Importance of KSB for an HR Manager

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Organization Selected : Whirlpool


Human resource department plays an important role in an organisation for managing the workforce. They help in maintaining and enhancing their skills and performance which will help them to manage the whole company effectively. The Whirlpool company is facing crisis in Northern American region which has affected its workforce. The present report is based on the performance management that has helped Whirlpool in making strategies to proper management of their employees. The present study will demonstrate the knowledge, skills and behaviour that are essential to be a successful HR manager. The report will include a personal skill audit and develop a professional development plan. The report will also demonstrate the difference between organisational and individual learning. The report will discuss need for Continuous professional development. Further, the assessment will discuss high performance working and various approaches to performance management.



Human resource department plays an important role in an organisation for managing the workforce. They help in maintaining and enhancing their skills and performance which will help them to manage the whole company effectively. Human resource department is responsible in managing the resources which are helpful for their workforce (Briscoe, Tarique and Schuler, 2012). HR department plays a significant role in employee satisfaction and provide them effective training and development to enhance their skills.  A human resource manager is the professional who makes all the policies and decisions regarding the HR department and the management of the workforce in different departments of Whirlpool. As per considering the current scenario of Whirlpool in NAR, it can be ascertained that knowledge, skills and behaviour is a must for an HR manager to manage the performance of HR department in NAR Whirlpool plc. The KSB that are required by a human resource manager in a company are as follows:


The HR manager of Whirlpool needs to have some basic as well technical knowledge of the organisation. It is an important factor as it would reflect the personality of HR manager in making effective strategies to manage the employees of the organisation (Werner and DeSimone, 2011). The HR, manager should understand the organisation structure. The HR manager should have the proper knowledge of accounting and other technical field so that he can easily access and understand the technical working of the organisation. HR manager of Whirlpool should have enough knowledge to understand the operations and business environment that are reflected from the financial performance of the company (Bratton and Gold, 2017). He should possesses the ethical knowledge as well as the corporate governance of the organisation system.


There are various skills which an HR manager should posses to be successful in fulfilling its responsibility in organisation. He has to possess the excellent ability to speak in front of anyone as well as should have ability of effective listening (Budhwar and Debrah , 2013). The communication skills is must that a successful HR manager should have. The manager of Whirlpool should have ability to create and interpret the information received from various department of organisation which would help them to make effective strategies and decision. He also has to play a role of leader for the employees in  Whirlpool (Boxall and Purcell, 2011). It is essential for the HR manager to increase the team working in the organisation and increase the personal relationship internally and externally across Whirlpool.


It is an important trait that should be considered for being a successful HR manager(Chai, Das and Rao, 2011). It includes the factors that represents their personality and method of conducting their operations. Such behaviours are comprises adaptability of changing priorities and working requirements to maintain high standards in changing business environment. Their behaviour engaging to the wider business environment, their personality traits of being honest and possess transparency with their employees help them to being a successful HR manager in  Whirlpool.


Skill audit may be defined as a technique or process which helps one in analysing own skills and capabilities in against to the requirement. With the motive improve my skills in line with concerned designation I did skill audit. This in turn helped me in assessing skills that I possess. It clearly indicates skills which I need to develop for meeting organizational requirements and goals.

The personal audit can be done through evaluating the strength and weaknesses of the HR manager.


  • A good understanding of organisation and the structure of organisation.
  • Ability of understanding and interpreting the information received from different departments for effective decision making and strategies.
  • A good leadership quality that can help in managing the HR department as well as the employees.


  • Problem in effective communication skills.
  • Lack of technical skills and using the HR software.
  • Lack of understanding excel spreadsheet.



Personal Audit (On a scale of 1 to 10)


Communication skills


This is one of my gap. I need to improve my reading and writing skills with perfect grammar. Such skill is going to help me in my  routine work.

Technical skill


I am short on my technical skills relating to use of technology and information system. Sound technical skill will make me more proficient in my work.

Time management


My time management skills are average which I need to make it more effective. I am able to prioritize my work but sometimes I feel stressed when there is a workload where I mess up the things.

Leadership skills


I need to make my leadership skills more sound and effective for leading from front in the office.

Self confidence


I need to build more of my self confidence for better handling work duties.


As per the self-assessment of the skills, behaviour and knowledge, there are certain fields that are required an improvement. The major areas for improvement can be communication skills as it is the most important factor to be an HR manager. Following are the professional developmental plan.

Advantages and disadvantages of skill audit are enumerated below:


  • Assists in identifying training needs
  • Helps in improving workplace skills and knowledge
  • Helps in becoming more competent
  • Develops knowledge  about work activities and professional knowledge


  • Negatively affects motivation 
  • Time-intensive exercise
  •  Lack of reliable feedbacks 


(Skills to improve)

 Activities for achieving the objective

Potential hurdle


Time required.



The activities that can be adopted in communicating with other people, participation in group discussion.

Lack of confidence in group activities and discussions

Feedback from my colleagues and seniors at work.

This will require time period of 1-2 weeks.

Knowledge and development of technical skills

For this guidance from the seniors can be taken, attend a coaching or technical classes for development. Moreover, a person can itself reads bbooks , jorunals and artciles through which it can gain sound knowledge about how people are effectively managed at workplace.

Lack of time, tuition fees and lack of self motivation

It will be measured on the basis of regular practising,

self analyzing the improvement.

Approx 1 month will be required.

Time management Skills


For an effective using of database, guidance from senior, training from coaching classes or through internet can be a great source.

Time , money could be the potential hurdle

Workshop feedback, reviews from seniors

It will require 2-3 weeks approx.


( Leadership skills)


The behaviour of a HR manager must be highly adaptive that could make it highly responsible personnel who would be ready to take on any demanding situations of business organization. Moreover, a HR manager must posses anatltical behevuiour through which it can solve the business problems. Also, calm behavior of a HR manager is required for resolving the conflicts so that harmony in the business enrvironment is maintained.

Lack of self control could potentially affect me negatively in achieving my developmental objectives.

Self evaluation and feed-backs/ reviews from seniors

2.5 months


As seen above, it is important to improve communication and technical skills. These skills are the most required in the human resource and they can ensure that appropriate growth and development is taking place. It is important to develop and gain better knowledge, and improve verbal and written communication skills. These overall development can ensure that set growth and development is taking place in HR and employees are working in cooperation with the department.


As per considering the scenario of Whirlpool in NAR, it I crucial of increasing learning a training and development of individual(employee) and organisation (Curado, 2018). Skilled and well trained employees are key for the effective and efficient working and performance of the organisation. The aid in enhancing performance is achieved with the help of proper training and development program. Organisational learning is a process of creating, using and sharing of the knowledge within the organisation. Individual training is a programme which helps to increase the skills and knowledge of the employees as per their area of work.

Training and development

Training and development program can be defined as an actvity conducted by the business for the purpose of providing appropriate training to its employees and improve their efficiency of working. Company needs to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of each employee carefully and should conduct the training and development program for each employee accordingly. It would help the firm in improving the efficiency of its employees in more effective way.

However, training and development also plays a great role in increasing knowledge and skills of employees so that they can contribute more efficiently in their performance (August and Shanahan, 2017). There is a difference between training and development that are discussed below:

Basis of difference




Training is a programme that is organised to increase knowledge and skills in the employees as er the requirement of their job (Reynolds, 2017).

Whereas, development is an organised activity in which the workforce of the organisation learn and grow in a self assessment manner.


The focus of training is implies on equipping the employees to perform the particular job or task in organisation. Focus of training to ensuring the ability to the new employees of their job as well as to the existing employees to add or improve their knowledge with changing business needs.


The focus of the development is on the person in their career progression. It implies on the existing employees once they reached at the level of capability in their job. It is enhancing the future growth and meeting company's need as well (Bolman and Deal, 2017).

Time frame

Training period is generally of short-term that is in days, weeks or a few months.

Development is a long term development. It is strategic in nature and implies to gain knowledge to solve the future challenges that comes in their way.

Delivery method

Training is provided by a trainer in seminars or workshops. Now and training is also provided through online video and through webinar (Freud 2018).

Development is a tactical process as it focuses on a person not on a team or organisation. Development can be deliver through coaching, mentoring, job rotation, case studies etc.


Training is limited in scope with a specific objective.

Development involves a wider scope. Development plan includes providing a set of knowledge and a foundation of growth and increasing potential of employees that helps in decision making and strategy making ability of employees (Brewster and Hegewisch, 2017).


Effective training and development can enhance the growth and development of the individuals working in the organisation. Along with it, it can help the organisation to ensure that its employees are working on full potential. These all activities can help the organisation and its Human Resource to enhance employee perception and achieve better growth and development.

EXAMPLE:  The whirlpool could align its training and development programs with its overall business strategies. The company has focused on developing a training session for its employees such as team-based leadership development program which emphasized on finding the solution to material business problems. It could provide more of on the job training to its employees for their productivity. It could organize conferences, training programs where they would be taught new skills and methods of doing their jobs.


In Whirlpool, the employees has made a individual commitment to self improve their skills to increase their individual behaviour for the newly developed team. In Whirlpool, there is a need for the continuous development and learning to increase the sustainable business performance of organisation (Kennedy, 2011). Continuous professional development is a set of standards and skills and knowledge with the help of interactive, participation based learning for the employees and their industries. In many organisations, business entities takes initiatives for the continuousness processional development to keep up with the change in external business environment. Many organisations encourage their employees for the CPD programs to enhance their efficiency and performance.

Continuous professional development includes workshops, seminars, courses, further designations and other activities which are directed towards the improvement of the skills and knowledge. CPD helps the professionals to always be ready to apply and pay attentions to the opportunities for the developments. CPD is more important is a means for separating employees from a bulk of employees with the similar qualification. CPD is an important concept not just for the employees but for the company also (Boud and Hager, 2012). Adapting CPD in Whirlpool will enable the company to ensures the ever changing growing and increasing knowledge and kills of the employees. It will help the company in increasing their productivity and leading the business to the sustainable success.

The following are the importance of the learning and continuous professional development for Whirlpool:

  • CPD helps in improving the professional capability of an employee to work in an changing business condition as well.
  • It assists in retaining the consistent set of high quality, relative skills and knowledge throughout their career.
  • It improves the efficiency and productivity of the company with highly skilled and motivated staff.
  • It helps in enhancing the company's reputation among the customers and clients as well as the employees of the company (Megginson and Whitaker, 2017).
  • CPD enables the organisation to adopt new and better ideas, grab new opportunities for developments.
  • When employees knows that with the help of CPD they are empowered to observe, analyse and improve the way they work, they feel motivated in their working.
  • Continuous professional development helps the company to accept the current trend positively and shifts in their industry easily.

The barriers to the Continuous Professional development are:

  • There is no effective participation from the employees.
  • Lack of time is the biggest hurdle in CPD.
  • Some employees thought that CPD is about personal learning than the learning to grow in organisation.
  • It can be said that in order to conduct CPD the outsiders visit companies who has little or no idea of the company's structure and employee's needs.

As per the Kolb's experimental learning theory, there are four stage cycles of learning and four separate learning styles. Kolb's states that learning to involve the acquisition of abstract concept which can be applied flexibly in a range of situation. This theory will assist the company in taking out the more potential employees for the continuous professional development.

Concrete experience : In this stage, a person re-encounters old experience or experience a new situation for which it requires learning            The cycle has four parts through which an individual can go through for continuous development. These are :

  • Reflection : At this stage, the person observes itself for finding out variation between understanding and the experience it encountered.
  • Conceptualisation : In here, an individual after observing itself, forms new ideas or thoughts for confronting the experience it had. It also includes modification in the existing concept which it had learned from its  previous experience.
  • Experimentation : In this stage, the person applies its ideas and modification  in its surrounding for ascertaining what happens next.

Whirlpool can apply this model for engaging its employees in the continuous learning and developing. This will help in achieving he efficiency in the performances of the HR employees in the company.


The HPW is a process of creating a work culture in an organisation with transparency, more trust between employee and organization. It enables the employees in better communicating and coordinating with each other in organisation (Ross, 2017). It is helpful in creating flattered business structure where all employees are treated equally. In such working environment employees are feeling happy, engaged, motivated ans share their vision and work in order to achieve the organisation's objectives. Recently. In Whirlpool NAR, staffs are facing problems in strategic and decision making which are responsible for restructuring. HPW was hence an important concept for motivating and developing the staffs of the Whirlpool and ensures that the HPW encompasses in increasing the employee engagement and increase the competitive advantage for the firm.

HPW has become an important source for the competitive advantage in current business environment (Lakin and Scheubel, 2017). HR department plays an important role in attracting, selecting, retaining and motivating the workforce in Whirlpool. Employee engagement is the result of better assessment of the HPW in organisation. Employees feels committed and to their organisation and its values, goals and objectives to work with better efficiency.

Employees engagement is the result of the commitment and loyalty of the employees with their organisation's goals and objectives (Boer and, 2017). Employee satisfaction, retention of their talents and knowledge. It helps the employees in increasing their performance and thus help in increasing their productivity. These leads to better customer services and hence, greater customer satisfaction. It will help the organisation to gain the customer loyalty towards the company and customer retention.

Better customer engagement with the company will help in increasing sales volume of the company, greater profitability and helps in increasing shareholder value (Mone and London, 2018). It will help the Whirlpool in gaining competitive advantage in the market. Thus, HPW plays a significant role in increasing employee's engagement in organisation.  Engaged employees are more likely to deliver the better services to the customer, which helps in increasing the customer satisfaction. Better customer services will drive the increased in profit and market share and shareholder return.

Human resource department plays a great role in increasing employee engagement in organisation. It is important for an HR department to analyse and measure the performance level of Workforce. It helps them to create strategies to increase the employee engagement towards the organisation. The strategies can involve the filling of communication gap between employee and employers (The Competitive Advantage of An Engaged Employee, 2018). Building trust through involving the employees in decision making processes. Motivating the employees through monetary and non-monetary sources. Team work in an organisation also helps in achieving competitive advantage, as productivity of performance increase when working in group with coordination.


It is vital for an organisation to measure the performance of its employees, it the basis for the better improvement in their performance to enhance their productivity. Performance measurement is also a way of getting a feedback of an employees' performance (Hislop, Bosua and Helms, 2018). Performance measurement of an individual employee creates a link between their own behaviour and the organisational goals. The employees can get to know about their performance measurement during appraisal time. Performance appraisal of the employees refers to the assessment to the employees, providing them proper feedback of their job and the area where they need improvement. It will help in creating a positive effect on the future performance. There are various factors that affect their performance. Like their work profile, bonus, motivational techniques etc.

Collaborative working:

It is also be termed as working together which covers a way in which two or more companies can work together. This method can be for a fixed period and form a permanent arrangement (Hayes, 2018). These options have involves a set of common or mutual advantages, which benefit to the users. It is the basis of bring the ideas, knowledge, experience and skills together in a team to the development of the new product effectively than an individual employee could do. It helps in accomplishing the organisational target more efficiently.

Collaboration also allow new ideas to flourish. Along with it, it enhances the employee motivation and makes them reach new growth and success.

There are different approaches through which Whirlpool can evaluate the measures of performance of employees which helps in supporting high working culture. They are:

  • Behavioral approach:

It is the most common strategy of measuring the performance of the employee. It  includes the vertical scales which are based on some specific parameters. There are two techniques to measure employee performance Behaviourally Anchored Rating Scale(BARS) & Behavioural Observation Scale(BOS) (Shore, Cleveland and Sanchez, 2018). The BARS techniques is consisting of five to ten scale, these scales are based on certain parameters and employees are than ranked according the parameters of their performance. Whereas, BOS provides a more specific description along with the frequency regarding the employees' behaviour for an effective performance.

The behavioural approach allows to identify the employees needs and requirement and ensure that they are having an effective behaviour in order to reach new class of growth.

Whirlpool could use this approach for measuring the performance of its employee. For example, how an employee behaves in the company, what kind of relations it hold with others -colleagues, senior, managers etc., overseeing that whether its behaviour is impacting the working environment in good or adverse way etc., could be parameters on which the performance could be measured. This approach would help the company in making the behavior of the employees favourable to the working conditions. The altogether effect would increase in the productivity of employee as well as company.

  • Comparative approach:

This involves ranking the employees' performance on the basis of the performance of other employees in the group. The employees in this approach are ranked through highest to the lowest performer (Kearney, 2018).  For example the best performer in company are 10%, average performer are consisted of 40%, another group has average performer of 40%. Hence, the remaining will be counted as lowest performer.

This another approach which could be employed by Whirlpool for raising the productivity and efficient of employees. This approach would create healthy competitive environment within the organization where employees would desire to outperform one another.

  • Result approach:

It is one of the most simple approach in which the workers are rated on the basis of employees performance (Hill, 2017). Result approaches uses the balance scorecard techniques which focuses on the financial performance, customer services performance, internal and operations performance.

The result approach allows the Human resource to effectively enhance the growth and development and ensure that set growth is taking place within the department and overall organisation.

For example, Whirlpool can set the target which employees have to achieve based upon which its performance would be judged and scored. This would make the employees to give more of their efforts in completing their job duties more efficiently. Balance scorecard method would allow the company in evaluating the performances of its employees with more reliability and correctness. Fair evaluation would also act as motivating factor for the employees to work with more dedication.

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From the above report it can be sum up that, HR department is crucial in a successful organisation. It is important to manage the main resources of organisation, its workforce. The report has discussed importance of KSB for an HR manager. The roles and responsibilities that a HR manager possess in organisation has been discussed in the report. A professional development plan has been shown in the report. Furthermore, the report has explained the difference of organisational and individual learning. Apart from this, the report will discuss about HPW and its contribution in employee engagement.

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