Conference and Banqueting Management


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Conference management refers to supervision of conference whether it is in house or in any business entity. It includes basis tools which is associated with managing different activities which includes planning, organising, leading along with the control. Event management is a application of project administration to creation along with development of large scale events which includes distinctive festivals, conferences, formal parties, concerts and conventions. The most common form of conferencing is based on industry along with trade which assist in capturing opportunity to network as well as benchmarking so that they can analyse trends and standards of industry. It helps in generating revenue for a community, country etc. An event is a planned management of an occasion takes place between a space provider along with the consumer. This sector refers to as MICE which includes meetings, incentives, conferences as well as exhibitions but they are having other name which includes catering, events, conferences as well as banqueting. The present report is based on conference and banqueting sector and Ritz-Carlton Hotel company which is a parent business entity to luxury hotel chain. In the below mentioned report, discussion based on size and scope of industry in UK. Along with the factors which having a influence on its development.

Task 1

1.1 Size and scope of industry

In the hospitality industry, there are two things which is most important that is conferencing and banquets and these two helps in generating more revenue. In conferences there are different things which are to be included that is professional events, programs and activities that are to be organised for companies. Banquets can be used by families, personal or for specific purpose in the business entity. Banquets are majorly classified as for different events in families which includes marriages, parties, birthday celebration or any family get together etc. This sector helps in generating more and more revenue but at a time of recession period this conference and banqueting sector does not face any issues. There are different events which may be demanded by consumers frequently. In every type of events planning is necessary which includes conferences, seminars, meetings, trade shows, press conferences, product launches, board meetings, shareholder meetings etc. On the other hand, for weddings, birthdays, wedding anniversaries etc. banquets need to be booked.

The individual person who are facing good time he or she will celebrate that in hotels and for that they have to do bookings for banquet by checking that whether it is specious or not. For conducting conferences, they have to check centres so that they cannot face any issues. Within the hotels where person is doing bookings have to check all facilities so that their guests can not face any obstacles in parties. There are distinctive variations which are included in banquets and conferences:


  • It is related with families and personal occasions of individuals.
  • Advance bookings to be done.
  • Needs more manpower for catering.
  • The main purpose is to book banquets is to do enjoyments with families along with foods and beverages.
  • It includes in seasonal activities.
  • While doing booking for banquets accommodation may or may not be required.


  • The main objective of conferences is to conduct business events whether it is professional or official.
  • For conducting this tools, equipment and latest as well as updated technology to be used.
  • In meeting or conferences, less number of staff is required.
  • Not necessary to do bookings in advance.
  • These are not seasonal activities and depends on the needs and periods of company officials.

Leisure centres in UK is having a purpose which built building or site and they are owned and operated by city where person feel relax. It includes different range of tasks to help as well as supervise people by facilities which they are delivering to consumers. In UK there are different multi-functional leisure centre which having different facilities which includes swimming pool, gym, sports hall, dance studio etc. Different multi-functional centre are Energise, Axminster leisure centre etc. These centres provide free parking on site and also a regular services of bus from city centre. This sector provides best contribution in economy and also having a great scope in economy. They have to identify level and size of hotel industry with conferences, banqueting along with catering arrangements. When the families doing bookings for banquet then manager of Ritz-Carlton Hotel have to provide better services and they having trained staff to serve and guide visitors which will helps in attaining success.

1.2 Factors influence development

There are different factors which having a influence on development of conference and banqueting management. It assist in reducing risk of this sector and on the basis of that they can increase effectiveness of conference. For doing conversation effective communication should be utilised which helps in decreasing miscommunication if occurs. If this sector develops then this will assist in influencing better opportunity in UK. There are many factors which are responsible for conference and banqueting management which includes competition, service facility, entertainment, service facility etc. but these are internal factors. Some external factors which having adverse effect on development of this sector are:

Political: It is a most important issue which arise at a time of doing business and when this situation occur it become unstable and by that conference cannot be organised in a proper manner. When ministry bodies change policies then it having a high effect on the industry. So the situation of UK become stable and on the basis of that they can do the improvements or developments in conference and banqueting sector.

Economic: The main factors which affect business in country includes gross domestic product and economical condition. Interest rate, tax rate helps in enhancing and reducing business. When GDP, employment rate or inflation rate are in a good position then this will help the sector in taking correct actions.

Social: In this factor, behavior of consumers affects a lot to conferencing sector. Their attitudes, beliefs along with the customs affect businesses. Time to time behavior along with the attitude should vary and that will be having an adverse effect on conference and banqueting industry. Attitude can be classified as a positive or negative and that will act according to rules and regulations which they are following or it can be according to UK. The staff members of Ritz-Carlton Hotel should take proper and appropriate actions according to consumer behavior and their expectations so that they can fulfill them and attain success in competitive market.

Technological: In the present world, use of technology is increasing day by day. To attain success in competitive market updated technology needs to be used. The rapid change in technology affect conference as well as banqueting sectors as new facilities should be provided by that. By using updated technology staff members of Ritz-Carlton Hotel should improve their operational activities with the change technology so that they can boost quality of services which will aid in minimising cost and increment in profits. Technology is very much important for development in conference and banqueting sector.

Environmental: These are the factors which having a adverse impact on conference and banqueting industry. Individual person having a concern about the environment issue. The employees of hotel should provide best services and which provide less harm to environment. So, they have to provide services according to that which will help them in improving position.

Legal: The employees of business entity have to use appropriate and relevant policies. Along with this they have to deliver better and qualitative products and services so that they can attain goals and objectives.

1.3 Key strategic and operational issues

There are many strategic and operational issues which assist in doing effective management of Ritz-Carlton Hotel. For earning money, they have to improve quality of services with a specific time. If they are using appropriate and relevant strategies, then this will assist in optimising the operational standards so that they can attain success in the market.

Pricing and packaging: They have to provide proper resources as well as packaging so that they can conduct programmes and events. The staff members have to use proper information so that they can deliver better services and on the basis of that they can attain success among competitors. If they want to achieve targets, then there is a flexibility in packaging of banquets and conferences. All products and services should be proper designing and also decorate the venue which will helps in improving value of delivery to consumers.

Discount: They have to offer discounts by most businesses which assist in attracting consumers. They have to place discounts on the varieties of events so that all activities should be organised in a proper manner. This will assist in creating additional values which includes the customisation of events.

Licensing laws: For hotels or to conduct any events have to take permission through licenses by local council on the businesses in UK. The staff members of Ritz-Carlton Hotel do any type of business and for that license is required so all work should be done by them is legal so that they cannot face any issues.

Health and safety regulations: The managers of Ritz-Carlton Hotel have to adopt proper regulation which is associated with health and safety and on the basis of that they can develop a clear path for its workforce. At the time of providing services they have to maintain their standard for people who would handle, prepare and serve public food. Food along with the drink is the main part of conference and banqueting sector. Professional bodies have to provide the training so that they can deliver the best services which will assist in improving the performance and maintain the standards.

Religious and cultural guidelines: There are different limits which the employees of the business entity have to accept. Staff members having a duty that they have to provide religious inclination to the consumers which will assist in placing promotion of programmes as well as events. These advertisement helps in providing proper encouragement to accommodate the varieties of religious and cultural values.

1.4 Performance and quality review techniques

There are different tools and techniques which can be used by staff members of Ritz-Carlton Hotel so that they can measure quality of service in an appropriate manner. They have to check or monitor staff performance which will assist in attaining standards. Various tools and techniques are:

Budget Review: They have to make proper budget so that they can allot proper planning stage of banquet. For conducting an events or conference, managers of Ritz-Carlton Hotel require cash to do expenditure. They have to allocate resources according to the needs which will helps in identifying the needs and wants and on the basis of that they can fulfill them.

Food and drink review: It is an important segment of an event and they will be reviewed so that they can ensure with the food as well as drink requirements of guests should be considered in a proper manner. For the special guests of that events or any conference which is conducted by the firm, then they have to identify the needs and wants of them and according to that they have to provide the services or food.

Dress code review: For organising best events or memorable events they can fixed the dress code and by which they can create the uniformity. This will create the best memories and by that they can experience the new things. If they decide the dress code then this will match with the profile as well as culture which represented at the events.

Entertainment review: It is a most or core part of banquet. There is a need that staff members of Ritz-Carlton Hotel should analyse entertainment that it would be according to guests. Along with this it is related with the taste and experience of expected guests and purpose of events.

Decoration review: The employees or manager have to do proper planning and all the decoration of venue should be decided according to the dress code of the members who are joining the event.

Table Plan review: For this the employees and employers need to do proper planning. In this recreational person are expected to be present in the event. They have to consider them with the sale of tickets. They have to allocate the table so that they can attain the aim of event and make a part of memories.

Transport review: The guests of that event will come from different places and the employees of Ritz-Carlton Hotel have to consider their mode of transportation and make plans accordingly.

Contingency plan review: While conducting the events the staff members of Ritz-Carlton Hotel face so many challenges which delay the process. They have to make alternative plans so that process cannot be delayed and events will be conducted on a specific time. The review of contingency plan is necessary to them which will helps in reaping goals and objectives.

1.5 Assess the ergonomic considerations

To analyse ergonomic considerations in organisation of conference as well as banqueting event staff members of Ritz-Carlton Hotel have to adopt different tools and techniques which assist in utilising space where they are conducting events. If staff members conducting a conference event as it is a annual meet for them so they have to do discussions and also review performance of the firm. The managers of company have to check all arrangements that they are using appropriate tools and equipment’s and by that any person cannot face problems which includes:

  • Employees of the firm have to make proper seating plans and also layout designs which will assist in accommodating guests.
  • They have to check comfort level while conducting different type of events.
  • The staff members of Ritz-Carlton Hotel have to check all arrangements that is laptop and projectors.
  • Devices for speaking includes speakers, mikes etc. are correctly working or not.
  • They have to check all sound control and music system along with devices.

The managers and employees have to use different packages which is compute aided design as it is computer technology for designing and documentation. They have to use appropriate software which assist in replacing manual drafting with automated process.

They have to provide better and qualitative environment according to meeting. The manager should check space that it is sufficient for members of the company or not. Along with this they are providing all facilities which includes heating, ventilation etc. proper air-conditioning is to be provided which will help in conducting successful conference or events. The manager should decide all things that where person have to sit. It includes name of each employee would be sitting on the table. On table major amenities would be provided which includes conference notepad, pens along with pencils. For refreshment of staff members, they have to provide water, cookies and drinks so that they can feel bored. The arrangement of food should be done in a buffet system which takes place in outside conference hall so that it can be managed properly.

They have to check all things which is used while conducting conferences and events. Lighting as well as sound effect is good and also audible to every person. Sometime, at a time of providing presentations special effects should be used so that they cannot face any issues in watching presentation. The employers and employees of Ritz-Carlton Hotel should use updated technology whether it is sound or in lighting which will aid in delivering information. Along with this it also assists in achieving purpose of conducting conference and events. Appropriate tools and techniques should be used by them in the program that is sound control system and related tools.

Task 2

2.1 Suitability of food production system and styles

There are different food production system and styles which is suitable for company which includes:

Cook chill system: It is a simple as well as controlled system of advanced food preparation so that they can do proper designing and according to that they can provide more flexibility in the food services. This technique involves the full cooking of food which is followed by rapid chilling and storage is to be done in the controlled temperature.

Conventional or traditional system: It is simple that the traditional cooking of food using fresh ingredients as well as components. They have to purchase the ingredients in a best quality and it should be in a traditional way. Consumers are satisfied by the fresh appearance of food mind as they feel that they are eating which makes him enjoy.

Buffet service: This method is most suitable type of services for an event as it requires the consumers so that they can queue up and gather the food so that they can feel like eating. This reduce the labour cost for the event and it allows the consumers to make their choices without any pressure.

Assembly kitchen: It is also included in the method of food production and also assist in preparing a best food. It is not a popular method as the food is already cooked and packaged and remain storage which decreases the taste of the product along with quality of certain merchandise.

Gueridon service: It is also a type of services where the food is served to the consumers by using the movable trolley. The food which was delivered by trolley can be carved, prepared as well as filtered. It will allow the service users to do fun and without taking stress.

2.2 Factors to be consider when organising an off-site conference

When the staff members have to organise an event outside the hotel there are many things which are to be considered. If they want to conduct conference, then some factors need to be included while doing planning which includes:

Double or triple checking the venue: It is necessary that while conducting any events they have to check the venue that they are having enough room to contain all the people attending the event. Along with this they have to use appropriate tools and techniques for doing proper planning. They have to ensure that the venue is fit for the consumers and that event is suitable for consumers who are attending the event.

Check the weather: This factors cannot be controlled and having a good idea to forecast the weather which helps in identifying that there is any need to be on guard, rain etc. This helps in providing proper contribution in presenting event in a best way and in this everything should be planned. So, whether is a important factor for this type of event or conferences.

Catering: If the conference or events will take a long time and the planner must provide the foods and beverages for guests at the time of break in conference. All the work should be with a proper planning and using appropriate resources with the actual budget which is provided by consumers. So, for this proper planning is necessary.

Permits: The organizer must guarantee that they acquire authorization to hold their conference Ritz-Carlton hotel, particularly if it is being held in a public place, then local government must know about occasion so as to meet the legitimate necessities and stay away from any fines. Guarantee there is no littering, as this will bring on fines, to evade this, a lot of bins must be given over the venue, to guarantee participants can't miss them. There might in any case be individuals who are discourteous and clients can be capable to pay for any fines given, in the event that they pick not to take after guidelines. There will be a requirement of an individual to tidy up a while later, subsequently, prerequisites for additional staff to provide food for these visitors is something else to consider, all together for the occasion to run easily.

Health and safety: The planner have to check the health and safety measures for the clients or guests. They have to prepare a plan for first aid if any type of accident occurs. This is a legal requirement that at the time of event or conference all the people remain or kept safe.

These are the factors which is to be considered as a planner. Guests will be having an expectation that they have to provide better services to them which will helps in attracting consumers.

2.3 Key menu planning considerations for banqueting events

In hotels, menus are created according to the needs and wants of consumers and on the basis of that they can fulfill them. If consumer is happy by the products and services, then this will assist in generating more and more revenue. Menu planning is the process of choosing food items, ingredients, components or beverages. Along with this they have to deliver the products at a reasonable price. In this process, staff is to be included that is chef, food and beverage manager as well as waiters. If the manager of Ritz-Carlton Hotel launches a new menu, then they have to do proper planning and management should be done in a appropriate manner.

Quality: They have to present the dishes in a best way also in a better quality. If they are providing the poor quality, then by that consumer become dissatisfied and if this thing happen then the company cannot generate more revenue. If the consumers will satisfy by the products and services, then this will help in boosting profits and also serve a good publicity. So, the staff members of Ritz-Carlton Hotel have to maintain the standard of quality which will helps in attaining success.

Skilled employees: In the firm, they have to recruit skilled employees which will aid in preparing best dishes as they are skilled enough and according to that manager may find that any training is required or not. If sometime any problem, occur at the time of preparing food then the company having a staff to look after the guests and attend them in a better way.

Cost: They have to prepare food with a good ingredients and also in a good quality. Along with this they have to provide the food at a reasonable price. Management of Ritz-Carlton Hotel have to ensure the good range of different dishes at distinctive prices to provide for all service users.

Presentation of food: The presentation of food items is necessary as it also assist in attracting large number of consumers. They have to provide the delicious dish looks which helps in generating more revenue. If they are providing best quality and presentation, then this will not waste of money for the ingredients.

Nutrition: They have to deliver nutritious products and services for the consumers. So, chef and management which must ensure the variety of dishes which will ensure the correct amount of protein or nutrition and it is necessary for human body.


From the above report, it has been interpreted that while conducting any conference or events they have to check all facilities which they are providing to their guests. Along with this they have to check size and scope of that place where they are conducting events. There are distinctive factors which having a adverse effect on its development. The staff members of Ritz-Carlton Hotel have to use appropriate policies, rules and regulations which will helps in managing work. The staff members have to target market and on the basis of that they have to sell products which will assist in generating more and more revenue. Moreover, they have to use the appropriate system in doing food production. They have to deliver food in a different style at a time of conducting any conferences and events. Individual persons who are conducting conferences and banqueting events have to adopt methods or techniques to utilize space which includes seating plans to accommodate guests. Along with this they have to check quality of environment that it is suitable for their guests or not. Appropriate technology should be adopting by them whether it is for light and sound so that events or any conference can conduct successfully


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