Human Resource Management


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Organization Selected : Say It With Chocolate


The Human Resource Management is a systematic process of recruiting people, compensation to them, giving training to them so that workers develop their skills and capabilities. It describes the formal system for management of people and staff inside an organization (Albrecht and, 2015). The major duties of HR manager are staffing, providing benefits to employees of that company and giving them various tasks according to their capabilities.

This report is focused on “Say it with Chocolate”, which is situated at North Yorkshire, UK. It produces tailor-made chocolate-based greetings cards and presents in entire UK.

In this report, it covers scope and purpose of HRM with selection and recruitment process. It also covers several activities related to employee performance, reward and development. Further, it also includes different factors that influence HR decision-making process.


A) Purpose of HR function with importance to organisation, current problems faced and its future plans for further growth

In a company, Human Resource Manager conducts several important functions such as selection, recruitment, employee relations, job safety, labour law compliance, training and development of employees and many more (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014). This organisation is produces many types of products; it produces tailor made chocolate based greetings cards and sold it in whole UK with its different distribution channels.

Purpose of HR functions – In Say it with Chocolate, there are various functions of HR manager that should be considered. In these functions, it includes planning, staffing, training, professional development etc. The purpose of all such functions are performs an important role for this company.

All such tasks are very important because HR manager accomplishes all such goals and he or she will able to meet their management's essential requirements of staff and management. In the modern and competitive business environment, the functions of HR still develop in order to achieve management goals (Bailey and, 2018). For the purpose of human resource management functions, competitiveness of an organisation is the ultimate aim and objective. In this context, communication and various tasks are required at 'Say it with Chocolate' for new ideas or innovations so that it can attract, motivate and retain the employees who have talents. The main purpose is identifies competitive talent that organisation can hire those practices at enormous level (Bratton and Gold, 2017). The HR management team has to introduce great goal setting procedure to render meaningful task to the workforce.

Current problems – In Say it with Chocolate, the HR management faces some issues regarding their new interns. In their appointment process, the management pre fix 50 % of the passing marks for some tests that are compulsory for every new person who want to appoint as a new employee. In this context, they face some issues or conflicts about the fairness of test and inthis test, many new recruits have failed in their probationary period.

Future plan for future growth – The HR manager can apply new strategies and plans for development of their staff members in order to accomplish all functions. In this context, they can use various plans and techniques for solving issues (Brewster and Hegewisch, 2017). They also need to compile their personal problem as well as conflicts can be generates among those employees. They should provide better training and development facilities to their supportive team members in order to accomplish HR functions. These are helpful for future growth of this company.

B) Responsibilities and role of Human resource officer.

In the current world, globalization is on rise; organisations are spreading out across the globe and there are no longer restricted by any geographical barriers, and due to this reason responsibilities of the HR manager must increases.

The roles and responsibilities of HR officer are playing an essential role in accomplishment of business activities.

The major duties as well as role of HR. manager describes as follows:

  • Selection or Recruitment – This is known as first most important duty of the HR. manager and his or her team. It is the main pillar of HR management and it attracts talented people and fulfils needs of workforce in an organisation (Brewster, Chung and Sparrow, 2016). The employer branding is very important element because it allows to aware many rights of the employees owe on it.
  • Training – It is an essential aspect for new candidates and helps in hiring new employees and get acquainted with company's operational pattern. The training program for every new employee depends on the skills set required for his or her job and it is imperative for the management of organisation (Chelladurai and Kerwin, 2017). It contributes to the staff member retention and motivation.
  • Performance Appraisals – For each employee, it is necessary to provide him/her performance appraisals with effectively. It can help in employee motivation by encouraging them to do work to their potential. Appraisals also useful for employee to meet their daily expenses.
  • Resolving all Issues – It is duty of HR manager that they should solve all types of conflicts and issues that can be generates among previous employees or staff member. Such disputes may effects to the business environment (Hollenbeck, Noe and Gerhart, 2018). So for this reason resolving all problems or issues are required for sustain the organisation.
  • Maintaining Business Culture – It is responsibility of HR officer to create and maintain safe and healthy work environment to make sure about level of comfort between staff members. The manager is also responsible for eliminating awkward and stressful environment inside Say it with Chocolate.

C) Advantages and disadvantages of present selection methods used by this organisation and compare other methods.

The process of selection or recruitment is start from interaction with candidates and at this stage, the HR manager should recognise their candidate's potential abilities and talents. Therefore, for this reason, management would be able to perform recruitment process and select those candidates for right task or job (Jackson, Schuler and Jiang, 2014). In the selection process, there are several methods and techniques that can be followed by HR management such as testing, short-listing, personality and skills tests, group discussion, panel interview and many more.

The merits and demerits of these selection methods are as follows:

Advantages -

  • Selection of the best candidate – In the selection methods, it is generally most beneficial for the company in order to identifies the best person for right job. Process of recruitment helps management to know about talents and various skills of an individual. It may enables their placements on the jobs which is most suitable.
  • Proper assessment – It provides understanding about the aptitude, liking and capability of the candidate and it also improves the job satisfaction and efficiency of the candidates.
  • Objective assessment – In such process the management can find right person that are suitable for a particular job (Marchington and, 2016). It helps to the HR. manager for assessment their goals and objectives.
  • Reduce labour turnover rate – The HR officer choose special method for recruitment of new candidates and can reduce the labour turnover rate. It helps to the employees to sustain them in business culture.

D) Potential improvements in current selection methods.

In this organisation Say it with Chocolate follow a special method in which candidates are select and appoint as an employee of it. In such process first stage is two type test and a candidate must gets 50 % of marks in these tests and after accomplishment of this stage he or she able to attend the interview process (Reiche and, 2016). This interview is normally an informal chat and it will take only 15 minutes of a candidate, after completed all these process the HR management will decide whether a particular candidate should be select or not. The management of this organisation can improve these procedures with use several new techniques and expand their selection methods. It will become helpful for them towards selecting the best candidate at the right job. In their present procedure, many candidates have an issue regarding their selection that is some candidates have not passed the test and applies for interview. So for this reason this is not good for the company and their brand image. The HR department should change their policy about selection and use new methods like group discussion, oral exam like viva, psychometric test, presentations and many more test can be use in order to solve these conflicts.


A) Person specification.

It is known as the set of skills and talent that must contain in the candidate to appoint as the employee on the right job that offered by a company (Storey, 2014). Certain things that alongside with the job description is the person specification and it includes some factors for example work experience, education qualification etc. It describes the major personal attributes of an individual with his or her satisfaction level, special qualities. It is same as the job description but more specified because it includes all skills and talent of a candidate as well as job while job description referred to only about a particular job.

B) Job description

It identifies the role and importance of a person with his or her duties and responsibilities for a particular position (Taylor, Dohertyand McGraw, 2015). In other words it is a broad written statement of a specific task and it depends on the job analysis and it contains scope, working condition, job title etc. In a better job description, there are a number of important tasks included with competencies of candidates.

C) Job description about a receptionist job

In a company, post of receptionist is important element to conduct various task that are simple but time consuming like attending general calls, attending guest and describing them an overview about organisation and many more. For the receptionist job, there are many required things or qualification that must contains in the suitable candidate are describes as below:

  • Bachelor's or associate degree in relevant sector.
  • Sufficient experience.
  • Courtesy, Proper dressing sense.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills with time management skills.
  • Good experience in clerical and administrative procedures.
  • Able to contribute positive efforts during the team work.

Existing methods of advertising the jobs in the Say it with Chocolate – This company follow some methods to advertise its receptionist vacant job and it also receives many feedbacks from several candidates for that post (Albrecht and, 2015). For this job the company use local newspapers, online job sites, trade publications. So for this reason the main advantage and disadvantages of these methods describe as below:


  • Management know about their requirements – The management of this organisation know about their needs by using these advertisement methods. It provides to the HR manager the best candidates with having many skills qualities. Company uses newspaper advertisement method and receives a huge number of candidates because newspapers are read many people.
  • Cost is minimum – Although, company use three different techniques but there cost is lower from other. The management is focused about the cost aspect and they would retain sustain the overall profit (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014). These methods are less from other methods and candidate are more attracts from such techniques.
  • Attracts more employer – It is an essential advantage for company that it use trade publication as increase the entries for that receptionist position and management gets maximum candidates because there are a huge unemployment at that geographical area.


  • Reduce morale – These methods can reduce or damage employee's morale because existing staff members think their chances of promotion are down. So, for this reason, their productivity is become reduce.
  • Create conflicts – These methods also bring conflicts and issues among old employees and a negative environment can make in the organization (Bailey and, 2018). Such methods are used by the company and it will call a huge number of candidates so for this reason the business operation also gets affected.

D) Questions may ask for receptionist interview.

There are some questions written below that can ask in the receptionist's interview:

  1. What do you know about this organisation and its services?
  2. What can motivates you to do as a receptionist work?
  3. What are the calendar and messaging system do you utilise?
  4. How much your experience as a receptionist?
  5. Describes your previous responsibilities as a receptionist?
  6. What computer skills and programs are you understand and comfortable?

All these questions are helpful for the management of say it with Chocolate and it also recruits the best candidate for the receptionist.


A) Benefits of training schemes for employees as well as organisation.

The graduate scheme is a systematic structured program that combination of various training and working techniques and target to the recent graduates. It majorly offers by the big companies that can accomplishing from 2 months to 3 years. The successful completion are normally leads to a permanent staff and it always conducts with professional qualification. In the Microsoft, there management team provides a good deal of training and apprenticeship program for their new employees and interns that are useful for both, for the employees and organisation (Bratton and Gold, 2017). In the Say it with Chocolate company major benefits of these trainings and development programs are describes as below:

Benefits to employees -

  • Career development – In the organisation, the training programs will help to their trainees to learn new lessen from their employees and it also accomplishes higher standards of performance. It will increase the morale of employees and they receive proper training.
  • Skill development – In the various training programs, employee's skills and talents are increase and they motivated (Brewster and Hegewisch, 2017). It will also helpful in accomplishment assigned tasks and several functions. Training can be provide huge help even to the existing staff members. It also useful for them in order to expand their level of performance on their current job and prepare them for further work assignments.
  • Organisational experience – In the period of probationary an apprenticeship will able to make economical and better use of the appliances and materials and it will reduce wastages that will profitable for company. Training programs also minimise the rate of damage and accidents to plant and machinery as well as for the trainee.
  • Few requirements of supervision – Training helps to the new interns so that they need lesser supervision. It can also reduce the need for constant and detailed direction and management (Brewster, Chung and Sparrow, 2016). A trained staff member can be self reliant in their workings and they also know about what to do or how to do. In these situations a close supervision might not be required.
  • Managerial development – It is also helpful for top level managers because they can identify the main skill and talent of new employee's and then the HR manager can groom it.

Benefits to organization -

  • Connected to the technology – Training programs are helpful for the Say it with Chocolate as well as Microsoft because it provides new talent and hard worker employees (Chelladurai and Kerwin, 2017). It allows to the management to understand specific business needs and skills that are shortage at the workplace.
  • Accessible to all – Many training programs and coerces are easy to accessible for all new interns because they know about the required entries. They also get the professional qualifications that are based on the working experience.
  • Work focused – All employees can start training at initial level that best suits for their experience and skills regardless of their existing qualification. It simply defines that the interns are become focused about their work. It also allows developing new skill in practical works that are accomplished in the organisation.
  • Improve business performance – It increases efficiency in the employees so that they can accomplish more work (Hollenbeck, Noe and Gerhart, 2018). It will improve the performance of business and it will achieve business goals.

B) Major developmental opportunities that are available to staff in their permanent job role.

According to Microsoft website, there are many opportunities for development of employees in their permanent job role. Microsoft company can use several techniques that are available for their employee's developments. In this context, some plans are describes as follows :

  • Performance metrics – It is an important opportunity for the organisation as they set the specific quantitative metrics to help a permanent employee know about what they need to do work for achieving the desired target.
  • Individual development plan – It is a plan that create for development of employees who are permanent in the company (Jackson, Schuler and Jiang, 2014). In this plan manager assess the employees and discuss about their career goal and personal interests. This speech will help determine the development action that respective person should be undertaking.
  • Give opportunities outside of job function - Create possibility for a worker to take on new obligation outside their job function. This cross-training will indefinite quantity their awareness and knowledge of the administration and help them activity more effectively with others because they have a new understanding of what other employees do for the company.
  • Contact to professional network – It is a special activity for developmental activities for employees (Marchington and, 2016). It introduces them to other professionals that can serve as coaches or mentors, sign them up for paid organisations and it sends them to training class and workshops. They also create and attend new networking events.
  • Remove barriers – It is depends upon to leadership to create knock down walls, and design a system that promote a fluid approach to learning and working. Today’s generation of workers are used to change and enjoy open work environments that let them explore. Take the barriers away and watch people flourish.

C) Major benefits of strategies use by Microsoft in respect to flexible working practices.

The flexible working hours refers as employees can take a break or leave when they require it without incurring the wrath of their employer. It gives to employees flexibility in their hard time schedule (Reiche and, 2016). The workers assess flexible workings through the department of human resource and its rules, policies that are usually requires supervisory approval. In the Microsoft company, it provides better practises for flexible workings to its potential employees. Do for this reason the Microsoft can also give some type of these practices. There are many benefits of such strategies and the company will gain more profit regarding their employees by using these techniques. There are describes some benefits of approach that are use in respect to flexibility, these are as follows :

Advantages of flexible working practices -

  • It allows to employees to work in the situation when they accomplish most, feel freshest and enjoy in working environment.
  • It minimizes the employee's burnout that can generate due to overload working.
  • It reduces the consumption of worker's commuting time and fuel expenses (Storey, 2014). It also provides work from home facilities to those employees who need it for some reasons.
  • It can also avoid stresses and traffic of works or tasks in the rush period.
  • It facilitates to employees in their personal obligations, family requirements and life responsibilities conveniently.

D) Motivating employees by job design and system of reward in Microsoft.

In an organisation, the goals and targets are only achieve by satisfying its employees and workers. In order to satisfying those employees, a company follow many strategies and plans. Management motivate employees by applying many methods and techniques (Taylor, Dohertyand McGraw, 2015). In Microsoft, increase motivation of workers can help to improve performance, boost their productivity and expand morale. Motivation will be done by several approaches and these are describes as follows :

  • Provide incentives – In order to provide motivation, the management gives many types of incentives to work toward. They also follow the individual incentives for every employees and they allot team incentives to their staff members.
  • Set goals – This approach help to the employees to become self motivated by using professional objectives and goals (Albrecht and, 2015). It gives them something to strive and tied to corporate contributions.
  • Recognise achievements – The organisation's management celebrate their worker's achievements through an employee of the year or best performer awards. It makes a great deal out of execute by meet at their annual meetings.

Nature of job roles and benefits available for employees – Job role refers as the tasks and work that should accomplish by an employee in his or her routine work (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014). Allowances and perquisites that are available for an employee called benefits for example free meals, paid holiday, life insurance etc.


A) Employee engagement.

It is a work place technique that resultant in the best situations for all workers in the company to give their best work every day. It demonstrates as emotional connection of a worker with the organisation and it tends to influence his or her behaviours and level of efforts in job related activities (Bailey and, 2018). For employee engagement, many companies work for it and provide better facilities to their employees. For example management creates better knowledge sharing system, encourage them as well as provide several learning opportunities etc.

B) Employee engagement is an integral strategy of employee relations.

The employee relations refers as to company's efforts to maintain and succeed relationships in between employees and employers. In a particular organisation, if there are a good employee relations then there are consistent and fair treatment to all workers so that they will be committed to their works. It encourages team members and maintain as they loyal for the company.

Role of employee engagement into employee relations – In the organisation, it has been observed that an employee engaged in his/her work for tends to avoid fighting with others (Bratton and Gold, 2017). In this context, every individual shares certain relationship with his fellow workers at the workplace and his/her engagement perform an essential role to make better relationship.

For example – There are many issues in which an individual can not take decision and employee engagement form a better relation in that situation.

C) Key approaches to engaging workers with its importance for improving workplace communication.

In the Microsoft, management use many useful and creative approaches to reach employees, boost their health and actively engage them in order to become successful (Brewster and Hegewisch, 2017). There are some important techniques that help to the improving workplace communication. These discuss given as below :

  • Detect the most positive capabilities in employee – Management of company can stop spending time that being overly critical for employees. Grow your leadership channel to detect what matters most affect to worker and allow them to grandiosity.
  • Put workers in a position of influence – It is an essential technique that put employees in a position of influence to see how they create and engage in their role or task. Management also allow their employees to understand their own potential and put them for the teats.

D) Pieces of employment legislation in the UK and HR decision-making influence by it.

The employment legislation or law develops the employer-employee relations and their rights at the work place environment. In this context, there are certain acts made in the UK country that are The Equal Pay Act 1970, The Sex Discrimination Act 1975, The Race Relations Act 1976, The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and many more. Rules and regulations of all those above acts in Microsoft (Brewster, Chung and Sparrow, 2016). It increases employee's morale and encourage them for their work so that their job will run consistently.


In this above-presented report, it will conclude that Human Resource Management performs an essential role for the development of employees in Say it with Chocolate. The report covers, HR functions and its objectives with HR manager's roles, duties for their employees. Further, it described the recruitment methods that applied in this company and merit and demerits of such methods. It also derived the developmental opportunities available to staff and benefits of techniques that has taken in respect of flexible working practices. Lastly it covered, employees engagement and its importance with employees relations.

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