Hr Development strategy for Audi


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Human resource development actually means overall development of employees and trainees related to management. In simple words, it means, increase in efficiency and effectiveness of trainees and employees through learning styles and training methods. This in turn helps company to grow and earn profits. The report has made a study on Audi which is an automobile company. Focus has been given on the trainees working with them. The goal of Audi is to simply adapt the changes in environment and it wants to head towards the next milestone of delivering 2 million Audi vehicles around the globe. For this, they need highly skilled employees with standard training (Selznick, 2011). So, company help trainees to connect with the self-established people across the Brand Audi. The study will focus on learning styles, learning curve and importance of transferring learning to the workplace and the way in which learning theories and styles contribute the planning and designing of learning events in Audi.


1.1 Comparing the learning styles

KOLB'S learning style-

  Doing Watching
feeling Accommodating Diverging
Thinking Converging Assimilating

Enhancement of quality

  • Diverging (feeling and watching) - These employees look things from different perspectives. They tend to watch rather than do which means collecting information. They then make use of images to solve the problems. They tend to see problem from different perspectives on the basis of above qualities. Kolb has named this style as 'diverging' because employees in this style imagine and then perform better with innovative ideas. For example, brainstorming. The diverging style helps workers in team work to hear with open mind and to give feedback as well.
  • Assimilating (watching and thinking) - In this learning style, logical approaches are used by employees. In this, employees need clear explanation rather than practical view as well as ideas and concepts are important. They excel in a clear logical format of understanding information and organizing it.
  • Converging (doing and thinking) - In converging learning style, employees are not attracted to interpersonal issues and social problems. They depend on technical tasks and problems. Employees with this style does experiment with innovative ideas take similar examples and practically work with them.
  • Accommodating (doing and feeling) - Accommodating learning style depends on doing work rather than logic. These employees analyze other worker’s work. They depend on experiential approach.

VARK learning style:

  • V- visuals- It refers that employee tends to learn specially from sighted objects. These employees tend to watch than to do. They use mental image to solve difficulty. They tend to see questions from different perspectives. t (Patel, Messersmith and Lepak, 2013).
  • A- Auditory- In this theory of learning style, employees tend to learn from hearing. These employees depend on continuous hearing and then on learning the work.
  • R- Reading and writing- It states that employees tend to learn from reading and writing. In this, employees depend on technical tasks and problems. They work in a clear logical format by understanding information and organizing it. For example, auditors (Selznick, 2011).
  • K- Kinesthetic- In this theory of learning style, employees tend to learn from practices. They first experience and then learn. They totally depend on experiential approach than hearing or reading and writing.

1.2 Describing the learning curve and its role

  • Learning curve means if an employee performs the same task over and over again then he must need less time to finish that particular task. The curve shows graphic representation of decrease in efforts per unit for repetitive process (Learning curves, usage of learning curves in reducing workforce costs as a tool and an empirical study, 2009). This curve helps in different contexts of business. Being the HR coordinator of Audi, roles of learning curve are as follows:Increase in productivity - Main aim of Audi is to be successful and to increase the productivity. Learning has an important role in deciding its policies, its rules and regulations. Being the HR coordinator, proper selection should be done. Some tests should be taken to know the ability of workers. These tests include mental ability test and aptitude tests for interaction with customers.
  • Growing up of manpower- Being the HR coordinator, learning curve helps in realizing training activities as training courses, conferences, seminars etc. Audi helps its employees in their development thus; training is given to them which in turn help employees in improving superior- subordinate relationship and in adopting changes (Aaker and Joachimsthaler, 2012).
  • Explaining the importance of transferring learning to the workplace: Transfer learning means the ability to apply acquired training and skills to the workplace of company (Leberman, Mcdonald and Doyle, 2015). Research study shows that only 34% of employees put application of their learning and training to their job within a year of training (Saks and Belcourt, 2006). Life-long learning is must in today's era and transfer of learning provides the medium for this to manifest.
Importance of transfer learning in Audi is described as below:
  • Transfer learning improves the extent to which employees of Audi can learn from the given technique. This in turn helps in improving the grasping power of employees.
  • It improves self-efficiency and development of employees of Audi with making them more valuable for company (Patel, Messersmith and Lepak, 2013).
  • Transfer learning helps to create a positive work environment between superior and subordinates that are working within automobile company as it provides proper coaching and interaction between different levels of organization (Malamed, 2014).
  • Transfer of learning also helps in the development of cognitive activities like reasoning, evaluation and interaction level of employees (Selznick, 2011).
  • This method makes the employees working in Audi to get resistant to change in terms of new learning. Being an auto-mobile company, this is the fundamental element as new innovation and technology is never permanent (Leberman, Mcdonald and Doyle, 2015).



Producing a brief plan which should use the systematic approach to training aimed at training employees at Audi Systematic approach to training:

  • Identifying the goals of Audi: The goals of Audi is continuous selling of 1,741,129 (1,575,480) cars. This has led Audi brand grows to a new record level this year. Rising demand for the vehicles of new A3, growth in Asia and North, Western Europe and America proved to be beneficial (Patel, Messersmith and Lepak, 2013). As an HR coordinator, my training goal is to help my company to head towards the next milestone of delivering 2 million Audi vehicles around the globe. For this, I need highly skilled employees who can help in optimizing and expanding the international dealers. To move forward with this goal, proper training must be given to the right employee (Aaker and Joachimsthaler, 2012).
  • Identifying the benefits for trainee: To be in a successful and a passionate team, being the part of Audi is best. Employees are valued here and benefits given to them include fantastic development opportunities, structured training programs and rewarding them. Trainees are invited to attend the regular forums where they will have the opportunity to meet self-established people across the brand, Audi (Saks and Belcourt, 2006).
  • Identifying the trainee to work with Audi: Trainees will be appointed from outside premises. Being the HR coordinator, I will be taking Interview sessions (Leberman, Mcdonald and Doyle, 2015). To be a part of this session, following requirements are needed:
  1. Successfully qualified university degree.
  2. Excellent academic records
  3. International internship, studies done on international platform
  4. Functional experience of relevant area
  5. Fluent English and other foreign languages, if any
  6. Persuasive personality

The candidate having the above mentioned quality cannotfill the online form on our site.

identifying the training budget of Audi The training budget of year 2015 can be estimated as:

  1. Trainees Per Diem (hotel, meals, incidentals)
  2. Trainees Travel
  3. Instructor Fees (salaries and/or consulting fees)
  4. Instructor Lost Opportunity (lost revenue/productivity)
  5. Instructor Per Diem (hotel, meals, incidentals)
  6. Instructors Travel Rental facilities
  7. Maintenance facilities (lease, mortgage, maintenance, etc.)
  8. Audio/Video Transmission Costs
Activities Description Amount
Training Development  programs 

1. Analyze/Design Training Material
2. Formative Evaluation

Training Management 1.Staff (coordinate course analysis, design, development, delivery and evaluation $100000
Trainees Schedule

1. Trainees Time (lost productivity)
2. Trainees Per Diem (hotel, meals, incidentals)
3. Trainees Travel
4. Instructor Fees (salaries and/or consulting fees)
5. Instructor Lost Opportunity (lost revenue/productivity)
6. Instructor Per Diem (hotel, meals, incidentals)
7. Instructors Travel Rental facilities
8. Maintenance facilities (lease, mortgage, maintenance, etc.)
9. Audio/Video Transmission Costs
10. Internet Connecting Fees

Trainees Support Course

1. Course Updating
2. Hardware Maintenance
3. Staff (installing course, resolving software and hardware)



It can be concluded that Human Resource Development helps in contributing to organizational purposes. It also helps trainees to understand the roles and responsibilities of company (Patel, Messersmith and Lepak, 2013). Being the HR coordinator of Audi, systematic approach to training helped the trainees Audi wants to recruit trainees who are braced to work with the team and develop themselves with success and add value to Audi Brand.


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