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Business administration refers to the management of a business in market. It involves all aspects of forecasting and evaluating business operations and decision making related to wide management functions that include association of finance, personnel and MIS services (Kim,Kang and Lee, 2014) . This report is based on the Hilton hotel, which is founded by Conrad Hilton and headquartered in McLean, Virginia, U.S. They are targeting at both business and leisure travellers and they are located in major city, near airports, convention centre and popular vacations destinations worldwide. In this report covered topics are requirement of establishment and implementing management procedures, how to manage effectiveness of work and system and constrain attached to facilities and related budget, factors which are taken  into account in design of office system and so on.


1.1 Explain requirements of establishing and implementing office management procedures

Office management procedures  or system refers to the order of steps or operations on basis of which performance of activities are done. In every organization or company management create office procedures manuals which is design in a summary formate which involves all activities or things done in an organization (Dalton, 2017) . The requirement of establishing and implementing office management procedures are consist on size and type of a specific organization. Some points which must be consider while deigning the office procedures are safety and security at work, supply ordering, invoice processing, customer services and so on. Way to present the office management procedures is based on choice of a firm, they can simply post it on bulletin board of workplace or design small office manual and distribute to every staff. It is important for Hilton hotel to develop office management procedure because:-

  • It generate guidelines of general procedures and policies for hotel Hilton which help management to govern the office in managed way.
  • Procedures set order or ways through which lengthy, difficult and complex task can done in or within the allotted deadline by following firm office management procedures.
  • Through it office manger of Hilton can ensure that all employees and other staff have clear job description which help in management and up to date data respectively and change of procedures of company while developing new task or project.
  • Mangers of respective hotel can ensure and evaluate training of workers and staffs that they are doing task properly by following office management procedures.

1.2 How to manage effectiveness of work and system

In any organization it is important to manage work as well as system in effective and efficient manner so that operations will conduct in smooth way in the workplace (Hatch, 2017). It help a company to achieve goal and objective in effective manner and through it employees also get motivated and give their full efforts to achieve particular goal. Hotel Hilton adopt following ways which is describe below to manage effectiveness of work and system in their hotel:-

  • Effective Communication:- Through effective communication Hilton hotel can effectively manage their organization system  because by it they can clearly convey and make understand the work and responsibility of every employees and staffs which leads to smooth functioning in the hotel (Musinguzi and, 2015).
  • Proper Procedures:- For effective management of system in Hilton hotel and its management needs to create appropriate rules and regulation which specifically  ensure proper working of staff members or   employees and by it employees know what to do and what not to do which leads to effective functioning of system in respective hotel.
  • Short- term Goal:-Management of respective hotel should develop or create short term goal that is based on day to day activities which help them in doing planning in effective manner and are  able to understand  employees and staff in appropriate ways which leads to achieving the objective in efficient manner.  
  • Training:- Hotel Hilton management must provide its employees with effective training and skills development program which enhance theireffectiveness of work by that they enable to achieve objective in effective and efficient manner.

1.3 Evaluate how to manage any constraints that attached to office facilities and budgets

It is the responsibility of management in an organization to manage the limitation which affect office facilities and budgets to ensure effective and efficient working at workplace. Management of Hilton hotel take steps to manage constraints which impact on office facilities and budgets are describe below:-

  • Cost effectiveplanning:- The management of Hilton hotel must use cost effective planning which means to adopt something or plan or design strategy which is of good value and  is beneficial and its usage is worth for paid cost (Miller And, 2014). Such as if respective hotel want to expand their workforce, for that first management have to  plan things as well as anticipate budgets accordingly. So that management of respective hotel can effectively allocate the resources that is required for increased number of workforce or employees.
  • Time management:-Plan and strategy which is made or design by mangers must be design by evaluating and involving certain things such as budget, time required, workforce and so on. The employer and employees of Hilton hotel must ensure that their work will complete in given time and resources. If they not do so it will come up as a constraints or limitation which impact to their facilities and budgets. Such as if some work not get completed in allotted time then it required more time and budget which affect the office facilities and budget that is for some other work.  

1.4 Factors which is taken into account in design of office system, procedures and guidance documents

Office system, procedures and guidelines are essential for every organization and required for smooth functioning at workplace (Karunasena,Vijerathne and Muthmala, 2018) . Their are various factors which is taken into consideration when management of a company designing the office system, procedures and guidances, some major factors which is accounted by Hilton hotel while developing the procedures and guidances are mentioned below:-

  • Easily understood:- The office system, procedures and guidance must be design in that manner which can be easily understand by everyone in an organization. Management of hotel Hilton develop rules and regulation or office system or procedures or guidance in such way that it can be easy to understand and communicated to every employers as well as employees or staff.
  • Help in achieving goal:- An organization must design guidance and procedures which help them in achieving its goal and objective in effective and efficient manner. Hilton hotel manager design office system, procedures or guidance which help organization as well as employees in achieving the organization goals and objective in effective and efficient ways.
  • Equal Platform:-The rules and regulation or guidance or procedures of an organization must be based on  provide equal platform to all employees and staff within workplace. Hotel Hilton management design rules and regulation or procedures or office system or guidance by involving and considering all employees and staff, so that no discrimination is done to any one in the respective hotel.  
  • Consider all view points:-Before creating any procedures or office system in an organization it is responsibility of manager to consider all staff view points to make effective policy to everyone. Hilton hotel management ask for every employees or staff viewpoints so that they consider it and design the appropriate rule and regulation or procedures or guidance for effective and smooth functioning of respective hotel.

1.5 How to develop an environment that is conducive to productive work

It is very important for an organization to maintain and develop productive and positive working  environment so that it leads increase in productivity and employees loyalty (Sawyer, 2015). Their are various steps or factors through which managers can develop environment which leads to productive and positive work in workplace, some of the major steps taken by Hilton hotel are describe below:-

  • Recruit an adequate workforce:-It is important to recruit an adequate or appropriate employees so that an organization have enough capabilities to do or fulfil existing workload. Such as if Hilton hotel employees have overworked due to less employees, it means single employee is doing a job which is meant for two or more worker which leads to suffer performance and reduction in morale. So to maintain it respective hotel should recruit adequate number of staff required in the hotel.
  • Hire right employees for the job:-An organization must hire the right workforce according to the job through which they ensure high productivity and help in foster positive working environment (Lui,VMware Inc, 2018). In Hilton hotel human resource department hire or recruit people according to the requirement of position by analysing un and evaluating skills, ability, experience, knowledge and so on.
  • Ask for suggestion and then listen:- In an organization employer must ask for  employees or staff for their valuable suggestion about how to increase efficiency, cut wastage and improve productivity and so on and also listen to them. In respective hotel management involves their employees and staff in decision making process and ask for suggestion and encourage them which leads productive working environment in Hilton.

2.1 Maintain equipment and consumables to agreed level

Hospitality industry is a wide sector and in which it is very important to maintain all equipments and consumables goods of respective departments to ensure and fulfil the needs and wants of their guest and customers (Wu And, 2014). The various different departments in hospitality sectors who have do maintenance of their equipments and consumable things, major departments which do maintenance of equipment and consumables are describe below:-

  • House keeping Department:-Their are numerous of equipments and consumables for house keeping departments some of them are dusters, brooms, waste baskets, dust bin, dust pan, door mat, buckets, thread mop, washing liquid, liquid soap, WC brush, nylon sponge, air freshener, toilet cleaners, brasso, naphthalene balls and so on which needs to be maintained by Hilton hotel and other respective sector company so that they can satisfy and enhance experience of their guest and customers with neat and clean rooms, public area, swimming pool and other things.
  • Food and beverage Department:- In food and beverage departments there are various type of equipments and consumables goods which are required to maintainto satisfy and ensure the needs and want of customers and guests. these equipments are cookware, catering equipments, coffee, tea and beverage equipments, refrigerators, cold storage food items, food service bags/ packaging/ plating and presentation, food storage, hand sanitiser, ice machines, seating arrangement in proper way, trays, different type of serving equipments and so on. In Hilton hotel equipments of respective department must be their, so they can satisfy the needs and wants of their guests related to food and beverage in  effective and efficient ways.

2.2 Develop system to eluate effectiveness of office system and procedures

It is the responsibility of employers of an organization to develop systems and strategy for evaluation and analysing the  effectiveness of office system and procedures in workplaces  (Jeong, Koo and Hong,  2014). For evaluation manager of Hilton hotel develop strategy and system which help them in identifying effectiveness of office system and procedures are given below:-

  • Risk Analysis:-By Evaluating and analysing the risk, an organization can evaluate effectiveness of office system, procedures and rules and regulation, after evaluating company can do updating and change according to the requirements (Miller And, 2017). The Hilton hotel management analyse and evaluate effectiveness of office system and procedures by using risk analysis techniques through which they can evaluate the past senior and current senior after execution of office system and procedures and do innovation and changes according to the requirement of situation.
  • Analysing errors of workers:-An organization can evaluate effectiveness of office system and procedures by analysing the errors or mistakes of employees and worker, it help and company in same manner as risk analysis does. by this a company can able to identify whether there is any requirement of change or not. In the respective hotel, management evaluate effectiveness of procedures and office system by using technique of analysing mistakes or errors of employees and staff. If there is deduction of employees error then it seems that current procedures and office system is effective for Hilton and if there is no change or leads to more mistake then that procedures is not effective for the respective hotel.

2.3 Review the effectiveness of office systems and procedures

Office system and procedures are important for any organization of every field because it leads to smooth functioning and operation at a workplace and help in designing activities accordingly (Miller And, 2014). Every office system and procedures involves two elements like office routines and methods. There are various effectiveness of office system and procedures in an organization, some major of them in Hilton hotel are describe below:-

  • Smooth running:-Effective office system and procedures enables the smooth running of work and operation in an organization, through it management can avoid bottlenecks and interruptions while conducting any activities. In Hilton hotel effective office system and procedures help their management in the smooth running of functions and operations and by developing appropriate rules and regulation respective hotel can avoid and reduce the interruptions and hindrance.
  • Create understanding:-By using effective office system or policy and procedures in an organization it help new joineries or new employees to understand their job and work easy and quickly and in effective manner. In the respective hotel their management design effective office system or rules and regulation and procedures which facilitates the new employees to understand their job easy and quick and do it in a effective and efficient manner.
  • Ensure productivity:- Good office system and procedures in an organization ensure the speedily completion of work or office operations in effective and proper ways which leads to increase in productivity and growth (Purce, 2014). In hotel Hilton effective office system and procedures help in increase in productivity and speed of doing work which leads to respective hotel growth and increase in profit.
  • All this will help employees to adapt with changing demands and in meeting needs of users.

2.4 Management of maintenance of office equipment

In an organization it is important to maintain the office equipments and tools because through it an organization can fulfil and satisfy the needs and wants of their customers and guests  (Au-Yong,Ali and Ahmad, 2014). Such as in Hilton hotel there are various departments and tools according to respective departments. Major department whose maintenance of office equipments are essential are given below in respective organization:-

  • House keeping department:-In hotel Hilton the maintenance of house keeping department equipments are essential because it is  the one which prepare rooms for guest and ensure that the rooms are clean and hygienic. so if there is no maintenance or shortage of equipments of respective departments, they are not able to clean and maintain guest rooms, public area, swimming pool, lawn, wash rooms and so on which directly affect the experience of guest and customers which leads to decrease in visitors, profit, goodwill and so on, So it is the responsibility of respective hotel management to maintain the equipments of house keeping department time to time.
  • Food and beverage department:-Management of respective  hotel must ensure maintenance of equipments and tools of food and beverage department because if there is no maintenance of tools and equipments of respective department they are not able to serve effective and quality food and beverages to their customers and if the customers and guest are not satisfy it will leads to reduction in number of customers visited, goodwill and it will directly affect the growth and profit of Hilton hotel, so it is the responsibility of management to ensure maintenance of tools to avoid all above situation and case.

2.5 How to manage effective relationship with suppliers

In hospitality industry suppliers plays an important role for proper operations of the organization so it is the responsibilities of management to establish relationship with their suppliers to maintain supply of goods and materials (Kim,Kang and Lee, 2014). Their are various ways through an organization can maintain relationship with their suppliers, some major of them which is adopted by Hilton hotel are describe below:-

  • Hilton hotel can develop supplier relationship management software through which they can contact and transfer any information easily and quickly.  This software involves various features such as suppliers updated profile, managing and monitoring performance and demand and so on.
  • Respective hotel demonstrate itself as a good customer in front of their suppliers by respecting each other and with effective communication. Hilton hotel can do this by paying the bill at time and by becoming loyal customers of them.
  • The Hilton hotel must reduce number of their vendors and maintain close relationship with suppliers. If there is too many vendor or supplier the respective hotel management not able to make sure which one is eliminate and provide good material to them.

2.6 Action taken to ensure administrative services that provided to agreed standards

Their are various steps or functions through which an organization can ensure administrative services are provided to agreed standard, some of them used by Hilton hotel which are describe below:-

  • Hilton hotel can ensure the effectiveness of administrative services by monitoring the growth in an organization (Dalton, 2017). If there is any growth in respective hotel, chosen or adopted administrative service is effective for respective hotel if there is no growth then it is not.
  • To ensure administrative services are provided to agreed standard,Hilton hotel can take feedback or suggestion to their employees, staff and guest or customers and if the feedback is in favour of respective hotel then it is effective for  them.


From the above covered point it is conclude that in every organization, office management procedure is required and essential for every organization and it is the responsibility of management to develop proper procedures according to need and requirement of the organization. The managers of every department must ensure about the maintenance of equipments and tools of their department. And managers of a company must maintain effective relationship with their supplier so that they fulfil supply of required products.

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