Managing Human Resource of Hilton Hotel


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Managing human resource is an effective process in which planning, directing, monitoring and controlling activities can be performed by the manager. Every organisation manages their human resource so that firm can accomplishes their future goals. Thus, without managing the human resources, no business can operate their operational activity appropriately it is important for the HR manager to take responsibilities, so that they can manage their personnel well. To manage the resources, manager use various types of strategies and techniques to create a better level of performance in an organisationn (Longenecker and Fink, 2013).

The present report describes the different perspective of human resource management in Hilton hotel, it includes guest model of HRM. There are different kinds of strategies such as Storeys definition of HRM, personnel and IR practices are defined. It assesses the implications for line manager and employees for developing a strategy for effective management of human. In the second task, it describes the flexibility model which are applied at a workplace and also type which make impact in the workplace in an organisation. Furthermore, it also describes the impact of equal opportunities at the workplace and at last various approaches which are used in human resource practices are describe in the report.

Task 1

1.1 Explanation of Guest's Model of HRM

An organisation needs to determine an effective approach of monitoring and improving the overall performance of their employees. In the context, Hilton hotel also needs to determine the various kinds of approaches and techniques, so that they can evaluate and monitor all activities of their personnel which are performed by them. Hotel focuses provides best quality of products and services to their customers, by which business unit needs to determine the effective tools and techniques. By adopting such techniques firm can enhance their profitability. The guest model also helps to HR manager,so that they can manage the staff for the business enterprise (Macfarlane, 2011).

David Guest is the founder of this model. This model was founded in 1989 and it includes six dimensions for analysing the HRM strategy. All the six dimensions like strategy, practices, outcomes, behaviour results, performance and financial outcomes were help to manage the employees effectively in an organisation. According to this model, business strategy is determined as per the past performance. It mainly focuses on adopting strategic techniques of HRM which help to determine the company's goals. This model believes that company firstly focuses on individual needs, after that they can collect the workforce to increase the performance level. As per the case, manager of the Hilton hotel focuses to provide quality of products and services to their customers and increases the productivity or profitability of an organisation. Thus, firm highly attract their potential customers by rendering quality products and services. By using such model techniques business can create effective strategies and structure. Thus, firm can ensure their development by managing the personnel effectively (Perry, Hondeghem and Wise, 2010).

1.2 Differences Between Storeys Definitions of HRM, Personnel and IR Practices

To manage the human resources, it includes various kind of management policies, practices, decisions, methods and approaches, by using all these kind of management activities, development of personnel can be done effectively (Wright and McMahan, 2011). HRM also make complete record, as per such this firm can achieve the individual and organisational goals easily. In 1992, Professor Storey presented the theory which include the idea by which traditional personnel can be changed in HRM easily. He stated that HRM is an essential and strategic approach which help to manage the appropriate records of personnel. As per the maintain record company can set their goal and accomplish them in future. According to his point of view, HRM techniques is an effective for securing and increasing the high performance of an employees. He also gives two types of HRM techniques which is a part of Guest model:

  • Hard HRM- As per this, manager adopt all those policies and strategies so that they can make effective monitoring and control in employee’s activities through qualitative performance management. In this method, manager need to manage the people by which they get the value for their performance which make positive impact of company competitive position (Pfeffer, 2010).
  • Soft HRM- In this approach, employees play an important role for decision-making process. Manager participate freely and give their opinion in the decision-making process of a company.

Hence, as per the Storey's point of view, in traditional personnel management there will be strict rule and monitoring over the employees and all the employees is treated as a cost so that company always try to minimize them. On the other hand, while managing the resource by effective HRM techniques employees is treated as an asset not a cost so that they play an important role in decision-making process and also help to enhance the profitability of an organisation.

1.3 Implications for Line Managers and Employees of Developing a Strategic Approach to HRM

Every kind of business organisation, line manager and employees play an important role to develop a strategic approach to HRM. In addition to this, both the line manager and employees determine the information and aspect which affect the organisational functioning. (Stone, 2013). They also use technical specialist and monitoring the process so that they can determine the functional and operational framework. Line manager of Hilton hotel maintain the records, so that they can measure operational activity and also determine the quality of employees. In this way, they can deal with customers directly to increase the productivity.

Employees on the opposite site, help to develop performance statics and help to implement a statistic plan for managing the human resource in an organisation. In Hilton hotel, employees help to increase the productivity by giving quality of product and services to the customers. Hence, employees need to make effective plan in which they firstly set their capability as per the target and using strategies employees are able to achieve the target. In this way, employees affect the organisation growth.

Task 2

2.1 A Model of Flexibility

After analysing the performance analysis of Hilton Hotel, organisation founds that they need more efforts and improvement so that they can improve their ability and capabilities. Model of flexibility is a kind of model which can acquired by the different companies so that they can fulfil their different requirement. This kind of model is basically relating to employee’s comforts like their working hours and conditions etc. As per the context of Hilton hotel, organisation use flexibility of model to get benefit of their employees as well as they also meet their customers, so that they can find out their needs and want. In this way by using this model organisation can achieve their future goals effectively (Storey, 2014).

In Hilton Hotel, HR manager needs this kind of model so they can provide effective working environment to their employees so that they can work effectively and accomplishes the organisation's goal. In addition to this, by using the flexibility model it helps the manager to retain the employees and encourage them so that they can work better.

2.2 Types of Flexibility which may be Developed by Business

There are different types of flexibility which are adopted by the different enterprise. In the context, Hilton Hotel use different types of flexibility for their employees as per their business and targeted market place. All types of flexibility are as follows:

Functional Flexibility- Functional flexibility also known as task flexibility, in which there are various kinds of skills and knowledge that individual have so that they can accomplishes their task to achieve the organisational goals. In order to this, management provides effective training to employees and they can develop in their new skill and capabilities. By using this flexibility approaches, its main aim to achieve higher productivity so that firm, can achieve their goals and also increases their profitability.

Location Flexibility- This type of flexibility helps the management to provide flexibility to their workers and employees, who can work far from the office plant. In addition to this, such employees can connect with the office plant through internet or any kind of electronic medium. Such kind of flexibility provides benefits for both employers and employees so they can they reduce the cost and enhance the productivityty (Lawler, 2012).

Temporal Flexibility- Temporal flexibility is used when organisation wants to increase the working hours of an employee so that demand will be increases. In Hilton Hotel, use the temporal flexibility when firm realize that there will be high demand of extra work and production. Thus, it will help the firm, so that they can acquire high level of attention from the customers.

Numerical Flexibility- Under the numerical flexibility, Hilton hotel make quantitative changes capabilities in a firm. It includes number of employees which are present in an organisation, profit margin, price of the services, quantity of sales etc. By using this method, Hotel can examine the fluctuation ion demand and supply of a particular services.

2.3 Assessment the Use of Flexible Working Practices from Both the Employee and the Employer Perspective

For accomplishing the task, flexibility is adopted by the employees and organisation so that better results can be achieved by them. By adopting the flexibility, Hilton Hotel is beneficial for the both perspective of employees and organisation, which are as follows:

Organisational Perspective- As per the organisational point of view, the main objective of Hilton Hotel is to provide quality of products and services to their employees so that it can expand the productivity and profitability. Hilton hotel mainly deal in fulfilling the needs and wants of the customers, so that firm mainly focuses on the taste, preference and demand of the customers. Thus, flexibility in the working practices increase the capabilities of the business so that firm can fulfil their essential; requirement in the market. By making improvement in organisation structure and environment it helps the hotel to increase their workforce in their operational activity.

Employees Perspective- As per the employees’ point of view, this kind of perspective is mainly focus to increase the performance and capabilities of an employees. It also helps to motivate the employees by giving equal participation, salary, increment so that employees get motivated and work as per the great ability (Landy and Conte, 2009). In addition to this, all the personnel also get influenced by giving them opportunities so that they can increase together productivity in an organisation. Employees perspective also include the proper management of works so that each responsibilities and task were allotted as power the employees’ ability, skills and knowledge. This perspective also has some limitations that working practices by multitalented people increase the productivity but also it makes burden on them in an organisation.

2.4 Impact of Changes in the Labour Market

By using flexibility working practices it makes positive as well negative impact on employer and employees in the Hilton Hotel. There are various kinds of elements which influence the flexibility changes in the labour market. Changes in labour market, it makes impact on the statics of employment. Employment statics represents the fluctuation in the structure of employees and quantity which make impact in Hilton Hotel working and employability. Flexible working practices also make impact on demographical dividend in the hotel (Kotey and Sharma, 2015). Demographic impact also increases the ratio and as a result persons are allocated as per their age, structure, occupation, qualification, talents etc. Thus, it makes directly impact on the wages and salary of employees. Under this HR manager allocate the salary and wages of the employees as per their contribution, capabilities, skills and outputs.

Task 3

3.1 Forms of Discrimination in the Workplace

Discrimination refers to the unfair treatment of a person or group different from others. In an organisation differentiation can be made on the basis of age, colour, gender, nationality, caste etc.

Discrimination on the Basis of Ethnicity- This type of discrimination occurs in Hilton Hotel when employees are hired in unethical manner. In this way, it will create dis-satisfaction among the employees Thus, organisation need to develop fair and ethical hiring strategy of employees (Koh and Sebelius, 2010).

Discrimination on the Basis of Religion- This kind of difference is happening, when in Hotel employees working in different religious backgrounds workers. In this way, organisation give priority and importance each individual on the basis of their religion.

Discrimination on the Basis of Disability- To hire the employees, Hilton Hotel give opportunities to all the employees as per their ability, skills and knowledge so that there will be no condition of hiring people which are not satisfied with the job. Hence, company can adopt ethical techniques so that organisation can hire the people appropriately.

Sexual Harassment– Sexual Harassment is a condition which consist of such kind of behaviour that individual feels offended or humiliated. It can be in the form of physically and verbally to the individuals. Thus, it creates very bad image of the organisation, so that company need to make effective rules and act which give security to their employees.

Age Discrimination- When individual is treated as very unfriendly manner because ofg their age, such conditions are arising in age discrimination condition. Thus, company provide equality of employees’ son that they can perform well (Kakuma, 2011).

3.2 Discuss the Practical Implications of Equal Opportunities Legislation for an Organisation

The practical implication of equal opportunities legislation helps the Hilton hotel group to framed legal and legislative framework which is related tom the working style of a company. Such legal legislation makes positive as well negative impact on company's operational activity. There are various kinds of practices which is related to investments of funds, time and providing training & development to the employees. These legal practices are a time consuming process but it also beneficial to minimize the cost in an organisation. Company working on the basis of such practices make the equal opportunities to employees and it also help to securing the growth of the organisation (Guest, 2011). Legislation related to the recruitment policy help to maintain the reputation of the company. It helps to attract the people who have specific skills and efficiency to perform a perform a work effectively. Furthermore, this legal and legislation practices help to protect the employees against the discrimination like sexual harassment, inequality, religion, age difference etc. All those laws are framed by the government which must be obtained by the firm. Hence to implement the legal practices and law related work helps in smooth functioning of the business activities.

3.3 Approaches to Managing Equal Opportunities and Managing Diversity

There are many peoples who want to work in a Hilton Hotel. Thus, company needs to manage the different culture and religious people, so that company can adopt workforce diversity. Thus, HR manager determine to provide equal opportunities to the employees so that they can manage the diversity in the workplace by using legal practise / policies. In the Hilton Hotel, they adopt practise and policies so that it will be beneficial for the workers because all such policies encourage the workers to give their best efforts in a firm (Ivanovic and Collin, 2015). It also provides security and efforts so that employees feel comfortable at workplace. Hence, to manage equal opportunities and managing diversity relates the force of the changes such as external forces. All the forces of Hilton Hotel which makes an impact externally like government legislation, social fairness and rights of the employees etc. affect the operational activities and also provide equal opportunities within the enterprise. The primary subjective of give the equivalent possibility to all worker to make the effectual activity situation inside the business concern. More over the top management in the Hilton hotel use the come through equivalent chance and variety is mostly the impelled by inner unit within the organisational structure and it is instantly affiliated with definite asthenic points which existing in the business project. With the help of this fair policies and practices, organisation can able to build the sound relation to their employees also there has develop the effective culture for business (Glendon, Clarke and McKenna, 2016).


4.1 Comparing Different Methods of Performance Management

Performance management is a process by which HR manager can monitor, evaluate and make effective control in employees’ activity. By scrutiny analysis of the employees’ performance manager of cited hospital firm can take effective measurement tools so that they can find the effective areas where the people are really required. By using personnel management, Hilton Hotel will be able to provide quality of products to their customers and achieve their future goals. In a cited hospitality firm, HR manager take the responsibility to strengthen their performance and provide them necessary training and development. In addition to this, it is also important to give the feedback from those people who are continuously giving there services in the hotel. Performance management also motivate the employees so that they can do their work more effectively and in an appropriate manner (Flamholtz, 2012). Here, motivation include two type of motivational techniques such as positive and negative motivation. In positive motivation, it includes onus, extra wages, increment etc. but on the other hand negative motivation include fear of job like hike of salary, suspension, transfer of the employees etc.

In a cited hospitality firm where large number of employees are working in various department so that by excel all the revenue and income firm can estimate the actual turnover of cited enterprise. Hence, Hilton Hotel is mainly focus on performance appraisals and management by objectives. On the other hand, Marriott can measure 360-degree feedback to analysis the actual performance of the employees. This technique helps to analysis the effectiveness of a company.

4.2 The Approaches used to Manage Employee Welfare in your Organization

Human resource management is essential element in the UK public policy. It is essential for every business to manage their resources so that they can accomplish their goals. Organisation also use various measuring techniques so that it provides safety and welfare of the employees (Dent and Whitehead, 2013). It is also important to provide effective environment so that company can achieve the goals and objectives. By giving welfare facilities to the employers, it also creates the morale in a higher level. There are various kinds of welfare schemes which are divided into two parts: One is statutory and second is non- statutory, which are as follows:

Rest Rooms- Company provide rest room facility to their employees, so that they can time for rest due to emergency. Company provides such facility to sick people and pregnant women who are working in the organisation (Currie, Finn and Martin, 2010).

Canteen Facility- This facility helps the employees to spend some time for taking lunch and refreshment. These facility makes them refresh so that they can work better.

Urinary Facility- It is very important to provide the employees with clean and proper toilets. There should be adequate number of toilets according to the strength of the organization.

Proper Sitting Facility- Company should provide proper sitting areas for the employees. It includes proper hygiene place, proper lighting, air etc. so that employees can work effectively.

Drinking Facility- The company should make sure the hygiene factors of the employees. They should provide clean and healthy drinking water to keep them fit (Chen, 2016).

4.3 Implications of Health and Safety Legislation on Human Resources Practices

There is a main role of any organisation that they should built effective rules and policies so that it would be beneficial for the employees in regards to their health and safety in organisation. In addition to this, Hilton Hotel require to make effective policies for providing health and security of an employees. All this legal rules and regulations helps to secure the interest of individual in an organisation. There are various kinds of act which are imposed to provide health and safety of employees in an organisation, which are as follows:

Working time regulations act, 1988- This act is mainly focuses on the time duration in which individual can perform their work in an organisation. According to this act, an individual who can work more than actual; working period than individual will be rewarded in the form incentives, bonus etc. On the other hand, if a person is performing less than the actual working period than they will be punishable in the form of hike of salary, demotion etc. Thus, working hours in an organisation must be flexible so that as per the flexibility individual can manage their own work for accomplishing their goals (Bamberger, Biron and Meshoulam, 2014).

Health and safety act, 1974- This act is necessary for the firm that they will provide the health care facility like hospitality, providing emergency room to the employees. In this way, act is mainly focus on provide safety and security of an employees against any kinds of fraudulent activity.

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4.4 Impact of one Topical Issue on Human Resources Practices

This is the main issue which makes an impact on HR practices in an organisation. Hilton Hotel also uses hospitality services so that firm can secure the long-term recruitment and selection process for an employee. In addition to this, organisation also invest lots of time and money for hiring right person at a right place. Firm also focuses on their competitive advantage so that they can revival their sick units (Atapattu and Jayakody, 2014). In addition to this, cited firm also focuses on e-recruitment techniques so that they can hire the person through online. There are various kinds of advantages and disadvantages which are as follows:


  • It also helps to reduce the cost.
  • It also provides 24*7 services to the customers.
  • It mainly focussed to provide quality of products and services to the customers.
  • Helps to improve the selection procedure through online etc.


  • It is a time-consuming process because it takes lots of time to check the documents which are provided by the applicants.
  • There is no surety of worker about their work.


As per the above report, it can be concluded that human resource management is a necessary feature of the business organisation. Guest Model is a deserving method to carry off the employees of the firm. Discrimination is an issue which is not good for the reputation of the firm and has to be avoided. There are different methods of performance review such as meetings, 360 degree feedback, progress plan etc. Company should focus on managing the welfare of its employees. In this project report, the discussion has been done on the employees’ welfare approaches and also it outlined how these conceptualizations have an effect on the health and safety legislation on the human resources practices. It has been evaluated the impact of topical issue on human resources practices. The discussion has also done the implication of equal opportunities and diversity in business practices (Akhtar and Malik, 2016).


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