International Human Resource Management


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Human resource management is considered as one of most significant aspect for every organisation. It has been noticed that international business opportunities can also be advanced by having great role of human resource management. With an assistance of this, business activities can be managed in appropriate manner so that goals and objectives can be accomplished (Berger, 2008). In this report, key benefits of international business will be discussed in context to hospitality sector. It will also focus on diverse strategic HRM approaches that helps businesses to meet objectives. In present study, number of examples will be shared in context to hospitality firm so that role of SHRM can be understand while operating business in international market.

International HRM

As per the detailed study, it can be said that international business comprises all commercial transactions that are considered between two or more regions, countries and nations. It means by having improved focus on business firms may have accomplishment of operational activities in diverse regions of world (Gully, 2013). In order to have effective management of business activities at international level the business firm need to focus on international human resource management. It is a combination of managerial activities which is being concerned by management to have improvement in work conditions according to preference of global market. In this, management focuses on improvement of procedures so that employee morale can be enhanced in desired way (Berger, 2008). Along with this, employee retention is also one of key aspect that is being referred by management in order to improve operational activities. It is a process of procuring, allocation, utilizing human resources to meet the standards of international business. In other words, it can be said that international human resource management is combination of activities that are aimed to manage organisational human resources at international level so that business firm may accomplish goals and objectives in desired way. It is also advantageous for gaining competitive advantage and ensure that business is having impressive level of success (Gully, 2013).

Reasons To Operate In International Market

International market allows to improve business opportunities because wide range of market can be targeted in appropriate manner. With an assistance of this, businesses of hospitality sector may improve market share and lead business firm to impressive level of success. It has been noticed that by having improved focus on international business, hospitality firms may have effective designing of flexible product line by having proper evaluation of global trends (Henderson, 2005). New standards can be set out in organisational policies by having reference of global values. Use of technology can also be improved in appropriate manner so that work performance can be improved in desired way.

In addition to this, it can be stated that hospitality firms may also focus on market that have low competition so that better opportunities can be identified in international market. This can be particularly advantageous when business have access to high-quality versions of products that are superior to versions in other countries (Joe, 2008). Along with this, businesses of hospitality sector mat also have rapid growth because demand in international market is high as compared to domestic market. Innovative tools and technology can also be used by the management to improve overall performance. Information exchange system can also be improved which will facilitate in effective sharing of data. Moreover, new values can be add on to the business by having proper analysis of different culture present in international market (Lucio, 2013). Company can also provide better competition to domestic market competitors. It is because international market renders better supply and delivery of services.

Moreover, another key reason of adopting IHRM is that it promotes globalization so that mobilization of resources can be taken into account. It also allows to have effective management of human resources at international level so that goals and objectives can be accomplished effectively. Application of international strategies can be promoted so that overseas assignments can be completed in desired way (Henderson, 2005). It also focuses on minimization of risk factor by analysing diverse elements that are related with overseas operations. With an assistance of this, business firm may also transform its organisational structure towards network organisation which is beneficial to enhance the work performance. IHRM also plays a critical role in implementing and control of strategies in an international business (Joe, 2008).

Examples In Context To Hospitality Sector

For example, Hilton has expanded business in international market it has allowed business firm to target wide range of customers from all over the world. It has influenced business in positive manner that has also impacted on brand image and market share that might be a critical issue for domestic market competitors. It is because international level brand values offers both monetary and non monetary benefits to organisation (Ruysseveldt, 2004). It indicates that the adaptation of IHRM has allows business to expand its opportunities at global level so that issues can be overcome in desired way.

Another one of great example is that Radisson Blu Resort is also focused towards application of international human resource management. It has allowed business firm to understand potential markets available in the world so that business opportunities can be improved. Company has expanded its business in diverse nations and targeted developing nations as key market (Lucio, 2013). It is because tourism sector is more attracted towards developing nations which provide assistance to hospitality sector as well. In this, company has considered customers needs as key aspect that may improve application of IHRM. Services and product line is also designed according to key expectations and international hospitality standards. It has turned Radisson Blu Resort has premium brand in global market and improved competitive advantage over domestic market (Ruysseveldt, 2004). Company has also introduced unique dining options in its services to attract more and more customers. It has also decreased the level of risk which is beneficial for long term sustainability.

Moreover, Hilton Hotel has also adopted IHRM in order to expand its business opportunities. It is one of key reason that Hilton group has become Hilton International Group which is one of leading global hotel brand. Company is currently operating its business in 66 countries by having effective application of IHRM (Alfes, Shantz, Truss and Soane, 2013). Recruitment and selection system is well designed according to human resource needs. Organisation is also well focused towards soft skills' development among employees in order to have better operations in 66 nations. Organisation has adopted ethnocentric approach of IHRM which allows to manage cultural values and business practices in appropriate manner (Burke, 2013). Headquarters of firm is accountable to take decisions and have application of all standards so that overall work performance can be improved in desired way. However, this results in little communication between the corporation headquarter and its subsidiaries.

Strategic Approach Of HR

As per detailed study, it has been identified that there is systematic model of IHRM that allows to meet key goals and objectives. It allows business firm to have improved focus on broader HR activities so that issues work activities can be managed in desired way. With an assistance of this, employee engagement can also be improved which is beneficial for sustainable development. Risk exposure is also one of key benefit that allows business firm to meet key goals and objectives (Green and, 2004). In addition to this, it has been noticed that business firms of hospitality sector are well focused towards use of geocentric approach and ethnocentric approach.

According to model of IHRM, it can be said that role of international human resource manager is different and it mainly depends on the international orientation of the organisation. It is one of critical task of managers to have actual interpretation of policies and standards. It is necessary for manager to design strategies and organisational policies according to in-depth analysis of international values and features of nation (Guest, 2011). Proper support need to be provided by IHR manage to its senior manager so that goals and objectives can be accomplished in desired way. With an assistance of collective working the management can easily enhance the competitive advantage of firm. It is also significant for HR of hospitality firm to make sure that international competencies must be referred in appropriate manner during application of standards (Johnson and, 2012).

In order to deal with diverse issues and challenges the business firm must focus on formation of strategies and practices that will make their organisations successful. Management must make sure that values, objectives and goals are being considered as critical aspect for sustainable development. HR mostly faces issues while having dealing with unions of host nation so management must design strategies in such manner that overall negative impact must be reduced (Kearns, 2010). Micro level factors must be analysed in appropriate manner so that issues can be overcome in desired way. Micro environment analysis must be accomplished by having consideration of global mindset so that HR competences can be developed in appropriate manner.

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Management team must determine current and future aspects of international business so that policies' formation can be accomplished as per standards. Factors like social, political, economic, legal, etc must be ascertain so that HR standards and policies can be employed in accurate manner (Lane and Kangulec, 2010). In formulation of IHRM strategy senior managers also need to identify key competencies that are required to accomplish global organisational objectives. Changes in global values also need to be evaluate on regular basis so that strategies can be transformed in desired way. Sources of key elements must be ensure according to standards so that issues can be overcome in desired way (Laroche and Rutherford, 2007).

It is also significant for human resource management to understand key dimensions of IHRM such as host country where firm is operating business, home nation of l\head quarter located and other nations that provide labour and other resources. During the policies' design and application human resource management of hospitality firm must be appropriate so that issues can be overcome in desired way (Machado, 2014). As it has been noticed that hospitality firms are focused towards ethnocentric approach for effective management of human resources. It is considered as method of international recruitment that allows business firm to manage human resources. It means by having assistance of this, HR professional may recruit right candidate for the right job roles while having operations in international market. In this, candidate skills need to be judged according to willingness to adjust within organisational culture (Cantwell, Dunning and Lundan, 2010). Moreover, recruitment is mostly accomplished with an assistance of managers that are working at parent nation. It means employees from head quarter can be transferred to managerial positions in host country. It is beneficial for improvement in coordination among host and parent nation so that work performance can also be advanced. Culture of parent company can easily be promoted to subsidiary firm so that work culture can improved for long term sustainability. Along with this, ethnocentric approach also allows to have better control over he subsidiary firms and manage activities in accurate manner (Chen, 2010).

Other than this, geocentric approach is also a method of recruitment which is adopted by multinational companies. In this, candidates can be hired from different nations to meet the objectives and improve effectiveness of human resource allocation. Suitable candidates for the jobs is recruited irrespective of the nationality which allows to develop a group of senior managers that holds international experiences (Condry, 2013). In this, members that hold experience to work across the borders are being referred for the job. By having appropriate use of experience the management can easily accomplish key gaols and objectives of company. It also improves sharing of learning to meet the expectations and enhance performance.


As per above statements, it can be concluded that international human resource management is considered as one of critical aspect for businesses. With an assistance of this, number of hospitality firms has expanded opportunities in global market. It is beneficial to improve brand image and market share. There are number of strategic options that need to be referred by management for sustainable development. Ethnocentric and geocentric are two approaches that provide support to recruitment system and allows to meet the demand of human resource allocation at international level.


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