Role of Operation Management In a Firm

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Question :

This assessment covers following questions:

  • Make comparison between the role of a leader and the function of a manager of Airdri.
  • Implement the role of a leader and the function of a manager in given scenario.
  • Explain an appreciation of the role leaders and managers play in the operations function of an Airdri.
  • Explain an understanding of the relationship between leadership and management in the contemporary business environment.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Airdri


Operation management is regarded as the administration of entities activities for developing a higher level of effectiveness that is possible into company. Management is regarded as the vital aspects of firm that refer to effective planning, arranging, guiding and controlling of practices as well as resources. On another side, for supporting their function, operations are performed through organisation that is considered to the work which are perform for attaining firm's goals (AsefVaziri, 2015). As per the scenario, the undertaken organisation for this report is Airdri, which is hand dryers manufacturer having headquarters is in UK. This report covers differentiation among leaders and managers roles and function along with usages of this aspects into firm. Moreover, explanation of role that leader and managers plays into various situations, several theories and model of leadership approach, key approaches to operation management, its importance and value are undertaken. Apart from this, evaluation of factors into business environment which affect decision making and operation management are also discussed in this report.


P1 Define and compare the different roles and characteristics of a leader and a manager.

Airdri are considered as the UK manufacturer of hand dryers. It manufacture hand dryers such as Cannon hygiene, Redring and Bobrick for many years. Moreover, its new product concentrates upon expectational lifespan, best aesthetics as well as quite sound outputs while still providing satisfactory dry times. The brand that respective organisation includes Quad, Quazar, Quest and Quartz (About Airdri Hand Dryers. 2019). In respect to its organisation structure, they adapt flat structure as in this few or no management level among administration as well as staff.

In organisation, there are various roles as well as characteristics of manager and leader which are needs to be distinguished in respect of examining the scope of its functions. While manager is define as a person which manages the function of firm (Baxley and et. al., 2016). On the other hand leaders are the individuals who are accountable towards leading people to attain targets efficaciously.

Definition of manager and leader:

Manager is regarded as person who are liable to perform as well as in charge various practices as well as task of entities. It possess staff who have to report them for doing task efficaciously and appropriately. Moreover, it is accountable for controlling as well as administering employees and person. As per the view point of Deresky, maanger is define as person who have answer ability for planning, hiring, guiding as well as controlling staff members. The manager who are working in Airdri have to manager all the operations that is performed their.

Leader is regarded as person who possess superior post in specific areas as well as has higher education degree. These individuals influence as well as leads another one to obey them for attainment of optimistic outcomes. As per the view point of Gao, “Leaders are the one who aids into framework development for motivating individuals to utilise its ability as well as skills which leads towards performing task appropriately so that it may lead workers to attain outcomes.

Comparing various characteristics as well as roles of manager and leaders




Plan of action

It performs that plan of action that is developed through managers with assistance of its staff as well as low-level.

It develop plan of action for entities to attain objectives.


The Airdri leaders plays a vital role into communication as it has to direct as well as control its workers as well as assistant.

The Airdri manager also plays vital role in this aspects in which it has to interact as well as communicate with whole workers of entities.





It guide its staff as well as personnel to do the work effectively.

It provides instruction to its subordinates as well as assistant in order to perform efficaciously.

Risk taking

It is very much concern about new aspects as well as take risk for doing that.

It concern about reducing or controlling risk that is occurred through innovation.

Management by objectives

This is regarded as the theory which is established through Peter Drucker for attaining the business objectives in appropriate and efficacious way. It is also known as performance management, which intent to bring objectives among staff and entities. It is also called management by outcomes which means that particular objectives for entities that have to be attained on certain goals that have to be accomplished on specific duration (You, 2015). Moreover, this is planning as well as controlling system in which both subordinates and manager perform together in order to describe enterprise objectives and developed targets to be attained. The management by process are described below:

  • Determining or revising firm's objectives: Airdri required to develop vision and mission for entities. Without establishing business objectives, it can not move forward for the attainment of outcomes.
  • Translating business objectives to staff: As per Peter, objective have to be developed according the SMART aspects. It may aids Airdri to deliver this to person effectually and appropriately in order to attained goals. Moreover, this SMART objectives assists staff as well as render direction for outcomes attainment.
  • Stimulate participation of staff for ascertaining objectives: This is vital for Airdri to has participation of all staff performing into entities for attainment of objectives. It may perform in effectual way in case objectives are shared with employees.
  • Monitoring progress: The main objectives are developed as per the SMART concept that may be measurable in easier way. If this cannot be evaluated then goals have to be observed as well as facilitate direction for attainment. It may aids Airdri to perform effective practices of monitoring as well as business progress.
  • Evaluation and rewards attainment: This is regarded as the last management by objective steps in which assessment is performed in case of attainment of goals, reward is facilitated to staff. It is developed to improve performance at all the stages into firm.

P2 Examine examples of how the role of a leader and the function of a manager apply in different situational contexts.

As shows above, managers as well as leaders plays effective role into Airdri. However, the business surroundings is quite dynamic into UK. Thus, this is needed that various leaders role as well as manager function are analysed in respect of its applicability into various situations. Therefore, in respect of Airdri some situations are are described underneath:

  • Staff commitment: This is regarded as the situation that raise in almost all entities. This is vital to keep consistency into their operations as well as assure high performance development. Moreover, for organisation such as Airdri, staff commitment is regularly emerging circumstances in which leaders and manager need to opt appropriate as well s distinct approaches that maximises staff involvement into entities. However, manager function and leaders role are distinctly used into this circumstance. For example, the important function that have to be performed through manager is communication. It will aids person to facilitate precise and clear guidance so that they may become excel in its performance understanding that effectively it can do its work. Also it will involve communicating desires of firm from their personnel that will facilitate motivation to staff in respect of maximising its loyalty towards firm's operation (Gunase, karanIrani and Papadopoulos, 2014). On another side, undertaken organisation leaders have to opt situational leadership style in this circumstances as this will aids its leader lead its employees as per the situation and involve them into decision making that will promote its involvement due to being an active aspect of entities development.
  • Disputes: This regarded as the situation that occurs into various organisation. It isa the situation that is occurred within Airdri because of lack of communication between many many managers. As because of this, staff work according to its own conception which may raise problems in accomplishment of targeted goals. So, in order to overcome from this leader have to communicate with workers as well as render them training programme. Leader required to applied system approach as they concentrate on complying methods, process as well as legislation for performing task. The manager function of Airdri is to perform effective planning as well as guidance to its staff to comply channel of communication for communicating with its workers. Thus, all task has to be delegated to staff in order to do the practices appropriately.


P3 Apply different theories and models of approach, including situational leadership, systems leadership and contingency

Leadership is regarded as the management ability to set and attain objectives, corrective actions, outperforming competition as well as motivating others for greater performance (Kanki, 2019). There are many theories that have to be adapted through Aridri leaders in context of enhancing performance, development as well as sustainability of organisation. Thus, few of these prominent approaches of leadership are described underneath:

  • Contingency leadership approach: This regarded as the leadership approach which perform upon notion that leadership is a dynamic practices and no specific style can satisfy various circumstances into firm. Moreover, it concern about particular variable which is associated with surroundings that may ascertain to adapt effective style for provided circumstances. Airdri have to concentrate upon that leaders traits which may be opted into provided circumstances. There are many users of undertaken firm who has several requirements. In this scenario, it required to utilised this style to accomplish its needs.
  • Situational leadership approach: This is regarded as the leadership approach which is also known as adaptive leadership (Mizuta and et. al., 2013). It is established through Ken Blanchard as well as Paul Hersey. There are several circumstances which is raise into entities in which leads have to opt appropriate style for attainment of objectives. The efficaciousness of this particular style based on many circumstances. Situational leadership style may by applied through Airdri in which common style to do the task is opted. This approach many be utilise through them in order to accomplish modified demands of its audiences. The situation may be affiliated to disputes resolution, turnover of employees and many more that have to be resolved through utilisation of this style for profitable results. It may be benefited for to accomplish its audiences needs and accomplish its requirements effectively.
  • System leadership approach: This is regarded as the leadership approach that concern about development of situation in which person works many roles as well as accountabilities in order to maximise productivity (Morse, Babcock and Murthy, 2014). This particular approaches utilises principles such as designing of system, strategy of firm, procedures of society, human behaviour and others. In case this approach is obeyed through Airdri then it have to concentrates upon obeying process, methods, rules, strategy and others. The task is done as systematised way for attaining their goals.


P4 Explain the key approaches to operations management and the role that leaders and managers play.

Operation management is regarded as the integration of overall techniques as well as methods which are adapted into firm for implementing and managing various function effectually. Moreover, the concept upon which this particular aspects perform is associated to maximisation of firm's effectiveness into its operations and resources (Olhager, 2013). In respect of Airdri, there are many operations into organisation like display, logistics, sales, supply and others. Whole these operation are vital for firm to support its various plan of action and practices. Moreover, into these functions there is an activist role as well as accountability of managers. Into logistic, manager need to deliver , trace as well as handle supply chain effectiveness. In addition to this, into marketing and sales managers are accountable towards opting effectual channels as well as assure proper execution of consumer service management within organisation.

In relation of Airdri, there are many operation management approach which are needs to be understandable and used through firm for supporting the firm's structure as well as functions. Some approaches are described underneath:

Total quality management:

It is regarded as the operation management approaches which is opted through entities that is associated to assure maximised quality into methods, services or goods (Pagell and Shevchenko, 2014). The scope of total quality management is quite board and thus, this can be adapted through organisation into all functions within entities. In Airdri, this particular approach is is efficaciously used into its various operations like product delivery, sales and others. An entities effectively improvise their system of transportation for assuring that efficiency can be attained into these operations.

JUST IN TIME Inventory

This is regarded as the procedures of an organisation in which raw material are obtained through suppliers according to the anticipated needs into firm. The concept upon which this operation management performs, the level of inventory should be at optimum level that is needed to effectually minimise the extra cost of their administration and maintenance as well. Airdri witnesses an efficacious execution of similar prominent segment of product. This company have an delivery of various hand dyers that are of good quality have to keep stock. Thus, it aids them to save cost as well as inventory level effectively.


P5 Explain the importance and value of operations management in achieving business objectives.

Operation management is utilised through small, medium and large entities for attaining their targeted goals effectually. The operation management has its own value as well as importance to attain its business goal (Ramasamy and et. al., 2013). In firm such as Airdri, operation management holds vital value as this aids them to enhance their efficiency as well as ability to manage their operations. There are many pointers that represent its operation management value and importance that are described underneath:

  • Productivity: This is regarded as the one of the main aspects that creates operation management value is that this aids in maximising organisational productivity. Airdri have some operation that has extended after brining its new products. Thus, operation management of respective organisation contributes to enhance operational level productivity. Such as TQM assists them to analysis as well as ascertain the loop hole within firm's operation like product delivery, supply and others can aids them to adapt techniques as well as procedures which assures development into same and thus, maximise firms productivity.
  • Profitability: This is regarded as the other aspect that shows operation management value into entities. Just in time inventory assists organisation such as Airdri to evaluate the wants of its goods that keeps level of stock under control as well as minimise costs associated to product management, depreciation cost and others. It aids them to enhance efficacious profit because of saving outstanding cost amount which can be invested into effective opportunities.

Importance of operation management:

Few operation management importance at Airdri are described underneath:

  • Product quality: Operation management aids to maintains products quality through utilising the approach such as total quality management. Airdri have to deliver effective quality of products to its audiences in appropriate way. It will aids in maximising brand value as well as goodwill of entities at competitive market. Therefore, this is vital for enterprise to offers higher quality products or services for gaining more profitability.
  • Enhance revenue: Operation management execute many approaches for enterprises to maximise its revenue as well as sales. It facilitates advantage to Airdri through executing this particular approach needed by them. Thus, this enhances revenue for enterprise for expanding it practices as well as operations in various areas to increase profitability and sales as well as which drives towards enhancing value and goodwill at competitive market.
  • Minimisation of wastage: The operation management assists in minimising wastage by TQM (Shi and et. al., 2014). The main intent of Airdri is to enhance manufacturing as well as minimising wastages for gaining higher profitability. This is essential for respective organisation to opt approaches for profitable results for obtaining competitive edge.
  • Consumers satisfaction: The main aim of each and every enterprise is to facilitate satisfaction to its audiences appropriately. As they are the one who purchase its products as well as maximise its revenues as well as sales. Airdri have to opt those activities, approaches and plan of action in order to render satisfaction to clients in proper manner so that it may raise its profit and productivity.

P6 Assess the factors within the business environment that impact upon operational management and decision

There are various factors which may affect operational management as well as decision making of authority. For operating the business at competitive marketplace, this is vital to examine all the factors for gaining optimistic outcomes. These factors many be external and internal which drives enterprise to adapt modification effectually. Few of the factors into business surrounding which affect operation management as well as decision-making through manager and leader are described underneath:

  • Corporate social responsibility: This regarded as the integration of socially beneficial program as well as activities within business culture as well as model of corporation. This is considered as the vital aspects of entities into current scenario. It is the accountability of overall profitability gaining company for developing committee as well as society. Airdri have to do operation function in its entities in which leaders as well as manager required to develop decision as per corporate social responsibility.
  • Culture: Culture is regarded as the term that concern towards large as well as diverse set of in tangible social life aspects. The culture of Airdri is distinguish from another entities. Because of cultural differences, operation management is impact which may hamper its quality as well as productivity. In this manager as well as leader has to formulate decision as per the culture that is common for overall person who are performing into firm. This may aids in attainment of objectives with efficacious results.
  • Values: This is regarded as the fundamental as well as basic beliefs which direct or encourage actions or attitudes. It aids entities to ascertain what is essential for them. There are few moral values that are established through entities in which it perform for profitable outcomes (Slack, 2018). These moral values directs them related to effective and ineffective things into entities. In case such value is not adapted through operation management of Airdri then it can not attain its objectives effectively. Both leaders as well as manager has to develop appropriate decisions related to enhance products value as well as satisfying its audiences within entities.
  • Ethics: This is regarded as a moral philosophy or morals code which is practised through individuals or group of person. Moreover, it is a code of conduct that is set through entities. These are depends upon the principles that direct enterprises to perform its practices in appropriate as well as proper way. It is the factors that may affect operation management as it concentrate upon manufacturing products or services. For instance, they have to utilise principle for product manufacturing. The Airdri leaders as well as manager have to develop decision as per ethics.
  • Sustainability: Sustainability is regarded as the procedures or state that may be maintained at particular level for longer period. Operation management have to concentrate upon attaining business sustainability without restraint futuristics demands. It have to manufacture for meeting its audiences requirements into both present as well as futuristic period. Manager as well as leader of Airdri have to develop decision as per the examination of considering futuristics needs.
  • Supply of raw material: It is the factor which may affect practices as well as operations of Airdri as there are modification into climatic condition because of which suppliers can not able to deliver raw material to enterprises when needed. It drives to reduce profit and sales as undertaken organisation can not able to deliver goods to audiences when they required it. It may affect operation management and decision making of leaders. In this leader have to guide its staff to check raw materials availability in advance. The manager have to communicate to supplier in advance regrading its needs as well as facilitate at stipulate time without any failure.

Thus, all the above mentioned factors impact as well as influence the operation management as well as decision making effectively and effectually.

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As per the above mentioned report, it has been concluded that management and operations are vital aspects which is to be involved into firm. Comparison of different leaders as well as managers role and characteristics permits firm to differentiate its functioning. Also, the usages of these roles and functions facilitates an insight upon how it perform into various cases. Moreover, various models as well as theories can be applied through leaders in respect of performing its responsibilities effectively. Also, operation management key approaches and its value aids in examining how several operation may be used to attain its goals. In addition to this, there are various factors which affects firm's operation management as well as decision-making permit them to obtain insight of how managers and leaders can be influenced through these as well as accomplish objective effectively.

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