Purpose And Functions Of HRM


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Human resource management is considered as the practice in which HR manager hire employees, provide training to them, develop various policies and strategies in order to retain them for long period of time. Present assignment is based on Marks and Spencer, which is renown retailer across the world (HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT
(HRM), 2018). This company provides luxurious products to its customers in vast segment like home appliances, clothing and food products in its stores. This report is going to discuss about purpose and function of HRM practices. Further strengths and weaknesses of several approaches of recruitment and selection. Along with this, benefits of HRM practices which supports are organisation in achieving business goals and increasing its productivity will be discussed. Different types of Employment legislation laws which influences decision making of HRM will be explained.


P1 Purpose and the functions of HRM

Human resource management refers to the practices which emphasize on managing, planning, hiring and recruiting employees for organisation according to their skill and capability. Basically, HRM practices are performed by human resource manager of company for the purpose of managing man power in effective manner so that goals can be achieved in the given time frame.

Function of HRM:

Recruitment and selection: It is the process in which HR manager of an organisation find out best candidate for organisation in order to accomplish business objectives and goals. In context to HR manager of Marks and Spencer, majorly they emphasize identifying various options through which they can attract pool of applicant so that best one among them can be chosen according to the required designation.

Training and development:Training and development session are one among the main function HRM which helps HR manager in developing skills of employees according to its requirements (Ekuma, 2012). This improves the performance of employees and enhances their productivity level. Along with this, it also motivate employees to perform their assigned task in effective manner.

Maintains appropriate working environment:It is the responsibility of HR manager of Marks and Spencer to provide effective working environment to the employees so that they feels comfortable and perform their assigned job responsibility in effective manner. Along with this, various policies are executed for the employees related to their safety and security. This ensures employees that they are safe working in safe environment without any harm to life. As a result employees performs works effectively and achieve their targeted goals and objectives in given time frame (Ekuma, 2012).

Purpose of HRM:

Sustainable employment: Main purpose of HRM practices is to enhance employee sustainability so that organisation can reduce employment turnover. HR manager of Marks and Spencer provides training to the employees so that their skills can be improved which will directly enhance their performance as well as productivity level. These practices improves the inter personal relationship among employer as well as employees which directly enhances the satisfaction level of employees and motivates them to perform their given effectively.
Improve productivity:Another purpose of HRM is to improve productivity of organisation which can be done easily through developing positive relationship with the employees (Laws Affecting Human Resource Management 2018). This influences employees to perform their work effectively. Along with this, it also persuades employees to agree with different policies of the Marks and Spencer which are executed by HR manager.

Overall development of organisation:HRM also develops the overall organisation as it improves each and every segment of the company. In context to Marks and Spencer, HR manager of this organisation opts several HRM practices in order to develop company.

P2 Strengths and weaknesses of different approaches to recruitment and selection.

Recruitment and selection is the major function of HR department of Marks and Spencer. It provides organisation huge number of manpower which helps in achieving business gaols and objective. It is the process of attracting pool of applicant towards organisation and attracting them towards the company. Further through various procedures appropriate candidate is selected as the employee for the company. Majorly they are of two types that is internal and external methods. Internal recruitment and selection method states that HR manager of organisation selects the employees from the existing employees only. They are selected on the basis of their skills, capability and knowledge. Whereas, external method brings candidate from outside to the organisation. In this method employees are selected from sources like placements, consultancy services etc. Various methods used by HR manager of Marks and Spencer for recruitment and selection are described as below:

E-recruitment:E-recruitment is the process of finalising applicants through internet for the specific job designation. It is a external sources of recruitment in which applicants are hired by opting various web based sources like Social media, Job Portals etc. HR manager of Marks and Spencer is using it for hiring best employees for the company (Marie Ryan and Derous, 2016).

  • Strength:It provides huge range of talent to the Marks and Spencer which can provide growth to the company in less time.
  • Weaknesses:It is consumes lots of time of HR department as lots of applicant apply without any interest. It waste valuable time of employees.

Promotion:It is the internal type of recruitment method which is opted by Marks and Spencer. In this, HR manager believes in giving promotion to the existing employees on the basis of its performance rather than hiring new employee from outside.

  • Strength:This method is helpful for the Marks and Spencer as the existing employees understands actual working pattern of the company which saves their time in conveying same thing to the new employees. Along with this, it is cost and time effective method which helps company in utilising both the factors in required place.
  • Weaknesses:This method avoids fresh talent which may give innovative ideas to the Marks and Spencer as a result organisation misses many growth options.

HR manager of Marks and Spencer is using interview as its final procedure of selection. As it helps HR in understanding actual skills and knowledge of the candidate (Nordhaug, 2004). In this various questions are asked to the candidate and on the basis of answers HR manager finalises best one as it employees.


P3 Benefits of different HRM practices for both the employer and employee.

HRM practices are beneficial for both employees as well as employer as it improves working environment of organisation and improves working ability of employees. There are numerous of benefit which raises organisational profit and also increases employees career growth. Some of the benefits for both employee and employer are evaluated as below:

Benefit to employees:

  • Health safety:HRM practices includes health safety of all the manpower who are working in the organisation. In relation with Marks and Spencer, it is the responsibility of HR manager to monitor safety measures at work place for every employee so that they work in freely without any thought of harm related to life (Welcome to the Fair Work Ombudsman website 2018).
  • Develops skills:Human resource manager of Marks and Spencer conducts various training and development session for employees which helps them in enhancing skills. This helps employees in performing its business responsibilities in effective manner and gain their targets.
  • Rewards and recognition:HRM practices involves feedback from the employees itself for identifying best performer in organisation. This encourages employees to present their valuable thoughts and ideas with HR department. As a result management of Marks and Spencer gives rewards to the employees in order to motivate and appreciate them so that they could share ideas in future too. These rewards helps in fulfilling needs and requirement of employees in monetary terms.

Benefits to employer:

  • Reduces employee turnover:HRM practice of Marks and Spencer helps employer by minimising employment turnover in the company. As these practices enhances satisfaction level of employee which helps in increasing their comfortable zone in working environment and motivates work with the same company for longer period of time.
  • Contributes in achieving targeted goals:Human resource management practices of an organization improves skills of employees through training sessions. This helps organisation in achieving its business goals and objectives in given time frame. As a result it increases profitability of Marks and Spencer.
  • Builds positive relationship employees:HRM practices in every organisation develops positive relationship among employees and employer. With the help of this, HR manager of Marks and Spencer shares goals and objectives with employees which helps them in understanding actual requirement of company (Werner, 2014). As a result, employees directly on the major requirement and also minimises waste production of organisation.

P4 Effectiveness of different HRM practices in terms of raising organisational profit and productivity

  • Recruitment and Selection:HRM practices involves recruitment and selection in its functioning. As this helps organisation in getting suitable candidate according to the vacant job designation. In context to Marks and Spencer, its HR manager uses internal as well as external recruitment methods in order to find out best employee for their business operation. As a result organisation receives well talented employee who can perform organisational work effectively. It can be said that with the increase in number of employees productivity level of Marks and Spencer will be directly enhanced. This will also provide high range of profit to the company too.
  • Reward systems:HR manager mainly emphasize on building effective relationship with employee for the purpose of improving their performance and productivity level. In context to Marks and Spencer, this organisation is using various kind of reward system in order to motivate employees to perform in effective manner. These rewards are based on the several targets which are given to the employees. It motivates employees to perform their work in effective manner so that can accomplish target and receive monetary rewards (Wilson, 2015). Therefore, it increases productivity level of Marks and Spencer and increases profitability of the company.
  • Performance management:Performance management is termed as the process in which HR manager of organisation monitors performance of employees at regular interval in order to improve their performance. In relation with Marks and Spencer, its HR manager evaluate performance of every individual for understanding their working pattern. It also helps the company in finding out most hard working employee. Along with this, if employees are not performing their work in right direction, its manager can guide accordingly. This HRM practice impact positively on employees and helps them in achieving business goals. As a result, productivity level of Marks and Spencer is directly enhanced through this practice and generates more profit for their future growth.
  • Safety benefits:HRM practice of Marks and Spencer includes safety system which ensures employees that they are working in the safe environment with right organisation. Along with this, safety policies for this companyHUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT
    (HRM), 2018involves fire security, occupational health service etc. which creates safe and secure working environment for employees. Main objective of this organisation is to represent employees that they care about all of the working manpower belongs to each department (Contracts of employment and working hours - GOV.UK. 2018). This develops positive and long term relationship among employees as well as employer which encourages employees to work in effective manner and improves productivity of Marks and Spencer.
  • Training and development:Training sessions are one among major HRM practices which are performed by HR manager of Marks and Spencer. This organisation has formulated an separate department which measures the requirement of training from every department and conducts training session according to it only. As a result it improves skills of employees and helps them in performing their job responsibility in effective manner. It also motivates employees to their target achieve targeted goals and objectives in the given time frame and directly enhances productivity of the company.


P5 Importance of employee relations in respect to influencing HRM decision-making

Every organisation is required to build positive relationship with employees which helps HR manager in taking effective and appropriate decision. Marks and Spencer considers employees as its main asset as they are the only one who works hard for achieving organisational goals and objectives of the organisation. In addition to this, relationship with the employee also influences decision making process of the company (Employment Law | CIPD. 2018). Some of its importance of employee relation which contributes in decision making of HR manager are described below:

  • Reduces conflict among employees:Positive relationship with employees helps HR manager of Marks and Spencer in maintaining suitable and conflict free environment at work place. For this various practices like counselling sessions and meeting are conducted for the employees so that they could share thoughts and ideas with each other. This develops their interpersonal relationships and reduces conflict among them. Along with this, HR manager of this organisation also involves employees in decision making process which contributes in taking appropriate decision.
  • Shares work responsibility:Every employee in organisation is appointed for the purpose performing particular job responsibility. HR manager of Marks and Spencer shares responsibility among the employees without being bias towards them. In addition to this, it is essential for human resource department to build positive relationship with employees. As if they shares positive relation then employees easily agree to assign work and performs work effectively. It also helps HR manager to take essential decision which are beneficial for the growth of company as employees supports manager in every decision (NetSuite UK - Cloud Computing - Business Software. 2018). Hence, Marks and Spencer can achieve its targeted goals and objectives in predetermined period of time.
  • Decreases absenteeism:Positive relationship with employees helps human resource manager of Marks and Spencer in minimising absenteeism of employees. Because if employees are happy with the working environment, they will surely performs their work effectively and take less leaves from the office. This will influence the productivity as all employees comes regular and perform their work properly. As a result all work is accomplished in the given time frame and HR manager is not required to manage work of the employees.
  • Increases productivity:HR manager of the Marks and Spencer is required to maintain good relationship with employees. This increases employees interest towards the organisation and also motivates them to work their work effectively in the given time frame. Therefore, it increases productivity of the organisation and provides monetary benefit to it.

P6 Evaluate key elements of employment legislation and the impact it has upon HRM decision-making.

Employment legislation laws impacts Marks and Spencer as well as it decision making of its HR manager. There are various essential laws which influences decision making of HR manager of Marks and Spencer. And these are defined as below:

  • Equal pay act 1963: This act states that HR manager of Marks and Spencer have to give equal wages to the employees without discriminating on the basis of gender. It influences Decision making of HR manager as it guides them finalise wages of employees according to their skills and designation.
  • Medical Act 1858:Medical Act is one among most essential employment law which is required to follow by Marks and Spencer (Laws Affecting Human Resource Management. 2018). This law assures that employees working in this organisation will get support from the company in medical issues. It involves HR manager is examining health of employees so that safety measures can be taken effectively.
  • Data protection act 1968:This act emphasize on securing personal details and information of the employee safe and secure. It is required by HR manager of Marks and Spencer to use high security system while storing data of employees.


P7 Application of HRM practices in a work-related context

Curriculum Vitae: CV is a written description of individual which includes experience and qualification for the purpose of grabbing job opportunity.

Curriculum Vitae



Contact no

Career objective – I want to work in firm where I can enhance my skills and can grow my career.

Academic Qualification

·Post graduation in management

·Graduation in business administration

Working experience

·worked in an Multi National Company for 6 years a HR manager.

·Organized an exhibition with team.

·Worked in new IT company for 1 year as a Human resource manager.

Personal skills

·Analytical skill

·Team player


Declaration:I declare that above mention details are true according to my knowledge


Place (Name)

Job Description: It is a internal document which specifies actual requirement of job, job duties, skills required, post, name of the company, department, roles and responsibilities, experienced required etc.

Job Description

Name of company- Marks and Spencer

Post- Human resource manager

Department- Human resource

Roles and responsibility- Prepare salary of employees every month.

Provide training and development to the employees according to their requirements

Monitor performance of employees at regular interval

Skills required- Effective communication skill, adaptable for different situations in organisation, analytical skills.

Experience required- Minimum 6 years of experience in HR department as a senior human resource manager.

Interview: This is activity which is executed by human resource to gain information about knowledge and skills, thereby select best candidate.

Interview questions

Q.1 Tell something about yourself?

Q.2 Why are you interested to work in this firm?

Q.3 Who inspires you in your life?

Q.4 Tell me companies where you had earlier worked as human resource?

Q.5 Why we should we select you?


From the above mention report it has been concluded that HRM practices are important for every organisation as it is beneficial for organisation as well as employee. It has been analysed that effective usage of HRM practice enhances productivity as well as profitability of organisation. It is important for organisation to develop positive relation with employees which helps HR manager in executing various policies and procedure which are beneficial for company as employees are in favour of organisation. It is required by the human resource manager organisation to follow employment laws of their nation so that they can be executed in effective manner.

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