Concepts of Logistic, Operations or Supply Chain Management

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Question :

This assessment will cover all functions which are like:

  • Give the critical management and review of supply chain and logistics.
  • Give appropriate solutions of operation management.
  • Recommend solutions for the company.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Royal Free Hospital


Logistic management of the flow of goods between the point of origin and the point of consumption in order to meet requirements of the company. Logistic process usually includes customer or corporation. All the resources which includes physical items, such as food, materials, animals, equipments and liquids. Present study will be discussing the key issues related to operations, logistics and supply chain management that the operations' manager and supply chain manager has facing in the Royal Free Hospital, which is quite sensitive and important service sector. Further, study will be discussing about the issues that, company facing and will be supporting with given better delivery system. However, study will be critically evaluated the study analysis should be made of the various components. Further study recommended to the organisation on Triple bottom line for managing better service management targets. However, the report will be talking about the two areas of logistic or operation management that is managing quality and location and layout.

Brief Overview About Company

Royal Free hospital which is the part of teaching hospital in Hampstead, London. This hospital has been associated with NHS foundation trust which also runs services at Barnet. Hospital has been found out in order to meet out the goals and best outcome result goals. However, overall, it brings new managing and effective work outcomes in order to meet out the best productive nature. Royal Free Hospital having 839 Beds in all over the hospitals. Besides, number of employees exist in the business are approx 400. Basically, Royal Free hospital is the best outcome result and effective management task to full fill the needs and wants. They provides services of Paediatrics, dermatology, gynaecology and orthopaedics as well as robotic assisted surgery and ground breaking transplantation research. The supply chain management generally refers to the resources which is required to deliver goods and services to a consumer. In healthcare, managing the supply chain is typically a very complex and fragmented process (Khalid and, 2015).

Health care supply chain management involves several responsible services, managing supplies and delivering goods and services direct to the service users. Medical services or products has been gone through from different stakeholder such which including manufacturer, insurance, companies, hospitals, providers and group purchasing organisations. Location and Layout is the another most important area which is also very necessary to be competitive and effective (Supply chain issues, 2016). It is necessary to be very effective and best leading resourceful results and goals. Location represents one of the most essential area of supply chain management, it refers to situating of facilities within a given space. Responsibilities of each supply chain management is differed from each other.

Royal Free hospital adopts employee empowerment and employee engagement process to sustaining the employee satisfaction approach and goals. Royal Free hospital adopts external method of recruiting styles on the basis of candidate skills and qualifications.

Critically Review Of Relevant Operation, Logistics And Supply Chain Management Theories

In order to critically evaluate the theories of operation management, supply chain or logistic management theories (Beske, Land and Seuring, 2014). All these operation systems are very much necessary for taking care about the possible outcomes which is very much essential for the hospital service sector. Supply chain management is the dynamic field of practice which consists many functional task and fast growing performance within the functional level. In order to meet out the results and best forming result and growth. This level of work is important and essential needs of development task. In order to meet out the best outcome results in order to meet out the goal oriented task. Moreover, this brings the management, and long term goals and term goal task. Apart from that, it has been clearly measured the long term goals. It also helps to control the long term management and effective management task. This risk management task and effective management goals (Govindan, Soleimani and Kannan, 2015). Apart from that, as competition leading behavioural goals and best management results. All over it gives better performing goals and best forming results. Royal Free Hospital needs to improve its own logistic management process in order to managing quality and location and layout sources. Its all around the management task and best forming result around the developing task oriented goals. In order to develop the long lasting results in order to meet out the best form of result. Overall, it helps to describe the long lasting results in order to managing the successful management leading targets. It also helps to take the new management skills. Supply chain management is the systematic approach and strategy which coordinates of the traditional business functions and tactics across these businesses functions within the particular business growth. Moreover, it brings the new management skills and best form of results, in order to meet out the long term goals. In order to develop the managing quality performance. Royal Free Hospital needs to acquire some supply chain management theories (Heckmann, Comes and Nickel, 2015). In order to develop the deep understanding between the long term goals and best following result oriented goals and services to take the good feedback result and target. In order to meet out the successful planning results. Royal Free Hospital needs to require the best effective management goals.

Managing people in operation and supply chain helps organisation to manage the activities and supply chain management. Leaders and managers have responsible to create the best outcome and best outcome result outcomes. Supply chain management has become more complex in order to meet out the Goals.

In order to take the supply management theory which helps Royal Free Hospital to take care the better opportunity to take risk into better manner. Apart from that, it helps to take care the needs of the organisation goals (Tachizawa and Yew Wong, 2014). In order to keep the market long term. SCM is the best theory of logistic management which helps to keep the focus on future scopes along with present trends. On the other hand, the major drawback in SCM is that, supply chain works independently which lead to misaligned kind of work. This can also help to reduce the key issues of logistic, operation and supply chain management.

RFID is the term or approach that helps to getting the inventory more visible and accurate. Every step of supply chain management get productive after using RFID and it also helps to reduce shrinkage and shipping errors (Pomponi, Fratocchi and Rossi Tafuri, 2015). Supply chain management has been facing several issues such as capacity unavailable resources, lack of required talent, threats and challenges and complications and cost bring issues. All these kinds of issues has been facing by the manager of Royal Free Hospital.

Managing capacity and quality is one of the biggest and important issue to be reduced from supply chain management (Supply chain issues, 2016). It helps to the company to take the better growth in the management services. Initial approaches are helpful to involves the broad range of activities seeking to maximize the firms' facility capacity of products. In order to reduce this issue Royal Free Hospital required to replaced the older medicines or machines with the new one. Besides, second option to reduce managing capacity is that to reduce outsourcing.

Another critically evaluated aspect for the participant was data system capacity and necessary employee skill set which is very important for the hospital to maintained their capacity building sources (Supply chain issues, 2016). It helps to take the new decision making approach in order to meet out the best productive approach in order to meet out the best productive result growth. Managing quality or capacity level, Royal Free Hospital requires recruiting the best talented employees for the company better production level in order to meet out the patient needs and get the best service outcomes and growth.

One is responsible to supply chain and other their objective function. Proper location must helpful to patient in order to take the better treatment. Proper location of leading in order to meet out the project goals into more appropriate manner. In order to reduced this location layout issues company needs to adopt Dcs approach which includes low costs within the easiest access to the greatest number of customers. The location process typically used in the selection of a best productive approach. Just in time is the another approach of supply chain management between the customer and suppliers.

Another logistic and operation supply chain management issues that hospital industry generally facing that is compliance issues while taking interviews, primary compliance issues consists several elements such as product regulation, trade controls, continually changing regulations. Interference of government regulations can be the biggest issue for the hospitals through which they cannot performed better task as they decide to achieve. In order to reduce those issues, Royal Free Hospital required to adopt the CCO which is a charge of compliances training and development which is responsible to take the better understanding between the different policies and regulations.

Analytic And Recommended The Appropriate Solution Of Operation Management.

Operation management is the most effective and productive management task in order to keep the all functions effective. Healthcare industry makes up 10% of the worlds GDP and close to 20% in many of the countries. It is very important to get the follow-up in order to develop the growth result outcomes. Health issues problems has been increasing as increasing the population growth. As according to that, quality of performance, efficiency and equity of care delivered has been low as per the desired result (Rambaud and Richard, 2015). This overall situation health care industry more rip for improvement growth.

The focus of operation management is that to focus on the practices designed to monitor and manage all the processes within the production and the distribution of products and services. It requires adopting the proper managing business growth in order to meet out the result oriented task or making good output results. The main function of operation management is to analyse the company inside internal processes.

Controlling Costs

the initial focus of the operating area is cost control, it has been seen that hospital sector has overuses expensive, technological and emergency based treatment which contains high cost from care often remains uncompensated due to patient being uninsured (Touboulic and Walker, 2015). In order to develop the long term goals and bet productive result goals which helps to discover the new managing task full growth channel. Overall, it helps to developing long term challenging goals to take care of the best outcomes. The aim of the OM is to help in strike a balance between necessary high tech treatment and community centres that offer preventative services.

Cost control practices can affect the levels and quality of services that helps to offer different other services to clients. In order to cost control it directly cut down on budget, limiting the technology and equipment that can help to be purchased and used to offer more better services and growth to the development.

Cost control is the best manner to develop the long term goals and make the better powerful result goals. Overall, it helps to sustain the long term goals and best forming result targets. It is the another goal oriented process which makes the good growing performance to take the new charges (Wang and, 2016).

Bottom Line

It is the another most effective and levels and quality of services that provided to clients. This strategy is the most effective and operation management vital role in the health care industry. It is responsible for the oversight of health care. Tripple bottom line is an accounting framework with three parts which is efficient for the managing goal services. All business line and effective management performance is very much required to make the best forming result and goal oriented result outcomes. Tripple bottom line companies realize that they can do more. This idea has only recently gained traction in the corporate world. In order to keep the goals more effective and challenging.


People are considered or refer to employees within the company or labour as well. In terms of other way to look at people is how company benefit society. Company pay fair wages to pay the wages amount of leading goals and human working conditions at suppliers factories. It is the another way to develop new managing leading resourceful idea and growth.

Tripple bottom line helps organisation to pay fair wages to their employees and also ensure about their satisfaction level at supplier factory (Wise, 2016). Overall, this approach helps to contained better result and managing growth and developing goals oriented target. Effective managing growth will discover the new effective goal which connects the employees with the companies into effective manner.


This is the another, element of Bottom line approach which relates to the global warming. Public opinion has dictated that enterprises and their negative effects affect the environment directly or indirectly. Triple Bottom line can also help to reducing the waste and more investing on the renewable energy, managing natural resources more efficiency and improving the logistics.

Profit is the another element that should be consisting better growth and contribute better in operation management goals. Apart from that, it helps to discover the new managing performance to discover the new leading sources (Wise, 2016). Every business pursue financial profitability, triple bottom line businesses. In order to keep the long term and best possible outcome results. This approach of operation management assist to accomplish the organisation result and goal in order to keep the long lasting and managing successful business growth.

Healthcare facilities have an imperative to manage the bottom line. But does this gave to come at the expense of social and environmental principles. Healthcare organisation affect the business target goals and affect the business performance in order to meet out affective goals. The main purpose of Tripple bottom line is that to keep the sustainability within the organisation.

Benefits of Tripple Bottom Line

  • Apart from that, it gives better services and growth in order to take the new managing successful business growth.
  • It helps to set the effective cost and leading outcome result from the study. For operations to minimize the risk and fight climate change for example which requires the lot of money and growth into more appropriate channel of growth.

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On the basis of above section it has been concluded that, health care sector has been facing different issues in logistic management. It requires the best approaches and theories which helps them to conduct better supply chain management results. Present study has been based on the Royal Free Hospital which is the trust of NHS. Study has been discussed about different concepts or issues of logistic, operations or supply chain management. Effective management or managing market growth will help hospital to gain different benefits and goals. In order to sustained the better environment, Hospital needs to adopt some models and strategies to enhance the better objective result outcomes and growth. Tripple line model can assist to keep the management productive and challenging. Get more details about assignment help from our experts.

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