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Introduction to Current Issues in Tourism Sector

Travel and tourism industry is the most flourishing industry in today's scenario because of the changing living standard of people in the world. Customers are now days more willing to travel to different destinations and thus, tourism is providing the best tourism facilities to meet their expectations. Similarly, this industry is also focused in bringing out innovative and unique services so that potential customer can be attracted towards this business. However, this sector is facing numerous contemporary issues these days due to rise in terrorism and uncertainty in the environmental factors. This report deeply describes the contemporary issues in the travel and tourism industry by focusing a light on some of the organizations of this industry. Furthermore, the reader of this report can get the understanding about the current issues and trends in the travel and tourism sector. Moreover, this report also cover the aspect of response of this industry towards change and the impact of that change on the travel and tourism sector.

Task 1

1.1 Analyzing issues which drives change

As it is already known that travel and tourism industry is a fragmented industry where numerous units are performing their role in an individual manner. The absence of collective action impact the growth of the economy of visitor and disgrace the importance of the tourism spot. Further, in a whole world this industry is a fastest growing and in some of the countries this is the prime leader which contribute the major part in the GDP for the growth of economy. Further, this industry is facing several issues due to which is driving changes in tourism industry. In UK this industry also contributes the largest part for the growth of the economy however it has also been faced by several issues which is bringing change in that industry...

1. Need for Increased Security

Need for security is the most important contemporary issue which drives the changes in the travel industry. While taking the tourist to Greenwich, travel company has to ensure the complete security. The terrorism is increasing day-by-day and along with that theft is also increasing which imposes a challenge for going on a visit. Thus, due to which travel firm has to increase the security level so that visitors does not face any problems.

2. Advancement in Technology

The technology is getting advanced everyday and thus, Greenwich also has to bring technological aspect in order to avoid unfortunate circumstances. For this purpose, in every tourist attraction places CCTV surveillance should be increased, the security check should be done at every places. This will create awareness among the visitors. This may lead to incur of heavy cost but it would result a more secured trip.

3. Rise and Fall of Inflation

Due to the fluctuating economic condition of UK, tourism company in Greenwich is facing many issues. Because of recession and other financial crisis deployment of staff has to be done by the travel company. Further, people are less willing to travel to Greenwich as their purchasing power has gone down.

4. Increased Environmental Awareness

Greenwich has aimed to protect the environment because of the increasing global warming. For this purpose, tourism companies have to educate their customers about the same and thus they have to contribute for the environmental protection.

These were some of the aspect due to which changes are getting introduced in the travel and tourism industry. The companies have to face many difficulties for incorporating these changes in the company. On the contrary, this would result as a betterment for the industry.

1.2 Analyzing various current issues

Greenwich which is a district which is situated in London, England. This place is rich in culture and heritage. Due to the awareness of cultural tourism, people are abundantly traveling to Greenwich. Thus, the importance of this place has increased since five years. However, the increase in footfalls has also lead to the destruction of this place and many unfortunate circumstances have started happening. Thus, the higher authority of Greenwich have become highly aware and they want to reduce the impact of these issues on the Greenwich. Further, the current issues faced by the Greenwich are as follows...

Environmental Issues

There is a increase of visitor to this place and due to which high rate of environmental degradation is happening. Further, the city has to face several environmental issues such as pollution, resource depletion, endangerment of flaura and fauna, climatic change, etc. This has led to severe issue related to environment.

Security Issue

Increase in number of visitor has also encouraged the terrorism and theft. Even after having highest security, the terrorism is increasing. Due to this reason, people are discouraged to travel to this city and also these attacks have reduced the grace of Greenwich.

Economic Condition

There is downfall in the economy of UK and this has lead to the cut down of jobs of people in Greenwich. The employment rate has got down in this sector. Further, the maintenance expenses cannot be bear by the local authorities which led to the deterioration of the destination place.

These are some of the issues which are currently faced by the Greenwich and the analysis can be done as

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