HRM4002 - People in Organisations Case Study


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People or stakeholders for business are similar in nature where people in working are called as employees. There are diverse culture and nature individual are working at business firm which need to understand by HR managers properly although they have differ motivation and working attribute as well (Anthony and Pa, 2016). This project is based on Harrods which is one of a famous retail section in the UK. The major values of Harrods stands for the Luxury, service, innovation etc. They are operating successfully from past 160 years and also provide employment to more than 3000 employees. In this project there are mainly two things will going to discuss by considering the case study on Harrods. The first section define and describe about the Harrods leaders role in working as well as structure and cultural support to manage changes. The next one will going to depict about motivational consideration through effective team could be define properly. Although, with appropriate team development attributes business suppose to become successful in tenure.


Question 1. Role of leadership and support of structural and cultural change support appropriate transitional changes

In every organisation leadership plays an vital role in order to accomplish the daily objectives of organisation. Further leadership means the ways of influencing the behaviour of individual through their acts and qualities (Barr, 2017). Therefore in Harrods communication between different employees is essential to perform all the task of organisation in effective manner which can possible only when leader uses different approaches in order to interact with their subordinate so they understand all the skills and capability of them easily which they utilised in future operations.

Company always having some vision and goals which can be accomplished through their good quality of goods and services. In dynamic environment changes are coming with rapid fast speed so in order to make organisation structure according to external alterations then they require to scan all the recent changes coming customers needs, demand and wants and on the basis of such observation make modification in their products and services in order to maintain their sustainability. Generally, the internal employees are resistance to change so it is duty of leader to guide their employees how alterations are vital for the success of organisation and beneficial for career growth of workforce. Apart from it in order to motivate the workforce it is the duty of leader to induce worker for active participation in every decision making which bring positivity in them at the time of performing task (Broséus and et. al., 2016). Harrods  is a recognised brand known in all over the world having 330 departments globally. The company known for his luxury services, innovation and sensation and their employees plays essential role in retaining brand value and goodwill. In retail sector employees has to interact with different variety of stakeholders which include both the internal and external factors in order to ensure day to day running of business.

Apart from it company having different rivalry in market so in order to become top most brand in retail market it is important for leader to adopt that leadership style which suited their goals and objectives (Chen and Wang, 2018). Their are different types of leadership styles like autocratic, democratic, bureaucratic and laissez faire style so it is important for business to select most appropriate method or style which help in accomplishing targets of company. In Harrods around 4000 employees are working with additional agency of 3500 so in order to manage all over operation of business and retain their brand image leader adopt democratic leadership style which is also known as participative leadership style or shared leadership style in which all the workforce and members has to actively participate in different decision making of organisation.

The main reason behind the adaptation of this style is that company is multinational brand in retail sector engaged in luxury and designer clothes, handbags so to know all the demand and requirement of customers at all level they want some experienced and innovative person who make improvement in their product and services through innovative techniques. Following are the importance of democratic leadership style are described below:-

  1. Members in group are encouraged to share their thoughts, opinion and viewpoints through which leader can take the final rational decision making.
  2. Workforce feels more secured and enthusiasm at the performing daily operation of company.
  3. One of the innovative and creative way through which employees use their hidden skills and capabilities in complex business situation.
  4. Good democratic leaders posses some specific traits which include honesty, ethical moral values, courage, intelligence and fairness.
  5. Through this leadership style relationship between leader and their subordinate is maintain and they are also committed towards their goals, projects which bring more outcomes to company.
  6. Encouraged and motivated employees are easily solve all the issues and problems faced by their clients in respect of products and services which help in satisfy them fully which leads to long term relationship and trust with them.
  7. In democratic leadership leader can easily identifying the talent of employees who give their utmost contribution to Harrods organisation. Further it is essential to retain such employees by providing them all monetary and non monetary incentives and provide them employment opportunities through promotion, participation in decision making.
  8. This leadership enhance team spirit among employees and because of which coordination and cooperation is maintain between them at the time of performing complex task situations.

Further in order to maintain good corporate culture and managing change in their organisation structure they need to modify the thinking of employees through their career advancement and growth (Duffield and Whitty, 2016). Their are different methods and techniques used for them are following:-

  • Mentoring and coaching:- It is important for leaders to organise the coaching class in which they guide their employees about the changes they needed to make in their working style so that effective productivity can be obtained (Fuller and McCauley, 2016). Line managers at Harrods are encouraged to communicate targets and advice to employees through face to face interaction for better results.
  • Support networks. Managers meet regularly with other. Managers to share ideas and issues. For example the Retail sector manager need to meet with lower and middle level in order to know all the issues and problems and communicate all the grievances with top level which maintain network in all departments.
  • Recruitment and selection:- It is duty of HR manager to select such source of recruitment that help them to select the best candidates from available alternatives and then give them appropriate training so they familiar with working environment of company.
  • Scoreboard:- Leaders can enhance the performance of their employees by observing their daily performance and score them on the basis of their daily task and operations.

Apart from in order to implement changes in the organisation structure of company it is essential for leaders of Harrods to formulate such tactics and strategies with the assistance of top level that allow them to grab all the external opportunities and remove all the riskier factor that act as hurdle in achieving targets of company (Larsson, 2017). Further transition is a physiological process that occur at personal level in which changes occurs externally while transition is done internally. It is very important for leaders to understand employees reaction regarding changes through their performance and transition is a way of making changes in organisation in efficient manner. Harrods in order to make possible active participation of employees different training and development events has been organised through which proper guidance has been given regarding the importance of employment engagement and it is duty of HR manager to recruit such types of able and skilled employees that help in bringing new changes in their products and services through their creativity and innovation. Harrods management adopt survey procedures in which different strategic plans has been made in order to improving employment engagement and trust for longer period. Leaders uses four main elements in order to managing change along with their people which described below:-

  • Changing organisational structure:- It is an duty of senior manager and leader to divide their hierarchy into many different layers so that work can be done in effective manner (Mayo, 2016). Further new structure adopted by company is flatter in which employees has to take more responsibilities which further lead to job enrichment through which employee has many opportunities by taking responsibility which give them fuller satisfaction.
  • Leadership changing:- Creating such type of environment where employees are more motivated to take decision for themselves. Senior managers has a duty to establishing vision of company and lower level employees delegated all other work of organisation in which they have to provide good quality of services to their customers. Under this transformational leadership is used in which vision build by top level which is accomplish by middle and lower level.
  • Effective communication:- leaders of Harrods must adopt such techniques which facilitates effective communication in which employees are informed about all the strategies effectively (Whelan, 2016). Further, both the leader and subordinates has to interact in informal manner so that both through mutual discussion accomplish day to day operations of business and facilitate effective utilisation of resources.
  • Retaining brand value:- Harrods one of the branded company known for their luxury goods and items. In order such image it is utmost duty of employee to carry out the survey to know the difference between customer experience and employee experience and Harrods one of the famous organisation that known for tackling all the issues as matter of urgency and include all the modernisation of staff restaurant and providing high quality of foods to their customers.

Therefore Harrods must consider the above point in order to implement all the changes in their organisation structure for better results and productivity in effective manner.

Question 2. Ways which assist in crafting effective team with motivation and team development attributes

Business used and needs effective and supportive team which facilitate an option to define and determine better outcome in range. An appropriate and suitable team always used to get motivated by developing and defining suitable working aspects. At workplace, there is a need of motivation at each and every field of area so that better and supportive team could be crafted. There are certain number of steps get determine which used to understand by HR managers properly which assist them in crafting such teams whom always used to get motivated towards work and enable in accomplish the targets properly.

Harrods are the one whom providing jobs to more than 3000 employees with additional 3500 agencies and concession employees. From past few days business used to face a serious problem related with high employee turnover thus, management need to take appropriate steps for maintain higher employee engagement. Thus, management need to determine and estimated such steps and working attribute which assist them in preparing appropriate and suitable team with motivation. Such consideration will lead to include and define about several number of steps which stated as follow:

  • Internal employee magazines: One of a major consideration which support Harrods to craft a better and effective team which used to motivate individuals are employee magazines. This is one of a way in which business used to describe the working of their teams properly. Such magazine will clearly describes about survey, employees achievement properly so that it leads to define that their engagement properly. Although, each and every person become available and facilitate towards work which further enable in crafting a better team where goals attainment by groups used to describe properly with their thoughts and opinion. Business provides a magazine with name “Your Harrods” under which such stances used to describe and evaluated in better and appropriate manner.
  • Morning briefing: Another section which enable and motivate the team working is morning briefing where whole day schedule need to describe by leaders of a company. This enable in divide the work among individuals or groups properly so that they become more motivated towards task accomplishment. A morning briefing at Harrods provide them knowledge about what really lead to take place in whole day. Leaders describe the each and every group work properly so that unit become more dedicated towards their target accomplishment which define and enable them to determine better and supportive outcome.
  • Intranet: Enable each and every single piece of information with diverse number of employees properly. This used to motivate them towards working although they not used to push down for working but a information sharing enable them to aware their importance towards business. Although, while performing this process, business individuals or employees become more engage towards working and start sharing their thoughts and views with each other. This will support Harrods to motivate their workers properly which further enable them to accomplish their targets in better and supportive manner.
  • Quarterly employee forum: On this aspect of engagement of individual, business required to create volunteers of their work which used to present the issues of a company as well as enable them to contribute something in strategy formulation. This used to take place during every fourth month. Harrods have to disseminate this aspect properly at workplace so that they would become able to maintain better and effective things. Such aspect enable them to share their views and aspects with leaders of a company and some major issues could be identify. This forum not only resolve their issues but also enforce them to craft a better team which used to motivate each and every individual towards positive working.
  • Other forms of employees voice: There is a need to understand and determine the aspects of employees as this lead to contribute in success and sustainability of a firm and business operations. Harrods already introduce a policy “Bright Ideas” where employees used to share their innovative and new attribute to the management which facilitate in order to determine success of a company. This engagement method enable them to develop a team working spirit among employees where each and every person used to work in deriving a creative idea with formulation of appropriate groups. This will motivate them as well towards working and target accomplishment.

            Such engagement modes will enable Harrods to develop a team which used to enable them in order to deal with changes. Although, such aspects will enable them to motivate a team properly towards their working objectives and target accomplishment. This will assist them in gaining and deriving better and appropriate outcome for future consideration so that effectiveness could be maintain and manage their work. This engagement used to reduce their employee turnover which further work as a major benefit for a company and its working as well.

            Team working is a major task which enable business to accomplish their objectives in better and effective manner. It is really important for a business to develop a team properly and get it mature by define course of time. Hence, Harrods need to understand and determine about the team development attributes properly so that their success used to take place in better and definite manner. Some points which needs to understand by leaders of Harrods while crafting a team define as follow:

  • The first thing which define an appropriate and effective team development is that each team member need to take active participation in meetings and projects of a company. This enable them to understand the importance of team as well as diverse range of sources could be underpin. Harrods success could be estimated only when team members used to provide their own views and aspects properly so that better and effective assessment of work could be done which support in accomplishing objectives properly.
  • Another attribute and aspect of team development is that each and every individual need to be creative in tenure which assist in determine the creative solution of each and every problem. At Harrods, individuals need to be creative in nature so that better and define solutions could be assess. Thus, business objectives achievement become more possible in frame while performing this aspect better.
  • An appropriate and effective team is one whom used to take initiative of each and every aspect. It is really important to consider and determine this attribute because in teams most of the time it seem that everyone is blaming each and every person. Thus, there is a need of a leader or person whom used to take charge when anything went wrong. Such unit used to accept their mistakes and try to identify appropriate and suitable cause to deal with such problems. This will also contribute in success and sustainability of Harrods where business suppose to become successful in nature only when things used to went well as well as team start taking initiative for wrong decisions of any inappropriate activities as well.

            Harrods become successful in nature when there teams used to present and perform their work in better and appropriate manner. Such team development attributes used to evaluated by business managers in better and supportive frame of reference. This will assist them in reducing the employee turnover as well as enhance the engagement of each and every single individual properly. Such aspect will lead to contribute in better and effective manner of working. Team attributes and characteristics need to understand and address by leaders of Harrods in better frame. Such things will directly enable them in generate more profit which further enable them to grow and diversified their operations as well.


            It get concluded from the project that business is a composition of various people whom working and belong to distinct culture and values. There is a need for HR manager to understand them properly so that better and effective working could be done. Although, leaders need to utilise better and supportive technique for managing work and any kind of change which arrive at business world. Although, by developing and determining suitable and appropriate motivation of team all objectives used to get accomplish in better and definite manner of frame. Thus, it needs to assess by leaders the team development attribute in better and effective manner.


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