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Human resource management is a function within a firm  mainly concerned with hiring, managing and controlling people that work within an organization (Human Resource Management, 2018). It mainly comprises elements related to employee's compensation, performance, organisation development, benefits , training and others. With span of time as companies are subject to be adaptive and flexible to be more customer centric. In this aspect role of HRM has become quiet critical for an organization and moved to strategic utilization of employees and measurable effect of workforce related program  over firm's operations (Anderson, 2013) . The firm taken in report is TESCO which is  the third largest British multinational firm belonging to retail and lifestyle industry. The project will explain purpose and functions of HRM along with  explaining various hiring approaches with their advantages and disadvantages. Further  discuss  various HRM practices and their effectiveness, key employees legislations and application of HRM practices will be provided.


P1  HRM Purpose and Functions 

HRM forms the cornerstone for the success and growth of a firm. HRM  is a function that strives to achieve coordination of employees to attain company's objectives and simultaneously maintaining its workforce satisfaction. Human resources management  put employees in centre of focus while forming any  policy, program or strategy as they constitute as most valuable resources for firm. The ideal utilisation of knowledge and experience of organisation can assits in gaining   growth and productivity in the operating market. Thus HRM works with main purpose of maximizing  output and productivity of a company by optimizing  effectiveness of its workforce (Aswathappa,  2013). Its other purpose includes:

  • Efficient  and optimum utilization of enterprise resources i.e. human, physical and financial.
  • To retain proficient employees by recognizing their efforts and rewarding them for their good performance.

TESCO is a British multinational brand that was established in 1919 with its headquarters in  Hertfordshire, England. The firm deals in large variety of  groceries and general merchandise comprising food, home appliances, electronics, financial services, telecom, internet services and so on. It forms third largest retail brand in UK and 9th largest retailer in world. Company has around 7500 stores in approx 11 nations whose operations are handled by a proficient team of around 480000 employees across the globe. Thus, for TESCO HRM forms backbone to hire, manage, train, motivate and satisfy its employees. Below are some prominent HRM functions that are undertaken by HR department of TESCO:

Recruitment and Selections:  Hiring procedure forms the initial and most critical function of  HR department. TESCO being a customer centric firm pay special attention in its hiring process wherein first it thoroughly examines job requirements, conduct screening of prospectus candidates and  then select most suitable person for particular job profile (Brewster and Hegewisch, 2017). It is critical process as it involves HR managers of TESCO to align  firm's objectives with the career goals and aspirations of prospective candidate. Also it becomes critcal for managers to adhere by workforce planning concept so as to be ensure that it meets all its service and production requirements along with aims and objectives.

Training and development : It forms indispensable function of HR department of TESCO that is concerned with inducing and enhancing Knowledge,Skill and actions in its employees so at to increase their proficiency and productivity. This forms beneficial aspect both in context to employees as well as for  company as it motivates individual to take bigger challenges and  prepares them to undertake their future job related responsibilities. Further it also  enables firm to successfully imply workforce planning in its business process by aligning personal objectives of employees with that of the firm goals.

Managing employee relations: TESCO considers it employees as pillars of   firm's  success as they are counted as business's core competency and provide an edge over rivals.  Thus, HR department of TESCO ensures that there is cordial relationship between  management and its employees so as to develop a dedicated, ,motivated and job satisfied team could be . For this, HRM  manager of TESCO  undertakes various activities related to employee engagements and  team building so as to develop mutual, trust, coordination and understanding among its staff members as well as between management and workforce. This further relates the firm aim to apply workforce planning by emphasizing on workforce development strategies that further leads to maintaining relations with them.

Hard and Soft HRM Approach

Hard HRM:  This approach of HRM implies autocratic style of leadership wherein manger maintains minimum level of communication with its employees (Cascio and Boudreau, 2010). Firm following this approach treats their workforce as machines where they are not allow to ask questions and required to follow instructions uniformly. Managers also do not  involve staff members in decision making process.

Soft HRM: This HRM approach encourages democratic or participative style of leadership where in employees are treated as most important and valuable assets of a firm. Company applying this type of approach give emphasis on maintaining  two way communication with its workforce where in they are encouraged to give their suggestions, ideas, opinion while taking any decision related to firm. TESCO in particular follows soft hrm approach in its business operations.

P2 Strengths and weaknesses of different approaches of recruitment and selection

Recruitment and selection can be defined as a tool of hiring best employees within an organisation and it helps to find right person for a right job. To select a suitable candidate for the  post is a responsibility of the employer (Chelladurai, and Kerwin, 2017). TESCO is the largest private sector employer in UK. The management there is in the process of recruitment and selection they choose the employees with various preferences such as the employee should be flexible with timings, he should have proper knowledge of the organisation and his job. Few selected approaches for recruit and selection are mentioned below:

Internal sources approach: This approach is most effective and suitable method to fulfil the small requirement and vacancies within the firm. TESCO is mainly focused to provide various job opportunities to the employees within the organisation. Employer of the company try to select a person who is currently working with the organisation and have ability to work on a higher post (CHUANG and Liao, 2010). This recruitment and selection is mainly based on the skills, ability and potential of the employees. It includes employee referral, promotion, transfer etc.

  • Strengths:It is a cost and time saving method because the vacancy will be filled by old employees and save extra cost and time which is going to be invested by the employer on of recruitment and selection of a new candidate.
  • Weaknesses:This may create conflicts among the employees of the organisation and another weakness of this approach is that some time skilled and expert employees are not appraised due to personal relations and occupational groups.

External sources approach: It refers to  hiring people from outside the organisation. While using this approach employer receive various application for the job profile, they are offering. In TESCO employers invite applicants through various mediums such as media advertisement, employment exchange, direct recruitment, campus drives, walk ins etc. It is the most common method which is used by the employers in recruitment and selection process to hire best employees for their organisation.

  • Strengths:It provides various option to choose from and the employers can select best from them for that particular job profile. Another strength of this method is that fresh and new talent  is selected to handle various tasks within the organisation which can also enhance state of creativity within business environment.
  • Weaknesses:It is very lengthy process of recruitment and selection and another weakness is that it effect the morale and motivation of old employees of the organisation. In comparison with internal sources of recruitment, this approach is costly.

Third party approach:It refers to involve third party in recruitment and selection process.  It is used by TESCO by hiring recruitment agency or other institutions (Daley, 2012). It helps to hire skilled employees and it also reduces the load of organisation's human resource manager through outsourcing crucial option of recruitment and selection.

  • Strengths:It helps to reduce the workload of HR department of recruiting and interviewing various applicants. While using this approach employer can feel free from recruitment and selection process.
  • Weaknesses:The main weakness of this approach is that some times third party is not able to understand the exact job requirement of the organisation. Therefore fails to fulfil the same in the right manner.

From the above mentioned approaches, the employers of TESCO use external sources approach because it provide variety of applicants that will help to hire the best suited employee for the job. It will also help to hire new talent who have capability to perform tasks at the workplace.


P3 Benefits of various HRM practices for employer and employee

There are number of HRM practices but the major are explained below:

Monitoring and management of employee's performance: In current scenario, no organisation will be able to achieve its goals and objectives without employee's commitment and their support. (Fulton and et. al., 2011). It is very important for the workers of a company to perform effectively and contribute in the growth of organisation. It is possible with the support of managers. In TESCO the managers are liable to evaluate the performance of the employees so that they may have the idea of abilities and qualities of the for performing various tasks. It also help the managers to determine the gap between current and actual skills of the employees. If any employees are not able to perform according to their expectation then managers can conduct training programs for the employees to enhance their skills, ability and work quality. It will help the employees to work effectively and efficiently.

Training and development of subordinates: It refers to the program in which a company plan to improve skills and quality of the employees for performing particular task. The management of TESCO conduct timely trainings for the employees to improve the work quality of the workers and improve their performance level. Training and development programs in TESCO are planned by the managers and conducted time to time which helps to enhance cognition of the workers (Glendon, Clarke and McKenna, 2016).

HRM practices help employees as well as employers of the company. The benefits for both are described below:

Benefits to employees:

  • Higher Morale:Measuring performance will help to provide fair wages to the employees and other staff members of TESCO. Good and extraordinary performance will generate incentives for them. Best way to motivate employees is to  provide them monetary factors and it will keep them motivated and they will work with full efficiency.
  • Enhancement of  skills and knowledge: Training programs in TESCO are mainly conducted to enhance skills of employees and provide them knowledge of the tasks, they are going to perform with. It will improve their work quality and ability at work place. It will also help to find out new ways to complete their work.

Benefits to employers:

  • It helps to create a better work environment and positive image:When the employers of TESCO offer fair wages and incentives to the workers, it will help to create healthy and productive work environment along with establishing a positive image of the company in the mind of the people.  (Guest, 2011). It will result in increment of their work quality and productivity which will help to increase profits for the company.
  • Increase operational efficiency: When the managers of TESCO evaluate the performance of the employees they may have the idea of where training is required.  The undertaking of training will be helpful in enhancing individual productivity of employees contributing positively to the operational efficiency of business.

P4 Effectiveness of various HRM practices in terms of raising profit and productivity of organisation

The concept of HRM is mainly related to the management of employees. It is very important for the managers to make right decisions that will help to improve the work environment and performance of the employees. The managers are mainly concerned with the productivity and profits of the organisations. There are few selected HRM practices that are used in TESCO:

Flexibility in working hours:  It will be beneficial for TESCO because, it will increase employee's morale and commitment towards their work. When employees are able to work in flexible work hours it will improve the work quality and dedication of the employees toward their work (Knowles, Holton III and Swanson, 2014). TESCO provides facility of flexible working hours to the employees, they may choose any kind of shift whether it is day or night. This facility help the employees to fulfil their commitments on time and perform their duties effectively.  

Measuring performance: It is methods which is used by employers, to measure performance of the employees. Managers plan to monitor the performance and contribution of the workers while achieving organisational goals. This approach will help the managers of TESCO to be able to monitor the progress of employees and their cognition to meet individual as well as company's objectives.

Payment and reward management: It is an approach which is used to motivate the employees with monetary and non monetary resources. In monetary resources it include bonuses and incentives. It help the managers to increase dedication of employees toward their work.  Non monetary rewards such as promotions and appraisal are crucial approaches through which an employee could be motivated to achieve organisational objectives. . The managers of TESCO use this approach to provide reward to hard working employees.

Training and development: It is an approach which is used by employers of TESCO to enhance the skills and qualities of the employees to improve their productivity and work quality of performing their duties (Marchington and et. al. 2016). This can help the managers to build leaders for future. It also help the employees to find innovative and less time taking ways to finish their work effectively.

Recruitment and selection: These are the two different tools that helps the employers of an organisation to select best eligible employee to perform their tasks. In TESCO the managers behave strict while selecting employees for the company. In recruitment and selection process managers determine the skills of the applicants and examine their quality for the work. They evaluate the potential performance of the applicants and then choose a few from various applicants. They select that applicant who accurately fulfil their requirement of work

Job and workplace design: If the employer provide jobs to the employees according to their capability it will help them to finish their work fast and effectively. While a company is thinking to increase profits it should design workplace according to employees so that they show more interest in their duties. When employees show more interest it will improve their work quality and increase profits for the organisation.


P5 Importance of employee relations

Employees relations could be described a efforts made by company to manage and enhance relations between employer and workforce. In context to TESCO, its staff forms the  most valuable resources who are responsible for interacting with its consumers, handling their queries and  assisting them in their problems by providing viable solutions. Thus, it becomes critically important for a multinational brand like TESCO to provide a productive working environment to its employees where in they can share  their ideas, discuss their issues, give suggestions without been  feared about its impact on their job. Thus, TESCO ensures that there is strong and amicable relationship of every individual working in firm with their colleagues, managers and employers. This produces various benefits for  TESCO as it has a well motivated, productive , efficient workforce which reduced conflicts, arguments and employee turnovers. TESCO by implementing various HRM practices such as training and  development, measuring performance,flexible working hours etc.  that helps firm to gain trust and loyalty of its employees (Purce, 2014). Mentioned below are certain most prominent importance of having a good employer relationship:

Timely achievement of set objectives : TESCO being a global brand is subject to many business complexities and critical situations that requires a 360 degree approach to be adopted by TESCO managers to find a viable solutions. Thus, in such situations managers could involve its workforce to be participative in giving their opinions, creative ideas, suggestions that might help management to consider any point that might be missed out by them. Thus, this will benefit firm to choose most appropriate solution from the pool of suggestions that will ultimately lead to quick and accurate decision making within  deadlines.  

Discourage Conflicts & Fights: TESCO emphasis on maintaining a well coordinated team having mutual trust and cooperation tends to make individuals ignorant about each other flaws. Thus, they become attentive and concentrates on their assigned tasks without getting indulge in meaninglessness arguments and discussion. It benefits employees by enhancing  their work performance and building cordial relations with their colleagues. Further it is also helps company to timely  achieve its objects with efficacy.

Enhancement in firm's profit: Having a dedicated, a well coordinated proficient team will help TESCO to attain its objectives within desired time frame ensuring both qualitative and quantitative aspects with minimum wastage (Scullion and Collings, 2011). Thus it ultimately adds on to productivity level of firm and enhances its revenue and profit levels.

P6 Key elements of employee legislation and its impact on HRM decision making

Laws and regulations formulated at different government levels comprising federal, state and  local forms regulatory aspects in ascertaining various functions of HRM - hiring, compensation and training. TESCO being a multinational company having diversifies business operations in various different countries and thus required to adhere by all legislations incorporated by government of those nations. Thus, while formulating any policy, program or procedure HR department assist top management to involve all provisions,  rights and  other laws that are imposed by UK government for safeguarding the interest of workers and  for providing them with their rights. Mentioned below are certain most prominent laws related to employees:

Health and Safety Act 1974:   According this act, it is mandatory for TESCO to provide healthy, safe and secure working environment for its employees.  It involves providing safe drinking water, proper ventilated rooms, ensuring proper emergency exits, keeping fire extinguishers and other safety instruments at workplace etc. The breach of this code of practice  may lead to firm paying heavy fine and in worst cases cancellation of their business license.

Anti Discrimination Act : This act is incorporated by UK government to ensure equality for employees at their workplace (Anderson, 2013). This act forbids TESCO to practise any kind of discrimination during any of its business activities such as hiring, compensation, remunerations etc. Thus TESCO ensures that not a single individual in its organization is been discriminated on basis of caste, gender, race, nationality and other grounds and are provided with equal employment opportunities to grow and develop within company.

National Minimum  wage act, 1998:  This act enforces TESCO to provide minimum wages to each of its workers as per the lowest and highest employment exchange rates. It refers that all workers those who are working in a firm  are to be paid minimum amount on basis of hours they are working in organization.  

Data protection act, 1998: In this act, manager of the company play vital role in protecting personal information stored on computers. This act provides employees legal authority to have control data about themselves. In addition, this act controls how personal data is applied by businesses, organisations or the government. Each and every person liable for utilise  personal information has to apply strict rules and regulation so that it does not used in an unethical manner. They must certain the data is used lawfully, fairly and transparently. There is powerful legal protection for different sensitive data such as race, political opinions, ethic background, religious belief, trade union membership, genetics, health and many other (Brewster and Hegewisch, 2017). In this manager of the TESCO store information for their employees and not show to every one.


P7 Application of various HRM practices in an enterprise

Online marketer training

Training heading/ Workshop-







Foreseen Contestant



Expected time



Induction or Introduction




Motive of Training






Warm up




Essential Content

Required elements




Job specification


Master's Degree in marketing field from any acknowledged University.

Adequate internship in marketing field.


Should have 2 year experience of working in marketing or sales field.

Area of expertise

Should have adequate information about all marketing tools and techniques.

Other qualities

Able to handle different tasks and should perform effectively.

Awareness about current marketing trends of market.

Interview Questions

  • What are your strengths?
  • What are your weakness?
  • What grades did you get in your projects when you were in college?
  • What were your duties and responsibilities in your previous jobs?
  • Why do you want to work with us?
  • Why should we hire you?

Person specification


Necessary criteria

Desired criteria

education and training

MBA In marketing

Training or internships related with marketing and sales.


Providing best services to customers

Working under pressure

Two years experience of working on a marketing or sales profile

Skills and knowledge

Attention to detail

Entrepreneurial skills

Personal characteristics

Confident, polite

Ability to work with a team

Leadership capabilities and professional, time oriented.


General information

Name: Adam Warne

Father's name: Tom Warne

Mother's name: Kaily Warne

Mobile no.: 78584525

Email id:

Key skills:

· 2 years experience of working with creative teams in marketing field

· Adequate information of marketing strategies

· Understanding of marketing tools and proper market knowledge

· Work well with a team

· Broad information of marketing concepts


· Adlington and Jaynes: Worked as a sales officer

· First portrayal Ltd: Worked as a marketing consultant for the company


From the above project report it has been concluded that, HRM is a tool that help to analyse performance of the employees to achieve organisational goals. This help to create positive work environment that helps to improve work quality and level of involvement in tasks. There are different method of recruitment and selection that can be used by the employers to find out best and suitable candidate for the job. Various factors of employment legislation should be considered by the managers while formulating packages for the applicants. Effective implementation of HRM practices will result positively and in favour of organisation and help managers to make right decision for employees as well as the business enterprise. 


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