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Role of contingent leadership and management style on the performance of employees: A case study on Virgin group

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1.1 Background of the study

Current competitive market has raised the level of market competition widely for business units. Companies are focusing on developing unique strategies for sustaining competitive edge in the market. Employees play a significant role in attaining competitive edge in the market. Appadurai (2009) stated in the research that organizational culture is developed and designed by the employees of the business. This is an element which help companies in attaining an edge in the economy as organizational culture cannot be replicated by the rival firms. Hence, it help organizations in managing its uniqueness and exclusivity.

Management and leadership plays a significant role in developing a positive culture for the firms. While implementing framed business strategy, managers of firms adopt different styles of leadership and management to attain efficiency and success (Chan, Sit and Lau, 2014). Here, each of the style adopted by the manager of organizations causes’ significant impact on performance of the employees. Thus, it is right to say that the different types of leadership and management style cause necessary impact upon the performance of employees.
Management and leadership are the crucial aspects of business operations in the present era as these are the factors which help employees in attaining organizational goals.

Changing perspectives of the economy have demanded for new and unique means of leadership and management aspects for the employees. Contingent management and leadership styles are the process where management focuses on the demand of the situations and act according to the same for creating a competitive edge in the market. It consists of autocratic, participative and free-rein etc (Nienaber, 2010). Styles of managing and leading people affect the performances of employees. This is because, these all given styles have psychological impact upon workers and it also further guides the behavior of people. Thus, the contingent leadership and management style directs affects the performance of people towards both negative as well as positive direction.

Virgin group is a well established and renowned business unit for its vast business operations and unique leadership style. The diverse business operations of the company has contributed significantly in attaining unique business position in the economy. The company was established in the year 1970 as Virgin records which has now diversified in every industry. Virgin group concise of more than 200 companies and has employed 50000 employees around the world. Sir Richard Branson entrepreneur of the company has developed unique measures of leadership in order to attain effective means of success in the competitive era (Jeon, Merlyn and Chenoweth, 2010). The impact of effective management and contingent leadership has helped the business unit in developing a successful market position in the economy.

The current dissertation will focus on analysing the theoretical aspect of motivation and leadership for the business unit. It will critically evaluate the traditional theories to understand and reflect the current need of the economy. In addition to this the study will focus on analysing the role of management and leadership on employee performance (Leithwood, Harris and Hopkins, 2008). It will also assess how different leadership styles has affected the performance level of he employees. Different tools and models will be applied in the study in order to attain research aims and objectives.

1.2 Rationale of the research

Business environment is changing on a significantly high pace. Management and leadership play a vital role in managing the changes in the business and attaining successful business results for the company. Intense competition in the economy demands high market results for the businesses (Nahavandi, 2009). Thus, with an aim to manage the changes, a firm needs a team of talented and competent employees who can perform well. Moreover, management and leadership helps in attaining high results for the company. Every business unit in the present market has adopted different style for managing organizational operations however the impact of the same are insignificant for the companies. Leadership and management has a direct impact on employees performance thus organizational results are affected widely with the same. However, an effective performance will be delivered by the employees during the period of change if manager comply with an effective management and leadership style. The present study will shed the light on the role of contingent leadership and management style on the performance of Virgin group employees.

1.3 Research aims and objectives

The aim of the present study is “to examine the role of contingent leadership and management style on the performance of employees: A case study on Virgin group”. In order to develop a structured report and to minimize the chances of deviation for the topic research objectives are developed for the study. Research objectives for the present study has been discussed henceforth. 

  • To analyse the significance of leadership and management in the business unit.
  • To critically evaluate theoretical perceptive of contingent leadership and management styles
  • To assess the impact of contingent leadership and management styles on the performance of employees.
  • To recommend the ways of enhancing performance of employees.

1.4 Research Questions

In order to attain the research objectives following research questions has been developed:

1.What are the significance of leadership and management in Virgin group?
2.What is the different type of contingent leadership and management styles?
3.How the performance of Virgin group employees is impacted through different contingent leadership and management styles?
4.What are the other ways of enhancing performance of Virgin group employees?

1.5 Potential significance of the research

The significance of the study depicts the value of the analysis and its impact on further evaluation of the topic. It also indicates the value of the study along with the contribution of research for present day literatures and researches. The current topic of the research is a common but most crucial contributor in the success and growth of the business. The critical examination of theoretical aspects of the research will help the students and research aspirants in developing an in-depth understanding about the topic. It will also help in assessing the impact of leadership and management styles on overall performance of the employees. In addition to this, the given study has its importance for the different firms. This is because, with the help of it manager of respective firm can identify or adopt appropriate style of managing and leading people (Appadurai, 2009). Thus, through this way they can perform significant increment in the performance of workers in an effective way. 

1.6 Research structure

The structure of the research helps in developing a specific format for conducting the study and attaining valuable results. It helps researchers in minimizing the risk of deviating form the topic. The research structure for the present research is thus as follows:

Chapter 1: Introduction-

This section f the research portrays a detailed analysis of research aims and objectives along with the background of the study. It develops a significant reflection of research structure and rationale as well.

Chapter 2: Literature review-

This section of the study deals with past researches and findings in order to develop a strong understating of the concept. It will help the researcher in analysing the contributions of different scholars for analysing the theoretical perspective of the study.

Chapter 3: Research methodology-

Every research adopt variety of tools and models for structuring the study in an effective manner and develop reliable results for the study as well. This section will develop a technical detail regarding research design for developing reliable and valid results for the readers.

Chapter 4: Research analysis and discussion-

It will reflect findings of the research in an effective manner. It uses variety of tools and techniques to analyse the findings and present them efficiently to reflects actual research results.

Chapter 5: Conclusion and Recommendation-

This chapter will focus of attaining the overall zest of he result by summarizing the overall findings and delivering specific conclusion of the study. This section will also include the detailed discussion about how the company may improve the performance which will reflect the overall understanding of the topic.


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