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Introduction to Globalisation

In the current era, globalization is the process of international integration arising from the exchange of products and services at a cross-border level. Globalisation helps in gaining advancement in transportation systems such as jet engines, steamships, container ships, etc. In the present report, analysis has been done concerning defining the key impacts and benefits that a rural logistics and transport approach could have at the time when it operates within an overall integrated transport system within Wales (Chau, 2007). Further, supply chain management is a crucial aspect as it helps firms to manage the flow of products and services. It involves the movement and storage of raw materials and works in the process of supplying the goods worldwide. Here, Bwcabus has been undertaken which is a fully accessible local bus service and provides customized provisions as per the needs of passengers by operating regarding pre-booked journey requests of passengers. However, the service operates from 7 am to 7 pm i.e. from Monday to Saturday on a particular route. Further, such services enable individuals to travel between local towns and villages within the area decided by Bwcabus or linked to the main line bus services to travel towards further destinations (Coyle and, 2008).

Part 1

Bwcabus is a modern system of transportation that runs according to the needs of travellers. However, the routes are already decided by the company on which it runs but people can pre-book it to go to a particular destination. Moreover, to become effective in the marketplace and grow the business, the firm needs to develop a strategy because it is the direction and scope of a firm over the long term. It also helps in attaining an advantage for organisation through involving effective resources within a changing environment so that expectations can be met of both markets as well as stakeholders (Ross, 2010). Here, businesses need to plan certain effectual decisions such as where they are now, how to get a particular position, and where the company is planning to move in the future. Here, a model of strategy development can be implemented which shows that when a business starts, it runs on a continuity basis, later when an incremental stage comes, then certain fluctuations arise within the business in which it requires strategies so that best results can be attained. In the end, a transformational stage comes in which the business performs to a great extent and thus achieves desired goals. However, in logistics and supply chain management, Bwcabus need to adopt a strategy development process so that they can mature and develop their transport system to provide the best services to travellers (Shah, 2009).

The strategic planning process also involves a risk of planned drift that happens due to environmental changes such as the needs and requirements of passengers differing from time to time and thus strategic changes are required. Bwcabus was a major source of transport for rural people around Lampeter which provides a fully accessible and on-demand local bus service for people to travel from one place to another. It is a modern way of travelling system in which buses will pick up and drop off individuals as per their respective timings (Sople, 2000). Thus, following such a system of rural transport service helps in benefiting the Bwcabus organization. It is the best transportation system that helps provide freedom to passengers by transporting them from one place to another as per their wishes. The Bwcabus management team is focusing on merging or developing partnerships with different logistics and transport service providers to achieve the desired success and become the leading transport business worldwide. The firm recently celebrated its first birthday and reached a height of market expansion i.e. over 50,000 passengers. It means that the firm is leading the business by providing the best and most convenient services to passengers and expanding them by changing the transportation means for people in rural areas (Varley, 2006).

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However, it has been assessed that the main idea of starting such unique bus services for the convenience of people was given by Professor Stuart Cole. It was concerning enhancing the bus service frequency and passenger experience in rural areas. It involves wide research that was conducted by the Welsh Assembly Government officials to identify the technical aspects of the idea provided (Clark, 2015). Later, software has been developed that helps in allowing the bus service to operate on the demand of consumers and provide them with a flexible deal. It means that passengers do not have to wait for a bus at a particular station instead they can book the bus at the time when they have to travel and for return, they can pre-book the bus so that they can reach on time (Wisner, 2011). Thus, such unique service provided by Bwcabus helps increase its popularity among passengers and thus achieves desired goals effectually. Further, business also uses innovative technology available such as providing dynamic scheduling that reacts to the daily fluctuations in the demand of passengers. Here, the company adopted effective GIS/GPS software that uses satellite communication and a computerised scheduling/ booking module to search the location of the passengers (Giunipero, 2009).

Moreover, such an integrated system helps show how modern technology can be implemented to overcome the issues concerning rural public transport provision. It helps in providing the best bus service to local people and changes their lifestyle to achieve the desired results. However, Bwcabus needs to become an effective bus service provider to achieve customer satisfaction (Halley and Beaulieu, 2009). It helps in providing them standardised way of booking the bus for their travel instead of waiting for the same at the bus stop. However, Bwcabus also provides its daily bus service at specific routes so that travellers can use the facilities.

Moreover, it can be evaluated that Bwcabus is currently operating its services in a rural transport system as it is a passenger road transport system that helps in providing the best assistance to rural communities and attain desired results (Rhee and Mehra, 2006). The different modern modes of transport system are discussed below-

  • Road
  • Rail
  • Air
  • Inland
  • Pipelines
  • Inter-modal transport

Bwcabus can be stated as an effective transport system that helps in moving passengers from one destination to another. Thus, it is a traveller road transport system that can be stated as a vehicle for transport which is officially defined as a motor vehicle that is trailer constructed or adapted for use for carrying out people from one place to another. Bwcabus is a major contributor to attain success and continue to grow and reaching 50000 passengers is a great achievement (Sarkis, 2012). However, they are required to develop strategic partnerships with different organizations so that they can become a model for the development of public transport in rural areas across Wales. It can be evaluated that Bwcabus is a modern road transport system that runs on an adaptive and evolving transport system basis in which people determine regular and daily timetables. For example, the time at which the bus should arrive to pick up the clients and drop them as well. Bwcabus is a DRT (Demand Responsive Transport) service that helps in addressing social exclusion and rural accessibility by providing a more flexible and customer-responsive service (Tang, 2011).

Moreover, they adopt a Complex Adaptive System (CAS) that states that it is not a traditional model of public transport body which is based on fixed timetables and routes that sometimes fail to meet the expectations of passengers in rural areas because services can be inflexible (Buckley, 2008). Thus, after intensive research, it has been recommended that Demand demand-responsive transport (DRT) be used by Bwcabus that can be used to address social exclusion and cover wide rural areas by providing the best transport services to such people and achieve results (Wantao and Ramanathan, 2012). DRT is an effective and modern type of service that helps in providing the best transport facility on demand of passengers such as scheduled pick up and drop as per their needs. However, the facility provided by them is a hybrid falling somewhere between a conventional timetabled bus and taxi service. For instance, DRT does not possess a fixed timetable and thus it varies every day. Moreover, such a form of dynamic scheduling allows travellers to possess greater flexibility regarding book journeys at the time whenever they need to (Khan, Christopher, and Burnes, 2008).

It can be assessed that Bwcabus undertakes a complex adaptive system to view the complexity of the rural transport system. Thus, they introduced such a unique transport facility that works as per the demand of people or passengers (Beckner and et. al., 2009). However, it does not work on a routine basis such as per a fixed timetable but it operates as per the demand of passengers because they can book the ride whenever they need and for return, they can pre-book the same. Thus, a complex adaptive system assists in managing the demand and supply of logistics management to achieve the desired results (Molino, 2013). It is an effective supply chain system that provides the best transport services to passengers adopting Bwcabus as compared to others.

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Bwcabus is required to develop an effective and responsive approach that helps in contributing and providing sustainability and corporate social responsibility issues so that bus service can be operated effectively and efficiently (McCarthy and et. al., 2006). The key stakeholders of the business are customers, employees, and government and thus it is essential for organisation to fulfill their needs and wants. For instance, the bus works as per the needs of people. Therefore, it helps in satisfying their needs and attains satisfaction (Porter, 2008). Also, it is essential for Bwcabus to provide the best environment to its employees so that they can fulfill the requirements of consumers. The passengers are also required to book their seats in the bus as per the requirement and do not make unnecessary calls to the booking agent so that the best provisions can be provided to clients. The business also maintains its fuel efficiency and thus helps in protecting the environment. Further, the government is another key stakeholder that helps Bwcabus to run its operations effectively in the country without facing any issues. It also provides employment to different people and thus increases their standard of living (Varvasovszky and Brugha, 2000). Above all, it can be assessed that this firm assists in satisfying consumer needs and wants and offers the best transportation facilities to consumers in such a globalised world. It is a much more effective method adopted by people as compared to other transportation modes such as rail, air, etc (Stavrulaki and Davis, 2010).

Value proposition can be stated as the promise of value made to deliver and acknowledge the services delivered to consumers. Following are the key stakeholders such as Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), and regional economic and social growth that help in carrying out the operations to users. Here, the local multiplier effect has been adopted so that it helps in developing economic campaigns so that more consumers can be satisfied (Prell, Hubacek, and Reed, 2009). Hence, to make the local transport system effective, the firm needs to provide quality services to travellers and achieve results (Storey, Emberson, and Reade, 2005).

Through implementing Porter's Five Forces model, it states that there is a low barrier to entry of other entities into the transportation market in the Wales region. Thus, Bwcabus faces issues regarding easy entry into the market and thus develops a competitive environment within the industry. Further, Mendalow's power/interest matrix has been developed which shows the low and high level of interest as well as low and high power of stakeholders (Vachon and Klassen, 2008). It is as follows-

Minimal Effort -

It states the people with a low interest regarding the initiative taken by Bwcabus transport service providers with their low power places (Narasimhan and Kim, 2002).

Keep Informed -

It involves those people who have a high interest in business activities but relatively low power. Further, here the individuals who have used the services of bus provide their opinions to different powerful bodies such as unions or the press (Storey, Emberson and Reade, 2005).

Keep Satisfied -

It involves such a person who needs to be kept satisfied. For instance, a person with a high level of power but a low level of interest is required to be kept satisfied. However, enterprise needs to provide the best provisions to an individual otherwise if they feel dissatisfied, they can opt for similar another service provider (Tang, 2011).

Key Players -

It consists of the individual who is required to remain the key focus of stakeholder management. Also, it is essential for management to satisfy the needs of individual by providing the best facilities and listening to their issues effectively (Vachon and Klassen, 2008).

Bwcabus requires certain factors such as land, labor, and capital when operating the business in Wales. All of these are essential for the firm to carry out its activities successfully (Qi, Shen and Snyder, 2010). For instance, it is crucial for individuals to get easier access to such conditions by road or any other transport model so that individuals can get to work in Multinational Enterprise (MNEs) and other businesses. Also, if there is an effective transport system, it helps the bus enterprise to locate and trade in such regions and gain a high level of competitive advantage (Anderson, 2011). Hence, using adaptive and complex road transport systems as per the demand of travellers helps in achieving a sustainable competitive edge. However, as per Porter Diamond's model, business needs to determine the demand conditions of individuals so that effective facilities can be provided to them to achieve desired results.

Furthermore, it can be assessed that Bwcabus management is required to develop its operational website so that quality services can be rendered to passengers and achieve desired outcomes. Also, Bwcabus operates in road transport which is one of the traditional parts of transportation and logistics in any region. Thus, firms can operate in other modes as well as private cabs so that passengers can book their rides easily and use the services (Stadtler, 2004). For instance, Bwcabus adopts different modes of transport such as road, sea, and airport. Further, it assesses that the Company can adopt a multi-modal transport solution so that diverse services can be provided to travellers and achieve desired targets. For example, the firm can adopt a joint venture by acquisition method to adopt different multi-modal transport solutions and deliver services to consumers to attain consumer satisfaction.

Bwcabus is required to undertake an effectual transport system and provide benefits regarding delivering more strategic and socio-economic value/benefit to both businesses as well as stakeholders. Hence, adopting the multi-modal approach to transportation helps firms to deliver quality services to travellers and satisfy their needs. However, in such an era of globalization, it becomes crucial for every individual to adopt a suitable and convenient transport system and quicker access to systems so that they can reach their destination faster. Therefore, Bwcabus is required to adopt different socio-economic factors so that the best facilities can be provided to organisation and key stakeholders regarding achieving goals (Coyle and et.a

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