Festival and Event Management

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An Introduction to Tourism Industry

In the current era of globalization, the tourism industry is expanding rapidly. The tourism sector today is a specialised sector that includes events and festival destinations to be marketed effectively so that tourists reach the specific places and enjoy the special events and festivals. The main events and festivals happened in the country are the USP of that place and thus become famous around the world. However, the aim of the event should be not only to generate revenue but also act as development of culture, infrastructure development and enhanced marketing capability (Andersson, Getz and Mykletun, 2014). Therefore, the event undertaken in the essay is Wimbledon 2014 held in London, UK at the Church Road. It attracts a wide number of tourists who are sports lovers and thus travel to the host destinations. Festival and events are the key motivators of tourism industry. These factors enable growth of the industry in an effective manner. The study also undertakes different stakeholders that are involved in the sports' event. Further, the role of sports in the industry creates an unexpected demand influencing the economic and socio-cultural factors of the tourist destination.

Event/Festival concept

The event states that it is the purposive gathering of people in order to enjoy the event or festival. It is temporary in nature and often displays ritual. However, events organized by the host country need to be unique so that it can attract various tourists to visit the place from all around the globe. Events or festivals  occurred from the past several centuries and thus it helps in generating economic benefits to the country. It also assists local government to develop the cultural aspects of the country so that various tourists can be attracted towards the destination. There are various types of events such as religious festivals/events, Olympic Games, Business events etc (Jones, 2014). The festivals are designed as per the theme in order to allow public to celebrate the event. However, at the time of festivals, people try to celebrate it through doing something new and thus they celebrate the particular festivals with joy in the country.

However, event can be classified according to their functions such as economic and social benefits and thus they influence the number of tourists to visit the country. Further, they are broadly classified as Mega events which have a wide TV coverage, political impact on the community and economy. While, Hallmark events, on the other hand are annual events in nature and generally, co branded with destination that host them. Here, the event selected is Wimbledon 2013 held in London, UK at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club. The tournament was an event run by International Tennis Federation and thus fall under the Grand Slam category. It is a big sports event considered both men's and women's singles and doubles as well as mixed double event. However, such events are distinct in terms of being a tradition and thus have their own attractiveness that attracts tourists all around the globe to visit annually (Masterman, 2014). Also, tourists plan their holidays at that time of the Wimbledon event so that they can spend leisure time watching the match.

The Wimbledon is Lawn Tennis type of tournament and termed as Sport and Recreation event that includes Championships, Sport festivals. It is different from other typology of planned events such as cultural celebrations, business and trade, arts and entertainment, political and state plus private functions. All these events are occurred by different purpose of attracting tourists and thus earning high revenue by the host country. Furthermore, the events can be classified by different functions and scales such as on the basis of these, it can be distinguished as economic, social, cause related events, major events and local community, regional events etc. While, on the basis of scale, it can be classified as Mega event and Hallmark event. Mega events can be stated as in terms of attendance, target market, finance, TV coverage, political impact and facilities. It include Olympics, FIFA World Cup, Commonwealth Games etc. While, Hallmark events are totally different from mega events and these are distinct in terms of tradition, quality and attractiveness. Wimbledon falls under this category as they normally attract national and international media coverage, expecting significant economic benefits and involvement of private and public money (Yeoman and, 2012). Also, there are various other typologies of events such as iconic events which are symbolic or associated with a place, premier or prestige which have elements of iconic or hallmark status; special event that is special to organiser or audience, calendar and showcase events.

Role of stakeholders

There are various stakeholders involved in the event and they play an effective role in the event organised. Stakeholder mapping is used to categorize the members and evaluate the highest priority stakeholders in the picture above. The potential list of stakeholder is developed as per their capabilities so that they can play their roles effectively in the event held. Stakeholders are the people in these events who either organise the event or are directly or indirectly affected by the outcome. It can be tourists in the form of customers, tourist agencies, event organisers, tourism bodies etc. All these stakeholders play an effective role and thus they are directly or indirectly related to the business activities (Rojek, 2014). The promoters of the event are the crucial stakeholders and it plays an effectual role in the running of professional tennis tournament in order to establish specific relationships with professional athletes a to receive monetary benefits in exchange of their performance. Further, it also involve investors who play an efficacious role through investing money in the tournament and thus giving prize to the players. The role played by investors are effectual as they help in deciding the price amount and other investment done in business so that event can be occurred effectively (Lyck, 2012).

Further, government also played an effective role in business as it is a key stakeholder in order to decide the safety of tourists at the time of tournament.  As it is the duty of the country's government to play the main role in protecting the outsiders or tourists.  Also,  the ground has the capacity of 38500 viewers and it has been seen that it occupies the whole capacity. Therefore, it is essential for the UK government to plan various policies and activities so that tourists coming to the country can also visit another places in order to view cultural and social events of the country. Also, another important stakeholders are tourism bodies because they plan such events and activities in order to attract wide range of customers and thus enhance high revenue. It plays a significant role in sports tourism and thus Wimbledon is famous for being a Hallmark event. All these stakeholders are crucial for sport event and through adopting stakeholder mapping analysis that helps in keeping satisfied,   informed and monitoring the role of individual and help them in earning high profits  (Shawn Lee and Goldblatt, 2012).

Various people who organize the Wimbledon event are the sponsors, promoters, viewers, government, local authorities, tourism bodies and Lawn Tennis Club. Stakeholders play a significant role in planning and organising the event and  projected sales of tickets can be earned through developing an effectual brand image of the Wimbledon tournament in the market. The tourism bodies of the UK present the Wimbledon tournament as attracting and the most prestigious title as it helps in improving the number of spectators from all around the world (Mules, 2004).

Aims and objectives of the event/festival

The main aim of Wimbledon Sports is an annually happening event that led to the increasing demand of tourists and sports lovers. However, these events are organized and managed by the organizing bodies and sponsors in order to attract wide range of tourists from all around the world. Basically, Wimbledon falls under Hallmark event which generates huge demand in the market. Sports have a major role in the tourism industry as it promises varied sports lovers to visit the destination and watch the event. Therefore, there are many reasons that different countries in the world have now initiated in hosting such big sports events. Wimbledon Championship is one of the oldest and most prestigious lawn tennis tournament in the world. However, the name of the tournament was derived from the suburb of London where it has been held since 1877 (Moran, 2010). The sport is held on grass courts and thus, it became very popular around the world. The event helped in creating definite growth in the UK market as it is considered as the world's premier tennis tournament. Through this sports' activity, it provides a wide scope of developing the cities, regions and countries in order to motivate both local and international visitors. The ground has the capacity of around 38500 spectators at the particular time. Visit Britain is the agency that supports and promotes the London tourism in the country and imply varied strategies such as organizing Wimbledon championship in order to attract numerous tourists from all around the world. Therefore, visitors coming to London and viewing the championship along with other natural and historic beauty of place so that it enhances the revenue of country. Therefore, such tourism governing boduy helps in improving the destination as a favourite spot for tourists so that they more and more visit the country and thus enhance the culture and values of nation. Thus, organizing such supporting events in country helps tourist agency to promote the country for organizing such games of which UK as well as outside people are excited.

The aim of the research reflects that the Wimbledon events play a crucial role in the tourism. Thus, organizing the event helps in increasing the number of tourists and widening the scope of tourism industry. At the time of sport event, it helps in providing various facilities to the tourists that they plan to spend their holidays in the same country where the Wimbledon is happening. Therefore, keeping this in mind, it is essential for the government of the country to develop the tourist spots, cultural activities etc. for fulfilling the needs of visitors. The main aim of conducting the event is to earn high amount of revenues and encouraging tourists to visit the country. However, the main role of tourism industry is to attract visitors from all around the world,Therefore, they organize such events and activities once in a year and earn profits (Luckham, 2011). It also helps business to include different agencies that would like to promote their products and thus earn incomes.

The event fits with wider tourism strategy so that Wimbledon can effectively attract different tourists from all around the world. It is essential for the government of the country to organize such events and festivals for fitting with the wide tourism strategy. At the time of conducting the event, it has been noticed by the local administration that it helps in increasing the number of tourists in the country that includes sports lovers and other visitors. Therefore, while planning the event, it needs to be suited with the tourism strategy so that tourist activities can be increased from the past. Tourists can be attracted to the destination through collecting views about the game, famous players and also visiting the tourist spots (Getz, 2013).

The aims have changed over time because earlier, people visited the country for only watching the game but nowadays, people plan their holidays as per the game's venue. This helps in serving the objectives of tourists i.e. watching the match as well as visiting famous places of the region. Thus, this concept helps in evolving the change over time and in the current scenario, people come to watch the Wimbledon matches because these are famous and prestigious championship. However, it has changed the concept of tourism in the country as it helps in attracting various tourists such as sport lovers and families who plan their holidays at the time of Wimbledon matches (Lawton, 2011). Furthermore, Wimbledon can also fit with other events and festivals so that cultural activities of the region can be celebrated. Tourists can come to know about the culture of the place and thus it helps in increasing the revenue of the country through utilising the facilities provided by the country. Therefore, it can be even fitted with other events and Wimbledon can be held effectively once a year.

Characteristics, motivations and behaviour of event participants

Furthermore, the characteristics, motivations and behaviour of event participants and audiences states that people who are lawn tennis lovers from London or nearby cities of the UK visit to see the Wimbledon tournament as it is one of the prestigious titles. Happening of any such event motivates and attract tourists to visit the ground and it turns into high revenues. The motivations of the public sector is that people living in the UK visit the place because of civic and national pride, enhancing revitalise cultural traditions and empower local people. The people who visit such tournaments are sports lovers and its attributes motivate them to move to the place where the event is happening (Ratten and Ratten, 2011). Moreover, it is essential for the event organiser to provide effective price to the visitors and in return, provide the best value for them so that they can feel satisfied. For instance, sport events such as Wimbledon attracts domestic tourists or people around the UK to view such event and take away the memories of one of the prestigious titles in the world. Furthermore, there are various factors that initiate the growth of this sector which are as follows-

Meet their favourite players- It is the most significant factors that motivate the tourism in the country. As moire and more people will travel to the country who are event lovers in order to meet their favourite stars. Thus, it creates the event successful through motivating various participants to visit the match and enhance profitability. The Wimbledon Championship held in London, UK was considered as the positive factor in terms of population, environmental factors and educational factors in the country. However, all these factors create a positive perception for a person as it helps in making the event successful and earning high revenues (Ruikar and, 2007).

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Developmental factors- Through carrying out one or more successful events, it helps in raising the tourism graph in the country and thus increases the effectiveness of the destination in terms of facility, transportation and safety along with security. Furthermore, Wimbledon is one of the most successful events held in the country and attract domestic sports lovers and people around the UK (Hodur and Leistritz, 2007). While, organizing such event it helps in carrying out different developmental activities in the country such as transportation, safety and security so that individual can feel safeguarded. Through arranging such facilities it helps in carrying out the event successfully.

However, the motivations and behaviour of the people to visit the place influences the sport authorities to organise the event every year. Therefore, they collect so much revenue and the prize amount for the Wimbledon player is also high. It is around Pound 25,000,000 and  becomes the most prestigious award title in the world. Such game motivates the people to visit the ground and watch the match. It also influences the behaviour of audience  that they can suggest more and more people to visit the event and thus enjoy the match. The different types of visitors or tourists who go to the event are the day visitors or domestic person that include people around the UK who visits the place and also return home the same day (Jackson, 2008). The motivators and behaviour imapcts the

Impacts, outcomes and legacies of the event

In this part of the research, it has been evaluated that the impact and outcomes of the success of the event have been so much in order to meet the original aims. It can be stated that Wimbledon tournament is one of the world's famous Lawn Tennis Tournament which was started in the early 1877 and therefore, the main aim of occurring of the event is to earn high revenues and also support local public to improve their facilities for generating effective outcomes. It can be stated that the event has been very much successful in meeting the original aims (Lee, 2007). Therefore, through analysing this, it can be reflected that the aims and objectives helps in meeting the desired goals. So, the reliability of their measurement is to be done in order to make the event successful. The success of the event can be measured through the prize money of the tournament which is approximately Pound 25,000,000 which is so huge. Further, it can be analysed that it helps in meeting the desired aims and objectives of the event and occur high financial revenues.  There are various impacts which are as follows-

Economic impact- Through, organizing such activity it helps in enhancing the economic impact on the society. Moreover, it assists in improving the tourists activities and thus they spend money on different things such as leisure activities.

Number of jobs- It helps in enhancing the number of job opportunities for local people so that high revenue can be earned. It helps in increasing the opportunities of local artisans so that they can raise their standards of living.

Multiplier effect- It states that as the new demand increases in the circular flow it is likely to be a multiplier effect. Therefore, organizing committee is required to see that what are the needs of individuals and thus provide them equal opportunities so that they can satisfy their needs in order to attain results.

Social and environmental impacts- Th event also impacts the social and environmental impacts and thus it needs to be protected so that country can raise their standard. For instance, in order to provide facility to tourists, country should not affect its social and environmental conditions.

However, the event has three phases i.e. pre, during and post event which states that pre event evaluation is done through conducting feasibility study. During the event, it needs to monitor and control the event such as budget, ticket sales and sound levels etc. While, the post event helps in evaluating the event on the basis of KPI's i.e. event outcomes, event reputation and so on. The legacy impacts on Wimbledon tournament can be both positive and negative which states that positively, it helps country to develop new infrastructure, increase tourism, urban regeneration, employment opportunities. While, negative impacts can be debt from construction, increase in property costs, high entrance fees etc. Thus, all these should be measured from the original aims and objectives in order to measure the reliability (Chang and Yuan, 2011).

Knowledge of festival and event management at other destinations

In context to other events like Commonwealth Games, it can be stated that these are less famous or popular with regard to Wimbledon tournament. Therefore, event occurring at London, UK helps in attracting wide range of tourists all across the world and also it is a hallmark event that assists in contributing more tourism and thus growing the economy of the country. While, the events held at other places such as England, Japan, France or Germany is unable to attract large number of tourists because of climatic and environmental conditions and it helps in earning high revenues and also contributing more to the economy. Through raising attractiveness, it assists in contributing more to tourism as people will visit the country more. Therefore, the chosen event will help in contributing more to tourism and also help local people to earn income and opportunities in order to visit the place and watch the tournament (Presenza, 2012).

Through conducting the above research, it can be evaluated that festival and event management helps in attracting varied tourists all over the world. The study focuses on the hallmark event i.e. Wimbledon Championship 2013 held at London, UK which is one of the crucial events as it attracts various tourists which are domestic as well as people around the UK. It helps in contributing to the economy of the country and also laid various positive and negative legacies on the country. Thus, through the above study, it can be assessed that the chosen event i.e. Wimbledon 2013 Championship helps in contributing maximum revenue to the country and local people by providing facilities to the tourists.


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