Role Played by Managers and Leaders in the Organisation


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Organization Selected : ALDI


Operations management is an area that focuses on the manufacturing of products and services. It is responsible for ensuring that the company's operations are utilising resources effectively and efficiently. The present report will determine the concept of operations management along with roles and responsibilities of an Operation Manager.

The report is in context to Aldi which is a leading retail company in United Kingdom. The study will determine the role played by managers and leaders in the chosen organisation. It will also include theories of leadership along with their strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, importance of Operation Management in Aldi will be discussed in brief.


P1 Roles and characteristics of a leader and manager

Aldi operates its business operations or functions under the control of different managers and leaders. Manager and leader both play an important part in a business. A Manager is an individual that performs various managerial functions which is very important to link the firm with its stakeholders such as customers, employees, suppliers.

On the other hand, Leader is the one who encourages or motivates his or her followers to develop willingness in their performance for effective achievement of organisational goals and objectives. There are many similarities and differences in the roles or duties of manager as well as leader in the organisation such as Aldi





He is the one who gives guidance to an individual and control activities performed by Aldi’s employees. He or she is effective just for the group.

The Manager is an individual who control and additionally coordinate the entire association. He is the person who allots work to the representatives of Aldi.


The leader focuses on accomplishing objectives and destinations. They concentrate on their colleagues which they are driving and in addition directing.

The focus of the manager in Aldi is to create coordination between people

Decision making process

In the basic leadership process, the leader participates in decision making. In any case, if there should arise an occurrence of equitable leader if any choice is made for the group, at that point he incorporates all the colleagues in the basic leadership process.

The Managers are incorporated into each choice of Aldi in light of the fact that they are the person who know the real position of the association and even the circumstance in which the organization is performing its activities.


The power is given to the leaders of Aldi by their followers. If he has decent initiative characteristics he gets the help of the supporters.

Power is in the hands of managers in light of the fact that the position just has offered capacity to him to arrange and deal with the activities of Aldi.


The identity of the leader is charming and he has the ability to impact the conduct of workers. They are sharp in their thinking and motivate followers to accomplish objectives and goals.

Managers are the people who are quiet in nature and their emphasis is on keeping up and planning the action of the Aldi. The identity of director can be characterized as diligent with the goal that they can adequately deal with the objective and accomplish the outcome.


The leaders are thought to be the risk taker; they generally pick the difficult way and dependably go out on a risky condition.

They can also be considered as the risk takers, In Aldi they take after the standards and controls of the association which are developed by the firm.

M1 Functions and Roles of a manager and leader in Aldi using various theories

Every business needs to adopt effective theories or models to perform various functions or operations successfully. Managers and Leaders focuses on maintaining efficiency in business operations that are performed by their subordinates or followers (Bartlett and Beamish, 2018)

Aldi's professionals have adopted Lean Thinking Theory in order to manage business operations and managerial functions. The managers and leaders play a vital role in decreasing the cost in every area of business or organization. The Aldi group focuses on no-nonsense approach which states that they only focus on enhancing the efficiency of business operations, managers and leaders adopt this concept for ensuring that the employees are performing their roles and responsibilities properly. This assist in decreasing cost, focusing on lean production and avoiding waste of resources. It assists in optimum utilization of resources in a business or organization.

D1. Various theories and approaches to leadership in Aldi

There are different significant theories of leadership which are adopted by Aldi which can be described as below -

  • System Leadership –In this type of leadership style, the leaders or managers in Aldi are considering each and every social and cultural element within business environment for decision making. This leadership theory refers to a system where business operates its functions. The leaders facilitate the situations in which the employees can develop progress towards the social change along with focusing on the business performance (Bai, 2018).
  • Situational leadership – The leaders within Aldi plays an important role in resolving or overcoming an issue in order to achieve the desired organizational goals. The leaders perform different types of roles and duties with respect to various situations. The leaders react to every situation in a appropriate manner. Aldi group provides leadership control to effective leaders if any situation of decision making arises. These leaders identify the best possible to react in that particular situation to gain most significant outcome.
  • Contingency leadership – The another theory of leadership states that business functions and operations are getting influenced by the external and internal factors within the business environment. According to this theory there is no specific model to leadership, as there are various factors that affect the business operation or functions.


P2 Roles and functions of leaders applied in various situation within Aldi

The Leadership and in addition the Management both assumes a critical part keeping in mind the end goal to win benefit and accomplishment inside the Aldi gathering. The leaders and the administrators, both take rulings for the association for getting the objectives viably (Swink, 2017).The administrators in the Aldi amass need to play out his administrative parts by embracing different hypotheses as indicated by the circumstances. Furthermore, the leaders helps in rousing the representatives to readily take after the administrative plans in the best way keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish the association objectives and objectives. The initiative and administration parts contrast from each other yet they both play out their obligations and parts in a effective way inside the Aldi to enhance the execution and the profitability of the association. The different circumstances in setting to the Aldi gather in which the leaders and supervisors plays out their separate obligations are as per the following -

  • The business tasks inside the Aldi relies on the creation of the items, The leaders guarantee that the activities are performed viably by every last representative. He or she communicates with the groups to rouse them for working with an ability. Then again the Mangers gives the methodologies and plans on the best way to perform and what to perform. The administrators guarantee that the representatives knows the objectives and the best approach to play out the tasks inside the organisation (Choi, Chan and Yue, 2017).
  • In the circumstance of emergency the supervisors in the Aldi furnishes the situational techniques to manage the issues and changes. These procedures and plans are furnished to the representatives with the assistance of different leaders. The leaders are quite associated with the representatives or their groups which assist the association with sharing the data or systems among the workers in a viable way.
  • At every last level of the association inside the Aldi, the leaders work successfully with their colleagues to accomplish a particular objective or goal. Then again the chiefs plays out an obligation of overseeing different staffs inside the Aldi. They need to acquaint strict principles and directions with deal with the staff or divisions at each level of the association. Supervisors likewise plays out the part of spotter, as the administrative capacity he is in charge of building up a skilled staff in the association.

Roles of a Leader

  • Leaders assume an essential part in checking the business execution. The leaders set focus for the group with respect to the business results to expand the execution of the Aldi gathering.
  • The leaders inside the Aldi go about as a business person to bring the advancement inside the association. This causes an association to expand the effectiveness of the association.
  • The part of an asset allocator – The Leader inside the Aldi go about as an asset allocator they can without much of a stretch designate different powerful sorts of asset to get hierarchical objectives and destinations (Hill and Hill, 2017).

Roles of a Manager

  • Arranging – The primary capacity of a director in each association is arranging, The supervisor in the Aldi aggregate designs the objectives, techniques and different capacities to achieve achievement.
  • Sorting out – the second part of an administrator is to compose the staffs and their capacities. The chiefs sort out the activities of an association to bring coordination inside the usefulness of the business.
  • Driving – To get the hierarchical objective, Managers drives the different divisions for the viable utilization of the assets inside the association.
  • Controlling – The controlling capacity of a Manager alludes to the control of the administration on the activities of the association too s the colleagues, By giving appropriate rules and approaches to the workers in the different divisions in an association.

P3 Theories of leadership applied in the Aldi group.

In workplace is to be center around various hypothesis and models to explain inside completing in association. These speculations help the association, for example, The Aldi to build up a sound workplace and representative connection which prompts increment in proficiency and viability of the organization or business. In this setting diverse administration style is help to build the level of conveying vigorously in work put. Along these lines some various types of hypothesis are as per the following :-

Situation leadership theory:- In this hypothesis is center around rely on the aptitudes and ability of the workers in association. Situational movement alludes to when the individual or manager of a course of action must modify his style to fit the physical procedure level of the huge number he is hard to causation (Hugos, 2018)The tasks' organization of Aldi can be hit with this sort of leaders as the leaders pick different styles of status on various decide in workplace. It is help to build the execution level and kept up the development level in association. In these sorts of style director is managing all Leader in association and all Leader is help representatives about the workplace in association. In these sorts of leaders where the style of leaders relies on the aptitudes and abilities of the representatives for who the leaders are needful to impact for the achievement of the undertaking. It is help to expand the level of execution and kept up the development rate in showcase.

System leadership:- In framework initiative is center around Leader control the working of representatives and circumstance to build the level of execution in showcase. In association Leader is spoken with every worker in association and give direction about the work in association. In this hypothesis Leader is center around speak with representatives as out the work and kept up the level of execution in advertise. The association and instrumentation those methodologies for fulfillment of KAIZEN and let the business in working request division enhance the human activity identified with the business endeavor of the autos in low-level cost. Along these line's association is set new procedures for future advancement and increment the level of conveying without hesitation in advertise.

Contingency theory:- In this hypothesis is center around future choice in association and help at the season of choice in work put. In this hypothesis the administration center around there is no most ideal approach to association and enterprise in to lead the organization and to settle on the choice in association. In work put basic leadership is most vital and help for future improvement in association. Thus, to arrange a firm, to lead an association, or to make judgment. Rather, the ideal game-plan is conceivable upon the interior and outer position. This hypothesis is help to make judgment about the work and inside level of association. The social control by question approach can carry condition among the laborer with the inclination that they are being esteemed in the structure and this can acquire effectiveness in their work. It is help to kept up the level of market and increment inward working environment (Grant, Wong and Trautrims, 2017).

Every much sort of style is help to make advancement and present innovation in advertise. Draw off is point of convergence on inside working environment. Advancement is help to roll out a few improvements in market and change the quantity of customer in advertise. With the assistance of this hypothesis is help to uncertain amount new customer in market of Aldi. To set a legitimate methodology is help to build the level of conveying without hesitation in showcase. Models is help to for future market and increment more number of client and help to settle on new choice in work put.

M2 Strength and Weaknesses of various methodologies of Leadership in the Aldi

The Aldi aggregate receives different methodologies in the business tasks keeping in mind the end goal to expand the adequacy and effectiveness of the association. These methodologies have different qualities also shortcomings which are as per the following -


  • Enhance relationship among the representatives in an association
  • Aides in imparting the thoughts and perspectives to the colleagues
  • Enhancing correspondence among the representatives and different divisions inside an association
  • Aides in making an open and also straightforward business condition inside an association (Stein, 2017).


  • The Aldi gathering can not keep up mystery in the association
  • May prompts clashes inside the association
  • Tedious as the leaders talk about each and everything with the colleagues.


P4: The key approaches to Operation's Management and Role of Managers and leaders.

The Aldi organization has viably circulated the business activities, obligations, parts and duties among different workers and groups or staff as per their aptitudes and capacities. This helps the operational administration of the association to create adequacy and productivity of the business exercises. The Aldi apply different key methodologies or hypotheses in there activities or capacities performed by different representatives at various levels and offices. The different speculations are a depicted beneath -

Leantheory– The Aldi receives the lean hypothesis in their efficiency or assembling process. This hypothesis was first found by the Aldi to expand proficiency and adequacy in the assembling procedure and also change in the execution of the association. This hypothesis center around disposing of the misuse of the assets which prompts powerful usage of time and assets for accomplishment of objectives and goals. The lean hypothesis help the association in lessening the loss inside the assembling forms by shaping powerful groups and staffs and rearranging the different procedures which inconceivably enhances the results or consequences of the general organisation

Six sigma– The Aldi execute different procedures of administration with a specific end goal to recognize and dissect the execution of the organization. This hypothesis likewise helps in recognizing the reason for surrenders in the items and limiting them with the utilization of various compelling devices and methods in the business operations (Moutinho and Vargas-Sanchez, 2018)The Six sigma is information driven and taught approach and hypothesis which helps in taking out deformities in different capacities and process from items to administrations or generation to value-based. There are five fundamental standards of the six sigma hypothesis as said underneath -

1. Concentrating on the clients

2. Understanding and recognizing the strategies to finish an assignment or work

3. Enhancing, overseeing and smooth stream of authoritative procedures.

4. Expelling or dispensing with non-esteem included exercises and squanders.

5. Decreasing variety and overseeing actualities

Queuing theory– This hypothesis can be resolved as a numerical approach with a specific end goal to examine the postponements and blockage of the holding up line. The Queuing hypothesis helps in looking at each component of holding up in line to be served it incorporates administrations process, entry process, number of framework places, number of servers and clients and so forth. The Aldi execute this hypothesis keeping in mind the end goal to help up their execution and accomplish their authoritative objectives successfully.

P5 The values and importance of Operations Management within the Aldi to achieve the business objectives

For every organization the operational management performs an essential role in that particular organization in order to achieving best results in a situation. The company Aldi has an effective and efficient management team and they work together. They manage all the operations and business related activities effectively (Vallabhaneni, 2017)In this organization the operation management clearly focuses on the planning, staffing, organizing and controlling in that scenario and this will help to that company to build effective communication and co ordination with the firm. In this context, there are different roles and duties of an operation's manager who perform with this Aldi group. The major important role included these essential points that are as under :

  • Transformation of Raw Material – the business is focused on the transformation of raw material. In this company Aldi the major things for raw material is maintained better relationship with suppliers. Raw material is use for making finish goods and sell them to their customers and earn profits. So for this purpose the operation's manager make sure about the operation in the products and services in effective manner.
  • Distribution and Control – the manager of operation management distribute all the functions and operations of the company into the employees and staff members of various departments with the organization. This is provided with the reference of their skills and abilities of those employees and departmental staff members. This will help in distribution of task in proper manner and increasing their efficiency in that particular organizational operations.
  • Capacity Management – in this context the capacity management in states as the effective use of business resources and developed technology within the various departments of that organization (Cavage, 2017).
  • Process Design – process design is refers as the proper development of the process which will used by the different departments in the organization and produce the products and services and other functionality of the company.

M3 How the managers and leaders can improve efficiencies of operation management to obtain business objectives.

There are many aspects which is use by the leaders and managers of that company to improve the efficiency of operation management towards the achieving the goal and target of the particular organization. The different methods in which the managers and leaders improves the efficiency in the business activities and operations of a company are as under :

Match to task with abilities and skills– the leaders and managers assign the role and distribute the task while developing a new team. They make sure about their given task and they all perform as like the best person. This is all done by giving the right work to the right person with their skills and abilities.

Don't be afraid to delegation –leaders and managers should motivate and give inspiration to the employees and team member by delegating various roles and responsibilities to the employees and their departmental staff members. They motivate to the employees to perform the role and responsibilities by giving them proper right to work (Roover,2017).

Keeping their goals clear – in Aldi company there are leaders and managers are helps to the company's employees and their team members to clear their vision and work according to their direction. They make sure about to each and every employee within that organization and understand the objectives and goals of the firm so that they can work easily and effectively in order to achieving their targets and goal.

D2 Analysing various factors affecting the business environment

In an organization there are many factors whether it will be internal or external. They all factor affecting the business and also give their impact. In this Aldi company the factors which will affecting more to this business in positively as well as negatively. So for this reason the management of this company need to focus on these factors in order to overcome the negativity impacts and issues, they have on that particular organization. There are several factors which can affect the operation's management are as under :-

  • Value system – this value system is purely based on the ethics, norms and culture of the organization. The policies and regulations of every company has a major impact on the functions of managers and leaders of the management.
  • Financial factors – this type of factors can also give their impacts on the Aldi's business activities and each and every operation's. These are those functions that can affect the business and the organization may reduce their profitability by this factor. A business can face the fund or capital employed related issues and it is an important point.
  • Objectives and mission – the major objectives and mission of this Aldi company is change accordingly to the changing business environment and it will also give its impact on the organization activities. It has a great impact on the company in different competitive environment (Haksever and Render, 2018).

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In this above report there are describing the role of leaders and functions of managers in the context of Aldi company. The operations and management plays an essential role in order to achieving organizational goals and targets. There are these various aspects must be included. These are followed by the leaders and managers both and they both developed profitability of the organization in different situation. So for this purpose, present report demonstrate the comparison between the roles and characteristics of managers and leaders on the various basis. These bases are orientation, vision, focus and many more other aspects. In addition to this context, there are a summarised report of the Aldi company in which their leaders and managers perform with their skills, ability and participation towards to achieving the targets and company's goal.

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