. The evaluation of training method will evaluate the own performance of organisation in relation to desired outcomes (McKenzie and et. al., 2012). Because of the evaluation process the whole training process will be designed and planed in proper way to achieve the targets of company.  The evolution process take place when there are new joining in organisation. The managers has to provide proper training and development programme so that they can perform well in organisation. The manager of Sainsbury has to provide accurate information to all new employees so that overall performance can be improved. Some methods can be apply such as return on investment and CIRO. With the help of these methods I can evaluate the decision in better manner which will give benefit to organisation. The evolution of training event is done with the help of the ROI method. In this method, it determines that specific rate of return through which the manager will get the best result from training. Through this the manager can measure the performance of employees and evaluate their efficiency in appropriate manner.


The manger have use different methods to gather the information about the evaluation of data. The collection of information can help the Sainsbury company to evaluate the training session properly. They can collect the information form various sources like interviews, questionnaire, writing test and many more. The appropriate method is questionnaire and interviews because through this they can properly take the feedbacks from them. These activities shows the actual results of learning process which encourage the employees and provides the various opportunities. It is essential for the enterprises to provide the effective learning session for attaining the success of business operation activities. The proper training session should be provided by higher authority so the training process can be evaluate easily (Meredith Belbin, 2011). If the proper evaluation is done by the manger by taking the feedbacks them it will be easy for them to make necessary improvement where they required. The proper analysis of whole training session and feedback analysis then the company can lead in the competitive market. The training has to perform a range of evaluation activities to control the measures of strategies and practices to lead in competitive market. Along with this the improvement of logical factors will also provide the better outputs of results.  They are using technological methods for the evaluation process to overcome the problem and also they involve lower level employees like supervisors and lower authorities under his guidance as discussed above various training sessions should be taken and implement the ideas and the manager also gives responsibility to other subordinates in the departments to work and in evaluation process implementation, analysis, group dynamics, observance and calculation is there like implement the ideas change them accordingly and analyse them whether they are relevant or not and finally observation and calculation process. I will use different methods and techniques in which it will help me to gather the information from different sources. For that I will prepare the questionnaire it is required necessary. Otherwise I will collect the information through secondary sources. While using different methods such as ROI and CRIO then the organisation will get benefit from that such as the manager can select the best method to invest the funds in appropriate manner.



UK government plays a crucial role in providing the training to workers in organisation. The aim of government is to remove the barrier on training which are provided by Sainsbury to its employees (Ployhart and Moliterno, 2011). The process life-long learning, is now a days become effective and this is the main initiative for government to create opportunities for employees. The training is usually organised by government to give professional instructors which ensures that organisation has achieved minimum level of performance to beat in competitive market. The government generally aids with these retailer companies for specifically for the development of human resource department. Hence, it will also improve the effectiveness of HR in organisation (Steffen and et. al., 2015).

The aim of life-long learning is that to increase the demand for vocational learning. The other one is to provide the world class training so that it can satisfy the needs of economy. Hence, it will also provide opportunity for employees in organisation to develop their skills for the achievement of business objectives. Through this the employees should be update with their current skills and knowledge. The some schemes has been introduced by UK government for the following reasons:

  • To fill the gap between the skills and the unemployment.
  • To provide opportunities to youth unemployment while providing the proper training to them (Van den Bossche, Segers and Jansen, 2010).

However the government takes the responsibilities to ensures that company can reach the minimum level and provide the proper training to employees to attain the success of company in competitive market.


The development of competency movement have great impact on the private and public sectors. However, competency based performance can evaluate the employees review which tell the core competencies of job skills in organisation. The workers of Sainsbury have to do their work in proper manner and have to use proper inputs and outputs for the achievement of organisation goals. The manger have to provide effective and better services to customers so that they can retain for a long period of time. In modern era, most of the companies are spending their large amount so that the company get the new and latest information for the development of products and services. In competitive market, if the company want to attain the success then they have to provide better quality of services (Werner and De Simone, 2011). Both public and privately firm are impacted by the development of competency movement. In organisation the manger have to provide the positive working environment so that employees get motivated and their efforts will also increase. The organisation is spending huge amount in order to conduct the activities in manner to give the fruitful results. There are many firms which are highly impacted by the development of many rules and regulations.

National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) look upon the core competence of organisation and it introduced in 1986. This also see that how they will perform against the standard role they required (Honey and Mumford: Learning Style Questionnaire, 2017). This also impact on the culture of employees at work place who are belonging from different cultures. Human resource development have been influence by the public and private sector competency movements.


UK government has adopted contemporary training method to supply the development activities which are related with training and it promote the economic growth and stability in country. The training is provided through the vocationally to targets the business aspects. The idea of contemporary training is good because it develops the skills and knowledge of trainees in organisation. Through this they can also provide better training to new employees. Contemporary learning system was initiated by UK government to make the strengthen position of human resource department in organisation (Human Resource Development: Definition and Importance, 2017). This learning system provides an effective offer in learning curve. Moreover, it also contributed that UK government have to take initiatives for the development of human resource departments. With the help of financial resources Sainsbury organisation can hit the targets in stipulated time period. Through contemporary training the company have to increase their results. Along with this the government are having different factors which includes the qualitative and qualitative scope for the attainment of business objectives. In last this training method is set for the many organisation as well as for workers so that they can work in dynamic market also. It will easy for the to adopt these training in dynamic environment (The Learning Curve, 2017). The government have to make proper rules and regulation which will help to organisation in conduct proper training session. The government are making contribution in providing the useful training to employees. Through this they will also maintain the quality of environment in which the employees will retain for a longer period of time.  


From the above report it can be concluded that Sainsbury is largest supermarket chain in retail sector. Human resource development have crucial role in organisation which increase the learning skills of employees at work place. For the cited company different learning style is is helpful for the improvement of employee performance. The manger has also considered the advantage and disadvantage of training method so that it will be helpful for them to conduct theses training session in appropriate manner. Along with this the government has provide different policies and training session in life learning process for the achievement of business objectives. The learning curve will improve the performance of employees also while doing the activities for many times.


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