Concept of Leading and Managing Change


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Question :

This assessment will cover questions like:

  • What are the organisational strategy and operations.
  • Evaluate the internal and external factors.
  • Give the effective barriers in decision making.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Jack Wills and Fashion chain


Changes in organisation is about a process of modifying and changing the strategies, procedures, processes, culture and technology which is important for business organisation to get success in their business. If organisation do not changes in its process, products and services then customers can switch towards other products or procedures as result low productivity and profitability of business (Aguirre and Alpern, 2014). To increasing the sale of business organisation on continuous basis there is need to bring the changes which attracts people and encourages them to buy new product and services. It is also important to accept the changes and challenges which occurs in competitive environment. There are several factors which arises while running business activities and helps to lead a business. To understand the concept of leading and change such report has been prepared that covers two case study of Sports Direct rescues Jack Wills and Fashion chain. Such organisation has providing 1800 jobs at 169 stores in UK. Both organisation are accepting the changes effectively which has attracted people to buy the products and services. This report helps to understand about how organisational operation and strategies are affected, internal and external factors which influences leadership and helps to minimise the negative effect. Moreover, various leadership approaches which helps to deal with problems efficaciously (Chow, 2014).


P1 Comparison of firms where changes have impacted on organisational strategy and operation

Sports Direct rescues jack Wills -

Mike Ashely is the owner of Sports Direct who has brought a fashion firm which is Jack Wills. It has 1700 workers at 100 stores, are providing products and services to people which make them happy. It has six franchise by including middle East. After bringing changes in their organisation Jack Will become a part of new division within Sports direct which helps to expand the fashion and sports brands despite of financial travails. Different types of strategies and policies are modified by them which helps to deliver best quality of products and services (Fragouli and Ibidapo, 2015).

House of Fraser –

This is also running by Mike Ashley by investing million of pounds in turning up to seven of seven of House of Fraser's that has more than 50 stores in to new mini luxury chain which is called Fraser. After taking changes in their process and quality of product it has become a leading organisation that carters to more mass market audience (Fyke and Buzzanell, 2013).

In business environment there are many changes which need to take in order to increase the operation and business performance by accepting challenges. Business is started from small level and become large after making efforts and bringing changes in their organisation which helps to increase the profitability (Goldscheider, Bernhardt and Lappegård, 2015). 


P2. Evaluation of ways in which internal and external drivers of change affect leadership, team and individual behaviours

In business environment there are many factors such as internal and external drivers which affects the leadership, individual behaviour and team by changing the process. Thus is important for business to focus on such factors which helps to improve the production effectively. Such as, in case of Sports Direct and Jack Wills has planed to improve the business performance by investing more in fashion and merging with Jack Will which will help to attract people (Tang Lu and Hallinger, 2014). Moreover, it accept the changes and challenges by accepting internal and external drivers that are analysed by business organisation that are as defined:

External drivers


This factor is related with government and political system which is important to follow by business organisation. Sports Direct which is leading company by accepting the changes and challenges. This can affect business organisation if government of UK has been changed or political system also being changed then it has to follow new regulations. This impacts on leadership, team and individual such as changing in political system in Sports direct, become critical for team and leaders to accept this and get ready their employees to complete the task.


In case of decreased rate of inflation and interest rate in UK an other countries where Sports Direct wants to establish new market affected positively as sale and productivity of organisation get increase. This also helps to increase the brand image and market share of Sports Direct (van der Voet Kuipers and Groeneveld, 2015). This can impact on team, leadership and individual as all are needs finance to run their business and compete their goals which can be fulfil by focusing on such factor.


The needs and interest of people are changing which has affected positively Sports Direct to bring innovation or changes in their organisation according to customer demand and choice. So, business activities of such organisation have increased as it connected with Jack Wills fashion brand. It impacts on team, leadership and individual such as management of sport6s direct understand needs of social and leaders motivates people to complete their needs which impacts positively.


Organisation should focus on technology and new innovation which helps to attracts customers and promote the products effectively. This factor affected Sports Direct in good way as demand of its products has increased which has also increased sale and profitability. This impacts team, individual and leadership as management adopts new technology where leaders provide training and development programme to individual in order to complete their work in effective manner and get them good results.

According to opinion it has evaluated that external changes in organisation has impacted leadership more on team which can affects the operation of business organisation. External drivers such as political, social, economical and technological changes cannot be avoid by management which are uncontrollable. The management of Sports Direct should focus on such changes and need to make right decision which can help to complete the goals. If any changes in economical, political, social and technology has arrived them whole team has to implement new changes which become difficult for them to accept and work well. On the other side, internal changes has impacted on individual for instance, if transportation cost and labour cost has been increased then management has to pay more money which become difficult for organisation and it reduces organisational profits. If organisation do not pay employees and not make feel them good they make decision to leave the organisation which affects the working organisation negatively.

P3. Measures which can be taken for minimising negative affect of changes upon organisational behaviour

Organisational behaviour is said to values, culture, preference and beliefs which helps to make the organisational productivity and profitability. There are many different types of changes which affects business organisation whether positively or negatively. Moreover there are many measures which are taken by Sports Direct organisation in order to minimising the negative affect of changes on business organisation behaviour. For example, Sports Direct is facing different types of problems at the time of making changes and introducing new business after merger with jack Wills. Such organisation uses system theory and Burke Litwen model to reduce the negative impact of changes that are as explained:

System theory:

This is also consider as interdisciplinary system which is used to work systematically and collectively within organisation. This theory is sued by Sports Direct organisation when it is going to bring changes in their process. This theory helps manager to accept the changes effectively and responds quickly. This helps to increase the production and selling activities as it adopt proper structure, purpose and nature of business which improves impacts positively by reducing the negative effect.

Burke-Litwen model:

To drive the changes effectively Burke Litwen model is used by Sports Direct which helps to give rant as per importance. Following element are focused by such organisation that are as explained:

External environment:

It consider competition, legislation, market and economy that impacts on individual behaviour, team and organisation. The focus on Sports Direct is on new market and legislation in order to expand business by bringing changes which helps to run a business effectively (Clark And, 2017).

Mission and Strategy:

The mission and strategy of respective company is to become leading and international organisation by carting several products and services. So, changes are made by administrator by making strategies properly.


Leaders of Sports Direct organisation are behaving good from its employees and colleagues which helps to implement the organisational changes effectively and perform business greatly (Courtney and, 2015).

Organisation culture:

Task organisational culture is adopted by organisation which helps to do the things good and create good value of business firm.


It has adopted flat organisational structure which help to improve the relationship between employees, managers and others in order to performing task effectively by accepting changes in organisation (De Vose, C., 2014).

Work unit climate:

Sports Direct is works collectively with employees and colleagues by changing the process which satisfy employees and make profits collectively.

Task requirements and individual skills:

Administration of Sports Direct bring changes at higher level in order to expand its business by using individual skills and dividing task which helps to increase the production level (Yoder-Wise, 2014).

Individual needs and value:

Herein, chosen organisation focus on individual needs and values by accepting changes which helps to work effectively and make correct decision.

Employee motivation:

This is important for organisation to motivate the people so they can accept the changes effectively by performing business activities. Leader of Sports Direct are motivating employees who helps to accept the changes in order to improve production and profits (Dawson and Andriopoulos, 2014).

From the above discussion it has explained that Burke model is appropriate model which helps to reduce the negative impacts on business by making strong strategy and planning that complete the target and meet with needs. For example, Sports Direct is facing low productivity problem due to lack of planning. To reduce this impacts management are using Burke model which helps to improve the business and accomplish organisational goals effectively.


P4 Description of barriers to change and its influence upon the leadership decision making

Changes are adopted by business organization by making and implementing the changes. Different types of problems are faced by business organization while accepting the changes. Such changes influences leadership decision making while focusing on changes. For example, Sports Direct is leading organization that accept the changes in their business process which helps impacted on leadership decision making that are as defined:

Improper communication:

This consider as main barrier while accepting the changes as Sports direct wants merger with Jack Will which is fashion industry to expand the business. In these process managers, leaders and employee are not able to communicate properly those impacts badly on business organisation. This company has a flat structure that helps to bring in positive changes. When leaders are unable to communicate any item they decide to change, it can affect the level of employee engagement that will influence the new strategies (Ghavifekr and, 2017).

Adverse behave of staff:

If workers do not want to work as a result of transition, it can result in their negative behaviour. It will also affect leadership decision-making because the factors that may motivate the workforce to adopt the new change will allow leaders to alter their decisions. Because of this, it will be very difficult for Sports Direct executives to adopt all the methods that have been developed for business development (Hillson and Murray-Webster, 2017).

Limited understanding of change :

This barriers states that when organisation get ready to accept the changes then employees do not ready because of low understanding. This impacts leadership of organisation negatively as management cannot implement the changes effectively. For instance, Sports Direct is introducing a new process through which customer can order and pay instantly but due to lack of understanding this changes not accepted by employees which affects the leadership negatively.

Lack of management support for change :

This means when task and role delegated by management to employees they feel uncomfortable because they do not have management support which can help to work properly. Due to this employees cannot work properly and decision about leadership become ineffective.


P5 Different leadership styles which may contribute to deal with change

It is very important for all organisations to ensure that the organization's members use acceptable leadership styles as it can help deal with and respond effectively to change. There are different kinds of leaderships that could be used by Sports Direct management to bring themselves to the fashion industry. Explanation of certain of them is as follows:

Transformational leadership –

This is new approach which focuses on ho leaders and its followers can accept challenges and changes in their organisation and maintain business effectively (Iles, 2017).

Advantages: This type of leaders are more likely to retain their employees for long term as it adopts charisma leadership style which helps to accept changes through entire person.

Disadvantages: It can develop negative results of its employees performance, there must be continuous communication and it requires constant and consistent feedback and its followers need to agree with the team, risks taken through transformation leadership can be disruptive.

Transnational leadership:

It focuses on performance, conforms to the current organizational structure and calculates progress according to the scheme of incentives and penalties of the company. It includes specifically inspiring and leading followers by appealing to their own self-interest (Wilson, 2014).

Advantages: This allows workers to stay motivated for longer periods of time. And it shows different ways of achieving the company's objectives and defined targets with a simple conceptual image, it's like having blue printing of the organizational structure to achieve goals. And this increases productivity, too so reduces prices ( Scarlett, 2019).

Disadvantages: Often it doesn't have a clear structure, but it also has policies and rules that are resolute. It does not foster workers ' ingenuity and responsibility and insensitivity.

Situational leadership:

It's concept applies to those leaders who follow different styles of leadership based on this situation and their members level of development. The best-known psychology and HR situation management model is one set up by Paul heresy and ken Blanchard.

Advantages: It acknowledges the need for flexibility, different experiences and perspectives create diversity. This recognizes the need for versatility, generating variety of diverse experiences and perspectives.

Disadvantage: This focuses more on immediate needs than on long-term needs and in task-oriented environments can be counterproductive. Defining maturity can be difficult and does not provide sufficient information for some van der leaders (Shore, 2014).

From all the leadership styles mentioned above, Sports Direct leaders should incorporate situational management, as it can help managers change their behaviour according to the circumstances that occur as a result of sudden changes in organizational structure. From all the above described leadership styles the leaders in Sports Direct can implement situational leadership as it can help the managers to modify their behaviour according to the situations taking place due to sudden change in organisational design. Addressing all the obstacles that affect the adoption of change and leadership decision-making will be beneficial (Spillane, 2015).

This theory of leadership will also help the organization to implement successfully all the strategies formulated for business development.

Link of leadership approaches

From the different leadership approaches it has defined that transformational leadership is link with operational and fundamental change where employees accept the changes by facing competitive pressure as result they can improve the quality and delivery services in context to Sports direct. Under fundamental changes transformational leadership consider vision and mission which is required in volatile business environment. With the help of this leadership approach employees face the problem and run functions effectively which increases productivity and morale of employees.

On the other side, situational leadership approach is link with reactive and strategic change where changes take place in response to event and chain of event. This helps to increase the demand of Sports direct products in changing business situation which helps to increase the business activities. For instance, management of Sports Direct invest more in technology so they can face the stiff competition and serious crisis which helps to maintain profits.

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From the above project report it has been concluded that leading change is the knowing and guiding change is the process of assessing whether future decisions are capable of meeting internal stakeholders ' expectations. Various methods and strategies such as PEST and SWOT analysis could be used when evaluating the forces that can facilitate or pertain to change in the workplace. There are various obstacles that affect change and decision-making in leadership. There are different types of approaches to leadership such as transformative, transnational and contextual leadership. One of them, according to their needs and circumstance, could be used by businesses. These are improper contact with workers, their derogatory behaviour, etc.


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