Principles of Management Level 4


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Q1. Reflection on how my leadership styles will afect future group work -

Being a leader, there can be various factors changed or modified in a way that it can help the organisation to bring various positive changes, thus can help them in attaining a higher rate of popularity and productivity. So, efficient leadership qualities can also help in making various positive changes. An efficient leader is capable enough of dealing with any conflict and make effective changes as well. Being a leader, the individual should be able enough to analyse and implement appropriate decision making process with all the other team members because by such means, every single member of the group can feel open enough to discuss their ideas as well as issues. So, on the basis of that, better conclusions can be made that can help in makingt the processing more better and appropriate.   Principle of management are the important underlying factors that form the foundation of successful management. The blog will help to understand about the effectiveness in leadership and their management. Leadership Management are vital segments that are executed in the hierarchical framework.

With a specific end goal to run organization in powerful and proficient mode, it is important to present these ideas appropriately. Initiative alludes to the capacity of any person to impact the conduct of specialists towards achievement of set objectives and destinations. Each chief ought to create authority aptitudes to complete process in legitimate mode (Hintz and Bahia 2013). On the opposite side administration is an idea of administrating the entire arrangement of organization to guarantee that work is completed in helpful way. This obligation lies in the hand of best level of administration. The various leadership style such as Autocratic, Democratic and Laissez faire. Under the Autocratic style of management all the delegation within the hand of top person and there is not functional supervise available in this procedure. On the other hand, Democratic style of management in which the superior and subordinate task are similar on taking any action or decision procedure. The laissez faire management style in generally one of the significant action of management under which the superior motivates their group members in better way.

Q2. Diverse backgrounds in my group -

It is obvious enough that while working in a group or team, there are enormous number of people and there is a possibility that they might belong to some other culture or religions. Considering the ethinicity, nationality, it is an interesting concept to work along with the people from different cultures because by these means, one gets to know about various cultures as well and this seems interesting enough. Although there can be various issues as well while working with people from different backgrounds but an efficient management can help in coping with these, thus involving various sources such as organsiing sessions in which all the team members can be able to interact with each other, so that they can get to know their culture better. It will help in reducing the rate of issues to a huge extent.  There are different group are available in each group which are based on various religion and they have some different values and ethics towards the work. This can be the part of workforce diversity in the organisation which affect the individual as well group performance due to understanding as well coordination due to language and ethnicity. The diversity management is important for each firm a procedure of system of best utilizing the practices with set up impact to discover and make over an alternate and broad working environment. These are the practices to steady and transmitting numerous kind of ways of life and individual manifestation inside a characterized gathering. This is the outfitting the help of the different illuminating, topographical, social, temperate and political angles.

It is additionally an articulation about the assorted variety acclimatize an expansive verity of different contrasts including their work exposures and individual status, instructive foundation, local and sexual emplacement, physical and mental shortcoming (Cornish, Bowden. and Cornish-Bowden, 2012). It is assuming to be a piece of organizations strategy and not ought to be indict in bias against and irritation of any individual utilized on the help of any of these communing. Organizations requires to set up the esteem and exhibit social assorted variety finance abundance to the organization Firm and increment the quality and standard of the organization and it's every representative.

According to the view of Ashley and Empson, (2013) it is generally accepted that it is effective to have dissimilar personalities when working together in a team or group. The significance of this concept varied as per on the kinds of aim and objectives as well requirement of task which need to accomplish.

According to the view of Hoornweg and Bhada-Tata (2012). A homogenous team if composes of people with the similar backgrounds. Personality, knowledge as well value and ethics. As one of the might expect, there is less likelihood of issue in between homogenous groups, but these placid dynamics as well tends to be manufacture mundane, not able to imagine the results. But on the other hand, heterogeneous team have great challenges building strong interpersonal relationship, but they allow group member to take huge risk and to be more critical of others innovation. Overall it appears that heterogenous team groups is better for addressing novel, complex task, providing team member can cope with a high degree of issues.

Q3. Challenges as a manager in my case study - manager

Being a manager, there are enormous factors that act as barriers or challenges at some time. Some very well known examples of it includes interaction issues, less satisfied employees, lack of productivity etc. So, it can be resolved by using a range of ways such as providing some sort of motivation to the employees, whether it would be increments or incentives etc., so that the other members can also consider the fact that they are also equal and important. Also, being a manager, various sessions cana lso be organsied as well so that all the team members can ahve a better interaction arte, which further helps in the achievement of the objectives. Failure in listening, considered to be one of the huge problem while communicating with other employees, sometimes they are too distracted or have a short attention span which results in failing to listen what exactly does the manager wants to convey. Therefore, fails to establish a communicative link or a motivation system into the system so that every employee could work properly.

Due to this manager fails to unify the effort of every individual towards single goal. Authority or Hierarchy problem, an employee may hesitate to approach or to talk to his manager which naturally becomes a communication barrier and will not lead manager to monitor his workers. They would not be able to know which factors are affecting them, which will ultimately lead to a substandard performance by employees. It also influences the decision-making process of every manager in a business institution as it would not be able to know about the problems suffered by employees and provide appropriate solution for it. Cultural differences, can create problems when a manager wants to convey some ideas as  people belongs to different background and have dissimilar thoughts which leads to group dynamics .Manager would not be able to implement innovation and creativity in their working style which may be resisted by many as they would not be able to accept new and dynamic changes happening inside or outside the working environment. Attitude and ego, sometimes worker's ego and attitude can resist the working of whole team. These conflicts can arise due to inequity or because of defensive nature of him which resist to take responsibilities therefore resource allotment does not occur efficiently and the concept of optimum use of resource will not happen which results in the raising of risk in future and the entrepreneurial role of manager would not be exercised in the organisation. Therefore, the various role has been functioning by the manager in the organisation that can be effective communication with team members as well plan requirement of the company. This kind of role are knowns as the liaison role of manager. Hence. It will unify the efforts of all the person towards the common goal. The entrepreneurial role of the manager for the making innovation and make a new implementation for a range of styles working so that they will able to perform work very effectively and efficiency. The consistent concentration on accepting fresh and dynamic modification which are occurred internal and external environment of working.

Q4. Reflection on my learning from the module -

From the learning module, I have learned various factors that will surely help me in my further projects and assignments. Apart from that i also learned much from self study. For that, i took help from various sources such as internet, magazines etc. Although it was quite time consuming, but it helped me a lot in understanding various different aspects essential for a better processing. While working in the group as well, it was quite interesting to deal with various ideas and issues. Also, various members were from different backgrounds, so it even made the work and operations more interesting.  The learning shape this module is to comprehend about the various administration style and every single part takes after directions of their pioneers. Henceforth, viable authority style ought to be presented. Essentially, supervisors likewise assume the part of pioneer that trains his group to achieve last objectives in set period. Initiative insinuates the limit of any individual to affect the lead of masters towards accomplishment of set targets and goals.

Every boss should make expert aptitudes to finish process in authentic mode. On the contrary side organization is a thought of administrating the whole game plan of association to ensure that work is finished in accommodating way. This commitment lies in the hand of best level of organization. Workers of higher aptitudes and information contribute significantly in sharing their perspectives and musings. Pioneers so not draw any strategy for the administration but rather outline number of steps or rules for their devotees on which work will be performed precisely and effectively. Henceforth, every individual influences the assorted variety culture in the organization for which firm need to centre around the viable decent variety administration. Hence, blog it can be easily inferred that the leadership management and functional role manger play a key role in the organisations. The various style of leadership management in which Democratic style can impact on the business.



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